Customer Retention is Crucial to Sustainable Company Growth. 10 No-Fail Corporate Gifts to Keep You on Your Clients’ Minds All Year

Customer Retention is Crucial to Sustainable Company Growth. 10 No-Fail Corporate Gifts to Keep You on Your Clients’ Minds All Year

Unsure whether or not to jump on the corporate gifting bandwagon? Here are some arguments on why you should, followed by a curated list of corporate gifts detailing how you should.

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Why Corporate Gifting is Essential for Your Company

  • To Establish Trust: A company runs on trust between employees and its working partners(employees, partners etc). This bond needs to be nurtured by treating the employees with gifts right on time. A corporate gift can earn effective respect from clients and business partners too as it is an offering of trust.
  • A Celebration of Culture: When giving a corporate gift, you need to keep in mind about the cultural aspects of the recipient. With globalisation, you need to gift people from all over, and so they must be appropriate. Do your research to see what would be appreciated and will not accidentally offend the person.
  • It Sets a Good Vibe: Thoughtful and useful gifts are welcomed by people and it always leaves a good impression. In the corporate context, it can strengthen relationships and build bonds.
  • Builds Awareness: Corporate gifts are indeed an essential tool in the marketing department of the company. It not only builds communication and ethics but also understanding between areas.
  • Express Gratitude: A corporate gesture of gift giving is a part of business promotion along with expressing gratitude to the person. It binds an invisible thread of good feeling between both the parties.

Best Corporate Gift Options

1. Business Organiser

What do you need most of the time when you are travelling abroad or rushing for a meeting? Yes, you are right - a Business Organiser that you can to keep handy during meetings to take notes and details. This is an ideal professional business tool combining the facilities of a diary with contact information, finance recorder, and easy note taking. It is available in PU version; it has full-length pockets on the inside cover where you will get extra storage for cardholders. It is a complete portable work station which can be easily adapted for many useful purposes. The size of the organiser is 5.2 x 8.5 inches, and the paper quality is 66 GSM. It has a leatherette PU cover, and the number of pages is 365. The printing type is screen printing, and it has natural paper. The colour and design may vary as per availability of stock. If you are buying in bulk, you can get a good discount on this product. The price for this item is Rs. 1,158 per product.

2. Pen Stand with Clock

A sober personalised tabletop gift can be a great option for corporate gifting. A Pen Stand made of wood itself looks elegant, but that with a beautiful elephant carving can look at its best. It has a clock at the centre, and you can also see a small elephant along with the stand. The clock’s digits are in roman numbers, and it is surrounded by a golden border. The pen stand can hold around 4 to 5 pens easily, and the price for this gift item is Rs. 525.

3. Power Bank

In today’s fast-paced world, travelling with only a phone charger for any business trip is not always going to work, especially if you are always on meetings and working non-stop. A Power Bank can solve this problem way better. You can create your customized power bank which is white and is a key backup accessory. You can easily buy a power bank to ensure that you never have to run out of battery. This power bank can be personalised by importing name. The colour used is white, and the material used for this product is plastic. It also has a long twelve-month warranty. It has the power input of 5V/2.1A and output of 5V/2.1A and the size of 143 x 60 x 23 mm. it comes with the huge capacity is 11000 mAh in the price of Rs. 1,199.

4. Premium Pen

A pen is always a special way to show your gratitude as it is one of the best gifts for someone you trust or respect. The Parker Ball Pen has an aluminium with graphite lacquered finish decoration applied by electrostatic or immersion powder spray. It is equipped with free-turning tungsten carbide ball which delivers a sharp and clean line. It is a public collection, and the ink colour is blue. You can laser engrave this premium pen free of cost with Name, Company Name or Logo. For personalising a name, you need to upload the text or logo file. It has a special gift wrapping option which can be done with customised gift paper which will display the company name or logo. The price for this unit is Rs. 1,300.

5. Smart Watch

The corporate world is always one step ahead in technology, and it is a smart choice to gift smart equipment which will be highly appreciated by the employees or clients. The Binai brand offers a Bluetooth Smart Watch sporty clock which has the Bluetooth version of BT3.0. it supports multiple languages, but English is the default one.

It is waterproof and has other special features like sleep monitor, pedometer, calls or message showing support, anti-lost support etc. It has motor step, sedentary reminder and many intelligent applications – dialer, message, remote notification, remote camera, heart rate monitor, calculator, and recorder, find my phone facility and many more. A mobile phone like iPhone 8 and few other android based phones can be customised, connected and synchronised .it supports SIM card, can make calls and can sync instant messages. This smartphone combines sports and business look, and it applies to all occasions. It will create your own identity and temperament. The material used in the phone band is silicone, the length is 290 mm, it has a 3D acceleration sensor, and the battery capacity is 380 mAh. The size of the watch is 55 x 44 x 13.6 mm. it has 32 MB RAM and 32 MB ROM which supports extended 8 GB. The charging time of the watch is 1 – 1.5 Hr. Price for this smartphone is Rs. 2,178, and it comes in silver, gold and white colour variation.

