10 Personalised Gifts for Husband for Christmas That Will Make Him Light Up Brighter Than a Christmas Tree! Let 2020 Be a Landmark Year for Gifting

10 Personalised Gifts for Husband for Christmas That Will Make Him Light Up Brighter Than a Christmas Tree! Let 2020 Be a Landmark Year for Gifting

The holiday season came upon you sooner than you expected didn't you, and now Christmas is almost here and you need a fantastic gift idea for your husband in a hurry. So what are the best gifts for men? The latest gadgets, personal accessories and sports goodies are just some of the things which will make awesome gifts for your husband this Christmas. Find all this and more on BP Guide India.

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Guide to Buying the Best Christmas Gift for Husband

When your husband becomes everything for you then you find many ways to keep him happy. Whether it is his birthday or anniversary or any other occasion you always want to make him feel special. Christmas is one of the most joyful festivals. So ladies whom you are waiting for? Surprise your beloved husband with unique gifts and make him feel special. Find here the guide to get gifts for husband, ways to surprise husband, and trendy Christmas gifts for your better half.

It’s the time to celebrate Christmas next week and still not planned what to gift the man of your life? We are here to provide you the most valuable guide to arrange the best gift for your husband without a hassle. The market is full of gifts but what to buy and what suits your husband or what fulfill his needs is more important. Here are things that you must consider before making a gift buying decision for your husband.

Do Christmas Shopping in Advance

Shopping is done on the same occasion or without the prior plan hardly gives best results. Make sure what you want to buy and try to manage it in advance. This will help you to avoid the rush avail in the store and the unavailability of products as well. During Christmas time, most people looked for the gift on a rebate. Advance preparation makes things easy and also give you time to choose the best for your men. Hunting for and researching the best possible gift for your man is not enough. What if it goes out of stock closer to Christmas? Once you've locked the gift down, buy it and put it away in a place he will not accidentally stumble upon.

Avail Christmas Discounts

Christmas is the festival of gifts and greetings. It is the time when people start shopping for their Christmas eve and surprise gifts for their beloved ones. Christmas week is the time when the market is flooded with several types of gifts, cakes, Christmas trees, home decoration, and so much more. In this time you may get discounts on most things on your shopping list. This is the time you get the good and valuable gift for your husband on discounted rates. So make a plan and buy the gift on discount. This is a great time to buy the more popular items as stores will stock up on them and even offer you good deals.

Choose Unique and Utility Presents

To choose the gift for husband for Christmas is not very simple as you must avoid the repeated things that he already has. It is quite hard to find out what your husband actually needs if he has everything. If you can't figure out what he needs, then get him something unique that will catch his attention and perhaps even be useful in some way. So, pay heed to the important things that your husband really wants and gift him that this Christmas. Or keep your eyes peeled for the latest gizmos and gadgets and you're sure to find one that he will love to have.

Top 10 Gifts for Husband for Christmas 2018

It is a quite complex situation to delight your husband by giving him the most unique and amazing gift. He is the man who loves you a lot and does everything to make you happy. What to gift him and what makes him feel special is seems easy but quite tough task. Here you can find the best and unique gifts to amaze the men of your life. These gifts are not only exceptional but also fit easily into a wide range of budgets. You can get them on some discounted price from the online store. So what are you waiting for ladies. Go and grab them before they go out of stock.

Grooming Collection

Source www.nykaa.com

This Christmas give your husband a set of fine grooming products. Park Avenue men’s grooming collection contains seven grooming items for men. It is not useful for daily use but also handy for travel purpose. This grooming kit consists of a pleasing and long-lasting deodorant, thick rich lather shaving cream, super soft shaving brush, aftershave aloe lotion, deo talc, toilet soap, and a razor. This is the perfect solution for your husband’s traveling needs. This kit is the perfect blend of skincare or grooming items that will moisturize your man’s skin deep. The product is available on nykaa.com for Rs.530 only.

Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Have you noticed that your husband’s wallet is old and crusty that he is using for years? Ladies, in that case a leather wallet might be the best gift for him. Leather is known for its uniqueness and durability. Leather men’s wallets look very attractive and classy. Tommy Hilfiger is known for its quality leather wallets. Buy one of the best leather wallet Tommy Hilfiger Clara navy blue, wine and yellow men’s wallet for your husband and make him happy. The wallet is made of genuine leather and navy blue twill lines with magnetic closure. The closure flap consists of metal flag branding of the company makes the product unique. The product is available online store Amazon for Rs.1,899 only.

Indoor Golf Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Golf is a game that is enjoyed by the young and old alike, and those who do play it often obsess about getting their putting right. Have you ever wondered that there is a golfer lives in your husband? Then grab this amazing set of gold kit to surprise and flabbergast your husband. The set of wooden golf kit is used not only for outdoors but also for indoors. The kit is very sleek and attractive and your husband can carry this while going for business trip or tour. This wonderful wooden gift set is available on Amazon at Rs.2,274 only. So make your husband special by finding out the hidden sportsmen in him.

Crystal Wine Goblet

Source www.amazon.in

Are you facing trouble while choosing drinking gifts for your husband? If you want something elegant then this Crystal Wine Goblet will fill all your requirements. This is the perfect gift for your husband’s favourite glass of wine. Crystal dArques Longchamp, red wine goblet is a set of six pieces. These are pure crystal glasses and are made in France. The regal cuts and alluring appearance of the product will be loved by your man. The product is available on Amazon at Rs.2,487 only.

Custom Photo Calendar

An amazing gift for the person you love is a photo uploaded calendar. This is one of the best ways to feel him special and express your extreme love to him. You can add a variety of photographs in this calendar like his achievements, picnic photographs, most loved moments spent together, and many more. There are a number of online photos uploaded calendar websites available on the internet. Zoomin is one of them. They help you to make one of the best photo calendars at reasonable prices. For wall calendars, they charge Rs.595, and for Android and IOS calendar they charge Rs.299 only. So make your Christmas special with a personalised calendar.

