Spread the Christmas Cheer with Secret Santa and Give Everyone Something to Look Forward to! Tips for Secret Santa Gift Exchange (2019)

Spread the Christmas Cheer with Secret Santa and Give Everyone Something to Look Forward to! Tips for Secret Santa Gift Exchange (2019)

Secret Santa is an old Christmas tradition. A group of people, friends or family members, come together to draw names of people who would be someone's secret Santa. The secret Santa now chooses from a list of gifts and select who to give it to. The giftee, afterwards, is to guess who their secret Santa is on opening the gift which makes the whole thing so much more fun.

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Bullet Headlines To Keep Your Secret Santa A Secret

Plan Ahead

If you are planning to be a secret Santa for someone, then make sure you plan the whole thing ahead. Decide on what gift you want to give that person. Also, pay attention to the gift wrapping part.

You might also want to plan how your recipient will receive it. Apart form that, if your whole group (work colleagues or friends) is planning to become a secret Santa for each other, then make sure that it stays secret. You will also have to make sure that the whole thing is well planned and the person does not find out that you are his or her secret Santa.

Set the Rules Straight

You need to also set some ground rules before planning the secret Santa exchange. First and foremost is the budget. You do not want to go overboard and then observe someone else giving a token. That might create a little disappointment between some people.

Also, set up a deadline. People often procrastinate; thus, when you set a deadline and enforce it, the secret Santa completely works in a smooth way.

Use a Secret Santa Questionnaire as a Sign-Up Form

The worst part about Secret Santa Exchanges is not knowing what to get – or what you will receive. There is nothing worse than that uncomfortable silence when you unwrap something thinking what exactly are you going to receive. To simplify all this, you need to make a questionnaire so that you do not miss out on anything.

If you are confused, then you can check out some free printables for the same on Pinterest. This platform has a lot of ideas and you can definately find a cute one for yourself. Apart from that, if you do not want to make a questionnaire, then at least make a checklist for the same.

Make it Personal

The best idea to gift as a secret Santa is a personalized gift. People love gifts where their name is written or has a picture of them. Thus, with this option, you will definitely rock it.

Check personalized gifts online. There are a lot of websites that make such gifts and the best part is that it is completely hassle free. You can also choose to get it delivered directly to the recipient's place.

Keep it a Surprise

The best part about secret Santa gift exchange is keeping it a secret from the person you pick. Keep your gift idea and chosen friend quiet until the gift exchange or holiday party to keep the tradition extra special. It’s actually part of the gift to see that secret person step forward holding a package.

Giving a surprise to someone special will actually make them feel loved and pampered. So, make that effort and choose the right gift. Keeping it secret will be worth it as you will get to see that look on their face.

Keep it Fun

Don’t get yourself worked up on finding the perfect gift for your friend this holiday season. Secret Santa gift exchanges are meant to be lighthearted and fun. As long as you stick to the rules and deadlines, make the gift personal but appropriate and have fun with it, you will make a great impression as your friend's Secret Santa.

Just look around for options. Consider checking it online as well. You might find a lot of quirky gifts online and that is the spirit of secret exchange gift ideas. Just remember to have fun with the whole process and make sure your recipient does too.

Some Gift Options That Can Be A Perfect Secret Santa Gift

Beer Pong

Madcaps Beer Pong Glasses from amazon.com is a great secret Santa gift. It is a set of 15 pieces. Christmas calls for a lot of parties and thus this will be a useful gift because beer pong is the perfect game for parties.

The rules are pretty simple as you have to just throw your ping pong ball in the opponent player's glass. If it hits, he needs to drink. The set is red in colour and is priced at Rs.299.

Personalised Coffee Mug

A personalised coffee cup will definitely light up your recipient's eyes. Magic Mug from excitinglives.com is a great option. It is known as the magic mug because it is plain black until someone pours hot water into it.

You can personalize it with a nice picture of the recipient or some motivational quote. You have to send the picture details while ordering for the mug. It is only for Rs.225.

Personalised Birthstone Necklace

If you want to do something unique, then gift them a personalized birth necklace. This is a unique thing and the recipient will feel loved and special. Also, make sure to double check their birthstone with them, but do it in a way such that they do not have a clue of what you are up to.

Chamilia Birthstone Jewels August Bead Charm from amazon.com is a great choice. It is made out of sterling silver and Swarvoski crystal beads. The birthstone is basically encased in round cut Swarvoski crystals. It is priced at Rs.9425.

Friendship Silver Earrings

Gifting jewellery on any occasion is always a good idea. If you know the person and their taste, then definitely gift them jewellery. Waama jewels Friendship Day Gifts from amazon.com is a great option.

It comes in a wonderful packaging and is made out of antique silver. It also has a black colour coating and they are drop earrings. Do not directly spray perfume or water on the earrings. They are priced at Rs.219.

