Surprise Your Boyfriend with the Best Gift this Christmas: 12 Gifts for Boyfriend for Christmas

Surprise Your Boyfriend with the Best Gift this Christmas: 12 Gifts for Boyfriend for Christmas

Christmas is the time to spread joy and cheer and what better way to do it than buying some presents for your loved ones? This Christmas play Santa Clause and surprise your boyfriend by stuffing his stocking with some new and innovative gifts.

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Celebrate Your Journey Together as a Couple with a Thoughtful Gift

Whether you and your boyfriend have been together for a while, or it is your first year together, you have gone through the entire year and found plenty of reasons to gift each other. You have spent Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and witnessed random occasions like promotions. Christmas is the time to pull out the big guns and buying something to blow him out of the water!

The festive season is the perfect excuse for some romance and cheesiness, so don’t be afraid if you haven’t saved up all year for it, you can still win his heart! You just need to follow our expert tips and you are bound to come up with something unique for your sweetheart.

He's Got His Family for Boring. Be Different, Be Weird and Wonderful

One important thing to remember is that you are his girlfriend, his chosen family. He has not spent every Christmas of his life with you, so he will have a different level of expectations when it comes to your gift. So be brave and tackle the quirky, the different and the extravagant. It is always a good idea to check what the family are going to get him so that once you know what he is getting from his parents, you can go in the opposite direction! Careful not to go too far though, remember, he still has to like it even though it is different! And don’t set the bar too high if this is your first Christmas together, because there will be many more to come, and you don’t want him to be expecting big or expensive gifts every time. Just be brave and open in your approach.

Gift Ideas for the Money Saver: If You Saved All Year, These are a Good Idea

It is always a good idea to splurge a little on Christmas. We all know the saying that money doesn’t buy love, but let’s face it, it doesn’t hurt to spoil our other half if we can. So if you have been saving all year to make sure this Christmas turns out special then these gift ideas are perfect!

Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Is your boyfriend a music freak who always needs his tunes while he is on the go? Then nothing beats the Sony - WH-CH710N. They use the best noise cancelling technology in the world which will enable your man to listen to his favourite beats without any distraction. The Bluetooth connection to his phone will also allow him to take calls. without taking his headphones off. What makes these headphones standout is the Sony Headphones Connect APP with allows him to customise the sound and help him make his favourite songs sound even better, for up to ten hours, even when travelling. You can see why they are priced at Rs.9,999 because they are in a league of their own when it comes to headphones. Buy them from

Voice Controlled FireStick


Controlling the TV without moving and just using his voice is something that your boyfriend will find incredibly cool and that is exactly what the Amazon Fire Stick with voice control allows you to do. Download your favourite streaming apps and watch all your favourite shows just by asking the Fire Stick to play them for you. If you have an Amazon Prime account, then you can really make the most of it, with unlimited access to thousands of movies, TV shows and so much more. It is easy to use too, simply plug and go to start watching all your favourite shows together. For Rs.3999 and free fast delivery, it is an excellent addition to any living room! Get it on

A New TV

With the brand New Fire Stick, he needs a better television. To give him a viewing upgrade and superior digital HD experience get him the 40 inches VU 102CM 40D6535 Full HD LED TV. At Rs.18,999 and the quality image it gives, its a great value for money. The size makes it perfect for any bedroom or living room. Buy the TV from

GoPro Camera

If your boyfriend is the adventurous type, then there is nothing more desirable than a GoPro to film all his exploits. This little versatile camera is ideal for all types of adventures; hiking, biking, scuba diving, climbing, etc. The only limit to it is your own imagination. The GoPro Hero 6 may not be at the top of the range, but it definitely is the best value for money. With a 12 MP camera in a compact waterproof casing up to 10 metres, it is the perfect gift. It streams live footage straight to the app on your phone where you can edit and create amazing videos to share. With top stabilization, the Hero 6 records super smooth videos regardless of what he may be doing. All this awesomeness comes at a price of Rs.30,989, Buy it from

Hammock Chair


There is nothing better than sitting outside and relaxing with a good book and a delicious drink in your hand. So it is essential to have a comfortable chair to sit in and do this arduous task of relaxing in the shade on a hot summer’s day. This is where the Multi Color Rope Hammock with Stand comes in. Made entirely from eco-friendly thick cotton ropes for extreme comfort, and a spreader made of hardwood for longevity, this rope swing chair is an amazing addition to any garden or patio. It's suitable for one person and is easy to fold up and store too. Rs.6,999, excluding the fittings and cushion but with free delivery, is a small price to pay indeed for your complete relaxation. Get it on

