The 10 Best Gifts to Gift Your Boyfriend for Christmas in 2019: Surprise Him with Something Sweet and Thoughtful to Warm Him This Christmas!

The 10 Best Gifts to Gift Your Boyfriend for Christmas in 2019: Surprise Him with Something Sweet and Thoughtful to Warm Him This Christmas!

Christmas period is a happy time. To celebrate it in all the merry, gifts and pleasant times will make for memorable moments. To keep your boyfriend in the same mood, plan on giving him amazing gifts that will make him happy, and you will both end up having breathtaking moments.

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Time to Brighten the Mood with Christamas Gifts

HO HO HO!! Santa comes bellowing and kicking off the colourful season of Christmas. It is that time of the year when you are geared up for Christmas festivities to begin. The putting up of decorations, Christmas trees, putting together your gifting list for office colleagues, friends and family. Amidst all the preparations, you have it in your mind to get your special someone a gift to remember – a gift for your boyfriend for Christmas. From so many options, how do you narrow down to the gift he would love and that speaks of your affection.

Put a Surprise Spin on a Gift for Your Boyfriend

Who doesn’t like to be surprised? Now surprises don’t always mean walking into a room full of people screaming “Surprise!!”. Put a non-cliched spin on your surprise. It can mean sending him on a treasure hunt to reach your arrangement of a special date. If he is fond of the sea, put together a few close friends of his and plan a deck party for him. If you have the mindset to be romantic, you can whisk him away for a romantic weekend getaway or send him on a solo trek trip if he is into adventure sports.

Personalise it

Who doesn’t like to be surprise. Now surprises don’t always mean walking into a room full of people screaming “Surprise!!”. Put a non cliched spin on your surprise. It can mean sending him on a treasure hunt to reach you and your arrangement of a special date. If he is fond of the sea, put together a few close friends of his and plan a deck party for him. If you have the mindset to be romantic, you can whisk him away for a romantic weekend getaway or send him on a solo trek trip if he is into adventure sports.

Don't Be Materialistic

Gifts don’t always need to be materialistic. When you decide to think outside the confines of conventional gifting, the possibilities are endless for a gift for your boyfriend for Christmas. He might be a person who is into music; you can gift him a course with a grandmaster or a booking to a live night with his favourite bands. If he is a person into adventure, you have an option of a gift in the form of a mountain biking, scuba diving or rappelling certification courses. This shows a lot of thought and addresses how much you know him as a person. Additionally, it means you don’t just support his hobby choices but also are encouraging him to pursue it at a professional level.

Food: The Route to a Man's Heart

We have all heard the old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I agree that there is some truth to it. The event of organizing a gift for boyfriend for Christmas can be used as means to put this saying into practice. Surprise your man with a full course delectably cooked and specially curated menu which addresses his favourites. If you want to step your game up a notch you can also call his mom up and list down his favourite recipes the way his mom used to make them and pleasantly serve them up as a great Christmas present in the form of a home away from home kind of setting for him.

10 Uber Cool Must Haves That Will Blow Him Away

Personalised Black Lighter

If your boyfriend is a smoker, or likes smoking, then gifting him a personalised lighter is the best option. It is something which he needs frequently and every time he uses it, it will remind him of you. This will help your love grow deeper. And an advantage of a personalised lighter is you can add a special love note, so this will include more sentiments to your gift. And the colour black looks classy and stylish at the same time.

This personalised black lighter is available on Prezzy Box with a service of including a personal note too on . they give you an option to personalise the initials and graphics too. The original cost of the lighter is just Rs.980 and the shipping charges are applied separately. This has a stainless steel body with laser engrave and matte black colour.

Personalised Hip Flask

Gift your love a shiny silver hip flask this Christmas. This winter will make him feel warm with your love and a little whisky in this hip flask. A personalised photo on this flask along with a love note from you will make him feel extra special on this special day.

This silver flask is light weighted and made with stainless steel material. It has high-quality UV printing on one side of the flask for your customized photo. It has a length of 4.52 in, and a width of 3.54 in approximately. This will cost you just Rs.800 and is available on Photo Pages.

Customised Passport Holder

Is your boyfriend a travel buddy or a travel blogger? Or just does he love travelling or is on business trips, most of the time? Then this would be the perfect gift for him. Quite thoughtful, useful and loving too at the same time. A passport cover with his name. Also, you can add a charm too for his other interests.

This is a synthetic leather product. It has inside pocket for a single passport. It has extra charm facility at extra charges. They provide a single name and one charm piece for Rs.550. This passport cover has a dimension of 5.5 x 3.8. Available on Themessy Corner, they offer free shipping in PAN India and provides gift pack also.

Hand Painted Wine Box

Does your boyfriend love to collect wine? Does he have an awesome wine collection? Then he would love this beautiful hand painted wine wooden box. This looks artistic with an exotic exterior. This is the best option to handle and lift your wine collection safely.

This is available for double storage. It can keep hold of two wine bottles. This beautiful box retails at Rs.999 and is available on Indiamart. It has a beautiful colour contrast of red and blue with an artistic design in golden yellow.

Bar Set

This Christmas gift your boyfriend a beautiful bar set. A complete set that comes handy to him every time he needs one and every time he uses it, it would remind him of you. A bar set with a wine pourer, wine stopper, corkscrew opener, drop stopper and temperature thermometer.

This is a classy cherry wood wine box. It is multifunctional and beautiful too. This stainless steel wine set includes all the necessary bar accessories at one place. This beautiful piece with 5 tools and a wine holder is just for Rs.2,000. The colourful cherry red blends beautifully with this wine tool set. This is available online on Flipkart.

