10 Best Gifts for Boyfriend on Christmas in a Small Budget and How to Bring in the Xmas Spirit, No Matter What the Budget (2020)!

10 Best Gifts for Boyfriend on Christmas in a Small Budget and How to Bring in the Xmas Spirit, No Matter What the Budget (2020)!

There's so much to look forward to at Christmas time and if only you could quickly get done with your Christmas gift shopping quickly, you'd be able to enjoy it with a greater peace of mind. Running short of the best gift ideas for boyfriend on Christmas, or do you need romantic gifts for boyfriend? Best Present Guide makes easy work of Christmas shopping with this handy list of cool and cheap gifts for boyfriend on Christmas. Happy shopping!

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Getting into and Celebrating the Christmas Spirit

As the winter months roll in, the Christmas spirit takes everybody by storm. It is always a time of merriment and fun; also, Christmas is a time when people can take out time from their otherwise hectic schedule and spend more quality time with loved ones. With the holiday season in full swing, people have ample opportunities to make their loved ones feel valued and special in ways more than one. After all, celebrating Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, spreading happiness and joy among one and all.

3 Christmas Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Even though the Christmas festival has been around for centuries, however, the current way of celebrating the festival has only evolved in the past few decades. Certain important events through the course of time have helped shape up the festival in the way it is today. There are also some really interesting aspects to Christmas that we are sure you wouldn’t know; read on to see the top 3 lesser known facts about the joyful festival of Christmas.

#1 Alabama Was the First State in the USA to Officially Recognize Christmas in 1836

It was the state of Alabama that first recognised the festival officially as early as in the year 1836 itself. For a few decades some groups in USA viewed the festival as a decadent holiday and banned all sorts of Christmas celebrations; penalties were also imposed by others. Not many know this, but, Christmas wasn’t declared an officially recognised holiday in the United States until June, 1870 and since then the craze for the festival has grown in leaps and bounds; an estimated 3 billion Christmas cards are sent in the United States of America alone.

#2 Santa Claus is Based on a Real Person

The character of Santa Claus is probably the most loved, most featured character in the world. Bordering on the realms of reality and fiction, not many know, though, that he is actually based on a real-life person. St. Nikolas of Myra, born in Patara (in modern-day Turkey) in the 4th century is the world’s most popular non-Biblical saint and is the inspiration behind the character and fables of Santa Claus. After Mary, he is one of the most often portrayed characters by artists and is also the patron saint of New York City.

#3 Christmas Stockings Evolved from Three Poor Sisters

Allegedly, there were three very poor sisters who couldn’t afford dowry for a marriage and were doomed to live a life of prostitution only. They put up their stocking to hang by the fireplace every night. One night, the wealthy Bishop Saint Nicholas of Smyrna crept down their chimney and filled their stockings with gold coins, thus, giving rise to this tradition of hanging stockings on the night before Christmas; this is still practiced in modern times.

10 Top Gift Ideas for Boyfriend on Christmas

Christmas is all about love, fun and family, and gifts are a big part about the whole Christmas spirit, the vibe around the festival. Even the gifts that you select for your family and loved ones should not only be useful and fun but also reflect the Christmas spirit to make it extra special. Finding the perfect romantic gifts for boyfriend might be slightly difficult, however, we tried to make it easier for you by finding the top 10 trending Christmas gift ideas that he would definitely love. Read further to see the best gift ideas for boyfriend on Christmas.

24K Red Gold Rose

Flowers are the all-time romantic gifts for boyfriend and roses always take the cake. One of the best gifts to give to your boyfriend is the 24K red gold rose available on Flipkart. A 10 inch artificial rose with 99.99 per cent 24K gold plated leaf is a romantic gift, and, it also comes in a beautiful gift box with a delicate covering. It is also affordable at a price of just Rs.359. Plus, what with the whole Christmas-y spirit and vibe all around, a gold red rose is a perfect gift. Buy it here.

Adorable Christmas Mug

If your boyfriend is fond of quirky coffee and tea mugs then the Christmas special mug from Archie’s would make for a nice gift on this lovely occasion. It is a multi-coloured ceramic mug with an adorable snowman inside it. Priced at Rs.799, it makes for a charming and romantic gift; it will also add a tinge of quirkiness and uniqueness in your boyfriend’s home. The gift will come in a proper cardboard box and you can also get it gift wrapped with a nice Christmas-y gift wrapping paper it make it extra special. Buy it here.

Titan Men Blue Dial Watch 1585SM05

Watches are something that almost every man loves, some even like to maintain a collection of different ones. If your boyfriend likes to sport a new watch every now and then, the Titan Blue Dial watch from Myntra, priced at Rs.2,695, is a nice statement watch. It is an analogue watch with a circular case and a stainless steel back. The royal blue colour used in the dial makes it every attractive. Water resistant and with 2 years warranty, the watch is the perfect gift and also comes in a beautiful Titan case. Buy it here.

Ocean Beer Mugs (Set of 6)

Beer mugs make for ideal gifts for people who are regular drinkers or those that often entertain friends and colleagues at their homes. Also, there is certainly an undeniable Christmas connection with drinks; this set of 3 beer mugs from Shoppers Stop, prices at Rs.1,065, could be the ideal addition to your boyfriend’s Christmas party. Sturdy in their build and stylish in their look, these beer mugs also heighten the pleasure of drinking. With a capacity of 355 ml, the mugs are pretty big enough to enjoy a drink every once in a while. Buy them here.