6. Duffle Bag


A good quality bag is one of the traditional gifts in the corporate section and it would be best if the bag is made from high-standard leather. A Weekender Duffel Bag is a great way to stay organised, and it is designed to exude comfort and class. It is made from premium quality leather, and it has sturdy zippers. All the essentials can be organised in a spacious compartment. It is ideal for frequent travellers. It is a multipurpose bag which can be used as a gym, sports and weekend cabin duffel bag, an overnight bag. It has easy to carry push handles and a detachable shoulder strap which helps to carry it easily to carry around without any hassle. It has one main compartment, and the size is 50 x 24 x 24 cm and the weight of the bag is 5.7 kg. This duffel bag can be customised and used with the logo as a branded business gift for client or employees. The price for this high-quality weekender duffel is Rs. 1,800.

7. Ace Jotter


A minimalistic holder is always needed when someone heads for travel and carries only light luggage. It is a multipurpose solution for many small yet essential items. The Ace Jotter has an aesthetic design which is business appropriate, and it is made with the premium quality of leather. It has a solid yet sleek minimalistic holder which can hold passport, pen, and the secure pockets can hold cards inside. If someone is on the go this portfolio-cum-business-holder is ideal for the person. This gift can be customised and used as a luxurious gift or as a branded corporate gift. The dimension of the portfolio is 16 x 10.5 cm, and the weight is 0.3 kg. The unit price of this product is Rs. 735 at

8. Pen with a Table Clock

A Table Clock with a Pen is a sophisticated everyday accessory for the corporate people at the office. This combo gift of pen and watch is a mark of style as it not only tells time but also enhances the office table, study table, and gives a feeling of royalty. The pen is a premium quality one, and the clock has roman letters in white face. It comes in a beautiful paper case, and the pen comes with one-year manufacturer defect warranty. The ballpoint pen and the table clock are both made of metal. The price of this precious gift is Rs. 2,000 with a delivery time of five to seven days approx.

9. Power Bank Organiser

A Power Bank Organiser is designed to enhance productivity and streamline one’s tech accessories with ease. This versatile tech organiser is a perfect companion for every professional, and it is ideal for corporate gifting purposes. It has folders with inbuilt pen drives along with notepad keeper. This product can be imprinted with a logo or artwork with digital printing, silk screen printing, laser engraving, embossing etc. The PowerBook NoteBook USB Diary cost Rs. 1,481 at Branded Corporate Gift.

10. Bamboo Wood Notebook

A handy notebook is a reasonably good corporate gift which is made entirely from quality wood. This Wooden Notebook is made from bamboo, and it can be customised with the message, quote, name or picture. A photo can be carved, a message like ‘thank you’ can be added easily. It is made of the pure bamboo hardcover. The regular notebook measures 18 x 14.5 cms, and the large notebook measures 24 x 15 cms. The regular and large notebook contains 70 unlined brown pages. It also includes a beautiful and elegant looking bamboo pen. The back elastic band along with it keeps the notebook securely closed. For customisation, a high-resolution image and/or text is needed. The designed preview of the product is sent through email, and after approval, it is carved and shipped back. The price for this elegant customised gift is Rs. 899. You can personalise the front cover, opt for the personalised pen, personalise the back cover and also add a greeting card with some minimum charges.

Tips to Make Corporate Gifts Selection Successful

  • Choose an Item as an Everyday Gift: The best gift items are those which the givers want to take for themselves. A customised gift shows the thankfulness, extra thought and consideration on the giver’s part.
  • Choosing from an Event Perspective: Choose a corporate gift according to the theme or event suitable for the purpose. There is a vast difference between promotional gifts and celebratory gifts like holidays or appreciations so keep your motto clear through the selection of the gifts that whether you want a brand awareness or appreciate the people with respect.
  • Think about Unique, Personalised Gifts: Think from the receiver’s perspective while you give away a gift. Whether it is your business partner, client or employee think if they will love the gift or not. Don't buy it if you feel it is cheesy or futile, instead opt for a personalised gift which will be appreciated for years.
  • Always Consider the Packaging: No matter what the gift may be the presentation must be perfect. Selecting the right packaging determines what it says about you or your brand.
  • Consult Your Company Handbook: Always consult your company handbook or talk to the HR for a clear discussion about gift giving. It will prevent trouble rather than handling an issue afterwards.
  • Don't Go Overboard: Buying a gift which looks a lot extravagant than usual can give the feeling that you are trying to buy their business or influence them in some way. It’s always a better idea to keep the corporate gift practical to avoid the feelings of favoritism or indebtedness for the recipient.
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Personalize Your Gifts

Don’t order 30 wine of the month subscriptions and send them to all your clients -- even the two that don’t drink and the one who’s told you several times how much they like beer. Consider your champion’s likes and hobbies, and source a gift that will be meaningful to them.