Want to Keep Your Best Employees? Show Them How Much You Care for Them with Our 10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Employees (2018)

Want to Keep Your Best Employees? Show Them How Much You Care for Them with Our 10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Employees (2018)

Choosing a gift for hundreds of employees or customers can be a difficult and daunting task. Everyone loves to give great gifts that each employee or customer can truly use and enjoy. With limited budgets, as well as personal preferences, it is not easy to find that perfect gift for everyone. Today, we’ve tried to present an article, that’ll make it easier for you to select a perfect gift for your employees.

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Buying Gifts for Employees

As the festival season begins, we all think about gifting; gifting to family, friends near and dear ones, to the poor and underprivileged and to our employees. All companies, big or small do think about a token of thanks and a festive gift for all its employees. The HR executives, managers, and higher authorities choose the best gift for all their employees. Holiday gifts are one of the simplest and effective ways to show your appreciation for employees’ hard work throughout the year.

Supervisors and managers who handle a team under them decide upon gifts each season to show the appreciation towards employees. Your employees deserve appreciation and reward for their hard work. Whether it's in celebration of a promotion or holiday (or just a pick-me-up for their exceptional performance), buying a gift for your workers shows them that you care as their employer.

As an employer or boss, you must have been breaking your head in deciding what to gift your hard-working employees on special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, and New Years. Give people what they really want and tread carefully when offering items that might appear to project a hidden agenda.

What is the Perfect Gift for Employees?

A gift says a lot. If a gift is chosen well keeping in mind all aspects, employees feel appreciated and cared about. A gift shows that you respect the employees for their commitment, that you care about their happiness, well being, and retention. If you know your team members really want a particular type of productivity/branding item (listen for hints around holiday time), go ahead with this idea. If not, steer clear and give them gifts that don’t seem self-serving. Gifts for employees can have a branding or team-building agenda. Just be careful to balance your managerial desire to get something from gift-giving with the sheer fun of it all.

A perfect gift for an employee is something that brings a smile on his face, something that makes him feel respected and adds value to his holiday season. There are a lot of ways to select such gifts:

1. Should Have Your Company Branding

The gifts should look personal and valuable. If you want your gifts to remain with your employees forever, try to make the gift as personal as possible. Add your company branding. Make sure you have the logo and brand name placed appropriately on the gift that you buy. This will make sure that your gift does not go waste and into the bin. Let the gifts be more personal by having your company branding on it. For example, a wine opener and a cutlery set that has the employee name and company logo on it-it gives a feeling of a belonging of the company and never forgetting, who gave it to them.

2. Should Be Useful to Them

A gift should be useful, thoughtful and most importantly be remembered forever. Finding such gifts can be tricky. The gifts should be unique and useful as well. There are a lot of options in the market, but the HR should keep in mind the nature of employees while buying them. There might be different personal grooming sets for men and women in the team or different items for each different bunch and so on.

3. Should be Reasonably Priced

For every gift, there is a budget for sure. So the managers and higher officials should make sure that the gifts are reasonably priced. They should not be too pricey or not be too cheap. Make sure they ultimately make your employees happy and let them cherish these festive moments with family and friends.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Employees

Source www.inc.com

Employee gifts are often a challenge due to appropriateness, affordability and other factors. We have tried to make it easier by making a list of the top 10 gifts that you could consider buying for your employees. The gifts mentioned here are employee appreciation gifts that can be paired with motivational quotes and inspiring messages, and are always appropriate and fit into almost every budget. This can also be used as recognition gifts and are the perfect solution for companies who wish to appreciate employees with gifts. With hundreds of corporate gift products and company gifts for employees to choose from, you are sure to find perfect employee gifts. If your team is small enough that you can shop for individuals, then this gives you an even better chance to pin down a personal gift that shows you care.

Engraved Pen

As always, Print Venue never fails to give classic gifting solutions. For your employees this season, there are a variety of pen designs that can be engraved to give a personal touch and gifted to the employee in the festive season. They can be customized with a company logo, employee name or both, a thoughtful gesture of the festival as well. These pens can remain on their desk forever and remind them of your affectionate gesture for them. Available at Rs. 349 at printvenue.com.

MakeMyTrip Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

Let your employees have a holiday with their families with this travel gift card. Amazon provides MakeMyTrip gift cards at Rs. 1000 that can be used within a year. It is a great token of showing that you care for your employee’s relaxing and spending time with family. MakeMyTrip’s commitment and customer-centricity allows it to better understand and provide for its customers’ diverse needs and wants, and deliver consistently. There is no better gift than a gift of beautiful memories. Add your company logo and a few words of care and gratitude for the employees. It can be redeemed easily on the MakeMyTrip website or app.

