Need Ideas for a Gift for Boyfriend on Christmas? Here's a List of 10 Gifts to Buy in 2018

Need Ideas for a Gift for Boyfriend on Christmas? Here's a List of 10 Gifts to Buy in 2018

You know your boyfriend as well as you know yourself, till it is time to buy a gift for him. And when it's a time like Christmas and so many people to shop for, the remainder of your gift shopping sensibilities seem to go straight out the window. Fret not for we have sifted through a mountain of potential best gifts for boyfriend to find a few actually worth buying. So without further ado, read on to find thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend this year.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Finding That Elusive Perfect Christmas Gift for Him

Choosing a gift for a boyfriend on Christmas or any other eve can be equally tough as choosing a boyfriend! Sounds hilarious? Maybe! But there is some truth in this, and you know it! Gifting men can always be challenging for all beautiful girls and ladies, not just because of the limited choice but also its quite tough to pacify men with gifts.

You know him in and out, his thoughts, liking, choices and also what he not likes. Still, it will be quite challenging to figure out what to buy for him because all that pops in your mind is to make the eve for more special for him. You might be looking out for gifts that are really best, so he will fall in love over you abundantly, once again.

It is not about money, but of course, you have to spend. It is not about an item, but of course, you have to buy some item. Ultimately it is the love that needs to be conveyed much more than the item that you buy. So, choices are difficult here!

Having said that, this post will be a great help for all lovely girls who are finding it difficult to choose a wow gift for him on Christmas. Just take a look at each of the option provided here, and you will find something sparkling to treat your man, and he will fall for you on this Christmas Eve. Christmas is all about celebrations, gifts and love. So, spread all of it in a pack of gift and make him feel flying at the top of the universe.

But There is a Way to Choose Christmas Gifts, We Found Three!

First things first! its all about his likes and choices, after all, all efforts you put in for buying best gifts for boyfriend is to please him and make him feel your love. Yes, the budget of the gift matters, however, it is the feeling that your gift gives counts more than the cost. Not necessarily you go in for expensive options, but understand his desires and wants and choose gifts according to that. Also, don’t count on the quantity, as the quality of the gift matters!

Determine the Type of Present

Every man differs in taste and choice, so understand your man first to determine what type of gift will impress him for Christmas, or any other eve for that matter. Only if you first determine the type, you can narrow down your choices and make your selection easier. Not only what he likes, but you can also check what he needs so that your choice will be useful for him. Generally, gifting needs no purpose, but gifts need to have a purpose. So, stick to it!

Set Your Budget, and Stick to it

Men always attach value to your thought and intention of buying gifts for them, and not the cost of presents. However, setting up a budget for buying him a Christmas gift will help you choose your gift. Plan a budget that you can afford and jot down the possible options within your budget, so your work gets easier. Don’t have the idea that spending too much will help you buy a wow gift, it is about what you buy and not how much it costs. Having a budget also limits your options, making it easier to choose.

Know His Preferences and Shop Accordingly

Do not buy what you like, as the gift is for him and it must be what he likes. You have to know his preference well, only then you can impress him and win his heart. Gifts that induce the romance between you two can certainly be his preference, so grab something of that sort to have a hot Christmas night. Send him positive love vibes through your gift, whatever the item you may choose. No men on earth wouldn’t enjoy a wonderful massage by his girl as a token on expressing love on Christmas eve. Your man would also love to it experience it from you, so if his preference is so, then just give it in abundance to him.

10 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Boyfriend for Christmas 2018

Christmas gifts are usually the special ones, because it is the season of joy and happiness and the ideal time to spread love to your boyfriend. The ultimate holiday season expects several moments of sharing and caring between you two, and gifts also play a major role in it. Everyone really feels the mood of Christmas to be very glorifying and pampering moment, so gifts can make the moment more memorable and loving. Listing down here are few exclusive gifts for men which will be useful and also impressive. Take a look at them and make your pick, as they are sure to impress your man.

Beard Shaping Tool Kit


Beard shaping tools are always a sure hit with a man, as every man loves to maintain a hot and chic look to impress people around. Buying him the Green Transparent Beardman beard shaping tool will show him how much you care for his look and feel. This tool kit comes as a combo set which comprises of all essentials as a complete pack, making it a holistic gift. Pick it from Amazon for just Rs.2,755 and enjoy free delivery to your preferred location.

Games for His PlayStation 4


Definitely he is not too young for it, as Play Stations always have a craze among men across ages. Find a good game he will enjoy, take help from reviews of the latest and popular games, and pick one that fits the genre he usually prefers. He will be thrilled to receive such a gift and it will bring out the energetic little champ inside your man and he will thank you by spending the remaining part of the holiday hooked on his gaming console. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a hugely popular and highly rated game for PS4. Buy it for Rs.1,350 on Amazon. Do take a look at his stash of games to ensure he doesn't already have it.

Bluetooth Headphones


Listening to the natural HD sound of his favorite music on the top class Ant Audio Treble H82 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (Black and Red) can mesmerize his mind and make it fall in love with you over and again. These Bluetooth headphones with built-in high definition mic gives optimum comfort to the user, while it also looks royal and feels majestic. This can be a super cool choice to make him love you and your Christmas gift more and more. Buying it in Amazon will cost you Rs.999 only, but to see the joy in your boyfriend’s face will be beyond measures.

