How Do You Impress Your Boss Through a Gift? 10 Great Gift Ideas for Male and Female Bosses That aren't Over the Top or Underwhelming, but Just Right (2019)

How Do You Impress Your Boss Through a Gift? 10 Great Gift Ideas for Male and Female Bosses That aren't Over the Top or Underwhelming, but Just Right (2019)

It could be your boss's birthday, she may have been promoted, or he may be retiring or moving on; there are many instances where you may have to give a gift to your boss. Getting it just right is crucial as you don't want to come across too strong, or wind up giving something that looks cheap and as though no thought was put into it. We guide you through the steps to ascertain your equation with your boss and what the right kind of gifts are.

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How to Go About Getting a Gift for Your Boss

Many times you come across occasions where you need to buy a gift for your boss; it could be a birthday, farewell or simply the closing of a big deal; whatever the occasion, a gift is always an ideal thing. Buying a gift for your boss is certainly not an easy task. You need to think of so many things before you can settle for something because the gift could be the thing that could make or break your experience at work.

To put your best foot forward, you need to get your boss the perfect gift. We have tried our best to help you in this task by compiling this article. Read further to see essential tips on buying your boss a gift along with the top 10 trending ideas that might help you decide.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying a Gift for Your Boss?

You need to keep certain things in mind when choosing a gift for your boss so that you are not just on the safe side but might also end up impressing him or her. These tips will help you make the best impression possible.

#1 Keep it Simple and Don't Buy Anything Quirky

The first thing to remember is that your gift should be simple. Don’t select quirky or over the top gifts. Remember, you are buying a gift for your boss and not your friend. Until and unless your boss is very friendly and would easily take a joke, don’t take the risk of buying something quirky or a gag gift. You never know when he or she might get offended. If you also share a more personal relationship outside of the workplace, keep the personal and funny gifts for when you are out of the office. For now, buy a simple and elegant gift.

#2 Keep His or Her Taste and Preferences in Mind

This is a no-brainer. You need to keep his or her taste and preference in mind. If you will notice them closely, you will be able to point out certain things; like, their favourite colour or style, and this will help you choose a gift that they will surely like. You don’t want to take the risk of getting them something unimpressive. Does he always have a plant on his desk or office? Perhaps a plant or even gardening tools will be a good idea. Noticed that your boss have a penchant for fine pens and has a fairly good collection? Buy her a classy pen that will add to that collection.

#3 Don't Buy Something Very Expensive

You might think that buying your boss an expensive present is a great idea but allow us to break the bubble. More often than not, your boss might actually be put off by a gift that seems to be too expensive. Money and related issues will crop up, giving way to complex. It will also create unnecessary issues at work, among your colleagues as well, which you are best to avoid. Buy something nice and simple, don’t go overboard on the expenses.

Top 10 Gifts That Your Boss Will Surely Love!

So, now that you already have an idea about the kind of gift you should get your boss, we have tried to make things all the more easier for you. Read further to see the top 10 gift ideas that your boss is sure to love. The best part is that they are all available at reasonable prices online and you can order from the comfort of your home.

GoldGiftIdeas Brass Peacock Wall Hanging (Multicolour)


This is a nice gift and most people would easily fall for. A beautiful wall hanging that can be used in their home or even in a nook of their office. It is made or brass and has peacocks embellished in its design along with hanging diyas and bells. One will automatically get a heritage, traditional feel on looking at it. it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and is available for a discounted price of Rs.1,225 only on You can also get it delivered fast along with getting it gift wrapped as well.

Nine10 Gold or Silver Plated Gift Item

One of the safest gifting options for your boss is a gift set which is formal and yet not so formal at the same time. This gift box with gold plated clock (in the shape of an apple), card holder and two pens is the perfect option. The clock can be used as a table clock. It comes in a blue velvet box which gives it a nice look and feel. It is available on Snapdeal for Rs.1,813, and you can also get it gift wrapped. If you would prefer different combinations of things in the box then you can look at other similar available options as well.

Personalised Best Boss Ever Certificate on Stone


Available on for just Rs.899, is the rock slate that is a certificate for the best boss ever. It is a colourful little thing which can also be a nice desktop figure or can be placed on a shelf as well. A nice, heartfelt message is also printed on it for your boss. You can get it shipped to your place quickly and Amazon also offers the option of gift wrapping it for free.

Cassette Business Card Case

If your boss loves unique things with an old-world charm then this cassette-inspired business card case will win his heart. This clever design mixes the old with new; it is a pure wooden card case which can also be used as a desktop stand. Made out of American walnut wood, the 80’s inspired graphics make it a beautiful piece. It would also surely remind your boss of them time when music was only available in these little cassettes (and, who knows, they may have made a mixtape of their own?). It is available on Uncommon Goods for Rs.1,848 only. You needn’t worry about gift wrapping as well because it comes packed in a ready-to-gift box.

