The Best Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend in 2018: 10 Gifts Any Girl Will Love, and Idea to Give Them in a Way She'll Never Forget

The Best Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend in 2018: 10 Gifts Any Girl Will Love, and Idea to Give Them in a Way She'll Never Forget

Christmas is around the corner and you're still struggling with what to put on your shopping list? Best Present Guide can help! From candy and flowers, jewellery, makeup and home decor, we have listed plenty of options for what you can give her, and helpful notes on how to choose as well.

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The Best Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend

When it comes to Christmas, it is an eve that is too festive to explain. It is a day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ who is not only the son of God but also the savior according to Christians. Like a boyfriend who is in love with your girlfriend and loves appreciating her every time you get a chance, there is a daunting task ahead. Which is the best Christmas gift for a girlfriend?

The question is hard to answer. That is especially if you have just started dating and you haven’t known each other that much. Guessing is not an option since there are things that you just can’t get wrong. You just have to ensure that what you settle for is something your girl wants and likes.

Fortunately, you can get the help you need from this piece. Obviously, pockets are different. Some are fat while others have holes. If you fall in the latter category, broke or a tight budget that is, you don’t need to worry. Where do people get the idea that you must spend a considerable chunk of money to make someone feel good?

The following is a discussion of the top 10 best Christmas gifts for girlfriends. Regardless of various likes and preferences as well as budget, this list has you covered. Therefore, keep reading as we unveil thoughtful gifts for girlfriend.

4 Useful Tips for Selecting the Best Christmas Gift for a Girlfriend

Understand Her Taste and Buy Just What She Loves

When it comes to giving someone a gift, it is essential to know what interests the person. It is true that receiving an award from someone you love is good. It not only makes you feel loved but also knows that there are people out there who think about you. Nevertheless, it feels even greater if what you get is something that you can use. That is not different when it comes to others.

Therefore, see to it that you get something that will mean something to them even after the occasion. Equally important, put into consideration what she prefers over everything else. That includes her best brand, color and material among others. That will also show her how much you know her. It is a promising thing when it comes to relationships. It is a perfect indication that your relationship is headed in the right direction.

Find Out if She Loves Exclusive Gifts


Most brands tend to produce products that look similar if not the same. When it comes to fashion enthusiasts that can be annoying. If your girlfriend is one of them, make her stand out with exclusive things. Otherwise, she may never use it which is a waste of resources.

A perfect way to avoid such a situation is to go for a personalised gift. With that, you can rest assured that she will love it. In addition to that, standing out will be outright. It is a perfect unique gift for girlfriend that would make her say yes in the future. Therefore, don’t mess it up.

Go for the Present That Will Show Her How Much You Care

A good way to achieve that is to buy an expensive gift. If you have the money to do that, do not hesitate to buy an expensive Christmas gift for girlfriend. The fact that you are willing to spend a lot on her means that you care a lot. However, that does not mean that you can’t convey the same using a cheap present. In fact, a well-thought gift can also do the trick. It is a good way to show that you care for her and she is worth your time and effort. For that reason, think carefully before you buy that gift.

You Can Ask Her What She Wants

As much as surprising someone is a good idea, it is not necessary. Sometimes, the surprises don’t work. When it comes to other people, they will never work. To save yourself the trouble of disappointment, consider asking her what she wants. It would feel nice to give someone a gift of their choice. One feels both helpful and supportive. In addition to that, acceptance and usefulness of the gift are a guarantee.

The 10 Best Presents to Gift Your Girlfriend for Christmas 2018

A Personalised Christmas Gift Hamper


One of the top ten Christmas gifts for a girlfriend is this personalized Christmas gift hamper. The fact that you get to decide what should be written makes it a unique gift for girlfriend. The hamper comprises a red heart-shaped cushion, ceramic mug, lollipop candy, and an angel.The cushion comes with fillers. Its red color, modern prints style, and heart shape make it very pretty.

The material is satin for softness and durability. Its dimensions are 15 x 15 inches. The other element is the cup. The diameter is 3.2 inches while the height is 3.7 inches. Its designer style and ceramic material are remarkable. You also get an 80 grams lollipop candy and an angle measuring 2 x 2 x 2 inches. You can get all that for Rs.1,450 from

Steal Ur Heart


The next thoughtful gift for a girlfriend is a set of jewelry. It is an excellent addition to any girl's collection. That is why you should consider buying it for your lady. She is bound to think about you every time she spots you. In addition to that, it matches any occasion which could mean beating two birds with the same stone.

It has a graceful design that sees it blend with not only ethnic but also western outfit perfectly. The set has two significant components. It has a chain as well as a pair of earrings. Their lengths are 38 cm and 2 cm, respectively. Since they are gold coated, they will look pretty and also last for a long time. You can grab a set at Rs.799 from Ferns n Petals.

Twin Heart Arrangement


The next among the best simple Christmas gift for a girlfriend is a twin heart arrangement of about 37 roses. They are enough to make the heart of every girl twitch in happiness. After all, it is not a secret that a red rose speaks volume when it comes to love matters.