Foldable Travel Bag

Your employees travel for a lot of reasons; personal or private. This foldable travel bag resolves all the travel worries in a go. It is made of polyester and is convertible to large airplane/ travel/ overnight bag and stores all sort of stuff properly. It is also attachable to a trolley that makes the carrying easy. It is available in different shades like orange, blue, green etc. And the best part is if not to be used it can be folded into a tiny pouch and stored anywhere without using much space. Available at bigsmall.in at Rs.399 this can be a perfect gift for your employees.

Create Your Own Wall Clock

This can be the best personalized and a gift of utility for your employees. Printland provides a customization for wall clock where you can modify the clock as per your personalization. Add your company logo and employee’s name so that it can hang on their walls forever and remind them of your company and your sweet gesture for a holiday season. Buy this personalized wall clock at Rs. 449 from printland.in and give away the best gifts to your employees.

COI Planner with Mobile Holder and Calculator

Source www.amazon.in

Your employees need to be organized and up to date to work efficiently in their daily official routine. This COI planner with mobile holder and calculator with pen and multiple pockets will help keep their notes intact in a very elegant manner. This planner or note diary can be carried to interviews, meetings or for their personal use. The size of this organizer, when closed, is 16 x 13 cm. It has attractive interiors and includes pen and multiple pockets. Available at Rs. 899 at amazon.in; this is the perfect gift for your employees.

Desk Calendar

A personalized desk calendar is a great corporate gift. How nice it can be if all the employees have the same desk calendar given from their managers as a gift on the holiday season. Personalize it with your company name and a picture of your employee to add a personal touch. Desk calendar available at printvenue.com at Rs.199 is a beautiful gift for your employees.

Lal Sweets Mysore Pak 400 gm

Sweets are the most beloved gift items. They signify happiness, festivity and love and care. Giftease.com also has a lot of gifting options. Lal sweets bring to us the premium Mysore Pak, which is a traditional Indian delicacy. Every bite of this mithai is as soft as cotton and melts in your mouth immediately. This Diwali gift it to all your loved ones at home and at the office to make them feel special! Mysore Pak by Lal sweets is a good gifting option for all your employees on the festive season. Personalize the sweet boxes with a handwritten note from your end to make it more special.

Elephant Diary Gift

Source www.amazon.in

A classy and elegant elephant diary for your employees could be the perfect gift for this festive season. It is a high-end silk touch journal that is classic, simple and is manufactured in the highest quality. It has a super fine and genuine smell of silk fabric that makes you feel nostalgic instantly. It is a handmade notebook and gives that feeling rightly so. High and durable quality silk thread makes the gift even more special. Add a personal touch to this gift by adding a handwritten card for each employee and your company logo. This is a gift that your employees will cherish forever. Available at Rs 613 at amazon.in.

Chocolate Box, Candy Box, Gift Box

Savoury bakery items or chocolates can be a thoughtful gift for all your employees. Use this chocolate box, candy box or gift box from Bake Wala to encase goodies in a completely different way. This will add an extra sweet touch to your gift and make your employees feel special. Available at Rs. 275 at bakewala.com.

Personalised Power Bank

This couldn’t get more exciting! Power banks with your name on it. Your employees will love this gift as this is unique and classy. Print Land offers a wide range of power banks that can be personalized with your company logo on one side and employees name on the other side. Gift this thoughtful and unique gift to all your employees and make them happy! Available at Rs.255 at printland.com.

Add an Extra Something

You can make the gift more special by adding some little touches to it. Check the below ideas on what extra perks could be added with your gift!

A Bonus (if Budget Allows)

And who doesn’t like an extra figure in the salary? Yes, if you want to see your employees with that wide grin on their face on this festive season; add a suitable bonus amount in their salary that they can use or save in this season of celebration. If the budget allows, adding a bonus amount is a sure shot way to make your employees happy.

Handwritten Thank You Note

Nothing beats the gifts if they are added with a personalized hand written thank you note. The gifts that you have planned for your employee can become extra memorable and special if the manager or HR add a handwritten thank you note to show how much you care for them and what value they mean to your company.

Express Your Appreciation, in Words

Apart from giving out handwritten notes, remember to voice out loud your thoughts as well. Talk to each one of them personally and appreciate the results they bring to work daily! All these things will make a huge difference in the long run.

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