Desktop 3D Printer


This gift is perfect for the tech geek or any man with an interest in building things. His eyes will light up as he sets up the XYZ Printing 3FNAXXUS00B Da Vinci Nano 3D Printer with FFF Technology on his desktop. This is the smallest printer on the market, but don’t be fooled by its size! It still prints 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches builds which are easy to remove from the printer with its removable bay, so you don’t have to try and get sticky prints off it. The materials used to create beautiful 3D prints are environmentally friendly. This is truly a winner for Rs.24,999. Get it on

Maybe You Haven't Saved At All: Pocket-Friendly Gifts for the Last Minute Shopper

We know that not everyone is great at saving, so we got you covered! These little ideas are here to help you succeed at Christmas gifting on a low budget. While these gifts are perfect for a people on a tight budget, they are by no means cheap! Your boyfriend is sure to fall in love with these quirky little gifts.

An Alarm Clock with a Twist

Does your boyfriend struggle to get out of bed every morning? Then he desperately needs the Clocky Digital Aqua Clock. This little alarm clock sits on two all-terrain wheels that will propel the clock away from the slumbering prince and run away, finding places to hide; scatter about and basically be difficult. It will not stop until it is caught and turned off, by which time your slumbering boyfriend will be awake and active, running after it for so long. Priced at Rs.700, you can buy it from

His Favourite Boxset

With the internet and streaming apps the use of disc’s may be in a slight decline, however, there is something very rewarding about owning your favourite boxset on Blu-ray. The nostalgic feeling of getting up and changing the disk for the next one when the credits roll is something that will take him back to simpler times. Plus you will spend plenty of cosy nights, cuddling on the sofa and sharing his favourite movie experiences. So be it TV shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy or classic movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings; a box set is always a great gift. You can buy the Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection Box Set on Amazon for Rs.5,820.

LED Clock


Does your boyfriend spend too much time at his desktop? Sweating through the heat just to get his work done? Well, we have something that will put him out of his misery!

The Flint stop USB LED Clock Fan Cool Gadget is a cool gift for any boyfriend who likes his computer a bit too much. The blades of the spinning fan become the clock, and the LED’s change and light up to tell the right time, all the time. Powered by the USB port on his computer, for Rs.899 he can stay cool while working and finish on time too. Buy it from

Waterproof Dry Bag

This is another gift that is perfect for the adventurer boyfriend. The AQUAPAC 15L Trial proof Drybag will keep his valuables safe and dry when he goes on a long adventure across unknown lands. The bag has a waterproof rating of IPx6, which means it can sustain being submerged and withstand heavy rain without a problem. It's perfect for water sports like rafting or kayaking. Made brightly coloured 500D vinyl, it can withstand all possible knocks he may encounter and can be found easily in the dark. Is Rs.1290 too much for the perfect adventure gift? We think not. Buy it from

Bluetooth Speaker

A good pocket-friendly gift for the music lover, the JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is good value for money. JBL is a renowned speaker brand, and the Micro is no exception. It can connect to any device for hours of top quality sound, and all for Rs.1850. You boyfriend will love to take this speaker to gatherings, parties and just about anywhere. Buy it from

Give Him a Little Something to Lighten His Mood

Add a little something extra, to your Christmas gift. It is always nice to have something a little fun with an awesome gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive; maybe something related to an inside joke between you two. or maybe even something you don’t want him to open in front of his parents if you get the drift. Here is our suggestion.

Funny Socks

We know that we asked you to not be boring and socks, are, well...boring. But, not all socks have to be. There are socks available with quirky patterns or outrageously bright hues. Visit and check out their collection of outrageously patterned and bold coloured socks. These socks are made of cotton and available for around Rs.550.

10 Pointers for Nailing it This Christmas

We have a few tips to make your Christmas a fun and happy one

  • Firstly, be creative and original
  • Secondly, budget well
  • If you don’t know, ask
  • Order on time
  • Speak with his family, see what they are getting him
  • Cater to his hobbies
  • It is the thought that counts. So be thoughtful!
  • Don’t overdo it or set the bar too high
  • Give a gift to unselfishly, not to receive something in return
  • Lastly, enjoy it
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This Christmas plan ahead to get the perfect gift for your boyfriend

Christmas comes at the end of the year, so don't spend your entire yearly gift budget before December arrives. Save up money to surprise your boyfriend with a fantastic Christmas gift. He will not be expecting you to splurge on him, but it will be a nice gesture on your part to give him something wonderful that he has had his eyes on for a while. After all, Christmas is all about spreading cheer isn't it?