Spread the Festive Spirit at Your Workplace with 9 Christmas Gifts for Boss Along with Guidelines on Gifts to Co-Workers (2019)

Spread the Festive Spirit at Your Workplace with 9 Christmas Gifts for Boss Along with Guidelines on Gifts to Co-Workers (2019)

Christmas is one of the most awaited days of the year. Everyone waits for their Christmas gift and even those who do celebrate the festival cannot help but be bitten by the holiday bug. Close on the heels of New Year, a Christmas gift for your boss is a nice way to bring the year to an end. Here are the top Christmas gift ideas for bosses through which you can wish him or her a great year ahead.

Guidelines on Giving Christmas Gifts to Your Boss

Choosing the right Christmas gift for your boss is tough. You tend to make a form of gesture too flashy or outlandish. To save your valuable time, we've rounded up some of the coolest present ideas for each and every boss out there. It is advisable that you should first concern with your colleagues and decide a gift by you all. Giving your boss a little something for the holidays is a first-rate way of displaying your appreciation and spreading some Christmas cheer. But if you’re no longer always around this person apart from at work, you might find yourself at a loss for what to get them.

  • Do not overdo it: resist the temptation to go overboard. Avoid the use of the holidays as a time to show off or make yourself seem better with an over the pinnacle gift to impress. Clients can see through shallow tries of grandeur. A modest present displaying gratitude is always a better choice.

  • Think about group gifts: group ideas are always desirable, these allow everyone to participate at a lower price per individual while offering a better or greater gift than any single man or woman may want to (or should) supply on their own. If you should do it alone, choose for something heartfelt (a vacation plant or baked goods) as a substitute rather than high priced and overly personal.

  • Discreet gifting: if you have a small gift for a few of your colleagues, swap items in the back of the office. Otherwise you risk other people finding out and thinking about why they have been excluded.

  • Cash gifts are a no-no: you cannot give cash as a gift in the workplace, there's no two-ways about it. Giving money makes sense only when it's given as a bonus to employees. However, gift voucher cards and gift certificates work just like cash and are acceptable. It's a good idea to do some research beforehand. You probably should not choose to purchase a gift card to Starbucks if the person receiving the gift does not drink caffeine. An iTunes, Netflix, Amazon gift card is usually your best bet.

  • Be professional and don't give promises: never provide favours as gifts – i.e., to take your boss privately to lunch or dinner. If your mentor offered you coaching or a colleague went out of their way to help you be successful this year, now is a splendid time to recognize them. An act of understanding doesn’t have to be fancy – a nice mug with a bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans and a gift card to a close by coffee shop is perfect. The holidays give more time to appreciate their acts of thoughtfulness.
  • Select thoughtfully: your gift reflects your specific relationship with your boss. If you’re close, you’re likely to know precisely what they would like, and what they’re into. But if they’re simply the individual who signs your checks or who you occasionally see in the break room, you may choose to simply get them something handy and generic. Nothing is more awkward than getting your boss a cool, custom-made bottle of wine.

  • Do not gift under pressure: when it comes to your boss, strive and hold things easy — you have many of other people to purchase for! And really, seeing that not every person buys personal presents for their boss, the right gift will have to show that you cared sufficiently to supply a suitable and thoughtful present out of understanding and respect. It does not have to be something you picked up an last minute at the gift shop across your office.

  • Think about the price: the concept of giving anyone a present is an expression or a gesture to show your feelings and intention behind it. It's about your idea that went into both shopping for or making that unique element you gave as a gift. A present is meant to please the one receiving it in terms of how the one giving it perceives the receiver, or their likes and dislikes. What you give a person says a lot about you. That is why so many people insist on giving or getting gifts which are handmade, which make it easy to study into how the giver honestly feels about the person.

9 Great Gifting Options for Your Boss This Christmas

Buying a gift for your boss can be a complete minefield – do you go for something humorous or something non-public or decide for a useful gadget? Whether it’s for a birthday, life event, the vacations or just because you want to say ‘thank you’, you’ll want a gift with the perfect trace of individuality and quality. After all, it is for the individual that makes all the vital decisions for your career progression. We’ve pulled collectively a range of gifts that are sure to provoke your boss. If you’re shopping for a non-public gift, there are extraordinarily low-priced options, but if your entire group is chipping in, there are some fancier gifts you would rather prefer.

Meditating Buddha Showpiece

Spruce up the contemporary look of his living space with this Buddha idol, made of poly-resin. An elegant pick to enhance the look of your space, this decorative piece will also be an ideal gift to convey your wishes to your box on Christmas. This is priced at Rs. 799.00.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

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The bamboo plant comes from the Tropical rainforests of South-east Asia and Africa. The positive effect of the Lucky Bamboo plant differs with the number of Lucky Bamboo stalks! Two layered Lucky Bamboo is said to double the receipant's luck. and this is priced at Rs. 649.00.

