Make Your Husband Feel Special This Christmas with an Awesome Gift: 14 Gifts to Buy or DIY

Make Your Husband Feel Special This Christmas with an Awesome Gift: 14 Gifts to Buy or DIY

Your husband is a part of your inner family circle. Therefore, as it often happens with people who are close to us, we tend to take him for granted. This Christmas, let's acknowledge the importance of this man in your life through some great gifts. Find here great ideas for celebrating this day, how to pick gifts for husband and some amazing gifts for him in Christmas 2018.

Tips for Finding the Best Gift for Your Husband this Christmas

Choose a Gift Based on it's Sentimental Appeal

Christmas is all about celebrating with your loved ones. It is a special occasion for couples as well. Celebrating Christmas with all its quaint traditions, awesome food and of course gifts, brings a couple closer together. Therefore, you should choose a gift with sentimental value. Your relationship with your husband is an emotional one more than anything else and while looking for a gift for him you should buy something that is emotionally appealing. For example, you can gift him a personalized cushion with both of your pictures on it and gift it alongside a figurine of Jesus Christ. It will be a gift which is both personal and spiritual in nature.

Buy Something Christmassy

While buying a Christmas gift for your husband you might as well get something that actually helps in celebrating Christmas. For example, you can buy him some cute Christmas themed cupcakes that have Santa Claus, reindeers, and snowflakes carved on it. You can also buy delicious fruitcakes online as Christmas gifts for your husband. Maybe you can bake one yourself and it will be even more special for him as it will be baked with love from wifey dearest. You can also gift him with hand-made chocolates and pack them beautifully in mason jars. You can further decorate these with artsy Christmas designs and gift it to your husband.

Gift Him Something from His Wishlist

With Christmas being around the corner, everyone fancies that Santa might deliver their wishes. Why not be your husband’s Santa and gift him something that he has been wanting to buy. Christmas is a perfect occasion for you to make your husband feel loved by gifting him the best gift. You can peep into his online shopping cart to know exactly what he wants to buy and then gift that to him. It will be practically like making his wish come true. What better occasion than Christmas to express your love and affection to your husband with a thoughtful gift.

Ten Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Husband in 2018

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Instant Film Camera (Blue)


Fujifilm Instax film camera has a sleek and streamlined design. It has a built-in selfie mirror that enables you to take awesome selfies. You can also take amazing pictures with this camera even in darkness. It has a tripod socket and comes with 2 CR2 batteries. It has a stylish and classy blue and black design. You can give this awesome camera to your husband which he can use to generate photos instantly. He can carry it with him on his next trip and during your getaway together. The pictures are generated instantly so that you can capture beautiful memories and print them right away. Shop it from Amazon for Rs.9,500.

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless


Philips cordless beard trimmer has a long-lasting performance thanks to its DuraPower technology. It can be used cordless for about 90 minutes after charging it for 1 hour. Its skin-friendly rounded tips ensure smooth trimming. The trimmer has self-sharpening blades that provide a hassle-free shaving experience. It is very gentle on the skin and you can gift it to your husband on Christmas. You can show him how much you care about him by gifting him this amazing personal-care product. The cordless trimmer gives a smooth trimming experience. Shop it from Amazon for Rs.2,099.

Google Home

This Christmas, gift your husband the Google Home and he will be grateful to you for making his life so easy. It is a voice-controlled wifi speaker for your home. You can ask questions, set your reminders and get news updates from the device. You can also play music from the famous streaming services. The device can be used by 6 users and has a pre-installed subscription to Gaana and Saavn. It is also compatible with smart TVs. Google Home simplifies your life by making the daily tasks easy. It comes with a power adapter, quick start guide, and cable. Shop it from Flipkart for Rs.8,999.

Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

The Prestige Barbeque grill is an ideal gift to give to your husband this Christmas. It is very quick to assemble and is designed for coal-based cooking. The barbeque has detachable legs which makes it easy to carry around. You can use it in your backyard during the Christmas celebrations and can even take it outdoors while going for a picnic or going camping. Gift this awesome barbeque to your husband so that both of you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes together. Buy this from Amazon for Rs.1,490.

Ornate Metal Chessboard


This Chess N Crafts metal brass chessboard game is made from hand-carved brass chess pieces. It has a flat chess board which is fitted with a green cloth. The chess game comes with a velvet storage box that can be used to store the board and pieces. The base of the chessboard game is made of solid wood that gives thickness as well as strength to it. Gift this beautiful chessboard game to your hubby on the occasion of Christmas. It can be used to play with family and friend for having a great leisure time. Shop it from Amazon for Rs.6,580.

Bombay Shaving Company Complete Shaving Kit


Gift your husband with this complete shaving kit that provides a smoother, healthier and softer skin. It comes with a precision safety razor along with feather blades for a one-stroke shave. The kit also has a shaving cream, after-shave balm, exfoliating scrub and imitation badger brush. The products are handpicked and the kit is specially curated to bring out an amazing shaving experience. Unlike the regular shaving kits, it has products that leave the skin softer and better than before. You can gift this dermatologist approved shaving kit to your husband for Christmas. Shop it from Amazon for Rs. 2,352.

