There's a Fine Line that Separates Appropriate & Inappropriate Gifts for Doctors: 30 Apposite Gifts You Can Present to Your Life Savers in 2022

There's a Fine Line that Separates Appropriate & Inappropriate Gifts for Doctors: 30 Apposite Gifts You Can Present to Your Life Savers in 2022

Has it almost become a family-like relationship with your doctor? Or are you looking for some handy and appropriate gifts for your relatives or friends or colleagues who are doctors? We're here to make it easier for you as we present to you our top 30 picks which can be used to show your appreciation towards everything your doctor does for you along with some important Dos & Don'ts while selecting the right gift for a doctor.

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Thank Your Doctor with Thoughtful and Practical Gifts

Sometimes we are short of words to express our gratitude. It so happens that, either you cannot find the right words or think you should have said something more! In such cases, we resort to the only solution that we have- getting a gift.

Doctors play a very important role in our lives. In fact, in many instances, they are virtually close to God. Some doctors become our favourites. They are the ones whom we trust and literally open up with all our foes. Just thinking about that favourite doctor of yours? If you are planning to get a gift for him/her, then stick around- we’ll get to that in a while!

First and foremost, there is a question that crosses all over minds, when thinking of getting a gift for our doctor.

Is It Ok to Gift My Doctor?

This is quite a tricky one. That’s because the relationship that a patient maintains with a doctor is more professional than personal. (Well, there are always exceptional cases!) And, you obviously don’t want to ruin that relationship whatsoever.

Medical guidelines and ethics don’t oppose the idea of a doctor accepting gifts of any nature. However, gifting a doctor is problematic because:

  • Doctors don’t want their patients to think that gifts are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • They don’t want patients to think that gifts can influence the care that they provide.
  • Doctors generally refuse to accept costly or personal gifts from patients.
  • They don’t want to insult the patient by refusing to accept a gift.
  • This disrupts in their obligation to provide services fairly to all the patients.

So, how to select the perfect gift for your doctor?

Check All Rulebooks

Before you decide to select a gift, always make sure to check if the policies and regulations of the particular clinic or doctor’s office approve of receiving gifts. Certain hospitals and clinics have stringent rules when it comes to doctors receiving gifts from patients.

Having discussed the tips to select the perfect gift, it is necessary that you understand what should not be gifted as well!

  • Never ever give cash as a gift to your doctor. It is always a bad idea when it comes to gifting. Considering the sensitivity of the issue and the chances of misconception, it is good to avoid it, in all circumstances. However, if you wish to make a financial contribution anyhow, then you can make a charitable contribution to the institution, within the ethical guidelines.

  • Never give substandard and shoddy gifts. Making an economical choice doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the product. Always make sure to choose gifts that are in good condition and of good quality. So, considering all the above factors, we suggest you go ahead and start selecting the 'right' gift for your doctor.

30 Gift Ideas for Doctors

Here, we have compiled a list of the most popular and preferred gifting ideas for doctors in India.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

1- Doctor Day Cushion for Ease

It is a no-brainer that doctors spend a lot of time in their offices. Most of the time they are all worked up and are in a muddle of problems. An uncomfortable seat or sitting position adds up to the tension. Get a comfortable cushion for him/her and they will thank you for sure. This cushion printed with a beautiful message for the doctor is a great gifting idea that’s affordable too! The cushion is now available on for Rs.345.

2- Compression Socks to Stand All Day

After being worked out for a long time, muscles get fatigued and sore. No doctor has time for massages or waits for them to recover. They need an easy and quick fix. The best solution for them is compressed socks. Sock republic has just the product one can look for. They are athletic socks in a really nice colour wave. These are made from recycled polyester and cotton and are washable. Make this investment and your calf muscles will thank you. Buy these from for just Rs. 299 and thank us later.

