Every Child Awaits Christmas Morning with Much Enthusiasm: Brighten His Day with These 10 Christmas Gifts for Boys (2019)

Every Child Awaits Christmas Morning with Much Enthusiasm: Brighten His Day with These 10 Christmas Gifts for Boys (2019)

Christmas brings happiness and joy and it wouldn't be wrong to say that it's one of the only days a child awaits with such restlessness because finally, he's going to get that long-awaited gift which he's longing for from such a long time that he has tried his best to impress you this past year. Bring your child's wishes to come true this Christmas with these charismatic gifts.

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Top 5 Christmas Gifts Idea for Boys

Christmas is on the way and giving gifts are one of the things that come with it. We give gifts to our loved ones: husband, wife, son, daughter and more to show how much we care for them. While choosing gifts for adults can be a lot easier, deciding gifts to give to boys on Christmas can be really tricky. To help you choose right, we have listed some gifts suitable for you to give your boys. Giving your boy any of the gifts below will certainly make him happy and the Christmas season an enjoyable one.


Santa will always choose a toy if he had short notice. There are thousands of toys in both the online and offline market. Boys always love toys and giving it to them on Christmas will surely make them happy. Try to give your boys soft toys that are beautiful, super economical and colourful. Toys like a keyboard can mean a lot to your boy as it can be a great way to develop musical skills.

Books & Stationary

Stationery gifts are interesting and have many potentials. If your boy is an avid reader, consider giving him storybooks this coming Christmas. If his the kind who has an interest in magic, a book about Harry Potter will be great. You can also give him colouring books if he loves colours and painting. Another gift that will make this Christmas a memorable one for him is a puzzle box especially if he is a little thinker.

Sports-Themed Gifts

Is your boy a sports enthusiast? A sports influenced gift will surely brighten the smiles on his face this Christmas. A sports kit for boys is available online and land-based market. A sports kit consists of mitts, balls, a little helmet, and bats. Giving him a ball or booster that is signed by his favourite sportsman can do wonders for him this Christmas. You can also buy for boys room decor items such as wallpapers, pillows and others that have pictures of a sportsperson.

Tech-Related Gifts

If there is any gift boys love, it's video games. No boy says no to it. You can buy Playstation or Xbox for him this coming Christmas. Different Lego games such as Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and others will be easily accessible to him. This tech gift and other tech gifts like creative playset and interactive battery-run toys would be a console for many years to come. Your boy will surely be occupied for the whole Christmas season.

Personalised Gifts

This is another gift idea to consider this Christmas. Your boy will surely be happy receiving a mug with his picture on it. Consider writing something about him and using it on any personalised gift. Both the personalised story and mug strengthens the bond between you and your boy. Other things you can personalise are a cap, school bags, cushions or a T-shirt. However, to get him more, discover the gifts he has more interest in and personalise it accordingly.

4 Things to Consider while Buying Christmas Gifts for All Ages

It’s usually a thing of struggle for parents in deciding and choosing gifts for their boys—toddlers, infants, teenagers and older children. Finding the perfect gift for them is challenging and price can also be an issue. There are 4 things you should consider when buying Christmas gifts for boys of all ages, they will help you get the best gifts and save money too. The 4 things you need to consider when buying Christmas gifts are:

What They Need

These are the materials that are very essential for boys to have. Such gifts will mean a lot to them. It will also show them you are interested in their well-being.

  • For Teenagers: Buying them either laptop or tablet for school will satisfy them greatly as they can cope with other students in their school.

  • For Older Children: Buy them any musical instrument they are using and practising in school.

  • For Toddlers: Give your boy new gloves and a coat or a big-kid bed. For Infants: The best Christmas gift you can give them this Christmas is to deposit money in their investment accounts. If he doesn’t have any investment account already, open one for him. This is the best you can do him against the future.

What They Read

These gifts are mostly books, magazines and other readable materials aimed at exposing them to new areas of knowledge. Look for ways to bring in books for different subjects that they are interested in.

  • For Teenagers: Make this Christmas exceptional to your boy by giving him a magazine subscription, books that are related to their aspiration, passion or career and a new series. This will give them more knowledge about their career.

  • For older children: Give them an entire series of books to enjoy this coming Christmas.

  • For toddlers: Any interactive book that is memorable or inspirational is a perfect Christmas gift.

What They Want

Every boy is sure to have something that they desperately want for Christmas. Whether it's the latest video game or gadget, the year for the hottest trend. Add one gift that will make them jump for joy and make Christmas a memorable one.

  • For Teenagers: Christmas comes with love, visitation and communication with loved ones. You should give your teenage boy a cell phone he has always desired to communicate with his friends.

  • For Older Children: A new bike they will ride around the neighbourhood this coming Christmas will be a good Christmas gift choice.

  • For Toddlers: A play kitchen or a nice wooden toy.

What They Wear

Christmas season is a season to look good. Your boy will appreciate you more when you make him look good like his mates.

  • For Teenagers: To make this Christmas enjoyable to your boys, consider giving them gift cards to their favourite clothing store.

  • Older children: Nothing will make the Christmas worthwhile than a pair of latest sneakers in the market.

