11 Holiday Gifts for Teenage Girls on Christmas (2019): She May Not Believe in Santa Anymore but She Will Adore These!

11 Holiday Gifts for Teenage Girls on Christmas (2019): She May Not Believe in Santa Anymore but She Will Adore These!

Christmas shopping, whether last minute or pre-planned, can take a whole lot longer when there are teenagers to shop for. Let us do the scouting for you - there are dresses, bags, hair and fashion accessories and lots of other cool gifts to make a teen girl's heart sing. Don't fancy anything on our list? Our helpful tips on shopping for Christmas gifts for a teenage girl will sort you out.

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Why Christmas Gifts are Important

Everyone, especially a child, holds a special place for Christmas in his or her heart. And the spirit of Christmas is always associated with the spirit of giving. That is why we give gifts to each other on Christmas. Now, moralistic reasons aside, everyone loves receiving gifts. We as adults still jump with glee when we receive presents; so it’s no question that kids would love it as well. And teenagers are no better here either. We all love and enjoy receiving presents.

But, sometimes it can be more special for a teenager. At a vulnerable age where their body is going through several hormonal changes, their minds can be riddled with many questions that haunt their lives. But, Christmas is one time where they could gain back their sense of normalcy. It is a time where they know what to expect and also, it is a time to be reminded that they are loved and cherished. The idea of being thought about and cherished is very important to a teenager because they are at a transitional stage where responsibilities are becoming a real thing and they are no longer coddled like a child. This could instill some sense of insecurities and self doubts in them and make them think that they are less loved or wanted.

But Christmas gifts are a great way to make them remember about our love for them. And it becomes especially so for a teenage girl, who is stepping into the world she was always shielded from.

Make Her Christmas Day Special

Christmas is a great way to remind your teenage daughter or sister or friend that she is valuable to you. And there are various different ways that can be done. In fact, there are way too many ways you can make her Christmas day special. Because there are way many types of gifts you can give to her that will indeed make her happy.

This can be a good or a bad thing. It is a good thing because now you have a multitude of options to choose what to gift her for Christmas. It is also a bad thing because now selecting that one gift from the plethora of options can also be an arduous task.

Therefore, we are here to help you make a decision and help you select a gift for her. There are several factors that come into play when selecting a proper gift for her. From her attitude, her personal likes and dislikes, the impact it would happen on her etc. to what your budget will be, they all play a key role in deciding on the gift. Therefore, let us take a look at some of those factors.

Top 11 Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls in 2019

Teenage Girl Can Never Have Too Many Clothes

You can never go wrong with this one. Whether it’s a cute dress she had always wanted or if it is something that you think would look great on her, clothes are always a go-to option when gifting a present to a teenage girl. There are various online shopping sites that offer plenty of options to choose from. There are also various physical retail stores such as Forever 21 that make trendy clothes for teenage girls in India. If you do not have an idea about what kind of clothes to gift her, then there are various Tumblr and Pinterest pages where you can look for ideas. Here is one for example. Self-Tie Rose Print Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress in pink is a cute and elegant dress that she is sure to love. Buy it on romwe.co.in for Rs.1,187. Don’t forget to add a coat for the winter.

Fashion Accessories are a Teen Girl's Best Friends

Source kraftly.com

Accessories are something that are popular with every teenage girl out there. So, if the girl you are trying to gift is into cute accessories, then take a look at these tribal earrings. These Scorpion Tribal Brass Earrings will cost you only Rs.399 on Kraftly. They are quite funky and will always remain on trend no matter what.

Girls can be very selective of what they wear so she may either love the accessories you buy her or never wear them. Surprises are always nice but you can take her along to select her own earrings, necklaces, rings or whatever she fancies. Or you could ask her to tag along when you are shopping and keep an eye on the things she likes.

Cute or Edgy Popsocket

Source popsockets.in

If you use one yourself you know how comfortable these knubby little things make it to hold your phone, and just how much a teen needs one because they're always on the phone! For the uninitiated who seen them around and never knew what they were called, popsockets are a little knob like accessory that goes on the back of a smartphone, making it easier to hold for an extended period of time, or to prop up somewhere.

