Corporate Gifting is Important in Building Your Firm's Image and Choosing the Right Professional Gifts is Crucial. Here are 10 Winning Ideas for 2020

Corporate Gifting is Important in Building Your Firm's Image and Choosing the Right Professional Gifts is Crucial. Here are 10 Winning Ideas for 2020

It's a new year - 2020, and a wonderful time to give gifts to your clients and employees to commemorate the change. Corporate gifting helps create a more warm work environment and builds personal connection, while bringing about more brand awareness. This article expatiates on not just choosing the right gift, for your coporate associates but also packaging it so that it gives the right impression.

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Elegant and Executive Gifts To Grow Professional Relationships

Giving a gift which is of a low quality says a lot about you and your business. This can invariably affect your dealings and, in fact, the relationship itself. The corporate world is quite sensitive, a wrong move can result in an individual missing out on a deal or a contract, but a right move in the right direction can earn you a contract deal. Therefore, when you have to give a gift to any of your professional friends or organizations, take the time to search for elegant, classy, executive and high-quality gifts.

It has been said that gifts have a lasting impact and have an effect on the receiver, so select the gift that speaks volumes. The quality of the gifts you give says how much you treasure and respect the person receiving it. Never fall into the trap or temptation of buying just any gift, rather get gifts that will measure up to the standard of the person receiving it. Even if your budget is tight, there are so many great and affordable gifts out there that can suffice and meet your requirements. You just need to pay attention to spot the right one.

Give Unconventional Gifts

There are certain gifts that have become the norm; they have become so common that they should not be considered for clients and top professionals. To make the right impression, get creative. People will appreciate new things and gifts, not something they see in almost all the offices they walk into. Be creative, you can either personalize the gift or choose to have a gift specially crafted out and made for them. It is mind-blowing to receive a gift that is unique, creative and exceptional. Get something unconventional, something they would never expect.

Go For High Quality Gifts

Have you ever received a corporate gift and as you opened the wrapping sheet to have a closer look, a part of the gift item falls off? Not a funny thing right. Getting gifts of low and average quality always can be disappointing. If you want to be held in high regard, go for high quality gifts, gift items that are durable and long lasting. Spend the money to keep the relationship blooming, don't be cheap or low class in showing your appreciation.

Brand The Gifts Appropriately

The world is a small place, even though it might not look like that but it is. Brand a gift properly because you never know who might see it. This way, your brand will always precede you. Make sure the gift item you are giving has your company name, your logo, your online presence details, and don't forget to include your contact number. You can also brand the carrier bag in which the item will be kept in and presented to the receiver.

10 Fabulous Gifts They Will Proudly Display In Their Offices


1. Golden Moments Basket

Golden Moments Basket Contents include a collection of Large assortment of crackers, Flavored Cheese spread, Snack bread, Salted cashews, Chocolate dipped premium cookies, Assorted biscotti, Cozy hot chocolate mix, Flavoured/organic tea, Assorted flavoured coffees, Triple chocolate chip cookies, Decadent chocolate chip shortbread, Assorted chocolates and truffles, Sweet cream fudge and Chocolate mint. Gifting the Golden Moments Basket is a great and remarkable way to show your client or business partners your appreciation for their business. To make an order visit and have this exceptional gift basket delivered to your clients at a cost of Rs. 9231 which covers both purchase and the cost of shipping.

2. Decision Maker Paperweight

Corporate organizations and business are faced with the dilemma of making tons of decisions on a daily basis. Giving your client the Decision Maker Paperweight will help reduce the stress that comes with decision making. The Decision Maker Paperweight a fun gadget to play with, in moments when there is a crucial business deal to seal up. The decision maker consists of the unique choices like “yes”, “no” and of course “no chance”. Your clients or business associates get to spin the solid wheel to decide on labelled choices. At the price tag of Rs. 899, you can place an order for the Decision Maker Paperweight at

3. Premium Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder. Large 100g Capacity Coffee Mill

Premium Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder can be gifted to clients and business partners to be used to craft their perfect cup of coffee. The Coffee grind has been made in a way to give coffee lovers more control over the grind. The Burr Manual Coffee Grinder has a well adjustable hand-crank that ensures the coffee has the right flavour, taste, or aroma. One of the unique features of the Burr Manual Coffee Grinder is the Dual Ceramic Conical Burrs that allows for precision grinding without the heat that affects the coffee’s benefits. The Burr Manual Coffee Grinder can be purchased online at where it has a price tag of Rs. 3013.