Vintage Pocket Watch

A vintage pocket watch is a perfect watch for your Mr Perfect. The quality and fineness in the watch and its durability and beauty would surely win his heart. Adding a beautiful picture in dial with a little border would do magic on him.

This watch of 1 3/4 in diameter was crafted between 1878 and 1879. It is beautifully placed in a majestic case. This case has a 14k yellow, rose, white and green gold finish. This watch was crafted by the American Watch Co. this is a wonderful masterpiece to gift your love. It has an engraved inspiring mountain landscape along with a beautiful border boundary to detail the front and back. The dial has Roman numerals and the blued steel hands indicate the time. This beautiful masterpiece is available on 1stdibs. You can contact them so that they can offer their product to you at reasonable price.

Funky Wooden Decanter


Every man needs a decanter if he drinks. If he already has one or doesn't have any, then gift him this funky wooden decanter. This is also known as wine dispense too. This cute decanter has a cork stopper with it and a fitted tap too. This has a barrel made of pure wood. It can also be used as a bar accessory. This is a 20.3 x 10.2 x 17.8 cm product weighing around 1.5 kg. This can be a beautiful showpiece too. This beautiful piece is available on Amazon for just Rs.950.

Portable Briefcase Barbeque


Who doesn't love barbeque? If your boyfriend is also one of those who always wish to have one own barbeque, then this would amaze him. This is a portable briefcase barbeque. This makes cooking easy and portable too.

This barbeque has a height of 46cm with a fire pan size of 44 x 27cm. The thickness of the fire pan is 0.5mm and it weighs around 2kg. The barbeque wire mesh has a diameter of 3mm and it lays out a table height of 21 cm. This is ideal for picnics, parties, and more anywhere anytime. All you need in fuel is just charcoal. This can be easily folded into a briefcase and carried away. This piece is available on Amazon for just Rs.2,100.

Brass Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a piece of jewellery. They hold cuffs of a shirt together. They can be used in work or professional gatherings too. This Christmas gift your love these beautiful cufflinks to complete his outstanding look.

These voylla brass cufflinks are made of oxidized silver plating. These can be used as cufflinks or silver pins. They are available online on Flipkart. This beautiful pair of brass cufflinks is just for Rs.231.

Unique Cufflets

If your man is a cufflet person, then you have a beautiful option here. Cufflets make a man look more strong and dominating. These silver plated gems studded cufflets would make him look more adorable. It;'s made of stainless steel and is lightweight weighing approx 27.73 gms. It has a width of approx 8.9mm. This can go for both casual and formal occassions. This is known for its longevity and good quality. This is available on Voylla just for Rs.949.

Have the Dole - Go the Luxury Way

It is not a compulsion to gift your love something very expensive. But if you can afford, it will be a great surprise for him. Expensive and thoughtful gifts for your love may include professional poker set, elegant leather sling bag, analog watch from Kenneth Cole, flying experience, and professional quadcopter.

Professional Poker Set

If your boyfriend loves poker, then gifting him a poker set would be ideal. This casino poker chip set is made with clay composite. It is available in three different colours yellow, green and red.

Indiamart provides this exclusive poker chip set worth Rs.16,500. Which includes three different colours of poker chips, each weighing 4gm. They are made of clay composite and would be the best for your special poker game.

Elegant Leather Sling Bag

Leather sling bags are in trend all the time. If your boyfriend is fond of these, get him one this festive season. This is useful and gives a classy look too. Whether he is a school or college student or employed, who doesn't need or like a sling bag? This classy sling leather bag is available on Tata Cliq. This is available in solid black or brown colour for just Rs.7,000. it is very durable and safe for holding your belongings and available at a budget-friendly price too.

Analog Watch Kenneth Cole

Does your boyfriend have a special love for watches, or picky in case of watches? Whether he is punctual or not, a watch would be the evergreen gift choice for boys. Not a wonder if he already owns many, but to stand out among them all, choose this.

Kenneth Cole is the best for watches for your special him. This multi-colour dial leather automatic watch won't let him take his eyes off. This trendy watch has a classy look. That makes this perfect for a casual has a round dial and the time is so set to look great at any time of day or night. This is available on Shopper Stop for just Rs.12,199 and can be delivered to your doorstep.

Flying Experience

You can go for a different gift this time and for a difference, gift him an experience over something materialistic. If he isn't afraid of heights and loves adventure, paragliding would be the best surprise for him. Paramotoring would be the best experience he will never forget about in his life.

Paragliding is licensed in many areas of India. But the one at Gurgaon is under reasonable prices. They have a great service and they charge Rs. 1,600 an hour per person. So, what are you waiting for, get your tickets booked to Gurgaon right now to give this wonderful experience to your beloved?

Professional Quadcopter


Does your love has a love for technology? Did you hear him talk about drones? Then this is the one which might impress him. This is a video camera drone 2.0 mp wifi quadcopter. It's foldable and has a 20mins battery backup with an included remote controller. It has a battery of 1800 MAh.

This amazing quadcopter is available on Amazon. It includes 1 VISUO xs809s RC quadcopter, I transmitter, a battery of 3.7v 1800 MaH, USB cables, propellers, propeller guard and a manual. It has a 2mp HD quality camera and weighs 200gm. It can be folded into 18 x 13 x 6cm from 44 x 44 x 6.5cm. This is available for just Rs.10,500.

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Groovy Boyfriend Christmas Gifts

While your boyfriend may have his tastes and preferences, trying something new may be exciting, especially if it fascinates him. Though gifting in line with his tastes is what is recommended, it may come as a surprise to both of you in the event he picks up new skills, traits and develops new abilities, or simply just learns something new. Featured are some quality gifts and if you wish to spend a tad bit, some luxury gifts have also been listed.