Quotation Booklet

Priced at Rs. 399, this book has handy tips for healthy living on each page. Perfect to remind your boss to pay attention to his health. It is great gift because it gives information with a light touch, instead of making it lookmlike a lecture on healthy living. After all everyone could do with a reminder to do better on their health front

Lucky Money Tree

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Your boss will appreciate having something green in his/her office space. The lucky money tree is said to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner. Gift your boss this lucky money tree which is around 6 inches high and comes in a plastic pot with jute wrapping. You can get it on Ferns and Petals for Rs. 1399/-

World's Best Boss Printed Ceramic Mug

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A coffee is the right way to start the day! What better gift than a printed coffee mug to make your boss appreciate you at the start of the day. Amazon has a lovely 'World Best Boss' printed coffee mug for Rs. 249/-. It is available in different colours and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The printing is done digitally to last for a long time and is made of ceramic with a glossy finish to make it look extra special.

Gift Set of Golden Apple Clock with Crystal Pen and Business Card Holder

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A perfect card holder to have on any desk, this set of an apple clock and crystal pen with a card holder is a one of a kind gift for your boss this Christmas. Amazon has this product at Rs. 420/-. Elegant and stylish this is a great gift and modestly priced item too.

Ctrl Alt Del Cup Tray Set

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This modern and stylishly funny cup and tray set with the words ALT, CTRL and DEL on them makes for a wonderful gift of even to have yourself. Perfect for a cup of coffee or a quick drink of lemon tea. You can also repurpose this to be used as a stationery older for your desk at work to keep it organised. Gift this to your boss, he/ she is sure to appreciate the pun in this playful gift set. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 399/-

Bar Accessories

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This high-quality bar tools set will appreciate your boss. Priced at Rs. 2,199, the set contains 3 whisky glass and useful tools. The whisky box is packed within an elegant leatherette finished box which gives a classy appearance.

Desktop Accessory with Calendar

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A calendar is one of the most used tools on every desk and at every workplace. Gift your boss this elegant desktop calendar with the words 'Best Boss' engraved on it for just Rs. 599/- on Amazon. The engraving is handmade, making it all the more endearing and thoughtful.

How Much Should Be Spent on a Christmas Gift for Your Boss?

The amount of money you spend on your boss is determined by your job title, and that of the individual you are buying a present for. The amount you spend on your boss relies upon very a good deal on your relationship. If you are an admin shopping for an executive, you may limit your budget, but if you are a VP buying for your SVP, then, by using all means, spend away. The amount you spend is a subtle balance. If you spend too much, you will threat offending your co-workers who will probably suppose you're making an attempt to achieve favour. Remember, lavish gifts are in no way cautioned, "Don't destroy the bank. Your boss is aware of what you make."

Are You Well Acquainted?

Business etiquette policies do not require you or any worker, to provide a gift to your boss for any occasion. In fact, giving a gift when it's no longer essential can appear as if you are trying to buy your way into your boss’ proper graces. And, giving an inappropriate present to your boss ought to make your boss experience discomfort. However, if you feel it is necessary that you present your boss with a gift (i.e., if you think your boss will hold it against you—a suitable indication you're working for the incorrect boss) or, you just prefer to supply your boss a gift, you want to be aware of the guidelines.


There are those people on your vacation shopping list who are genuinely difficult to keep for—and then there’s the one who’s in all likelihood the most difficult: your boss. In most cases, you spend greater time with your manager than you do with your spouse, family members, or friends. But that doesn’t necessarily suggest you be should know heaps about them outside of the office. So, picking out something that’s both considerate and personal can surely be a bit of a challenge. While gifting always keep budget in your own mind

Any Gift is Better Than a Cheap Gift

There are not too many meaningful items that you can purchase these days, so the less expensive present will typically appear simply as a cheap, insincere, or like a "token" gift. Cheap items send the message that you are only presenting a gift due to the fact that you felt you had to or had been too lazy to put any thinking into the gift. If you do know you won’t have the money to spend, the best way is to make your own gift. Yes, handmade gifts are cheap, and the best. They don’t look very impressive and great, but they show the time you have spent on a gift.

Think of The Message

It is ok to write a greeting card wishing your boss a happy birthday and write a quick word about how much you appreciate them. We prefer not to let people be aware of the cost of the gift, and our economic constraints and boundaries to whom we're gifting. The receiver might also be distracted if the gift has the price tag. Some people would like to show their wealth in this manner, but this technique of gifting is hypocrisy. To keep away from prevailing misconceptions, we ought to dispose of the price tag.

Group Gifts

Group gifts are best because it makes a great budget to give a big gift. Doing so allows everyone to participate at a lower price per individual while offering a better or greater gift than any single man or woman may want to (or should) supply on their own. If you should do it alone, choose for something heartfelt (a vacation plant or baked goods) as a substitute rather than high priced and overly personal.

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A best gift to your best boss

The gift, you are giving to your boss, should be chosen very carefully very carefully. Because business ethics do not allow you for this. You can select any of the gift mentioned above, we have already sorted them out for you.
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