Celebrating Your First Christmas with Your Husband? Mark This Special Occasion with 10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Him (2019)

Celebrating Your First Christmas with Your Husband? Mark This Special Occasion with 10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Him (2019)

The first year of marriage is always extra special and Christmas is the perfect occasion for you two newly married lovebirds to get some cosy time together. Make the first Christmas together even more special by picking some fabulous Christmas Gifts for your new husband.

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Tips for Buying Special Christmas Gifts for Him

  • Get to Know His Hobbies and Passion
    This is your first Christmas with him after your marriage, and you will want to make it a special and memorable one. Before picking a gift, consider his hobbies and passions. As his wife, you are the closest person to him, try to find out what they are. Listen to him carefully and notice things he chooses. This will lead you to the perfect gift which will make him considerate and sensible of your values.

  • Keep in Mind His Lifestyle and Interests
    Before selecting a gift for him, you must also consider his lifestyle and interests. As this will be your first Christmas with him after marriage, you should not experiment with a variety of gifts, instead give one memorable that he'll keep forever. He may be a huge football fan or loves to listen to music then before giving any of these accessories you must check that if he could make proper and good use of it or it will be directed to a closet just after the party is over.

  • Handmade Gifts are a Good Option
    A memorable gift can be a nice handmade present. DIY gifts are the best way to make him realise his importance in your life. Handmade gifts show your love and affection towards him. If you want to make your first Christmas together a memorable one, then go for a handmade present. If you are doubtful about your crafting skills then quit worrying and instead start browsing the thousands of DIY tutorials on the internet which will guide you in making a perfect gift for him. DIY might be inexpensive in terms of cost, but they are any day more valuable than mass-produced goods. Handmade products are unique as you have created something with your own hands putting in your precious time for his happiness.

Awesome Gifts Ideas for Your Husband on First Christmas with Him

Matching Couple's Bed Linen

As this is your first Christmas with him after marriage, try giving him something personal which could keep the spark of romance forever. Give him this “From My Heart to Yours” Couple Pillowcases and lay your heads down to express the love, care, and affection for him. Your husband will appreciate you for your efforts in building a love bond even stronger.

Get this pair of couple pillowcases which measures 20x30 inches and made from the mixed fabric of cotton and polyester. These pillowcases are white in colour with black and red printing on it. This is the best way to tell him that your love is on a flight - from your heart to his. He will appreciate the gift, and also this gift delivers your personal feelings in the most enduring way. Buy these for Rs.2,073 on Amazon.

Engraved Titanium Ring

Deliver your personal message with something awesome on your first Christmas with your husband. You can go for something which is really unique and will always be with him. Give him this engraved titanium ring which comes with a very special personal message, as a symbol of your love. This ring is made of an alloy that is why it will stay flawless over time without losing its lustre and shine. Matte finished centre, and polished edges of this ring make it even more beautiful. Inside of this ring, you will get the engraved message " I Love You". Every time he will see the ring it will remind him of you and your love and care for him. Get this for Rs.481 on Amazon.

A DSLR Camera

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband loves photography, then consider giving him a nice DSLR camera to fulfil his passion. Every person in this world likes to do something different from the primary goal to keep himself motivated and fresh. If he loves photography, then give him a nice camera to encourage him in his desired field. This way he will understand your concern for the relation and love.

This DSLR camera on Amazon will help him to capture high definition pictures with its18.0 Megapixel EOS 1300D. It is also compatible with Android devices along with NFC Capability. You can connect your mobile phone with the camera on Wi-Fi through Canon Camera Connect app, and he will be able to share and transfer images in devices compatible with Camera connect app. He will get many cool features that will give a classy finish to his photos. This cool camera has many new and exciting features to try. Get this for Rs.22,990 on Amazon.

Luggage Bag

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband is in the corporate world, then his work might include travelling. Gift him a nice and strong luggage bag to organise his belongings and clothing in a proper way which would ease his job in searching for any particular thing thus saving time and energy as well.

Give him this American Tourister luggage bag on Amazon. The bag is made of Polyester measures 48 cms in length, 33 cms in width, and 77 cms in height. The trolley is strong and durable hence he can use for years without any problem. His belongings will be safe under a special combination locking system. For maximum utilisation of the bag, he can take the advantage of expander and puller. Its 360-degree wheel provides smooth manoeuvrability Buy this trolley for a discounted price of Rs.4,449 on Amazon.

Smart Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Watches are the important part of any person lifestyle. It not only shows time but also enhances one's personality and overall attire. Watches are the most convenient way to tell the time. It will also signify his sense of style. These cool watches indicate a lot about his personality. On this Christmas, gift him a luxury smartwatch which will also make him punctual.

If he loves gadgets, then a smartwatch would be the most appropriate gift for him on your first married Christmas together. This Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch on Amazo is what you are looking for him. This smartwatch not only do the job of a normal wristwatch but also tracks sleep, distance, calories burned, and heartbeat. In-built GPS feature allows him to map his routes and every stats of running on his mobile device. This gadget will let him receive and respond to calls, text messages, and notifications of the phone without taking out his it from the pocket. He can also customise the clock face of the watch with the help of a touchscreen. You can get this smartwatch in two variants - Black and Silver. Buy it for Rs.13,119 on Amazon.

Gourmet Gift Basket

Make your first married Christmas even sweeter by presenting him a gift basket filled with chocolates. If he is a chocolate lover, then he will love this gift, and you can shower your love and care on him doing the same. This gift basket also includes some fun recipes that you both can give a try in the kitchen together. This will offer you a chance to understand him better and also you can spend some quality time together. This will make the occasion even more special and memorable.