Personalised Laptop Bag

The laptop is the most important thing for that is used by your husband at home and office as well. Giving him a personalised laptop bag is a good idea to show your feelings to your better half. Printland.in is India’s best online printing superstore to print personalised executive or laptop bags. Executive Bag Leatherite Gold Zip GE-1153 is one of the best products to give to your husband. It is available on printland.in at Rs.2,085 only. The bag is made of leatherite and looks very much like real leather.


A pair of branded sunglasses is always a welcome gift for a man. Giving him a pair of branded sunglasses on Christmas is not a bad idea. Ray-Ban is well known for its quality sun glass worldwide. Wayfarer Blaze is the most recognizable style and one of the most futuristic designs in the history of sunglasses. Gifting these sunglasses to your husband will make him a very happy man. The product is available on Ray-Ban online store and shops at Rs.8,290. This may be on the slightly expensive side but if you have the budget for it, this is a wonderful gift.

Casio Edifice Analog Watch

Source www.amazon.in

A perfect watch for your perfect husband does not necessarily have to be an expensive one but any nice watch which stands out and makes him feel well dressed. Casio Edifice Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch comes with a stainless steel band and one-touch three-fold clasp. The watch has the capacity for 100-meter water resistance and will give your husband great joy while he is on adventure trips. This is the perfect analog watch to gift the man of your life. It is available on Amazon at 10% discount at Rs.8,365. So surprise your husband by gifting him his perfect watch.

Whiskey Pen

This Whiskey Pen is made of maple wood and is unique and distinctive from other pens as it is handmade and of very good quality. Gifting a nice pen to your husband is always a good idea. This whiskey pen is textured with malted barley from a Tennessee distillery. The product is handmade in Connecticut in the US and the materials used to make it are very unique. This is a pen your husband will whip out with pride, and wait for people to ask about it so he can tell them why its story. You can find it at uncommongoods.com at the price of Rs.3,081. This is an expensive pen and you look for another alternative if it doesn't suit your budget.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Do you have a man who loves gadget? Then go for great wireless Bluetooth speakers like Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is endowed with the qualities of water resistance as well to make your husband’s adventure trips more fun. Bose SoundLink Wireless Bluetooth speaker has amazing Bluetooth connectivity and a six hour battery life. The sound quality of this speaker is highly antithetical that is ideal music partner for your husband. You can find this product at croma.com for Rs.8,990.

5 Ways to Surprise Your Better Half on Christmas

You can surprise your husband by gifting him amazing gifts in an interesting way. Sometimes it is not always about the gifts but also the way they are presented that matters. The little acts of love and affection are the key to touch your husband emotionally and make him happy. The love, hugs, dinner for him, outings, and many more. Find out the amazing ways to make your husband remember this Christmas among the best.

Throw a Dinner Party and Invite His Friends

A surprise dinner party to your husband and his friends is a good idea to make him happy this Christmas. Make a list of his good and best friends and plan a surprise dinner party for him by inviting those closest to him. This is a sure shot way to impress your husband. It is the time when he feels his value to your life. Make the favorite dishes that he and his friends like and let them to enjoy the evening.

Message Him Sweet Texts During the Day

Just because a big holiday is coming up, it doesn't mean that all problems disappear and work becomes a breeze. Often just before offices close for the holiday there is a lot of work to catch up on and put to bed before your husband's mind is at ease. The simplest way to show your love to your husband is through text messages filled with love during the day. If he is not feeling well or stressed out due to some problem, simply text him and encourage him. These small texts help him to get out of the stress and feel happy. You can send the thanks-giving messages to him to make him relaxed and happy all the day. When he is in a better mood he may even enjoy Christmas a whole lot more.

Prepare His Favorite Christmas Dishes

Food is one of best trick to win the heart of your man. Each culture celebrates Christmas in its own unique way. What are the Christmas goodies you make at home, or his favourites while growing up? Food also triggers off nostalgia, so take him back to a wonderful time and place through his palate. This Christmas cook his favorite food and decorate it on the dining table with the gift you want to give him. This is the very attractive way to make him feel loved. The dining table with candles and amazing gift with a loving note will always be loved by him.

Give Him a Head to Toe Massage

A gentle massage with aromatic oil essentials helps to reduce work stress and makes the body feel relaxed. A massage given by a spouse is that and more. Buy some aromatic spa oil essential and make your man lie down comfortably and give him a gentle massage. If you both are in the mood it can even be a sensuous massage. This is the best way to feel him special and free him from exertion or stress.

Find the Things That Make Him Happy

What are the things that make your husband really happy? There is no one way to celebrate Christmas or to find joy, and if you want to make this holiday a memorable one for him, find ways to let him do the things he enjoys best. Most men have a favorite sport and though you may not enjoy it as much as him, play with him or watch some matches with him. Does he love to relax in front of the telly? Accompanying him and watch his beloved shows and series with him; he will love the attention. A tech nerd will love gifts like the latest smartphone installed with his much-loved games. These are a few of the things that can make men happy, so find what triggers your man's happy place and use that to make his Christmas special.

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Create Your Own Christmas Tradition

Gifts are a very important part of Christmas, but there is a lot more that can be done on this holiday. Think about what you do each Christmas, write it down if needed, highlight the things you love and cross out the things you're not overtly fond of. Next, come up with replacements for those activities you don't enjoy. Get your husband and family involved in this, take a vote, encourage new ideas and start new traditions. Some are bound to be hits and many may fail, but trying new things will bring freshness into your celebrations and you may add new ways to celebrate that you won't be able to do without.