Running Out of Ideas for Gift for Husband at Christmas? A Guide to Easy Christmas Shopping and 10 Gifts for Him

Running Out of Ideas for Gift for Husband at Christmas? A Guide to Easy Christmas Shopping and 10 Gifts for Him

Seems like you just bought him a birthday present and already it's time to go Christmas gift shopping! Time can fly, specially for those of us to whom great gift ideas do not come easy. Don't let a lack of ideas get in the way of giving him a nice gift. Did you know gadgets, quirky and unusual things are some of the most popular Christmas gifts for men? Find other such helpful tips as well as loads of gift ideas for your Christmas gift to husband this year.

Fun Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Spouse

Create Your Own Christmas Traditions

There’s nothing we don’t love about Christmas! Every one absolutely loves Christmas and it’s the traditions that we look forward to when the holiday season rolls around. While some activities are often associated with Santa and the kids, you should start creating fun Christmas traditions for yourself. It could be something as joyful like watching a Christmas themed movie like Home Alone, or you could get tickets to watch a holiday show like The Nutcracker.

Fit in Some Alone Time the Night Before Christmas

Christmas is mostly about kids, Santa and exchanging gifts. Your house is brimming with family and friends, and you have no time to soak in the Christmassy feeling alone with your husband. Make a tradition the night before, on Christmas eve for just the two of you. It could be something as simple as sharing a drink and proposing a toast for all the good memories that happened that year. Or you could make an ornament that represents something meaningful that happened to you and your family that year.

Pair Up with Another Couple to Do Christmas Shopping

Spend a fun Christmas with your friends. Get together with another couple, go on a double date, enjoy a fabulous dinner, a good holiday show and then end the night with a fun activity – go on a mission to buy fun stocking stuffers for your respective partners. Split up, guys together and the girls together, go on a hunt to find a cute, sweet gift for each other. Sometimes getting ideas from your friend can be helpful, what’s more having a girl’s and guy’s night out could be fun.

Plan a Christmas Trip Together

Plan a Christmas-cation with your partner in crime. Can you think of a better way to spend Christmas than spending Christmas in France, London or New York? If you can afford a trip to one of these cities you should really experience Christmas in all its senses. If you can’t, then no problem, you could plan a trip within your country to just go on a well-deserved vacation. It’s all about spending the holidays with your better half. Moreover, there are dozens of good deals available during the holiday season, so make use of it.

Christmas Gifts that Last All Year Long!

Christmas gifts need not be things, it could be an experience too. Give your husband a something that can be used throughout the year – date night that can be enjoyed once a month. Something unique and fun like this will keep your relationship going strong while you have something enjoyable to look forward to after Christmas. It could be anything, from movie night every month to tickets to sporting events. If you can afford it you could even plan a special weekend getaway with your husband, just the two of you.

Use Themes to Stuff Your Family's Stockings

Change things up this year for Christmas – have themed stocking stuffers for your family. Have a common theme or personalise it for each member of your family. If your husband loves football, you could have a football themed stocking gifts for him. If your daughter is interested in baking, then you could probably get her baking related gifts for her. Having a theme will make shopping easy too, and you can make it more enjoyable and fun for the recipients too.

Make a Christmas Advent Calendar

Let the Christmas countdown begin with an advent calendar. Don’t know what an advent calendar is? No problem – the idea of an advent calendar is simple, it’s a count down of the number of days leading up to an event, in this case Christmas. It can take on any form, from whimsical ones for adults to fun ones for children. When we say calendar it need not be exactly a calendar, it’s more like reminding your loved ones that Christmas is nearing so it’s time get excited.

Traditional Christmas Gifts to Exchange with Your Husband

Instax Neo Classic

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera – a fantastic gift that you can give your husband this Christmas. It combines a high-quality build with a stylish, retro camera design, however it provides a full range of camera functions like any other instant camera. What’s more, it features a variety of new shooting modes like party mode, kids mode, high-performance flash, brightness control, double exposure, and macro mode. What’s more, it’s an instant Polaroid camera so you’ll get your images as soon as you shoot it so that you can stick them up on a wall as a nice decoration. The Instax Neo Classic is available on Amazon for Rs.8,532.

A Sweet, Boozey, Chocolatey Gift Set

A perfect gift for Christmas - Cognac Show Friday: Frapin Collection. This amazing gift set includes some wonderful items like: a bottle of The Whisky Exchange exclusive Frapin 1993 vintage 22-year-old Cognac and a box of nine chocolates specially selected by The Whisky Exchange. If your husband is a cognac fan then he’ll absolutely love this gift, what’s more he can open the bottle during the holiday season and enjoy it too. Get this fabulous gift on The Whiskey Exchange.

