Whether it's for Christmas or Father's Day, Here are 10 Amazing Food Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Father: Because Every Man Has a Foodie Somewhere in Him (2019)!

Whether it's for Christmas or Father's Day, Here are 10 Amazing Food Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Father: Because Every Man Has a Foodie Somewhere in Him (2019)!

Wonder why you love those lip-smacking dishes? Probability is that your father loves them too and you've got his genes! So if your foody father is always looking for new things to munch on, this is the perfect guide for you. Take a look and gift your father something delicious!

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Picking the Best Food Gifts for Dad

Buy According to His Preferences & Health Restrictions

If you are picking food gifts for dad then it is a no-brainer to think that you must keep his preferences in mind. Whether it is his love for sweets or something savory or even something unique, you need to pick the food gift accordingly.

Apart from this, you must keep his health conditions in mind too. He might have some allergies or health condition which prohibits consumption of certain food items. You should always consider them before buying or cooking a food gift for your dad.

Don't Forget the Element of Surprise

It is always a delight to receive something out of the blue. If you want to make the occasion even more special for your father, then you should pick a food gift which takes him by complete surprise.

You can buy a food item from his beloved shop as a sweet gesture from your side. Whether you buy the food item or cook it on your own, keep the element of unexpectedness intact.

Nothing Better Than a Homemade Gift

Someone who is a good cook, must keep in mind that unique cooking gifts are the best way to go when it comes to food gifts.

So, rather than buying something from the market, you can create an entirely new recipe on your own. You have the entire internet to help you and do not forget to name this recipe after your dad. This is going to be the most touching food gift you can ever give to your father.

Some Amazing Food-Based Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Premium Gift Hamper - The Perfect Snack Pack

Planning something for father's days? Or his birthday? You should take a look at this premium food gift hamper for your dearest daddy. This is a rather big gift hamper consisted of a large range of products like palette of chips, tortilla jalapeno, cashews, cookies, dark chocolate and more.

So, basically it is a perfect snack pack for your dad when he is hungry and wants something delicious by his side. Moreover, all these products are packed beautifully in a tray.

This basket is just the perfect solution to your question of premium quality food gifts for your dad. Whether it is father’s day or his birthday, you have all reasons to give this amazing gift to your foodie dad. Do not forget to place a nice card in this gift hamper with your wishes written in it. Buy this awesome premium food gift hamper on www.naturesbasket.co.in for Rs.1,588 only.

Pure Belgian Chocolate Truffles - For The Sugar Daddy

We always say that when in doubt, always go for chocolates. You can never go wrong with this cliché yet life-saving gift item. So, we managed to find a really nice gift pack of chocolate truffles for your father. And these are no ordinary chocolates but pure Belgian chocolate truffles of premium quality.

This one is an assorted chocolate pack consisting of 12 truffle pieces. In fact, these 12 pieces come in different flavors like hazelnut, roasted almond, coffee, pure milk, white chocolate and many more.
Every piece contains a different flavor which is its' biggest highlight. These are mostly made out of dark chocolate hence the flavor will be strong and pure.

These truffle pieces come in a nice packaging gift box which is perfect to be given as a gift. It is time to take care of the sugar rush of your father so buy this chocolate truffle box on www.bigbasket.com for Rs.299 only.

Dry Fruit Basket - Let Him Go Nuts!

Source www.fnp.com

Indians are always in awe of dry fruits no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is Diwali or someone’s birthday, you can consider it as the ultimate gift for all occasions.

So, if you are feeling a bit confused about your dad’s choices and preferences then you can neutrally decide to give a dry fruit package. We found an exotic dry fruit basket for your dad which consists cashews, almonds, raisins and pistachios.

Each of them are provided in 100 gms of quantity and of course, superior quality is maintained for these dry fruits. The best part of this package is that they come packed in a basket which looks absolutely perfect. So, what are you waiting? Grab this perfect dry fruit basket on www.fnp.com for Rs.1,099 only.

Healthy and Hearty Food Hamper

Considering something healthy as one of the food gifts for your dad is a brilliant idea. And before you start wondering from where you are going to get healthy items, we are here to help you.

We found a nice healthy and hearty gift hamper for your dad which is going to fit for all sorts of occasions. What makes it healthy enough is that it consists of items like Roasted Makhana pops, whole wheat breadsticks, gluten free tutti frutti cookies and soya nuts olive and herbs.

If your dad is suffering some heart problem, then this the best hamper to go for. It is perfectly healthy and there is no scope of allergy issues too. The simple gift hamper would be perfect for occasions like birthday or father’s day to show that you care for him. You can buy this healthy hamper on www.naturesbasket.com for only Rs.663

Cookies Gift Hamper - For the Crispy Dad

Source www.amazon.in

Cookies are so yummy that you cannot afford to forget them no matter how old are you. So, thinking it through, we found it perfectly appropriate for your father too. After all, one is never too old to eat cookies and hence, we got a really nice cookies munchies gift hamper for your dad.

This is a completely vegetarian gift pack consisting of various types of cookie packs in it. You get all of them perfectly placed into a gift tray which is great for gifting.

This hamper contains Blueberry oats cookies, Pistachio biscuits, butter cookies, and butter biscuits. This is definitely a match made in heaven for any foodie. So, whether it is tea time or a midday snack, this gift hamper is going to come handy for your dad. You can grab this food gift hamper on www.amazon.in for only Rs.690

Hershey's Gift Pack - No Introduction Needed!