4. Jaycoknit Black Dzire Metal Royal Pen Corporate Gift Set


Jaycoknit Black Dzire Metal Royal Pen is a fabulous gifting option. The pen is stylish, unique and attractive. Two things that make this pen stand out are the stainless steel trim and the matte finish of the pen. A pen comes handy any day, anytime and anywhere. You can hardly catch any executive, business person or an employer of labour without a pen in his or her possession which is why the Jaycoknit Black Dzire Metal Royal Pen Corporate Gift Set is a perfect gift for the corporate world. This beautiful and robust pen gift set can be gotten at for just Rs. 199 where it has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

5. Giftsmate Leather and Suede Handmade Journal Set


This beautifully designed leather journal and diary set, pen and a leather bookmark is a gift that any professional would love to have in his possession. It will help capture ideas, thoughts and relevant comments in an easy and timely manner. This Giftsmate Leather and Suede Journal set particularly comes handy for those who are always on the move. The leather journal is handmade and is made from expensive leather; it is soft, shiny and smooth. The pages in this journal are wrapped by the dark tan to ensure adequate care and protection. This set can be gotten from where it is sold at a price of Rs. 1199.

6. A Business Card Holder

All professionals will consider this an appropriate gift to receive. Therefore, having a place to keep those business cards would be something they will deeply appreciate. This Card Holder is made of superior quality material. The Business Card Holder is offered in various designs and customized packaging and delivered as at when due. Visit to place an order at a fair price of Rs. 70. This business card holder will be a beautiful addition to a professional’s collection.

7. Deep Sea Sand Art

Brighten up the atmosphere and the outlook of your office with this beautiful piece of art. There is no denying the fact that people work better when the environment is inviting and comfortable. Giving the gift to a client will not only add colour and beauty to his office but will add a magic touch to the environment and make working easier. The Deep Sea Sand Art piece is indeed a magical beauty that can be placed on an office desk, bookshelf, or coffee table, to reveal delicate drifts of light, dark, and glittery golden sand that will captivate anyone that walks into their offices. The Deep Sea Sand Art piece is surprisingly Handmade and goes for a price of Rs. 6038. It is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on If you would like to bring a calming presence to the office of any professional, place an order for this beautiful piece.

8. Cork Globe

The Cork Globe has been designed to track travels in a three-dimensional style. There are 5 push pins, all red in colour, provided which can be used to mark important destinations. They can also be used to attach postcards, pictures and tickets. The Cork Globe allows the receiver to celebrate his adventures with every turn as he spins it. The beautiful piece on and can be purchased at a price of Rs. 5700. This gift is sure to bring a modern touch to the library or office of the one who will be privileged to receive it.

9. Kindle E-Reader


Let your clients and business partners get the satisfaction and contentment of carrying their entire library in one device. The Whispersync technology which synchronizes pages read, sites visited and bookmarks across all their devices so they can continue from where they stopped. This device is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the earlier creation of the Kindle device which offers a new level of ease and comfort when holding it and unlike tablets, the Kindle device has no blue light to disturb your sleep. Visit to get the thin and light, for one-handed reading, Kindle where it is at a price of Rs. 5999.

10. Cello Table Clock


Time is a precious gift that cannot be recovered once it is wasted. Gifting a Table Clock to an individual is not merely for decoration only, but is a way to help them manage time and manage their tasks as well. A look at the clock is essential for professionals to understand the time zones around the world especially when they have to attend Skype Meetings or Webinars scheduled at a time that is quite different from theirs. The Cello Table Clock is a definitely a useful gift to any professional. At the Cello Table Clock costs Rs. 741.

Business Gifting Etiquette to Be Mindful of

Keep In Mind The Rules Surrounding Gifts In Companies

The act of giving gifts assists in establishing all types of relationships including relationships in the corporate world but you have to bear in mind the rules and ethics of giving in the corporate world because this requires your careful attention to avoid breaking the rules. Sometimes it safer to check a company's policies regarding gift giving before giving a gift because an overly expensive gift might be perceived as an attempt to bribe. Sometimes, your best intentions can backfire. Overall, ensure it is neatly wrapped; presentation is as important as the content and a good taste is imperative.

The Value of Your Gifts Should Match What The Customer Spends

Give gifts that are equivalent to or more than the client, business partner or organization has spent on the products and services your organizations offer. Check your records and find out how much this client has invested into your organization and decide what gift to give that will not be too little or too big.

Add A Personal Note For More Impact

No matter how busy your schedule might be, create the time to send a personal note to the one you are sending the gift to. A personal note carries more weight than just sending the gift with either your business card or a printed card. Sending a note is a way of saying the relationship you share with this client or organization is important to you.

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Brand your gift

Use the opportunity of gifting to advertise your brand. Let the gifts you give to your clients go ahead to create more awareness for your brand. Thus, ensure your company logo, social media addresses and perhaps, company address and contact number are on the packaging.