  • For Toddlers: Dress-up clothes is a good Christmas gift choice.

  • For Infants: Infants usually have many clothes, so give this Christmas socks or a puppet.

Common Christmas Gifts for Boys

There are many Christmas gifts for boys in the Indian market. Some of the common Christmas gifts for boys available online and land-based stores are:

Underwater Adventure Augmented Reality Colouring Sheets

Source amazon.in

This Christmas gift for boys brings an interactive 3D experience and dazzling to your boy. The analytical skills of your boy will improve as he solves the jigsaw puzzles. This is an innovative gift for your young boy of ages 3 years and above. This gift comes with many interactive learning activities and games that enhance impart learning and the Augmented Reality experience. This gift is available at Rs. 224 on amazon.in. This is one of the best educational gifts for your young son. This is a must-buy gift for your boy as it will make him smarter, enhance his vocabulary, creative skills, improve motor skills, spelling skills, general awareness and sharpen his analytical skills. This gift also helps boys to have better cognitive skills, and inspire wonder and curiosity. You will not only make your child happy with this gift but will help him educationally.

Socks for Children

Source bigsmall.in

Another gift to consider buying for boys is socks. Christmas comes in the winter period so socks are one gift that will help your boy a lot by keeping him warm. You can get children’s socks in the market and different online stores such as on bigsmall.com for Rs. 299. Get him his favourite colour socks.


Source myntra.com

This cotton T-shirt will certainly make your boys be comfortable. You can team this comfortable shirt with canvas shoes and slim jeans when he is going for a friend’s birthday or any other Christmas vacation or visit. It's sold online at myntra.com at Rs. 615. This shirt comes in different sizes, so you will certainly get one for your boy’s body size. Just like the children’s socks, buying him a T-shirt of his favourite colour will make him feel joyful and happier.


Another common gift for Christmas is chocolates. A Christmas season without chocolate is usually considered incomplete by many. So buying chocolate for your boy this Christmas season is one nice gift to consider. Chocolates are taken as the best gifts for any occasion in the world and its taste is what every child loves. There are many online stores to buy chocolate. You can get some delicious chocolates packed within a designer box at archiesonline.com for Rs. 999.


Pamper your little boy this coming Christmas by buying him this stunning and eye-catching BSA Champ Phillips Supercat Bicycle. Your boy will surely love this gift. It comes with features like an integrated carrier, low step-through frame, tender and capacious saddle, adjustable handlebar, broader paddle with reflector, resplendent foam pad and more. It is sold at giftstoindia.com for Rs. 6,280.

Wrist Watch

Source amazon.in

This wrist watch will give your boy a perfect look on every occasion. This wrist watch is a good companion as it will suit every kind of attires, be it casual or formal wear. This watch is also suitable for being gifted to your boy this coming Christmas. It comprises of a compass directional ring that will help your boy find the direction if lost. It also has an indiglo night light that will help him to view the time when there is no light. With these features, your boy’s life will be full of adventure and excitement. It is a very durable wrist-watch, available online at amazon.in for Rs. 1,699.

Scrabble Board Game

Source amazon.in

This scrabble board game is made of strong materials so it is very durable. This board game is enjoyed by kids especially boys as well as adults. This game is recommended for boys who are at least 10 years and above. This Scrabble board game will help your boys develop their vocabulary. It will also help them have stronger spelling ability. Scrabble is entertaining and at the same time educational. Scrabble board game will also make the boy’s brain active and working. This gift is available on amazon.in at Rs. 596.

Personalised Mug

Source yourprint.in

This is another common Christmas gift for boys. You can create a customised black mug for your boy at different online stores like yourprint.in for Rs. 249. Add the picture of your boy or written text about him and get it printed in good picture quality. This personalized mug is of high quality and manufactured with durable ceramic material. With your boy’s photo printed on it, he will remain grateful to you for such a memorable Christmas gift. A personalised mug is one amazing gift for Christmas.

Virtual Pet

Source amazon.in

Take your boys back to a simpler gaming time this Christmas by buying them a virtual pet. Your boys will certainly love this game. This game has been previously been a blast. Boys can select a pet from the thirty-two pets to take care of. These pets include fish, dog, penguin, dog and more. This will make boys entertaining as they will love it a lot. It is available on amazon.in at Rs. 2,222.

Santa Claus Beard Hat

Source bigsmall.in

If there is anything your kid especially boys will love this coming Christmas is Santa Claus Beard Hat. Buying them this gift this Christmas is something they will be happy about and not the rampart pom beanies and fur coats. This Santa Claus Beard hat will certainly keep winter blues at bay. With this gift, they will scare their friends and this will make them happy and the season very memorable. This Christmas gift will help your boys to enjoy the winter to their fullest. The beard is easy to carry and detachable. It is very durable, warm and comfortable and as such one that boys will love. This is available on bigsmall.com for Rs. 699.

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Make This Christmas unforgettable for Your Child

Every parent wants only the best for their children. This Christmas, get your child that gift he has been longing for from a long time now and make his Christmas wish come true. Although if he hasn't asked for anything specific or himself is not sure of what he truly wants, these gift ideas are something he's going to appreciate greatly! Sprinkle some joy and happiness this Christmas.