Bottle Opener

KCASA KC-SCO2 Beer Bottle Opener Portable Mini Key Chain Ring from banggood.com is a great secret Santa gift. As Christmas already calls for a lot of parties, this opener will definitely be very useful. It comes in multiple shapes and looks really quirky.

Since it is also a keychain, you can also use it to secure your keys in one place. It is made out of stainless steel. It has shapes of guitar, skulls and luxury car symbols. It is a great gift for both men and women. The opener is priced at Rs.106.

Colourful Printed Scarf

If you know that your friend or co-worker wear a lot of scarves, then get them one as a secret Santa. You will be able to decide such kind of gifts only if you observe more. So, as Christmas is approaching, start observing your loved ones and you will definitely be able to gift them that ideal gift.

Weavers Villa Printed Trendy Scarf from flipkart.com is a great gift. It is made out of lightweight premium poly-cotton. It is soft and skin friendly and the width is 20 inches. The scarf is priced at Rs.189.

Aeroplane Clock

Source www.amazon.in

Try and gift something quirky and just for fun. Gift them an aeroplane shaped clock if they love travelling or are fascinated by airplanes. Aadi Shakti Aeroplane Design Desk Clock Stand from amazon.com is a great gift.

It is made out of silver and will look wonderful on your desk. The height of the clock is 6.5 inches and the length is 4.5 inches. The clock is priced at Rs.435.

Personalised Wooden Spoon

Long Handle Wooden Mixing Spoon from banggood.com is a great gift. Everyone gives glass or crystal crockery but you can stand out by gifting something in wood. It is a laddle stirring spoon.

The package includes only one spoon set and is sized 20cm by 3cm. You can atlest consider gifting a set of two sppons as it will look nice. The single spoon is priced at Rs.218.

Cool Socks

Since Christmas obviously falls within winter, it is a good idea to gift your recipient some cool and trendy socks. It is a useful gift for sure. Men Multicolor Painting Pattern socks from banggood.com is a great idea.

They have some great designs and graffiti printed on them. The socks are not only warm but are also antibacterial and anti-friction. The package includes one pair of socks. The socks have 85% cotton and 10% polyester. The socks are priced at Rs.268.

Small Jar Bundle

Source www.fnp.com

Mix Snacks Bouquet from fnp.com is an appropriate Christmas gift. The gift contains a lot of items like: Cadbury Perk Chocolates - 3 (15 grams each), Cadbury Dairy, Milk Chocolates - 2 (12.5 grams each), Nestle KitKat Chocolates - 3 (12 grams each), Cadbury Five Star Chocolates - 3 (21.5 grams each), Good Day Butter cookies - 75 grams, Britannia Bourbon - 120 grams, Haldiram Classic Salted Peanuts - 42 grams, Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia - 100 grams and Haldiram's Masala Moong Dal - 100 grams.

The basket is worth spending for as it contains a mix of items. Christmas is usually a time of holidays where people get together with friends and family over lunch or dinner. The best part is that your recipient will be able to enjoy chocolates with their loved ones and they will surely remember you while relishing it.

It is advised to store the chocolates in the refrigerator as soon as you receive them. It is also advised to check the expiration date of the chocolates before consuming. The item is priced at Rs.699.

What Are Some Fun Ways to do Secret Santa

There are a lot of ways to conduct the secret Santa gift exchange. One way to do this is to give a budget to all and ask them to get a gift on one particular day. Then, mix all the gifts in a basket.

Then call all the people who are participating in the secret Santa gift exchange. Ask them to sit in a circle and then play the old passing the parcel. When the music stops, the person who has the ball gets a random gift from the basket. So, do something fun to spice up things.

Other then that, a scavenger or a treasure hunt can also be organised for celebrating the secret santa gift exchange. You can also plan and play a number game. Just mix up the gifts and paste a number on them. Then, make other chits with numbers and ask people to pick up a random number.

You can also consider playing a beer pong where the glasses are numbered and so are the gifts. Whoever manages to score gets that numbered gift. If you want to play in teams, then ring toss is also a good idea. Check the rules of the game online.

What are the General Rules of Secret Santa?

The first and the foremost rule is that everyone should know exactly what is secret Santa. It might seem like a very simple thing but there can be some who are unaware of it. The second important thing is the budget. The person who is conducting this has to remember to deliver this properly.

The participants must be stressed to not give personal things as well. Another thing to stress is the deadline. If the participants get it even a day late, then the whole spirit is spoilt. So, stress on the important things.

If you do not know your recipient, then try and keep it simple. Also, focus on the packaging and add some humour into it. Tell everyone to receive their gifts graciously and not be judgemental.

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Keep it simple and nice

There is a need for you to create a balance between value and budget. Don’t stress on finding the perfect gift for your friend this holiday season. Get something that is of good value but still within your budget. As mentioned earlier, secret Santa gift exchanges are meant to be lighthearted and fun. As long as you stick to the rules and deadlines, make the gift personal but appropriate and have fun with it, you will make a great impression as your friend's Secret Santa.