A Warm Scarf

A scarf is a must have for winter, not just for this year, every year during winter season. If you've had a good year and are flush with funds, get this beautiful, bold Giant Icon Burberry Cashmere Scarf from Nordstrom for your husband. It’s made out of soft cashmere with a long fringe at the end. It’s a perfect accessory to wear with a nice semi-formal suit. This scarf is designed to make your husband look effortlessly chic and elegant. With this scarf your husband can go from work to weekend and beyond with ease. Needless to say, something this fine comes with a matching price tag; buy it for Rs.32,030 here.

Monogrammed Cufflinks

Do you want your husband to look smart and chic when he goes to work or when he’s dressed in formal wear? We’ve got just the thing for you – Monogram Square Cufflinks by Cathy's Concepts. The initial is engraved on a nickel-plated, square-shaped cufflinks. The single initial etching is an understated personalisation that will only be visible on close inspection. Elegant, simple and stylish – a wonderful combination for a Christmas gift. You can get this on Nordstrom for Rs.1,465.

Happy Socks Gift Box

Men can’t seem to have enough socks. All of the socks are either stretched out or have holes in them making it extremely embarrassing to remove one’s shoes in public. Make sure your husband has enough and more socks with the Happy Socks Gift Box. These are not your normal, ordinary socks that most men steer towards, the black and grey kind. These socks are unique, fun, funky and quirky. They come in various colours, designs, and sizes – from Fruit Socks Gift Box and The Beatles Socks Box Set to Stripe Gift Box Beach Life Gift Box Set. The price for this gift set ranges from Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,900. Browse the full collection here.

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

Allow your husband to explore the virtual world with the freedom to move around within your living room. With wat you ask? With the new HTC Vive Virtual Reality System. It gives you an unparalleled, true-to-life virtual reality experience. Using the headset and the wireless controllers he can interact and explore the virtual world. It’ll all be a blur between his imagination and reality. He’ll be absolutely thrilled if you get him this gift for Christmas. You can buy this VR system from Amazon for approximately Rs.65,000.

Monogrammed Mini Playing Cards

It’s the holiday season, what’s a holiday without some fun and games? If your husband loves playing card games with family and friends, you should buy him the Monogrammed Mini Playing Cards from Markandgraham. These miniature playing cards can be carried anywhere, anytime be it on planes, trains, parks or bars. The decks are matte laminated meaning it’s not at all slipper and will be easy to hold. What’s more, it’s wrapped in faux leather, with a natural linen lining, and it also features a simple foil monogram to make it personal. These mini playing cards are priced between Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,400.

Cocktail Shaker

Christmas is a time when the family can enjoy, relax in each other’s company, have amazing food accompanied by delicious wine or cocktails. If your husband fits the bill, and he loves to entertain family and friends at your house, a Cocktail Shaker will make a perfect gift for him this Christmas. The Seneca Faceted Cocktail Shaker is divoted with diamond shapes to catch light and attracts everyone’s eyes atop any bar. The diamond cutout helps grip the shaker comfortably with minimal coldness in your hand thanks to its textured design. You can buy this on Houzz for Rs.3,100.

Espro Coffee and Tea Travel Press

Does he start his morning with a nice, fresh cup of coffee? Does he feel like his morning is incomplete without coffee? We’ve got just the gift for your husband for this Christmas – Espro Coffee Travel Press. Even if he’s on the go, he can have a fantastic cup of coffee. The Espro press has a unique two-filter system to brew full-flavored, grit-free coffee – pressed or pour-over style. What’s more, the leak-free mug can easily be placed in his bag, cup-holder in the car or bike bottle cage. Get this on-the-go coffee filter system and make him extremely happy. You can purchase this from Williams-Sonomo for Rs.2,400.

Silk Bow Tie

All guys should have a silk bow tie to wear to any formal occasion. And the Woven Silk-Understated Royalty is just ideal for it. Your husband will look classy and sophisticated when he wears this silk bow tie, because the grey and blue check design bow tie an understated class of royalty. You can buy this on Tiekart for Rs.1,199.

Your Christmas Gift Must Have the Christmas Spirit

Although Christmas feels like it’s all about exchanging gifts, we all know it’s much more than that. Every kid who has celebrated Christmas will remember the smell of chicken roasting, or the laughter at the dinner table. As adults we might not remember our bank passwords or what we at for breakfast, but we somehow remember these Christmas memories that flood our senses with nostalgia. So fill your home with the Christmas spirit so that your kids not only feel blessed, but they also make new, cherished memories for life.

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Gifts aside, do something special this Christmas

Are you the kind who takes the opportunity to wring every holiday to the last minute and pack in as much activity as possible, or do you lounge around the house in a semi-comatose state, moving only when you absolutely have to? These are the two extremes, but there's also a middle path where you catch up on some much needed rest but also fit in some fun activities that can make this holiday stand out. Because the thing is this, after a point, when you look back a few years down the line, every Christmas will merge together into one indistinguishable blob. You don't want that. Each year should have something extraordinary to make it shine as an individual memory.