Source www.igp.com

Our next pick is one of the best food gift ideas in the entire section. This is a Hershey’s food gift pack consisting of some amazing kitchen must-haves.
This is a superb combo which contains products like Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar, jute potli, Hershey’s Cookies and Chocolate Bar, Steel mug with lid and Nescafe 3 in 1 rich Aroma (4 units). So, basically it is a power pack which your dad will totally love to use.

Especially the thermally insulated mug here which is perfect to maintain the temperature of the respective beverage in it. You can buy this Hershey’s hamper on www.igp.com for just Rs.710

Amul Frozen Rasmalai - For His Sugar Rush Moments

Indians are crazy about sweets more than anybody else in the world. If you want your dad to enjoy himself, then you have to check out this ultimate Rasmalai pack from Amul.

Almost everyone loves Rasmalai a lot and if your dad loves it too then you just can’t afford to give it a miss. Amul is one of the top brands for milk sweets and hence you cannot doubt the taste and quality here.

This sweet is perfectly packed and you just need to simply give it to him. We recommend you to give such gifts on occasions like festivals or something auspicious at home. Buy this amazing gift on www.paytmmall.com for just Rs.160

Health Hamper - For a Perfect Health

Source www.igp.com

If you think there was only one variety for healthy food gifts for dad then you are totally wrong. We have found one more such healthy gift packs and this time it is more extensive and grand.

The exclusive health hamper consists of many amazing products which are great for health. Hence, you can buy them for your dad without worrying about his health issues. It consists of products like roasted almonds, roasted cashews, Tetley lemon and honey tea bags, ceramic mug, wooden coaster, and a hut shape basket.

The roasted almonds and cashews come in respective square shaped jars, while the coaster as well as the mug are personalised specially for your dad. You cannot find something more perfect than this for your dad ever. So, grab this package on www.igp.com for Rs.1,795

Pack of Namkeen Canister - A Snacking Friend

We all love untimely snacks and as Indians we are just crazy about Namkeen. In fact, it is one of the most loved snack item in our country and we are pretty sure that your dad will enjoy it too.

So, we picked the ultimate Namkeen gift pack for your dad as the amazing food gift. We recommend you to give it to him on his birthday as no other occasion would be perfect enough for stuffing him with an ultimate snack.

Here we have chosen a pack of 4 namkeen canister. It consists of flavors like Panchratan mixture, lite chiwda, soya sticks and bhujiya sev. All of them come in 100 gms of packaging. This pack is good enough to last 4 months long without getting spoilt. You can order this namkeen pack online on www.haldirams.com for Rs.300

Denim Kitchen Apron for Dad

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a food gift which is not necessarily edible then here is a perfect one for your dad. This one is a super cool denim kitchen apron perfect for men as well as women.

So, if your dad is the one handling BBQ grills and weekend cooking, then this kitchen apron is no less than a match made in heaven for him. This really amazing denim kitchen apron comes with multiple pockets to keep all the important tools.

Moreover, it is longer than usual. And as you are using denim fabric, you need not worry about your clothes at all as the fabric is quite sturdy to transfer spots and dirt. So, next time, your dad won’t be staining his clothes at all. Buy this denim kitchen apron for your dad on www.amazon.in for just Rs.1,958

Some Bonus Ideas

These are the most common as well as the most easily found options you can consider as the food gifts for dad. However, we always offer a separate section for people who are not into clichéd ideas. This bonus section is exactly for them which contains some really unique ideas to plan food gifts for your father for marking the special occasions in his life.

Enjoy a Cooking Session with Your Dad

Rather than ordering food online or buying something from the store, you can rather enjoy the home cooked meal. But do not consider making it on your own. Ask your dad to join in.

The idea is to spend some good quality time with your dad through this cooking session. Cook something easy as it is about the time and not about food you two cook together. So, time is the gift here and not the food.

Buy Various Cake Mixes for Him

If you just can’t think of anything to pick as your food gift for your dad then you can consider various types of cake mixes as your gift. You can find them easily on stores and using these mixes, it is very simple to bake a cake.

So, when your dad will be sugar craving, these mix are going to help him for sure. For recommendation, you can go for the most loved flavors like vanilla, chocolate, red-velvet and any one of your father’s choice.

Make a Homemade Healthy Diet

If your father is trying to lose weight lately or going through some health complication then you can create a healthy diet as a food gift for your father.

The idea is super refreshing and it is going to be super helpful for your dad. You can consult a dietitian for the same or may be some gym instructor for a weight-loss diet. The idea is to balance the combination of taste and health together through your gift to your dad.

Buy a Kitchen Appliance

Source www.macys.com

When we mention food gifts, it does not necessarily mean something related to edible items only. You can even buy a kitchen appliance which your dad always wanted to have. From food processor to BBQ grill, the options are limitless. In fact, there is always a kitchen appliance available according to your budget.

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Gift your Foody Dad Something He Will Never Forget

Our memories are directly connected to the type of food we eat. So, if you want your dad to remember you whenever he takes a bite from your gift, choose any of the above. Who knows, he might treat you in return? Don't wait, grab your phone and order!