3- Hand Cream for That Extra Effort


Doctors serve humanity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In serving society, they ignore their own health and care. This advanced-repair cream is the perfect cream to help rejuvenate dull skin, provide long-lasting radiance, and hydration. It fulfills all the skin requirements and helps moisturize the skin immensely. It absorbs in the skin very easily without any greasy yuck and does not exfoliate but boosts the elasticity as well, leaving your skin baby soft. You can get this cream from Amazon just for Rs.1,099.

4- Factor Notes Book to List Down Important Things


The problem with running around the whole time is you keep forgetting things. A doctor cannot check his phone the whole time for his to-do list. This diary from notes is the perfect solution for such problems. This bullet journal will bring discipline into your life. It is made up of premium-grade paper with a protective covering around it. It is pocket-sized with round corners to avoid it being a convenience. You can get this notebook for just Rs.199 from

5- Stress Ball to Release Tension

A doctor who wants to release the mental and physical will definitely love this stress ball. When you squeeze a stress ball, the tension and fatigue in the muscles are reduced, enhancing emotional stability, and increasing positive energy. This set contains six stress balls in vibrant yellow colour with a smiley face print on them. Also, it is highly durable and long-lasting, made up of premium quality materials. Buy this from Snapdeal for Rs.159 and alleviate their anxiety and tension.

Useful Gifts

6- Photoframe to Decorate the Office

Photo frames are always a good idea if you are thinking of giving a present to your doctor. With the timeless pictures, it will not only help to preserve memories but also allows you to commemorate the most joyful moment of your life with pride. Your doctor will surely love your creative gift. This particular frame is made up of high-quality wood and features antique small hole cravings on the border, high definition glass frame, and can be either put on the table or wall-mounted, depending on your preference. You can buy this simple yet decent gift for your doctor from Pepper Fry for only Rs.499.

7- First Aid Sticky Notes to Spice Up the Desk

There is nothing else which can say that a doctor is around other than first aid sticky notes. This gives a personal customizable touch to any space it is being used. These sticky notes are in shape of ointments and assorted bandages. There are hundreds of them in one pack and they stick to most of the surfaces well. Gift these stylish notes for just rs 1138 and impress your friends and colleagues. Hurry now to them from U Buy for Rs.1,,138 and make the best investment so that they never forget a task.

8- Sleep Mask for Better Sleep

Doctors get little time to complete their sleep since they are mostly sleeping in hospitals. They need to fulfill their body requirements of sleep-in lesser times and the cotton sleep eye mask is the best investment anyone can ever make. It is not only soft but is ergonomically designed to fit every head size. It is made up of 5 layers of super breathable fabric including cotton, elastic sponge and modern. It is soft on the eyes and blocks light completely because of its bending cartilage design. Buy this sleep eye mask for just Rs. 1,549 from and enjoy sleep in pitch black and comfortable environment anywhere, anytime.

9- Doctor Theme Printed Coffee Mug to Make Them Smile


Yes, mugs are usual when it comes to gifting, we know. But it surpasses all other gifts in terms of being practical and usable. It could be the most used among gifts, since we all know how relaxing hot cups of coffee and tea is, for the doctor. So, if you are thinking of a coffee mug, then take a look at this one from Khakee. It has a beautiful print on both sides and is extremely durable. The mug is both microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. Get this mug from Amazon for Rs. 289.

10- Water Bottle to Stay Hydrated

Doctors always advise you to stay hydrated while forgetting to drink water in your busy routine. You can solve their problems by giving them this water bottle. It is made up of premium-quality stainless steel material that is food grade and BPA Free. The double-walled insulated water with copper coating and vacuum steel technology helps to keep the water hot or cold for almost 24 hours. This versatile bottle has a stylish design, fine finishing, metallic colours, and spill-proof features. You can get this useful bottle from Amazon for Rs 986.