This gift basket on Amazon comes with goodies and kinds of stuff. The basket includes wafer rolls, treats and sweets, crispy salted-to-perfection nuts, luscious gourmet chocolates, delectable enrobed pretzels and much more. Set measures 12 x 6 x 14 inches in dimension and weighs around 2 kg. You will get some cookie recipes that you can try making in the kitchen with him. Doing so will induce a spark of romance which will make your first Christmas even more enjoyable. Buy it for Rs.2,992 on Walmart.com.

Get Him a Netflix Membership

If your husband is a movie lover, then consider giving him something where he could reach to his favourite movies or any tv series with ease and browse it in high definition. Netflix is the most popular platform where you will get each and every movie or tv series at earliest just after the release. If he loves watching any TV Series then definitely get him Netflix membership, he will appreciate and love you even more. What do you want other than his care and love on your first married Christmas? The only thing you want on this occasion is to make him feel special and to make your first Christmas together special and memorable. The most important thing is that you can also watch your favourite shows with him. Spending some time together watching any movie will strengthen the bond of your married life. You can subscribe to the monthly membership for Rs.500.

Grooming Kit

Source www.amazon.in

A grooming kit is a must-have product in every man's closet. Personal hygiene is the most important aspect of looking good and attractive. If you want your husband to look even more organised and smart then on your first Christmas with him you must start with giving him something very useful to show your love and care to him. You always want to keep him neat and tidy even when he is travelling then a compact size portable grooming kit will be useful.

This Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit on Amazon will serve the best to him. This kit contains a razor, pack of feather blades for the smooth shave, shaving cream, face scrub, after shave balm, and a hand towel. Everything is carefully packed in a stylish box which he can take anywhere with him. Buy this kit for Rs.2,561 on Amazon.

A Tool Kit

Source amzn.to

Get him this toolkit which he can use it for various purposes. Whether he needed to hang a photo on the wall or assemble TV stand, this toolkit will help him to manoeuvre every repair, DIY projects, and many more. This toolkit on Amazon will provide him with everything he needs for the job to be done. Tools are placed in a safe and sturdy case to keep them secure, clean, and organised. The case is strong enough to protect it from damages. The set is durable and portable.

Kit contains a 4.8-volt cordless screwdriver which has both forward and reverse mechanism thus saves time. It also includes claw hammer, an adjustable wrench, long nose pliers, 20 bits and precision screwdrivers. This kit also includes some DIY accessories like a putty knife for filling holes, 100 pieces of wall hanging accessories like pins, nails, and hooks. A leveller and tape are also included in the kit for the accuracy of positioning and angles. Buy this for Rs.3,152 on Amazon.

A Wallet with a Gift Card Inside

Source www.amazon.in

Wallets are extremely useful accessories and keep all daily essentials like credit or debit cards safe. Wallets are the must-have accessory for all men. This Blue WildHorn wallet is the perfect gift for your dear husband. This Wallet has 2 compartments and it is completely made of natural full grain genuine leather with fine stitching. The box also includes a keyring and a pen. The gift box measures 21 cms x 14 cms x 4 cms and weighs 200 gms. Buy this amazing combo at a discounted price for Rs.524 on Amazon.

3 Ways to Make Your Husband's First Christmas with You Special

Go for a Fun Winter Hike

Christmas falls on winter, and if your husband loves this cold season, then it's time to make your first Christmas a memorable and special one. Take him out for winter hiking, or you can call it a winter date. Pack all your essentials like warm clothes, hat, scarfs, winter boot, thermoses to keep hot water or tea according to your choice, and some snacks to eat. This outing in the evening or night will create a spark in your love life and definitely build a special moment worth cherishing forever.

You can go to a place where you both could witness a mesmerising view or any quiet place where you can spend some time together alone. Talk to him about your relationship and how is he feeling right now? Do crazy things together, laugh, cry with joy, or just sit together and enjoy the lovely view. Enjoy tea with snacks that you brought with you, and it will give you some more time to spend with him. It doesn't matter at what place do you live, you can give it a try to make your first Christmas glorious, and memorable one with him.

Dedicate a Song to Him on the Radio

If you want to give your husband an unexpected surprise on this day then an innovative way to do that will be to dedicate a song for him on the radio. Do some planning as to how you could make this happen. One thing you can do to achieve this is to make contact with a radio station, or you could just visit their office to schedule your special message to him. Make him listen to the specific radio station by any means. You can make any excuse which forces him to listen to it and when he will hear his name over the airwaves with your special message, just watch the smile on his face. This will definitely make his day and also this occasion will be remembered for what you had done for him on this day.

Take Him on a Surprise Romantic Date

What about a nice and romantic outing with him on this Christmas? You can take him to his favourite place but it would be better to avoid the places that he visits most often. You can select and book a section of a restaurant or cafe for a romantic date. It's best to avoid crowded places.

Order his favourite food and don't forget to share his favourite drink with him. It will help him to be more comfortable with you. This way you can make your first Christmas after marriage even more memorable. Your husband will love your efforts and feel blessed to have a caring wife like you. Follow up the date with a walk in the park. The nippy weather is perfect for some PDA and hand holding.

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Make the first Christmas count

The first year of marriage brings forth a lot of revelations and sweet surprises. So make them count. Use Christmas as an opportunity to get to know your husband a little bit better. Do winter time things together, Maybe go off on a trip to the mountains, or to some secluded place and take advantage of the chilly weather to bond not just physically, but mentally.