Break the Monotony with Unusual Gifts for Husband on Christmas: 10 Gift Ideas to Give Him a Very Merry Holiday

Break the Monotony with Unusual Gifts for Husband on Christmas: 10 Gift Ideas to Give Him a Very Merry Holiday

Your husband might not be the type to drop money on stylish wardrobe upgrades or splurgy gadgets for the house. That's okay because now you know what to buy him this Christmas. Here are 10 Gift Ideas that your husband will genuinely love.

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Romantic Gifts for Husband on Christmas

Rekindle Your Love by Gifting Amazing Christmas Gifts to Your Loving Husband

Festivals definitely call for celebrations and gifts. Thus, it is a good idea to gift something to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. Try gifting something that is romantic and fun so that it can rekindle your romance.

The gift does not need to be very expensive or precious. Just planning a cozy date night or cooking something for him also works. The main idea is to spend some quality time with him which ignites the fire within and helps you rekindle your romance.

A good idea is also to plan a weekend getaway for him. In this way, even you can unwind his stress. This surprise would definitely make him happy.

Try Choosing Intangible And Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Gifts need not be always materialistic. This Christmas try to do something different and opt for intangible and unique gifts. Plan a special dance performance for him or try your hands on singing.

You can also write your feeling about him and tell him why you love him. These are small things but they definitely matter a lot in any relationship. You could also get creative by making a card. You can consider writing some fun reasons about why you love him. In that way, he will have a memory to preserve forever.

Romantic Gifts Are Sure to Make Him Feel Special


Everyone loves to be pampered. So, shower some love to your better half by giving him something very romantic. You can also consider making something on your own.

A candlelight dinner is the best gift ever. This will help you spend some quality time with him as well. Another thing that you can consider doing is gifting him a photo frame with his and your picture in it. This will be a memory that he can cherish it forever.

10 Elegant Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband


Christmas Gift Basket

Gift baskets make wonderful gifts. They have an assortment of some of the best products in one basket. The best thing is that you can also get baskets that focus on a single theme like a coffee basket or a gourmet food basket.

Try gifting your husband something that he loves the most. One such gift basket is the Grand Celebration - Natures Basket from It contains Cherry Preserve 370gm, Spread Hazelnut Cocoa 160gm, Vegetable Chips - Mediterranean 140gm, Vanilla Cream Wafer, Basil N Cocktail Juce300ml, Almond Turron Bar 75gm, Fruit Crunch Mango 28gm, Potato Crisp Sour Cream Onion 110gm, Salted Pistachio Pouch 140gm, Bbq Cashew 125gm, Coated Almond 100gm,Almond Stuffed Olive 142gm, Dark Chocolate 70% 100gm and Almond Stuffed olive 142gm.

It contains all the savoury food items. The decoration of the basket might change from time to time. The price also varies from time to time.

Home Decor Items

Home decor is also a very good idea to gift to your husband. But, make sure that you are not gifting him a general item like curtains or candles. Instead, make sure to gift him something that he can use for himself.

If your husband like reading, then consider gifting him a Rhodes Folding Book Shelf from It is a large folding bookshelf which has 5 spacious shelves. It is made out of high-grade Sheesham wood. The shelf measures 24 inches by 13 inches and has a height of 65 inches.

It is advised to use coasters while putting anything hot or cold on the surface of the bookshelf. The product comes with a 36 months warranty against manufacturing defects. The product does not come with a warranty for the usage of the product. The product is priced at Rs.13,999.

Electronic Gadgets

It is a good idea to gift an electronic gadget to your husband if he loves technology. Even if he is not a techie junkie, there will definitely be something that he will be fond of using in his daily life. You can choose to gift headphones or even a coffee machine.

Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker from is a great gift. It comes with a push button on and off switch with a light indicator. The filter is removable and washable. It consumes 900 W and is an anti-drip device. The product is priced at Rs.4,373.

Christmas Cake


Christmas causes for celebrations and it is also said to be the birthday of Lord Jesus. So, it is a wise option to get a nice Christmas cake for your husband. Not only him, but you can also savour it.

During Christmas, there are a lot of different decoratives cake options available in the market. Thus, you have a variety of things to choose from. Star Filled Christmas Fondant Cake from is a great option.

The flavour of the cake is chocolate but the decoration of the cake is done in red and white colour. This is the reason behind the cake looking very Christmasy. The cake weighs 1 Kg and comes with candles and a knife.

The shape of the cake is round and is priced at Rs.1999. They recommend storing fondant cakes in an air-conditioned environment. The cake should be consumed within 24 hours of the delivery.

Restaurant Gift Card


Whenever there is a festival or an occasion, people generally prefer to go out and enjoy good food. Thus, on Christmas, it is a good idea to gift your husband a restaurant gift card. The best part is that even you can enjoy this gift.

Pizza Hut E Gift Card from is a great gift option because who does not love some great cheesy pizza? The gift card value ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.500. The voucher is available on the listed outlets only which are given on the website. The gift voucher will be directly delivered on your mobile.