11- Backpacks for Less Worry

Doctors are always busy treating their patients. Every working doctor needs a multifunctional, versatile bag for all their things. This particular backpack is made up of highly durable polyester material and features one big compartment, a lining compartment, and one mesh pocket. Moreover, it has padded strappy shoulders, metal zip pullers, and an outside pocket to keep the keys. Get this ergonomic bag from Myntra for Rs.674 and make your doctor's life a little less difficult.

Customized Gifts

12- Personalized Doctor Caricature

Well, if you share a more personal relationship with your doctor and would like to surprise him with a unique gift, then take a look at this one. This is a great idea for a funny gift for the doctor if he/she enjoys a good laugh. This personalized caricature of your doctor is funky and appealing. The item is made in glossy acrylic and will look great as a décor piece for the office. The cutout features the doctor’s photo and is a unique and thoughtful idea for a gift. Check out this item on for Rs. 545.

13- Table Organizer For Disciplined Doctor


This is one of the best gifts for the doctor’s office. The desk table organizer is also a beautiful table décor piece. It is the perfect organizer and storage idea for pens, and markers and also includes a clock and a customizable calendar. The organizer is crafted in wood and is long-lasting and durable. The highlight of this product is that you can get the doctor's name engraved on it. Your doctor will find this personalized table organizer to be handy and thoughtful at the same time. Find this product on Amazon for Rs. 599.

Food Options

14- Coffee Hamper for a Coffee Lover

Who doesn't love coffee? Not only does it have health benefits but it also tastes yummy. This particular gift has been specifically chosen to indulge your taste buds. It contains a variety of flavours, and healthy snack options like cookies, popcorn, dips, dried fruits, and multigrain snacks, among many others. In addition to all the food items, it comes with a gift card message to please your loved one. The Basket is wrapped with a maroon net with a satin ribbon bow for only Rs.2,848.

15-Organic Tea Set for Healthy Lifestyle

Let your doctor relieve stress after drinking this organic tea and experience a calming effect. Herbal teas help to maintain a healthy digestive system and boost the immune system while improving body functioning. This particular gift tea set contains delicious three flavours of green tea i.e., green pearls, jasmine green, and royal green. Just like your doctor helps you, you can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle by gifting this exclusive set. Buy it from Tea Cups Full for Rs.2,100.

16- Healthy Dates Box to Much On


Nothing could be a better gift option than a healthy dessert for your doctor. We have selected this box of premium dates to surprise your doctor. It contains natural dates filled with nuts and dried fruits. Each and every date is produced by using sustainable farming techniques to tingle your sense buds. They are fully packed with healthy and essential nutrients, provide an energy boost, and have a unique sweet taste. Get it from Bateel for Rs.3,460.

Practical Gifts

17- Doctor's Spiral Notebook to Write Prescriptions

A notebook always comes in handy for a doctor to quickly jot down notes or details of patients. They are the most preferred among practical and functional gifts. This spiral notebook is perfect for a book to carry around and to fit in a bag. Thinking what’s so special about this notebook? This notebook can be customized with your doctor’s photo or any other image on the cover! You can mail the photo to the seller and get it delivered to your doorstep in 3 to 5 working days. Available on for Rs. 525.

18- Pen, As It Is Better Than Sword


A doctor can never have too many pens. Even though medical records are maintained and digital gadgets have conquered the workplace, doctors still use pens a lot. We recommend you gift your doctor with this designer metallic pen from Oculus. It is lightweight and durable and is excellent for smooth writing. It comes in an attractive gift box and will create a lasting impression on the doctor for sure. The pen is of premium quality and will definitely look great in a doctor’s pocket! Find this pen on Amazon for Rs.349.

19- Pencil Holder to Keep Pencils


So, you are looking for something that’s practical like a desktop organizer, but don’t want to go with the conventional models? Then, we suggest you take a look at his item. This cute piece of work will capture your fun-loving doctor’s heart. The pen holder shaped like a doctor’s coat adds up as a great décor piece and can hold plenty of pens and pencils. It is also handy for storing small tools like scissors and paper clips. Check out this organizer from Pro smart on Amazon for Rs. 295.

