This Christmas, Surprise the Girls in Your Life with Some Quirky Gifts! Here are 10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Girls in 2019

This Christmas, Surprise the Girls in Your Life with Some Quirky Gifts! Here are 10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Girls in 2019

Looking for the perfect gift can be overwhelming, especially if you're looking for someone special. Well, worry not as we're here to take that stress off your shoulders this festive season. Do you plan on to surprise your girl with a lovely and useful gift this Christmas? Here are our top picks for Chrismas gifts for girls.

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Tips on Choosing the Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girls

How to Choose the Perfect Gift?

You want to choose the perfect gift for your girl, but don’t want her to unwrap it and end up hiding it at the back of her cupboard, then we have the perfect guide to help you avoid just that! When it comes to picking a gift for women/girls, you’ll want to get them something they really appreciate and remember you for, and the best way to go about it is to start with making a list of their interests. You can use different means of checking out their social media accounts to see what they like or the brands/individuals they follow and make a list of things they might be interested in.

Proceed further by brainstorming on every item on the list, which will help you come across some fresh options you may not consider otherwise, making your gift more thoughtful and personal. For instance, busy people are always short on time, so a gift that helps them manage their time well like a personalized planner will always be handy and thoughtful. You can also think of options they can use beyond winters, like a beauty gift, or an annual cinema pass, a monthly subscription to their favorite hobby/area of interest, a wine tasting session, etc. Explore Pinterest and Etsy for some DIY options for things like a makeup organizer or jewellery box that you make yourself.

Include a Little Bit of Yourself in the Gift

It is believed that when you give unto others, you end up making yourself much happier than when you spend on yourself. When choosing a gift, you can also think of ideas that will help include a bit of yourself in the gift, which could be a shared joke, a shared memory or something else that will warm their hearts and bring a smile to them. For instance, if they like reading, you can give them a Kindle, but with an additional autobiography of their favourite celebrity, it would be even more special! Make your gift special in a different way, by creating a work of art, perhaps a poem or a song, or knitting a scarf. Find something that they’re passionate about and perhaps make a donation to that cause in their name, like donating to an animal rescue shelter if they love dogs.

Cool Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

A perfect gift for teenage girls is as easy as it is complex, from hair styling to unicorn paraphernalia to mood-enhancing gifts to beauty products, the list is endless. So for a perfect gift, be it Christmas or not, whatever you gift them should be ideally something they can continue using through the year. For instance, styling their hair is something every teenage girl loves doing, so a guide with easy to follow braid styles, up/down dos’ the guide covers almost every kind of light/complicated braid styles.

If they love being whimsical, which most girls do, then Unicorn mugs with a hot chocolate mix will be magical, for their unpredictable temper tantrum, a zen colouring book will help them colour their blues away, and they’d even pencil in their choicest curses that they aren’t allowed to voice aloud! A cool journal is always something that will allow them to express themselves without being judged or reprimanded. A DIY bath bomb kit for Christmas with essential ingredients to create bath bombs in the comfort of their home, complete with fragrant essential oils can make for fizzical gift option.

10 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Personalized Teddy Bear in a Gift Tin


This super cute and cuddly Teddy Bear can be personalized with a heart-shaped tag and comes in a stylish gift tin so you can gift it without any wrapping messes! This adorable bear comes with patchwork details on one of his ears, chest, and feet and cute patterned ribbon around his neck, is soft and snuggle and a perfect choice of a gift for Christmas, making for a unique and thoughtful present.

Measuring 10.5 cm in diameter, 17.5 cm in length and 10.5 cm in width, this personalized teddy bear in a gift tin is available at for Rs. 2,207. All you are required to do is enter a personalized message for your girl by clicking the personalize button, to a maximum of 72 characters inclusive of spaces, which is recommended to be double-checked for spellings and use of punctuation marks/capital letters, as what you type is what will be printed too.

