12 Creative, Unique and Fun Gifts for Husband This Christmas That He Will Actually Love (2018)

12 Creative, Unique and Fun Gifts for Husband This Christmas That He Will Actually Love (2018)

How often does it happen? Your husband opens his Christmas gift almost cautiously, looking like he's prepared for the worst and then as graciously as he can, smiles in a way that's obviously a grimace. 'I love it' he declares. Sigh. Another Christmas and another awful gift he doesn't know what to do with. Snap out of it already and give the poor man a gift he can actually get excited about. Read on to find some absolutely fantastic gifts for men. No socks, guaranteed!

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You Can't Give Him Socks, Not Again!

A husband does a lot for his family that doesn’t always get noticed so he deserves a little rewarding, at least once a year. The festive season is the best time for it, without a doubt. However, socks are not going to knock the socks off him. So you have to think a little outside of the box.

Ties and gloves also won’t cut it. You have to be something different, something out there. Something he will never forget. Here is a good list from with you can bounce off if they are a bit out of your budget, but it is always a good idea to keep his hobbies in mind, what does he like? Don’t get him a gift because you think it is good, buy it because you know he will love it! Remember to keep in mind also, if the gift has a practical use, men aren’t normally fond of gifts that will just sit on a shelf not doing a lot, so keep it practical!

You Think You Have Given Him Everything, But You Haven't

You have spent many Christmas, birthday, anniversaries and the rest together, even if you are recently married, there were all those years as girlfriend and boyfriend. Those add up to a lot of gifts given, how can it be possible to find a gift you haven’t given him yet?

Well, with technology forever advancing, there is always something new for the tech geek husband, and that can be in photography, music or just little things to make our lives more comfortable. There is also the wear and tear of his favourite clothing items and camping equipment. So as times change, so do gifts. It is all about keeping up with our every changing society while not losing yourself. So when buying a gift, don’t go with a closed mind, because there is something out there you haven’t thought of buying your loved one.

Try Something Different This Christmas. Here are 5 Unique Gift Ideas

Being new, different and adventurous is always a risk for buying presents, especially for your husband. But worry not, we have you covered. Here are a few ideas that are weird and wonderful, quirky and a little off the beaten track of traditional Christmas gifts. We aim to have a suggestion regardless of your husband’s tastes or hobbies, so you are bound to find something on this list that stands out and has your husband’s name written all over it.

Voice Activated Speaker

What man doesn’t dream of having a device to which he speaks to and sets reminders, plays his favourite music or even gives him news updates? Well, with Google Home all that is possible. This voice activated speaker connects to your internet Wi-Fi so it can keep him updated with all his favourite things, reminders for work and endless music. It can be used by up to six different users with personalised settings each. It comes in a stylish white finish, perfect for any room! The voice activated speaker by Google is the one any man needs, and for Rs.8,499 it is possible. Buy it from Flipkart.

Star Wars Coffee Press

This is an essential Christmas gift for any die hard Star Wars fan, and even more essential if he loves coffee too. This Cute R2-D2 coffee press by the American company ThinkGeek is a limited edition collectable, but also makes four cups of coffee and follows the company’s mission of releasing the inner geek in everyone. R2-D2 is more than happy to help a sleepy human gain strength in the morning! The problem with it being an American company, is shipping, not only the costs ($54.41, or Rs.3,740) but also timing, so make sure you get your order in for this Star Wars collectable early. The price is $39.99 or about Rs.2,748 plus the afore mentioned shipping, but a collectable like this, is priceless. Buy it from Amazon.

Retro Camera

Source www.amazon.in

Build treasured memories with him and your loved ones with the Fujifilm Instax 90 Mini Instant Camera. This retro styled modern quality camera is a great addition to any collector, or a perfect gadget for the husband who loves to take photos, to conserve the moment. The list of functions, modes and perks on this camera is enough to get blinded by, these include: double exposure, high performance flash, various shooting modes (including party mode, kids mode, or landscape mode), captures brilliant night photos, you can superimpose images to add artistic flare to your photos, and all the modes can be switched through using the dial so you can check them out as you look through the lenses. That is an amazing list of features, all for Rs.10,100.00 on Amazon, we would say that is a bargain.

Beer Making Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Turn your husband into a brewing master with an amazing home brewing kit and mazing recipe. He will proudly show off his creating amongst his peers, and then thank you for making it all possible. Mr Beer 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Equipment Kit provides him with all the essentials he will need to create his tasty brew for Rs.5,265 on Amazon, which is a great price for this reusable equipment that includes eleven bottles and all the other bits and pieces he will need. Then, for Rs.999.00 from Brewof, you can purchase an amazing Weizen (Wheat) Beer Recipe Kit, so he can craft beautiful golden beer to enjoy around those he loves.

Smoker or BBQ

Turn your husband into the King of Barbequing with the Napoleon Pro 285 Portable Gas Grill with Black High Top Lid. This easy to carry and store bbq boasts of being able to grill 20 burgers at one time on its 285 square inch cooking area. That is a lot of meat at once. No set up is needed, just fuel, so he can easily become the envy of his friends by hosting the barbeques that everyone will be talking about. His new title will soon become Master Burger Flipper. This title comes at a price of Rs.32,300, but he will wear it with pride. Buy it from pepperfry.com

Think of What He Likes and Pick That! 5 Gift Ideas to Help

You know his tastes better than anybody, his likes and dislikes. Is he a music guru? A master in the kitchen? Or enjoy a tipple of good whisky? Whatever his tastes and his fancies, here are a few of winners that will make sure he loves his Christmas gift this year.