20- Massager for Relaxing


After a full day and night shift, nothing can relax a doctor more than a self-massager. It will not only reduce muscle tension but also provides a sense of relaxation.

This particular massager features high-quality soft bendable silicone covering, 28 vibration patterns, and 8 intense speed strength to improve circulation while reducing stress and body aches. It can be used to massage feet, neck, back, shoulders, and legs, to provide complete comfort and relieve pain throughout the body. Moreover, it is water-resistant, and lightweight to hold. You can get it from Amazon for Rs. 1,099. Gift to your doctor and let them enjoy their quality time.

21- Laptop Bag for Convenience

In the current age, all of us need things that are not only functional but stylish as well. Doctors are known to be boring because of the life and schedule they have. If you want to spice your life or help a close friend, the Abgrow Bag is the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

The bag has multiple pockets and cushioning so well to keep your laptop protected from any damage or scratches. The case has a rubber handle for perfect grip and an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue if carried for long times. For just Rs. 449, get this bag from Snapdeal and improve your style to a bare minimum.

Unique Options

22- Printed Coasters to Keep the Tea Hot


Coasters may be small pieces that tuck under coffee mugs and glasses. But they are also a great idea for a decorative table accessory. These coasters printed with the doctor symbol would look great on a doctor's table. The patterns are printed in color durable finish and are waterproof. These are made of MDF wood and are easy to clean and maintain. They are of the perfect size to hold mugs and glasses of all types. These coasters from YuBingo are now available on Amazon for Rs. 395.

23- Bamboo Plant for Greenery

Plants are a thoughtful gift that will not come across as too intimate, for sure. They are great for an office and said to uplift the mood and create a calm atmosphere around. Bamboo plants are considered lucky and a great gifting option. This bamboo plant comes in a mug printed with a beautiful message that says “world’s most awesome doctor”. A lucky and creative combo indeed! You can find this product on for a price of Rs. 1,195.

24- Silver Pendant to Add Style


If you prefer to get a more personal gift for the doctor herself, then this pendant is a great choice. The pendant is made of pure 925 sterling silver and is great as a designer piece of fashion jewelry. It is designed in the shape of a stethoscope and is a great gift for a doctor. The pendant can be holed onto a bracelet or a chain and is very versatile. It is safe and comfortable to wear. This chic and classic charming pendant from Fourseven is available on Amazon for Rs. 800.

25- Desk Lamp for Amazing Lighting

Doctors work the whole day and night to serve their patients and bring them back to life. Working in low light not only increases stress but affects your eyesight as well. Poor lighting also leads to headaches, fatigue, and straining our eyes. This particular Desk Lamp is made up of superior quality aluminum material, has shiny black colour, and is in frustum shape. It features classy details that will look good with any decor and furniture. Treat your doctor with this useful lamp and help them maintain their sight for Rs.1,840.

26- Floral diffuser to Cheer Up the Mood

The stress a doctor feels can be heavy and affects their overall health and performance. Nothing can help elevate their mood other than a floral diffuser. Diffuser by miniso has a long-lasting fragrance and helps elevate the overall mood of the whole area. It makes any person within its vicinity. It helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s the perfect gift for any doctor. You can get this product for only Rs. 400 from

27- Sunscreen Against Sun Protection


Giving someone sunscreen is one of the best and the most thoughtful gifts. Your skin needs protection from dangerous UVA and UVB rays, sunburns, pigmentation, and premature aging. This certain sunblock by Neutrogena is best suited for both men and women, with a broad spectrum of SPF 50+. It has a light texture and absorbs readily into their skin, leaving it shiny, soft, and smooth. Moreover, it does not leave any greasiness or white cast, and effectively penetrates the outer layer of the skin. Give this to your life saviour and let them make sunscreen a part of their routine. Get it from Amazon for Rs.650.