Your teen will most likely prefer a brand new phone, but if that's not on the horizon, she'll be happy with one of these too. This Do No Harm, Take No Shit popsocket by the Filmy Owl is a mobile grip and stand that offers a good grip with one hand and can be used as a stand. Buy it for Rs.695 here.

Here's another one with an owl design that goes for Rs.149. It pops, collapses and moves in different directions to give a better grip no matter what the phone is being used for. The Exquisite Unique Mobile Holder is available here. There are plenty of designs at both websites so look for one she'll like.

Clutches and Purses

She is slowly turning into a lady. Hence, giving her her first clutch or a purse can be a great form of initiation to introduce her to the life of an adulthood. They are always popular with the girls and there is quite a variety of them to choose from. Like for example this clutch. This Round Box Clutch Pink on kraftly.com is very pretty and is sure to go with any of her dresses. It's also available in blue. Buy it for a discounted price of Rs.599.

Bluetooth Speakers

Source www.amazon.in

Bluetooth speakers are popular gifts these days that are quite popular amongst the teenagers. Now just about any place can be turned into a party zone for her and her friends to have a blast. There are various types of Bluetooth speakers available at various different price points. Thus, depending on your budget, you can opt for any one them. Here is one such example. BT50A Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is quite a neat little Bluetooth speaker by Phillips that is available for Rs.1,099 on Amazon. It is not the cheapest in the market, but for a brand that is known for quality audio products, its price is quite okay.

Give Her Books if She Likes to Read

Is the girl you are gifting a voracious reader? Does she love losing herself in different worlds of literature? Then what better present than to give her priceless books. Like this collection set of the Lord of the Rings. It is not only one of the greatest book series ever written, but the books set can also be considered as a prized possession of any genuine reader. They are sure to garner her some brownie points with her other book-loving friends. Buy a boxed hardcover set of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for Rs.2,499 on Amazon.

DSLR Camera for the Photography Enthusiast

Source www.amazon.in

Does she love photography? If you have the budget for it, then you can consider giving her her very first DSLR camera. There are quite many varieties and options available in the market, but a camera like this one is great for beginners. A Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55 mm ISII Lens and a 16 GB card is quite an expensive camera with a price tag of Rs.24,500, but with a camera like this, she can fully realise her potential for the art of photography. Buy it on Amazon where it comes with a carry case.

An Instant Camera Starter Kit for the Casual Photographer

Source www.amazon.in

The Instax Mini is still a hot gifting item even though it's been around a while and is great for the casual photographer who doesn't want to trouble herself with shutter speed and aperture. The camera is as cute as a button and super simple to use, plus comes with a selfie mirror in front so the user can frame the perfect selfie - a big bonus for the selfie fanatic.

Instead of getting her just the camera, pick up this starter kit. The Fujifilm Instax Camera Mini 9 Bundle Pack has a blue Mini, 2 packs of film that will take 20 pictures in total (10 per pack), photo bunting, a set of stickers, 2 batteries, and a camera strap. This way she's all set to have fun with her new camera without having to run out for film or fun accessories. The whole thing costs Rs.5,547 on amazon.in.

Steampunk Sunglasses

Source wear.style

Round shaped sunglasses are coming back to fashion. They provide a unique look that has a mix of both unique and classic touch to them. Like this Round Designer Metal Frame Steampunk Vintage Sun Glasses. They are quite unique looking, are trending and not very pricey considering they are available for Rs.922 on Wear.Style.

Wireless Microphone

Does she love to sing? Is there a singer inside your teenage girl that wants to burst out? Does she want to start training her voice to one day become a great singer? If so, then this Stark Q7 Karaoke Mic Handheld Pink Wireless Microphone would be perfect for her. For Rs.849 it is quite cheap and comes in various different colours. These mics also have different options to adjust audio quality. Buy it on snapdeal.com

Evecase Laptop Sleeve

Source www.amazon.in

Is your teen something of a clutz (of course you wouldn't call your darling that, not out loud!)? If she is forever dropping her laptop or spilling things on it, invest in this slightly pricey laptop case. The Evecase Diamond Foam Neoprene Sleeve has a neat geometric design, but the plain black may not be something that gets her very excited at first sight. But.