Colorful Surprise

Flowers are one of the best things to gift when it comes to a formal relationship. However, you need to be careful about the choice of flowers. For example, red roses is never considered a good option for formal occasions. This beautiful flower arrangement from Archies is an ideal gift for your boss. It has colourful flowers arranged aesthetically; there are 5 yellow lilies, 3 purple orchids, 15 pink carnations and green filler leaves, all put together in a basket. It is priced at Rs.1,899. You can also give this along with another small gift too.

Evergreen Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant for Boss


FernsnPetals has a beautiful two layer bamboo plant in a glass vase which is covered with jute rope. It also has the word ‘BOSS’ embellished on the jute base with a bright yellow colour rope. Bamboo plants like these are considered to be lucky and gifting this symbolises your wishes of good luck and happiness to them. You can consider gifting this meaningful gift to your boss on almost any occasion which he or she can also use as a showpiece. It is worth Rs.649 only.

No.1 Boss White and Red Rose Arrangement in a Glass Vase


You would surely like this gift. The gift contains 14 red roses and 6 white roses, along with seasonal leaves, placed in a square glass vase of 6 x 4 inches. The glass vase is wrapped in natural jute rope and it also has #1 Boss written on it with red and white rope. The gift is a nice option and can be given for almost any occasion including your Boss’s birthday, farewell or even some other occasion. Once the flowers have withered out, the glass vase can be used as a desk organizer or to grow house plants. It is available on Ferns n Petals for just Rs.1,099. It can also be gift wrapped and delivered quickly to your place.

Cello Table Clock


Available on IGP for just Rs.740 only, this beautiful table clock could be the gift you are looking for. It is a very pleasing Cello table clock and is a mix of contemporary look with vintage feel. The clock has an old-world charm to it while it has a more modern-looking black silhouette of a man playing the guitar. The clock would surely win your Boss’s heart and might get a place on his work desk as well. The clock will be placed in a proper box, ready to be gifted. You can also get it gift wrapped from them and delivered to your place quickly. This could be the gift you need.

Weekly Storage Organiser

This is one of the most unique gifts trending online and your boss will be pleasantly surprised with this useful gift. It is a storage organiser where one can store everything from mundane things like keys, charger to even notes and cards. They also have 7 pockets for each day of the week along with an extra pocket to keep weekly schedules in. Made out of white cloth with clear cut colourful design, this can easily be hanged anywhere; at home or even in the office. You can buy this from]( at Rs.499 only.

Moddy's Heritage Truffle Box

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Your Boss would surely love this box of specially curated chocolates from one of Ooty’s finest shop – the Moddy’s. There are 24 pieces of unique chocolate truffles, each enrobed with traditional nuts. Every piece is also foiled and perfectly put together in a gift box with a moulded tray. It will make for a great gift and you don’t need to think twice about it. The box is made as a ready to gift option and they don’t offer the option of gift wrapping. It is available on Place of Origin for Rs.480 only.

How to Create an Everlasting Impression with Your Gift

Now, that you have selected a gift, make sure that you leave an everlasting impression with it. It will not only help you in building a good relationship with your boss but will also help make up for any past hitches. To help you make the best possible impression, we have listed some of the best 3 tips that you can do easily.

#1 Give the Gift in Person (Don't Just Leave it on Your Boss's Desk)

Many people make this mistake which actually costs them way more than they expect. Don’t leave the gift on your boss’s desk or simply in his cabin, it will make the wrong impression; it makes you appear not confident or arrogant, and you don’t want to be either of them. Give the gift to him or her in person. Make small talk. You will see a big difference in your relationship with your boss thereon.

#2 Add a Small, Handwritten Note with It

This one is a great tip that you should actually use with every person you send a gift to. Add a small, handwritten note with the gift to make it more personal. It also effectively shows that you care and took a lot of effort instead of simply just buying whatever came to your mind first. You can write a small note expressing your appreciation for having him/her as a boss or find a good message or quote online expressing your sentiments. Make it short, sweet and simple.

#3 Pack it in an Elegant Way

Now, that you have already taken so much effort in finding the gift and writing a note as well, don’t let your efforts go to ruin by packing the gift in a shoddy manner. Pack the gift elegantly and suited to your boss’s taste and preferences. You can find a large variety of gift wrapping papers online or at your nearest market as well. Avoid wrapping papers that are bright in colour or have too many illustrations, instead settle for pastel shades or simple papers that will make a nice impression. One of the most trending ideas is to also get a nice gift box instead of a wrapping paper.

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Maintain good personal relationships

Any work environment will have it's moments of high stress and tempers running high. Learn to differentiate between formal or corporate relationships and personal ones. Having a good rapport with your boss does not mean you will not be told off for doing a bad job at work and you cannot take it as personal critique. When it comes to gifting, look back at the positives and not the bad days at work as your frame of mind can affect the choices you make in selecting a present.