Vinyl Record Player

Source www.amazon.in

Every music fanatic needs a good system to play his tunes on, so here is the one we recommend. The Ion Audio Max LP USB Digital Conversion Turntable and Vinyl Record Player is what every music head needs. The stylish little turntable looks awesome, with a wooden finish and high quality built in speakers it is a beautiful addition to any room. But, what makes the Ion more special is its ability and software to convert vinyl into digital formats so he can have his favourite records on the go! Just plug the turntable into a computer via USB and off you go. All this awesomeness comes for just Rs.16,696 too! Buy it now from Amazon.

BBQ Tool Set

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband already has a great barbeque, or you thought the one suggested above was a great idea and you are looking for something to help him reach the A-List status when it comes to barbequing, then he needs a great set of tools to flip those burgers with! You are looking for the AceroWare 5 piece BBQ Grill Set, the perfect set for any keen master of the grill. The set comes with one spatula, one turner, one perforated turner, one scrapper and one chopper, all made from high quality stainless steel and ready to tackle all the tasks a BBQ can throw at him. For the price of Rs.9,079 he can become true Grill Royalty. Buy it from Amazon.

Hiking Boots

Every adventurer needs a good set of boots on his feet, and the Willdcraft Men Brown Amphibia Sphere Outdoor Adventure and Trekking Shoes are the perfect combination of utility, comfort and style. Round toed, high top and made of brown nubuck lightweight leather, this shoe provides protection from debris and water, while also giving support in all the essential areas, the heel, ankle and toes. The sole is made from Advanced Rubber Technology to ensure he has the extra grip when he needs it. For Rs.6,495 your husband can become the ultimate adventurer. It is available on jabong.com

Fitbit or Smartwatch

Any sports orientated man needs something to show off his stats with. How else is he going to show that he is doing better than his friends? Well, the Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker is just perfect for that purpose. In a stylish stainless steel case with a black strap, the Alta is a great combination of style and practicality. Its technology is able to monitor his heart rate without the need of a chest strap and can even manage things like calls and his calendar. It monitors exercise, sleep patterns and you can even control calorie intake! A battery life that lasts up to seven days makes it the perfect weekday monitor. For Rs.14,999 on tatcliq he can keep on top of everything he can dream of.

Glass Decanter

If your husband has a passion for a good drink, then he will want to show it off with class and style. That is exactly what the RCR Enigma Crystal Whisky Set 7 poece offers. Made from crystal, the 860 ml decanter is an elegant addition to his drink collection, with a finish fit for kings. The set comes with six crystal glasses in the same style, so he can look the part when drinking his favourite tipple. Made in Italy, this set retails for Rs.3,581 on Urban Dazzle and makes the perfect gift for the man who enjoys a drink in style.

Maybe Try Something You Can Both Enjoy

Why not make his gift about both of you? After all, he has chosen to spend his life with you, so a treat you can both enjoy is not an outrageous suggestion. We suggest one that is free, or very cheap and one that is a bit higher budget, but both guaranteed to make your husband smile for weeks on end.

Pack of Redeemable "Wife Favours" Vouchers, Handmade By You!

We can imagine you pulling a face trying to work out what we mean. Quite simply a little book full of hand written vouchers for him to cash in for favours from you. This can range from something easy such as “Valid for me to bring you one beer” to something as far as you are willing to go for him. They can be all fun and friendly, or maybe a little bit naughtier to spice up the bedroom. There are options available to buy online for this purpose, but a handmade selection will be more personal, and you can make them to his own tastes. So a good little addition when you aren’t sure the gift you have got him is enough.

A Mystery Trip Away

Has your husband always dreamed of visiting somewhere? Talked about a trip endlessly? Then why not take him on it? Or just escape to the countryside together for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of working life. This gift is totally up to you and your budget. Go far, go close, go for a week, go for a weekend. Those are minor details that won’t make too much of a difference. The important thing for your husband will be to spend some time away from work and more importantly, with you.

Important Things to Consider and Remember

We cannot stress this point enough. He already has socks, he can go out and buy his own socks if he needs them. Please do not buy him socks. Remember to be creative but make sure your gift is both practical and stylish. Never be afraid to be creative, different or even ask. He will appreciate something he asked for more than something you thought he would like but weren’t quite sure. However, our guide is flawless! Follow the guidance given above and you cannot fail this Christmas.

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Stop treating Christmas shopping as a chore

Easier said than done isn't it. When there's mountains of work and an equal amount of household chores to get through, buying gifts for a whole bunch of people, even if they are your nearest and dearest ones, can sure seem like yet another task to tick off the to-do list. Start early, browse and bookmark items, shop in advance, keep a reward for yourself, pinch yourself to get excited, do what it takes to start enjoying it again. Because shopping is fun isn't it? And when you're having fun, good ideas come to you, the world seems better and brighter and a 'chore' has turned into something you can't wait to do again.