Not Sure What Xmas Gift to Get for Your Boyfriend This Year? Here are 10 Cracking Christmas Present Ideas for the Man in Your Life in 2019

Not Sure What Xmas Gift to Get for Your Boyfriend This Year? Here are 10 Cracking Christmas Present Ideas for the Man in Your Life in 2019

One of the trickiest gifts to navigate every year is what to buy your other half. If it’s a new relationship, you're unsure of whether to go simple and understated or all out. If it’s a long-term relationship, it’s very easy to run out of ideas after a few Christmas. Don’t fear though. We have a series of gifts, giving you lots of options for your nearest and dearest, at prices to suit all budgets.

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Has He Been a Good Boyfriend? Here are Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Him


As you think about what Xmas gift for boyfriend, you can’t reach the bottom of this matter. The importance of the ceremony is indisputable. Since you have a caring and loving boyfriend, you look forward to making it even better by gifting him. You are probably wondering. Why is it this hard to shop for a boyfriend? If this makes you feel better, you are not alone. Many ladies have boyfriends who have everything yet use nothing. Fortunately, this discussion is about thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend. It has you covered if you are looking for romantic Christmas presents that your boyfriend would appreciate. Therefore, if you are wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas, read on to get the answer.

Tips to Keep in the Back of Your Mind When Selecting a Xmas Gift for Boyfriend

Consider His Needs At That Particular Time

Have you noticed something that your boyfriend needs but is yet to buy it? Sometimes, he can’t afford to buy it. In other cases, he has other priorities and feels that the other one can wait. There are also chances that he often forgets to buy it once he heads out. Regardless of the reason as to why he can’t get it, you have the power to change that. Buy it for him as an Xmas gift for boyfriend. It will work magic and he might never forget it.

Consult a Friend If Your Relationship Is Still Young

His friends may have some ideas, and be willing to help. Ask if they’ve ever given your boyfriend a gift in the past, how he reacted to it. This may give you a good idea of what to give him (and what hasn’t gone over well). This is an especially good idea if the gift is very expensive or a gag gift. If you aren't sure how he will react to it, definitely ask mutual friends.

Make It a Surprise

There is something that is certain when it comes to surprises. They are hard to forget. When it comes to Christmas, gifts are common. He will be getting some from family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. As a girlfriend, you should think about a romantic Christmas present for your boyfriend. In addition to that, make it a surprise. It will be highly appreciated by your man.

If You are Ordering It Online, Ensure That It Will Arrive on Or Before Christmas

Are you ordering your gift online? If the answer is a yes, it is a high time that you consider even the shipping period. That is a good way to ensure that a Christmas gift for a boyfriend does not arrive after the occasion. If that were to happen, the relevance of the present may be questionable. Preferably, order it in advance so that you can be sure that it will arrive on or before the D-day.

Top 10 Ideas for Xmas Gift for Boyfriend That Will Be Special Indeed

Foldable Sunglasses

Sunglasses are indispensable especially when traveling. Therefore, if your boyfriend doesn’t own a pair, it is advisable to consider them among the thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriends. He may have them but you can also give him an upgrade. These ones are foldable. That means that they are not only easy to carry around but also hard to break. In addition to that, you don’t have to carry sunglasses holders. They will ensure that your eyes receive maximum protection from UV rays. That is all thanks to being polarised along with the UV400 protection. They are also stylish no doubt. That makes them a perfect Xmas gift for a boyfriend if he loves traveling or outdoor activities. The materials are frame and silicone for the frame and bands, respectively. That contributes significantly to its durability. All you need is to visit The price is Rs. 999 only.

Poker Chip Set


If his hobby happens to be poker, do not hesitate to grab your boyfriend a poker chip set. That way, he can get to do what he likes, playing poker, from the comfort of his home. Equally important, he can invite his friends or play with you for leisure. He can also perfect his skills before venturing into professional games.

This particular one has 300 chips. Each one weighs 11.5 grams. In addition to the chips, the package also contains five dice, a dealer button and two decks of cards. Each component matches the standards of the casino quality. The chips materials are both clay and metal for durability. There are five colours of the chips including black, green, blue, red and white. Additionally, you get a guide on how to play in the form of a booklet. To get one visit The price ranges from Rs. 2,499 to Rs. 3,000 depending on the number of chips.

A Book

Is your boyfriend a book lover? If yes, consider a book as one of the thoughtful Christmas gifts for a boyfriend in this case. As he reads it, he will think about you. In addition to that, he will know that you are concerned since you have taken your time to know what he loves most. This particular one has the title, A Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It is about the impact of change on our lives. Your boyfriend can learn one or two things regarding how to deal with change. In addition to that, he will become aware of how change can also have a bad influence on someone. The cost of the book at is only Rs. 640.