Bird Jewelry Stand Organizer


The handmade Bird Jewelry Stand Organizer is made of wood and looks really cute to organize your little girl’s fashion accessories and trinkets, earrings, making it a unique and personalized choice for a gift this Christmas. Measuring 9.4” x 10”, the jewelry stand organizer is made in 4 mm thick wood which is highly robust and durable. Priced at Rs. 1,361, the Bird Jewelry Stand Organizer is available at

Personal Planetarium

This amplified reality viewer and audio guide called the Personal Planetarium would take you on a captivating journey of the universe. As you insert your smartphone into the device, it superimposes the galaxies, planets, constellations and cosmic factoids in the night sky in 6 different modes and like a personal planetarium, the device connects the real and digital world together right in the comfort of your living space.

Made in Germany, the Personal Planetarium device is made of plastic and measures 8.2” in length, 5” in width, 4.4” in height and is priced at Rs. 3,588. The package includes a star viewer, an app activation code, a strap, storage pouch, gift packaging and set of instruction with a phone compartment that can house a 6” phone. The app is supported by a 4.2 or higher android version/ a 7.0 or higher Apple iOS operating system. Buy this from

Personalized Charm Bracelet


With a variety of individual symbols, letters or designs known as charms, you can now choose customized charm bracelets as a Christmas gift for your sister, girlfriend or friend. Women or girls usually prefer a simple chain and charms that have personal relevance to them. When you’re choosing one for them, think of their likes and thought process and see if you find a charm befitting their life in a way.

Begin by choosing a bracelet in 18k gold or rhodium plated wristlet, then opt for a charm from the bunch of options available at with a personal message and voila your Personalized Charm Bracelet is ready to roll. Priced at Rs. 799, the personalized bracelet is best kept in a cool and dry place, avoiding any moisture source and stored in a pouch when not in use.

Personalized Money Pot


This adorable money pot would make for a perfect Christmas Gift for any little girl who believes in fairies! The money pot comes in a pink glazed colour ceramic pot, adorned using mirror gold vinyl for illuminating the fairy, personalizing your little girl’s name and the magic stars. The money pot has a plastic stopper at the base to allow for it to remove the hidden treasures without breaking the bank! Priced at Rs. 2,505, the personalized money pot is available at

Soothing Sounds Machine


The soothing sounds machine is designed to help its listener relax and unwind after a long day or sleep off to 12 of the most realistic nature sounds and ambient tones that help relieve any stress and ease sleeplessness. Powered by a main adaptor or 4 AA batteries, it is easy to operate by just turning the dial, which lets you enjoy a continual sound.

You can even time the device for 30-90 minutes with an optional fade, enjoy the relaxing sounds loud or personalize it by using headphones and adjust the volume control. The Soothing Sounds Machine is really compact and comes in an attractive minimalist design that fits in with any décor. It is priced at Rs. 2,427 on

Mermaid Tail Blanket


This handcrafted Mermaid Tail Blanket is crochet by hand and is a quite exquisite and elegant item for a Christmas Gift, making for a thoughtful and loving gift that would stir up loving feelings each time it is used and through the year at that! Its hand knitted mermaid tail patterns makes it easier for kids and adults alike to slip inside with ease and feel like a mermaid! The material is soft and warm, making it a perfect blanket for kids and pets as well. It is 70% polyester and 30% cotton and best washed before use. Measuring 9” x 8” x 4” and weighing 1.28 pounds, the Mermaid Tail Blanket is priced at Rs. 1,912 on

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

With round the clock activities that women and girls are in a continuous struggle with, be it sweaty gym sessions, outdoor duos, errand runs or impromptu dance parties, here’s something that can keep them hydrated and on their feet and also swoon to some funky tunes with an inbuilt wireless speaker.