The neoprone case is splash and shock resistant and the shock absorbing material used to make it will protect her laptop from small bumps and drops. It is priced at a cool Rs.4,744 but that works out cheaper than incessant laptop repairs and replacements! Buy it on Amazon and heave a few relieved sighs.

101 Christmas Gift Shopping Guide for Teen Girls

Take Your Teenage Daughter's Personality into Account

The first thing to keep in mind when you are out and about looking for a gift is to remember her personality. The personality is a key factor in deciding what gifts you would select for her. Is she a homebody? If that is so, then she would love a gift that she can enjoy when she is alone or at home. Is she an outdoor person? If so, then she would prefer a gift that matches her outgoing personality. Therefore, giving a shy and homely teenage girl a skateboard is not something she would appreciate. That kind of gift has a much better impact on a girl who is very playful, active and athletic. There are various other personality traits of hers that you can track in order to find an ideal gift for her.

There are many personality traits that you can think of her which will help you go in the right direction in your objective for finding the perfect gift your a teenage girl.

There are many things to consider, such as:

  • Is she a shy person?
  • Is she temperamental in nature?
  • Is she a happy and cheerful person?
  • Is she going through a troubled phase or depression?
  • Is she a lover of animals?
  • Does she have a phobia of something?
  • Is she more of a thinker or a reader?

What's Trending in the Teen World?

We advise you not to gift her a saxophone. Well, unless it is a trendy thing nowadays. For every teenager, their social lives are very important for them. Hence, it is important that they stay up to date on the latest trends as not doing so can be considered a social death sentence for them. Therefore while choosing a gift, search for a few things that are in trend these days that she might actually like and enjoy.

However, note that not every teenager is the same. Some girls might be into everything that is trending, but there are also girls who do not care even the slightest about trends. It all boils down to her personality. Therefore, it is more important to select a gift more based on her personality than what gift her something that every teenager is getting these days.

What's Your Christmas Gift Message?

Do you want to say something to her? Do you wish to give her motivation or some kind of a positive message? If so, then give her a gift that would relay her the message. Gifts that have meaningful words written on them that aptly describe your feelings would be great options in this situation. Plus, a gift with a message behind it always feels a lot more intimate and personal. It is also a great way to build a rapport or strengthen the bond with her.

What Christmas Gifts Does a Teenage Girl Want?

Source www.cnet.com

There are some girls who are forthcoming enough to directly tell you what they want when they actually have something in mind for their Christmas gift. Then there are girls who are very subtle in their approach. They might give you certain clues, or suggestions in a very passive way. They might even drop the names of the specific gifts they might want in a very casual way that might seem innocent enough, but it is deliberate enough for you to get the message.

Then there are also girls who might want something but do not say it. They keep their wishes boxed silently inside them. When it comes to such girls, you would have to look into the very minute details of their behaviour. Do they get excited when they hear about something? Is that something that they always bring a smile to their face when they talk about it. Or is it something that they avoid talking about it at all, yet their attention keeps drawing towards that object.

There are various things she might want and there are various ways you can find out about them and then surprise her with the gift.

Give Her Gifts She Can Handle

It can be a tendency for dotting family members to ply their teenage daughters or nieces with expensive things. They might want to give them the world, but in doing so might be putting them at a risk. You love your teenage daughter and have some money, so you are thinking about buying her a car? Or are you planning to gift her a puppy? Stop! Wait and think about it. Is she actually ready for driving on the road? Or is she actually ready to take care of a pet? If, not then such gifts might put her life or the pet’s life at great risk. Therefore, think about your teenage daughter and know what you can gift her that she can actually handle.

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Treat Her in Small Ways

Teenage girls are no longer children and are well on their way to becoming independent women, so while you may continue to see her as your little girl, she really isn't that little anymore. Accept that she is growing up and wants to try and do things the way grownups do. Guide her transition into the adult world, stop treating her like a child and gradually introduce her to the small pleasures of adult life. Include her more in your world and buy her things that match her changing tastes and needs.