Portable Camping Hammock


This awesome hammock is ideal for camping and family outings. It comes in a small pouch and is foldable. It can be dismantled easily and is super easy to assemble. The hammock is easy to maintain and should be washed with care for prolonged use. You can carry it on your next adventure or a family picnic together. Simply lie down on it and sway away while relaxing. It is very lightweight and will not occupy much space, thus, making it an ideal travel companion. Gift this to your husband on Christmas so that he can relax in this cool hammock by assembling it in your balcony. Shop it from Amazon for Rs.1,289.

Set of Personalised Cushions with Idol of Jesus


Make Christmas special for your husband by giving him this set of personalised cushions from They come with an idol of Jesus Christ, making this an ideal gift to give on Christmas. These square-shaped cushions can be personalised with photographs which are digitally printed on the cushions. Select the best photographs for the cushion and surprise your husband with this beautiful gift. It has a cute Christmas-themed background also. You simply have to upload your picture while buying the gift and it should conform to the specified resolution. Shop this awesome gift from for Rs.710.

Golf Drinking Shot Glass Game

This golf drinking shot glass game is ideal for any party! The shots are beautifully placed in the miniature golf course. It is a fun gift for those who would love to enjoy a few drinks with friends and family. Especially during Christmas when it is the holiday season and a lot of get-togethers are bound to happen. With this shot glass game, you are all set to have guests over and have some fun. Gift this to your husband this Christmas. You can shop it from Gift Ease for Rs.1,499.

Multi-Purpose Pure Leather Laptop and Office Bag


Don’t men have this habit of not buying the only thing they need the most? Well, that is where you step in! Gift your husband this multi-purpose pure leather laptop and office bag. It has enough space to accommodate all the essentials and can also be used to keep a laptop. The leather bag can be easily carried while travelling to another city for work. It has multiple sections, small and large, to store everything. It is a sturdy and long-lasting bag that can be used to keep the laptop safe and secure while travelling. Shop this from for Rs.3,599 and present it to your husband on the occasion of Christmas.

Make Something Creative and Make Memories that He Will Cherish Forever

Happy Husband Kit

Your husband works round the clock to keep the family happy, prosperous and healthy. Why not give him a happy surprise for a change? Make him the Happy Husband Kit. You can make his Christmas even more special by giving this personalized kit to him. It will be an expression of your adoration and appreciation for all that he does. So, to get started, you can take prints of the printable messages that have quotes written on them and also add your own personal message for your husband. Next, buy a beautiful basket and fill it up with all the things that your husband likes. For example, snacks, treats, and surprises. Put his favourite chocolates, beverages, and snacks in the basket. After putting it all together, you can attach the happy quotes to each of the items in the basket to make them even better. Keep it in your room for him to discover and he will be really happy seeing this cute gift. Find the full tutorial on

Homemade Photo Candle

It will take only 15 minutes of your time to make a beautiful photo candle. Just buy a glass jar candle from the market and get a packing tape along with it. Choose the photo that you want on your photo candle and get it colour printed. Now, ensure that the photo has a light background for the best results. Size it so that it comes up to three-fourths of the candle size. Then take the packing tape and cover your photo with this tape back and front. Now smoothen the surface perfectly and dip this in water for about 15 minutes.

Afterwards, take it out and remove the tap from the back side of the photo. Try removing it gently and then you will see the fibres of the photo also coming off. Clean the fibres with a cloth and the back of the photo would have become all sticky. Now, you can paste this sticky photo on your candle jar. And your homemade photo candle is ready! Choose a photo of either your husband or of both of you together. This makes for a beautiful Christmas surprise for your husband. You can find the tutorial on

Ice Cream Sticks Photoframe

This is yet another photo frame that you can make with great ease. You would need ice cream sticks, glue, decorative supplies like mini flowers and the like of your choice, and printed quotes or pictures that you want to frame. To get started, you should glue the ice cream sticks together and form a square shape out of them. Next, you have to stick a bunch of ice cream sticks to create a stand for your photo frame. Then with the help of glue, place this photo frame on the stand to give it a sturdy support. After you are done creating the frame, you can go ahead and add decorative flowers or stickers on it. Maybe you can add stickers of jingle bells and Santa to make it suitable for Christmas.

Once the frame is completely ready, you can then take the print of your favourite photograph and make sure that you laminate it. This is because it should be water and dust resistant so that it can last longer. Paste the picture from the back side of the frame and your ice cream sticks photo frame is thus ready. This is the best DIY gift for your spouse on the occasion of Christmas. Gift it to him and see him smile bright. Follow the steps in the video given below.

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Show your darling husband how much you appreciate him with amazing Christmas gifts

Your husband is someone who is very dear to you. He works tirelessly for your happiness all year round. So this Christmas, give him some thoughtful and personal gifts to thank him for everything that he does for you and the family. He doesn't want anything fancy from you, only your love and encouragement. So instead of expensive store-bought gifts, you could spare a little time and energy to create some truly meaningful handmade gifts for him.