French Press: Coffee and Tea Maker


Does your man drink coffee or tea very often? Do you want to see the bright freshness in his face during every sip of his favorite hot beverage? Do you want him to feel the real taste of his coffee or tea? Treat your man with this ideal choice on the Christmas eve, as it is going to be a double hit at your home, if you are also a coffee or tea lover like him. This super coffee and tea maker from Cafe Jei can be bought for Rs.1,399 along with 2 bonus stainless steel screen and measuring spoon as free with this package from Amazon.

Digital Sports Watch


A watch is always a gift of sentiment and love, as every second of its move will remind you for him. What more do you want? Get Timewear Digital Sports Watch Blue Silicone Strap Watch for Men for your fitness freak man from Amazon for Rs.900. The lightweight watch has multiple features like stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, date, alarm and dual time zones. It is also resistant to water to up to 50 m. Avail the gift-wrap option to keep up the element of surprise live.

Golden Deck of Cards


Yes, he may be a busy in his profession or might be a very dedicated and focused person, but remind him that he too need a break by gifting him the excellent time passing Day Golden Deck of Cards for the upcoming Christmas season. Let him have a happy play time with you and family or with his team of friends. At the end of the day, he will feel the pleasure of relaxation and fun with this super gift from you. This can be bought for Rs.1,999 from Amazon and you can also pay after delivery.

Camouflage Print T-Shirt


Camouflage printed t-shirts are always good to see on any man, as it adds a tint of style and manliness to his stunning look. Absolutely machine washable, so no stress on maintenance. Since it is made of pure cotton fabric, it feels good on your man as you he will feel when with you. If your budget is around Rs.400, then this can be your choice to impress your dear man on the upcoming Christmas eve. Buy it from

Classic Bracelet


Classic bracelets always add up charm to his classy look and make him feel more manful. Leather bracelets feel good on skin while the classic stainless steel magnetic clasp adds royal touch to it. You can buy this Moneekar Jewels High Quality Braided Leather Bracelets for Men With Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp in brown or black, depending on what colour he prefers. This simple looking elegant classic bracelet costs around Rs.700 on to easily fit your budget and also to catch his lovely attention on you for thanking you for this wonderful Christmas gift.

Laptop Backpack


Personal or official, his laptop will certainly be the beat of his heart. Now, if you gift a top class laptop backpack for him, you can feel his satisfaction. If he is a frequent traveler, this will be one of the best choice you can make. This versatile gift will be with him wherever he goes. With a little investment of just Rs.700, you can get him a Lenovo Laptop Bag 15.6 inch Backpack Black Red, which is a fantastic gift that he will carry with him everywhere he goes. Doesn’t that sound awesome! Buy it on Amazon.

Exotic Body Perfume


Get your man the exotic body perfume for him to wear on every day. Pick the fragrance of his choice or if you want to explore something new, gift some romantic, wow factor fragrances and feel your man with a whole new aroma. Axe is always awesome and cost effective, so if your budget is even as low as Rs.350, you can still make this sensual and bold aroma as your choice of Christmas gift for your man of love. Buy Axe Signature Intense Body Perfume, a pack of two 122 ml cans on Amazon.

Ways to Usher in Christmas With Boyfriend

More than anything, it’s the time and love you gift your man that is precious and ever-lasting in his memory. So, make this Christmas an all-time beautiful memory for him by spending every moment of the day with him in a more loving way. Do all that he enjoys from you and make him feel special. Bake a cake for him with him favorite flavor and munch on with him. More than any other present, the cake you baked specially for him will add more love to your life. You can also look for his longtime wish list and something will spark your mind that will make this Christmas eve a rocking day of his life. You can get ideas for a thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend online.

Go to Church With Him

If your man is religious, he will surely want some serene moments in the church as a sign of Christmas celebration, so accompany him to the church with all your interests. Never mind, you believe it or not, do it for him and he will feel good. It will help create a spiritual togetherness for you both and his belief of being together will get even stronger.

Throw a Christmas Party Together

No Christmas is complete without a fun party, so treat your boy friend to a super party, or better yet, throw one together. Hit the dance floor with him. A Christmas party can be filled with couple games, romantic dances, sip wine together and listen to great music. So, doesn’t all this sound super amazing on a Christmas night? Adult only parties can give you naughty memories to carry through life. Follow a matching dress code and make your party night feel like your first date night. He will adore you and the night thoroughly.

Make him want you more and more by planning a super cool Christmas special plan for him. After all, he deserves all the best things from you! Hope this post solved your puzzle of what to get your boy friend for Christmas! Merry Christmas.

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Start a Christmas Tradition

The best part about Christmas is not the gifts, nor the beautiful Christmas decor, not even the food and the fun, rather it is about enjoying all these things with the people you love. So finish all your Christmas shopping in time, wrap your gifts, make the food plan and leave enough time to do the things you love. Start your very own traditions, be it decorating the home together, making a Christmas feast or even cookies, or anything else.