With a design of two hearts, it is clear that the two of you are in the relationship together which is healthy during the dating period. The roses come in a basket with a diameter of 9 inches. That will cost you only Rs.1,649 from

Pink Carnations Basket Arrangement


Ladies and flowers often share headlines, and that is why we have another set of flowers. Not everyone love roses and your girlfriend could be one of them. If that is the case, a bouquet of carnations will make her heart warm this Christmas. The glory is the flowers are known globally. Since they are also rear to find, it will show your girlfriend the lengths you are willing to go for the sake of your relationship. How comforting!

If you get this as a Christmas gift for a girlfriend, there are things to expect. You will get a one cane basket of diameter 6 inches and 15 pink carnations. Others are green fillers and the dracaena leaves. You get to take that home for only Rs.925 from Ferns n Petals.

Black and Red Danglers


You have a perfect way of enhancing the beauty of your gorgeous girlfriend this Christmas. All you need is to grab these black and red danglers. They are ideal for parties and never disappoints whether you wear Indian or western outfits. The materials are metal and hardboard.

Although they lack gemstones, the chain had shining stones that are extremely lovely. Dimensions are 4.5 x 3.9 x 1.5 inches. The price is about Rs.610. Grab one today from and put a smile on the face of your sweetheart.

Pink Roses With Cake


The next unique gift for a girlfriend is a combination of two great things. Their relevance when it comes to ladies' lives is indisputable. The gifts are a cake and a bunch of pink roses all in one. Given the occasion, this gift is more than appropriate. When you visit Ferns n Petals, you will have to pay Rs.1,149 only. In return, you will take home a bouquet of 10 pink roses. The icing on the cake is the matching paper wrap and ribbon bow. In addition to that, you get 500 grams of chocolate truffle cake. That is absolutely worth every penny.

Apple Cinnamon Cake With Hanging Balls and Decorative in Bamboo


When it comes to Christmas, decorative are necessary. Ensure that your girlfriend gets them easily by securing this Christmas hamper. It is a combination of a cake and decorations. As a result, she will make her house beautiful and enjoy the delicacy of an apple cinnamon cake at the same time.

The package contains the cake and Christmas accessories such as reindeer shaped wall hangings, frills, and hanging balls. Other constituents are a decorative fiber deer, bamboo gift box, decorative jhalar and 12 pieces of hanging red balls. All that is available at and the price is Rs.1,225.

Rocher Choco Bouquet


We have flowers yet again. That doesn’t come as a surprise because flowers are festive and girls adore them. On that note, this ferrero Rocher chocolates can serve the purpose all too well. It is symbolic. First, it is a sign of luck. On the other hand, it means that you promise your girlfriend an adventure. That is appropriate since relationships are not predictable.

That is nice since your girlfriend will comfortably stay with you as you two wait and see the eventuality of your relationship. Its elegant design makes it a perfect gift idea. With 16 flowers, one would feel loved and appreciated. You should be the person who makes your lady feel that way. For that reason, visit You can get it at a price of Rs.1,549 only.

Lakme and Vega Makeup Hamper


Other thoughtful gifts for girlfriends fall under the category of beauty. A good example is the Lakme and Vega Makeup Hamper. If your girlfriend doesn’t leave the house without makeup, we wouldn’t imagine a better gift for Christmas. We recommend this gift because of what it consists. That includes Lakme 9-5 eye color quartet as well as Lakme 9-5 pure rouge blusher. In addition to that, you get a vega sett comprising five cosmetic brushes and a hardboard gift box. The dimensions are 9.4 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches. The cost is only Rs.2,180 from

Shining Memory Personalised Lamp


Christmas can change by selecting a photograph with your girlfriend and turn it into a personalised lamp. It comes bearing lights as well as love. That makes it a great Christmas gift for girlfriend. The personalised fluorescent green bottle lamp has other great features. It includes a bulb as well as a wooden base holder.

You can see the photo even though the light is off. Equally important, it will not fade with time. In case you don't need too much light, it is a perfect option. Ferns n Petals sell it at Rs.799 only.

Bonus Idea: Take Her Out to a Special Place for Christmas

On top of all the thoughtful gifts for girlfriend, you can take her to a place. From Goa to Daman and Diu to Kerala, the list of places is endless. When deciding on where to go, there are things that you should consider. They include the means of transport, hobbies, and interests during holidays, safety as well as budget. If you put that into consideration, chances of making the trip a success as well as memorable. Isn’t that your wish? You should make sure that the choice you make will excite her. Failure to that will see your girlfriend enjoy one of the best festivals sadly. You owe her fun, and she also deserves it.

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Combine a gift with an experience

The best gifts are often those that have a wonderful memory attached to them, so no matter what you give her, present it in a way she will remember lovingly, or include it as part of a bigger experience so the two are inextricably linked. Such as a instant camera with a fun road trip, or pretty earrings slipped across the table at a cosy and romantic dinner date. It is more effort than simply gift wrapping and handing over what you bought, but it's the effort which will make it a dear memory for both of you.