Customised Metal Key Pendrive 8 GB U230

Pen drives are probably one of the most used things these day, portable, user-friendly and great storage devices, one needs a pen drive every now and then. You could consider gifting your boyfriend this key shaped pen drive from Gift Ease, made of stainless metal, priced at just Rs.275, and see his face light up with delight at this beautiful, customised thing. It is possible to customise the pen drive with his name or some other word or something that means a lot to the two of you. Gifting him this pen drive on this Christmas is a nice idea as not only is this a unique gift but will also prove to be a useful one. It is also one of the most useful cheap gifts for boyfriend on Christmas. Buy it here.

Signature Essentials for Him

If you thought that it is just the women that like to indulge in a bit of body-face-pampering once in a while; then think again. Men love that thing to bits too and getting him this hamper of signature essentials for the much loved brand, Kama Ayurveda, is a beautiful way of showing him that you care. With a selection of the choicest products for a cool and refreshing experience, the hamper (priced at Rs.2,400), contains a face cleanser, face cream, mint lip balm, natural soap and mist water. The best part is that these products have been carefully handcrafted and made from best natural ingredients for a rich experience and the best gift ideas for boyfriend on Christmas. Buy the hamper here.

Be in Love Personalised A4 Desk Calendar

Gifting your man a desk calendar is a nice idea considering the fact that the current year is coming to an end and he would soon be needing a new calendar anyway. However, gifting him a personalised desk calendar, like this one from IGP, is like the best thing. You can choose to customise the calendar with different pictures of the two of you or put some kind of writings on it that mean a lot to you both. The calendar is made in beautiful shades of colours and has different love quotes printed on each page as well. Priced at Rs.470, it is an affordable yet adorable gift idea for your boyfriend. Order it here.

Bronze Leather Multistrand Bracelet for Men

Leather bracelets are like one of the trending accessories for men these days. You will find a lot of them sporting some kind or the other of leather accessory, especially, bands and bracelets. If your boyfriend is also into stuff like this, then you should really consider gifting him this beautiful multi-stranded bracelet made out of fine quality leather. Available on Amazon at a discounted price of just Rs.195, this makes for a really nice cheap gifts for boyfriend on Christmas. Buy it here.

Mid-Sized Foosball Table with 6 Rods (Multicolour)

If your man is into sports, especially football, then this foosball table could be one of the best additions to his home décor. It would not only make for a nice thing to enjoy and pass time with but also make a statement about his interest and love for the game. Available on Amazon India, this table is available at a discounted price of Rs.1,999 and comes with 6 rods to play. Made of high grade plastic, the game table would also be a center of attraction when it comes to home parties and other gatherings. Buy it here.

Levis Laptop Backpack with Printed Branding

Gifting your boyfriend this Levis laptop bag, available on Ajio, is one of the most useful best gift ideas for boyfriend on Christmas. It is something that he can actively use for months and would be a subtle reminder of you as well. Priced at Rs.2,299, this backpack has a really clean, clear-cut design that is mostly suited to men’s taste. The off-white shade of the bag with soft brown coloured straps and under coverings is beautifully complemented by the attractive printed branding of Levis in bold blue, red and black shades. The best part is that you will also get a 6 month warranty with this bag against any kind of manufacturing defects whatsoever. Buy it here.

Here's How You Can Make Christmas Extra Special

Remember, Christmas is all about fun, love and family. Yes, gifts have increasingly become a close-knit part of the festival but the true spirit lies in spending time with your loved ones, laughing together and creating sweet memories. Hence, the key to making your Christmas day extra special is to plan several little things and take care of certain aspects that would help you both remember this day for the years to come.

Take care of a few things, like:

  • Don’t let little things upset you or ruin the day, let some things pass by for the time being. Try to keep things light and carefree so that you both can enjoy yourselves.

  • Whatever you choose to do or surprise him with should be something that the two of you enjoy, like, if you want to go out for dinner, select a place you both love.

  • If either of you is Christian or celebrate the festival in a religious manner then it is important that the religious sentiments are respected so that both are happy.

Bonus Tips on What to Do on Christmas

  • Plan for a dinner or brunch outing for just the two of you. You could even order something at your home or cook for the occasion. Create a soft, serene atmosphere; maybe add a few candles and you are all set for an unforgettable Christmas dinner along with the best gift for boyfriend on Christmas.

  • Planning for a late-night movie show might also be a nice idea or think of something that the two of you have been planning to do together since ages.

  • A short, sweet trip out of the city is also a great idea to help the two of you take a break and relax, unwind. If your work or life schedules permit, then indulging in a two day trip to some beautiful, quaint little place out of town could be just the thing. It is one of the most romantic gifts for boyfriend.
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It's not just another holiday

The busy lives we lead leave little time, or energy, to muster any real enthusiasm for any festival. Yes we do get excited about an upcoming holiday, but it's only so we can take a break, unwind and catch up on some much needed rest. All that is fine, but Christmas isn't just another holiday is it? It needs a little extra effort on your part to actually celebrate it. Put up Christmas decorations, make a cake if you can, or at least a few dishes if not a full festive feast. And buy and wrap your gifts. It seems like a lot of effort when you're home after a long day, but it will be incredibly satisfying.