This Bluetooth speaker is a reusable water bottle in disguise, which can just be charged with the included USB cable, connect with their favourite numbers via Bluetooth and then used to sip water now and then, singing their heart away! They can also answer calls with just a touch of the speaker, which is so seamlessly embedded inside the bottle top. Made in China, this unique product measures 9” x 3” with a capacity to hold 17oz liquid and is made in plastic and stainless steel. Priced at Rs. 2,512, the bottle is best hand-washed, after removing the lid first and the underside of the lid can be cleaned with a damp cloth without submerging the speaker in water. You can purchase this from

Harry Potter Box-Shaped Handcrafted Origami Lamp


This Harry Potter box-shaped Origami Lamp is every Potter fan’s dream lamp and ideal for a Christmas gift. It can add a fun element to your girl’s bedroom, play area, or study table. The origami lamp can be used as a wall mount, pendant or table lamp and cleaned with a dry wipe or cloth. If you’d like to mount it, it can fit around an existent pendant lamp socket. Measuring 8” x 8” x 6”, the Harry Potter Box Shaped Origami Lamp is priced at Rs. 1,040 on

Magic Touch UV Nail Dryer


Every girl’s dream device for quick drying of nail polish, this Magic Touch UV Nail Dryer is a battery-operated UV dryer that gives off a beautiful drying finish just like salon perfect nails. The dryer uses a touch-activated technology that dries nails quick with a soothing effect with an ultraviolet light that helps set the nail polish. With its compactness, the dryer has a perfect size, making it easy to store away or travel around with. The Magic Touch UV Nail Dryer requires 2 AAA batteries and is priced at Rs. 1,103, measuring 11 cm in length, 12 cm in width and 7 cm in diameter. Buy this product for your girl from

Bonus Tip: Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

The prospect of picking the right gift for Christmas or any other occasion is always a task, as you’d like it to be special but not empty your pockets at the same time. Something that is thoughtful and personal too. Here are some inexpensive gift options that would warm the recipient’s heart and go easy on your pocket too.

  • TREE ORNAMENTS – As kids, the magic of a Christmas Tree in all its glory, colourful and glittery ornaments, and lights was a sight to see and behold. Gifting a tree ornament, either store brought or made by you will always have a special significance and bring the receiver a step closer to feeling the Christmas spirit over and over again!

  • STATIONERY – Quirky stationery is always a delight no matter how old you get, an inexpensive yet adoringly welcome, a stationery set of a good quality pen, a notepad, and few other tidbits will always be a good choice.

  • HATS, MITTENS or SCARVES – Cold weather accessories are the first things that go missing when you need them the most. A perfect gift for the holidays; hats, scarves, or mittens are warm and colourful options as valuable gifts.

  • COSTUME ACCESSORIES – Comparatively cheaper than sterling silver and far more beautiful and vibrant, costume jewelry and accessories are ideal for girls’ changing wardrobes with statement neckpieces, funky rings, dangling earrings in different shapes and colours.

  • GOURMET TREATS – A gift of chocolates is yet another delicious drop in the sea of sugar and candy during Christmas festivities. From gourmet chocolate truffles to bars to hot chocolate mixes with a mug of marshmallows, the variety is infinite.

  • PUZZLES – Whether they’re mad for crosswords or Sudoku, puzzle enthusiasts can never get enough, so load them up with mind-boggling puzzles until spring with some puzzling puzzles.

  • VACATION GUIDE – If they love traveling and have a favourite destination in mind, encourage their dreams by gifting them a vacation or travel guidebook to help create a dream itinerary.

  • WINTER SKINCARE KIT – Winter horrors can be quite unnerving with frigid temperatures, bone-chilling breezes and moisture sapping climate. Give a skincare kit to your girl with a nice lip balm, hand lotion, cuticle oil and perhaps a facial moisturizer.
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Spread Joy & Happiness this Christmas

This Christmas, along with surprising the girls and women who form a major part of your life, go out and share some joy and happiness with not-so-privileged girls around where you live. What we mean by this is, buy some small gifts for children and get some meals packed and spend some time with children at an orphanage around your home. The satisfaction and gratitude you would feel would be unparalleled to anything. Merry Christmas!