If your husband loves reading, then gifting him a book will definitely be a good option. Christmas also means holidays and so gifting him a book during this time would be very appropriate as he would get enough time to read it.

But before gifting him a book, make sure you know his preferred genres. Willie & Joe: The WWII Years from is a good option. It is a fictional work on war by Bill Mauldin. The books have some cartoons drawn as well which makes it an interesting read.

It is a paperback edition of 692 pages. It is published by Fantagraphics and is a reprint edition. The book is priced at Rs.2,807.

Wines and Champagne

Celebrations are incomplete without Wines and Champagnes. So, it is a good idea to gift your husband at least one of them. You both can spend some quality time over wine or invite your friends and open a champagne.

Orchids Love from has curated a full romantic hamper. It comes with a basket arrangement of 10 red carnations and 4 blue orchids with a 1 kg butterscotch cake and a bottle of wine.

It is a red wine from Sula which is a great Indian wine brand. The whole hamper is priced at Rs.3,999. It is an ideal gift to pamper your husband on Christmas.

Flower Centerpieces


If your husband loves flowers or gardening, then gift him a flower centerpiece. In this way, you could also remind him to gift you some flowers. Nayab Handicrafts Set Of 2 Cinderella'S Pumpkin Carriage Table Centerpiece from is a good option.

The top half of the pumpkin opens so that it is easier to decorate and keep things inside. The product is shipped assembled. It is priced at Rs.1,699.

Fitness Kit

If your man is into fitness then gifting him a fitness kit is the best option. It does not matter if he already has one as he will love to use new stuff. You can either gift him a curated fitness gift from a particular brand or buy different items from different brands and curate your own customised gift.

PVC Dumbbells Twin-Pack from can be added in your customised fitness kit for him. They weigh 3 kg each and are made of PVC material. With these, he can skip going to the gym and workout at home sometimes. They are priced at Rs.999.


If you are confused to buy something for your husband, then opt for an apparel. You will obviously be knowing his choices and some new clothes are always welcomed by all. Plus it is Christmas, and hence there are a lot of parties always happening. So, he would get a reason to flaunt your gift as well.

Casual C- Sports Twill Shirt from is a perfect choice. It is a cotton shirt with full sleeves. It comes with a slim fit and is pretty casual. It can be washed in the machine but is advised not to bleach. The product is priced at Rs.1,999.

Stick to Your Budget And Try Exploring the Different Christmas Gift Options

Christmas means celebrations and parties, which causes a lot of expense. You might have to gift your friends and relatives as well. Thus, it is a good option to note down your budget and stick to it.

So, while you are looking for an option to gift your husband, do not forget the considered budget for him as well. Apart from that, try doing something unique and different. You can consider DIY options as well.

Bake him a cake or cookies. Cook him some dinner and set up an ambiance. The options are endless. If your budget permits, then plan a weekend getaway for him.

Things to Consider While Buying Christmas Gifts for Your Husband

Buying gifts for men can be difficult sometimes because of the fewer options around but it is definitely not impossible. Men do not say it often but love getting pampered. So, do not dump the idea of gifting him.

Instead, make sure you know his preferences and choices beforehand. Also, try and ask him if he needs something. Consider his favourite brand or colour while picking up something for him.

Try Knowing More About Your Husband's Likings And Try Finding Something Relevant

Women normally talk a lot about their likes and dislikes. Men prefer to stay silent. Thus, the best way to learn about his choices is to observe. Alternatively, you can also strike a conversation with him about his likes and dislikes.

You can also make a list of things he likes. This way it will be easier for you to choose a gift for him. You could also personalise your gifts by adding a sweet handwritten note for him.

Plenty of Gifting Options Available Through Online Stores

Do not panic if you do not have time to go to the mall or the market for buying a gift for your husband on Christmas. An online store has ample varieties and brand availability. The other plus point of shopping online is that they have some great discounts running from time to time.

The other advantage is that you can check and compare the ratings of a particular product before buying it. Online stores are also hassle-free as you can view them sitting at home and also get it returned or exchanged. It is wise to view three to four sites and then make a purchase.

Explore Different Online Stores to Find Best Christmas Gifts at Discounted Prices

There are plenty of online stores in the market with thousands of different products. Thus, if you are buying a gift from an online store, then make sure that you compare the prices and services of different websites. The functional way to do this is to add items in your cart and then compare it properly.

You might end up getting a good deal for a great product. Some of the websites to consider buying are, and These websites are known for their great service and quality products. Do check them out.

Try Choosing Gifts That Are Functional

It is always a good idea to gift something that is more functional and practical. Gifts like show pieces are good to look at but then sit in a corner for the rest of the time. Instead, gifting people things that they need is a much better idea. They even remember you while using it everytime.

Also, men like practical gifts more. So, try finding out what your husband needs and then surprise him with that on Christmas. Alternatively, you can stalk his shopping cart, if he has any. Order that for him. That will be a great gift as he will be getting something of his choice.

Apart from that, you can also gift him things he likes. For example, if he loves coffee, then get him a coffee machine or if he hits the gym too often then get him athletic wear. Whatever the gift might be, make sure it is functional.

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