Waterproof Speakers


Another solution to what to get your boyfriend for Christmas teenage can be waterproof speakers. You can be almost sure that it will work since most teenagers love music. It will be beyond any reasonable doubt. It will take the entertainment to a whole new level. It comes with a rechargeable battery that ensures your long music time. Its capacity of 1000 mAH will offer you 3 hours of continuous music. When it comes to charging, it will be fully charged within 60 minutes or less. It has various connection options such as Aux and Bluetooth. For comfort reasons, it allows you to pick a call from the comfort of your coach with the press of a button. It also has a one year warranty. It is not only portable but also water resistant. That’s because of compactness, lightweight and sturdy construction. Visit and get it for just Rs. 1,990.



Some love music, but the speaker is not their thing. If your boyfriend is such a person, you still can make his entertainment better by getting him a pair of earbuds. The wireless nature of the product will ensure that they don’t become a distraction. The clarity of the sound will see to it that he doesn’t miss our any detail of what he is listening to at any particular time. Their Bluetooth capabilities also help you connect them with any device that may have something you want to hear. The professional design makes them worth spending on and having met the requirements of many customers; I don’t see how your boyfriend could be an exception. The fitting is top-notch. Therefore, they will fit securely, and he will always be comfortable with them no matter how long he wears them. The package also contains a charging case as well as a charging cable. In case of defect or dissatisfaction, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund. To get this fantastic Xmas gift for boyfriend, visit Its price is Rs. 2,835 only.

Water Bottle


As your boyfriend goes to his morning jogging or as he heads to watch his favorite game, it would be perfect if he had a water bottle. What’s a better way to buy him one if not as an Xmas gift for boyfriend. A good example is it will keep him dehydrated whenever he feels like it. It is a perfect choice since it can not only withstand high temperature, but it is leak-proof as well. In addition to that, it is lightweight hence easy to carry around. The plastic is safe for use and also environmental friendly. The bottle comes with its cup. Visit and get this at Rs. 260 only.

Laptop Backpack

Does your boyfriend own a laptop? If the answer is a resounding yes, consider this laptop backpack as a perfect Xmas gift for boyfriend. The fact that it is waterproof means that your laptop cannot be any safer. Since electronics are sensitive when it comes to contact with water, you can save him worries every time it starts raining when he is on his way home, school or work. The blend of brown and black colours make it masculine. A padded haul loop and two padded, as well as adjustable shoulder straps, give you multiple carrying options. Regardless of the method that you choose, comfort will be a guarantee. Its compartments are zipped for security. The laptop one is padded. Other compartments will help with the organisation of one's property. It can accommodate a laptop of about 16 inches. Its PU material makes it durable and easy to clean. We all know that most men don’t like laundry. Such a perfect product will cost you Rs. 774 if you visit

Timberland Boots

These are stylish and durable timberland boots that qualify to be one of the thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend. You can grab a pair for the Xmas gift for boyfriend. It is striking which will see to it that your guy stand out whenever he wears them. Their laces will see to it that you get a comfortable and secure fit. The material is leather which comes bearing a number of benefits. First, they will last for long hence value for your money and your boyfriend getting a long service. Secondly, they have a lightweight so that it doesn’t become a bother walking around in them. That’s the top part. When it comes to the sole, the material is durable rubber. It guarantees a firm grip regardless of the terrain. The flat boots which have a high-top ankle height and the solid pattern are a worthwhile investment. The craftsmen from Dominican Rep have really done boot lovers some justice. Don’t let your boyfriend to be left behind if he is one of them. At Jabong, you get them for as low as Rs. 6,019 only.


Once it gets cold, let your boyfriend remember you while he covers himself with this warm blanket. It is perfect even when winter becomes extremely cold. Despite being lightweight, they have a feather feel, and they are not only warm but also soft. Its material is high quality yet find acrylic microfiber. It will see to it that the blanket is warm and also lasts for long. They are also perfect for travelers since if he were to carry one to a trip, it would be easy to carry it. In addition to that, it will be enough regardless of how cold it might get. If there are other blankets, one can take advantage of its cushioning effect. The floral patterns are pretty too. Once you visit Lime Road, you can find it for only Rs. 1,304.

Bottle of Eau De Toilette


The thought of spilling your favourite spray can be enough to make your heartache. That could be the same case with your boyfriend. He may have a specific spray that is way too sweet but the quality of the bottle is pathetic. That can be a put-off. Don't let him miss it out because of that. You should consider buying him this bottle. Once he buys the spray, he can change the vessels right away. On top of the teardrop and stylish design is the durability of the container. It has a capacity of 0.25 Fl Oz. Its vintage look and the fact that it hardly breaks make it an alluring product. Its price is fair once you visit The cost is Rs. 382 only.

Bonus: Go to a Movie Instead

Another cheap and straightforward yet great Xmas gift for a boyfriend is going to a movie. That will do if you go to a movie. It would even be better if it is one that matches a genre that suits you both. Therefore, if you are wondering what to get your boyfriend for Christmas teenage or adult, consider a movie night as well.

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There's only a short time until Christmas so you better start buying your presents soon. Giving gifts is one way to show someone how much you love and care for him. Finding Christmas gifts for your boyfriend doesn’t have to be a struggle. Guys are somewhat predictable and as long as you play to their interests they’ll appreciate being given a thoughtful gift.