28- Portable Coffee Maker


Make your doctor's life a little less hectic by giving them this portable coffee maker. It not only saves you a lot of time but also provides a quick coffee fix. This particular coffee maker has a pumping system that works to ground coffee without requiring any electricity. You can create a stable pressure with your hand to make coffee in a jiffy. Buy this from Amazon for Rs.5,159 and let your doctor enjoy their coffee on the go.

Gadget Options

29- Portable Charger for a Busy Doctor

What could be a better gift for a doctor other than a power bank? With them living their lives round the clock, they don’t get time to charge their devices. A portable charger is a perfect solution for their problems. Mi 3i is the perfect power bank as it is 10000mAh, perfect to charge your mobile device 3-4 times. It has an 18w fast charger and is available in different colours of your liking. It has a steel case to perfect it from falls and other damages. You can get this power bank for just Rs. 849 from Flipkart.

30- Fitness Watch to Monitor Heatlh

One of the most important things anyone can do for his health is to monitor basic vitals. Even doctors need to monitor their basic functions, so they can make an effort to improve their own health too. Xiaomi smart band monitors your heart rate, sleep cycle, and the stress a person is under.

It also gives notifications if anything is out of order. It has a 1.56-inch AMOLED display with adjustable brightness. It features 30 fitness modes and water-proof construction as well. Once connected to your phone, it shows your notifications on the band as well. You can purchase this for yourself or for anyone you love for just Rs. 3,298 from

Bonus: Get Flowers or a Fruit Basket

If you are still confused about getting the right gift, then there's always the option to go with good old flowers and fruit baskets! Assemble a gift basket with flowers or fruits or, you can even go for customized gift baskets which are available online as well as offline. These are sure to bring about a smile and are a warm and pleasant way to show some appreciation.

Some Tips to Get the Perfect Gift for a Doctor

Keep It Practical

Practical gifts are always appreciated as they add convenience to a busy doctor’s life. A thoughtful and creative idea adds more value to the present. Sometimes a simple pen would be more appreciated than a flashy pair of shoes. Make sure to understand the doctor’s schedule in general and be mindful before purchasing a gift.

Personalize but Don't Go Over the Line

It is always a good idea to personalize the gift, which serves as a reminder of your gratitude. You can leave a small thank you card with the present. Or, include a handwritten note along with it. This way, the doctor realizes that the gift wasn’t just a random act and that you have given some extra thought to it. But make sure not to go over the line such as including some personal photos of the doctor along with it. It could do more harm than good.

Gift Items that Can Be Used in the Office


In response to the problem of whether or not to get a personal gift for the doctor, we suggest that you preferably don’t. It is always a safe and good idea to get a gift for the doctor’s office. This way, the doctor feels less stress in accepting ones that are too personal. These gifts could be anything from stationery and plants to a basket of cookies for the whole staff in the office.

Keep It Modest

This is the most important and the very basic of all requisites. Commonly, medical professionals struggle with the ethics of accepting extravagant and costly gifts. So, we recommend that you keep it low and ensure to get something that doesn’t go overboard. Some patients fail to understand that the magnitude of their gratitude isn’t always equivalent to the value of the gift in money. Hence, as a token of appreciation, they give expensive gifts to the doctors, landing them in an ethical dilemma.

Final Word

It is safe to say that a decent, simple, and affordable gift is a perfect choice for a doctor. The gift should be able to represent your sincerity and thoughtfulness. It is a great way to express your gratitude and a sure shot way of saying “thank you” without actually saying it! If you are in a plight of choosing the perfect gift, then we say you take some advice first. Get in touch with a friend or relative who is a doctor and check if they approve the gift that you have selected. Finally, always be sure to check whether it is compliant within the regulations of the hospital or the clinic, for doctors to accept gifts.

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Never Take Doctors for Granted

Doctors form that sacred part of the society without whom everything falls apart; it's not even an exaggeration! Appreciating everything they do for us through a thoughtful gesture such as a small gift is only the least we could do for them!