Looking for Corporate New Year Gifts for Clients and Customers in 2019? Spare Them Yet Another Cookie Tower and Give These 10 Gifts They Will Thank You For

Looking for Corporate New Year Gifts for Clients and Customers in 2019? Spare Them Yet Another Cookie Tower and Give These 10 Gifts They Will Thank You For

We know you’re tired of sending gifts destined for the dusty corners of your client’s office on a new year, so we’ve scoured the internet to come up with a list of gender-neutral gifting ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to wow your clients and partners. From wall watch to travel bags, there’s something you can give each of your clients no matter what business they’re in. Perhaps best of all, the items on this list are all priced under Rs.500.

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13 New Year Gifts Ideas for Your Clients for a New Beginning

With the festive spirit all around, many people have already begun their Christmas and New Year shopping. You must be looking out gifts for your clients for this New Year. Gift them a ton this eve to mark and cherish your business relationship and hope for a prosperous new beginning filled with loads of luck. Give your clients presents to acknowledge the bond shared between you both. This kind gesture may bring on more business deals as it builds the trust and companionship. There are various gift options available to give your clients as well as promote your business through the gift. For specific gifting ideas, read this guide until the end!

Suggestions for New Year Gifts for Clients

Diaries And Planners

As a working individual, it is evident that all you will pen down all the important notes and scheduled meetings in a planner or a diary. Hence, it is an ideal gift choice to give to your clients. There are several types of planners and journals available. You can select the type within your budget. You can also customise the diary or the organiser. You can have your company logo printed on the cover as well as the company's contact details inside the diary.

Desktop Items

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Every working professional prefers to set his or her work desk in a specific way they want. The items on a desk are often a reflection of an individual’s personality. Gifting generic desktop items such as an analogue or digital clock, coasters, mouse pads, pen holders, however still work because they are utility items or desktop essentials. Of course, you may choose to broaden this list to include other things such as cups, bottles, and sippers. All the items mentioned above can be customised with your company's logo and details.


If you plan to give your client a bag, it is very much possible that they will use the bag and the people around will notice your company's logo and details. This will indirectly help you promote your company. Bags such as a duffle bag, backpack, laptop sleeve, laptop sling bag could be your gifting options. A bag will be utility gift for your client. You can give jute eco-friendly bags or any general bags.

Wall Clocks

A wall clock is one of the prominent branding gifting ideas. You can consider gifting wristwatches or smartwatches if you have a higher budget and are looking to gift individuals rather than a group of people.

Best New Year Gifts for Clients

Here is a list of 12 fresh and unique gift ideas for this New Year.

Rose Print Message Mug

Source www.fnp.com

These days almost every working professional likes to have his or her personal cup. You can present your client with a ceramic mug for their everyday use. Personalise the mug with your logo or get some nice quote printed on the mug. You can get customizable mugs from Fnp for Rs.259 per piece. The mugs available here are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Personalised Initial Mouse Pad

Source www.fnp.com

Make a sweet and noteworthy gesture through your New Year gifts to your clients. Who does not use a mouse pad? Even if one is using a laptop, these days the wireless mouse is being used. Like any other mouse, the wireless mouse also needs a mouse pad. You can surely think of giving your client a mouse pad. You can customise the mouse pad if you feel like. Customizable mouse pads are available at Fnp for Rs.279 per piece. You can send in your logo or some motivation quote or mesmerising scenery.

Personalised Valentine Key Chain

Source www.fnp.com

Keychains might be a very basic gift you can give someone, but distinct types of key chains have come up in the market. There are key chains with names, there are also key chains with single letters, and such key chains are amiable in wooden or metal. One can also customise the key chains with photos. You can give your client key chains with an individualized touch. It could be the logo or the initials of your company. You can buy such personalised key chains from Fnp at Rs.299 each.

Multipurpose Air-Tight Containers with Easy Lock Lid

Don't we all feel hungry during our long days of work? How easy convenient would it be to have some quick food grabs? You can keep jars or containers on the desk and fill them with dry fruits, nuts, and biscuits. Munching these can keep one full as well as focused on work. You can think of giving your clients some desktop item goals with containers. businessgifts.in has a set of 3 multipurpose airtight containers. These containers have easy lock lids that can be opened by lifting the handle and will keep the food safe and healthy. These containers have silicone rings around the lid for protecting the food. These containers are transparent and have colourless lids. Each container capacity is approximately 550 ml and is priced at Rs.315 for each set of three containers.

Side Data Cable with Light Dual Car Charger And Metal Pen

Instead of giving a very common gift to your client, you can think of making a small hamper by adding two-three small items for a better gift. If you cannot think of any such sets, then businessgifts.in has a readymade set available for you. The set includes a data cable, a dual car charger, and a metal pen. This set is neatly packed in a box and is white and blue in colour. The charger has a light, which glows when plugged in, and the two-sided data cable can be used for an iOS or an Android device. The metal pen can be customised with your company's logo and name. This utility set is priced at Rs. 359 per set.

Set of 3 Chrome-Plated Liquid Highlighters

A unique desktop item is available at businessgifts.in. This is a set of three highlighters. The chrome stand set has three colours red, yellow, and green highlighters. The stand and the pens have a shiny metal finish. This gift is priced at Rs.270. It makes for great desktop accessory and a stationery product.

Kenwood Metal Pen

"A pen is mightier than a sword." You surely must have heard this phrase as writing is a form through which you and express emotions and many problems can be solved by just penning down your thoughts. Keep the spirit and power of writing by hand alive by gifting your clients a set of pens. You can gift a pen along with a fancy penholder or simply a pen. You can add your company’s logo on the pen. A metal pen, a plastic case pen, gel pen, fountain pen, and ballpoint pen many such are available in assorted colours. You can select a customise a pen the way you want. You can place your order at businessgifts.in for a Kenwood metal click pen. It has a black body and golden strips. Each pen will cost you Rs.48.

Wooden Table Top with Detachable Led Clock, Visiting Card Holder and Tumbler

You have seen a pen stand and a table clock as individual gift items. How about having these both as one desktop gift item? Sounds interesting, right? Business Gifts has this combo available at Rs.394 per piece. This combo includes a wooden table top with a digital display clock. This clock has cardholder attached to it for convenience. The other part includes a penholder. It is wide enough to hold a good number of pens. The digital clock has a battery mechanism and can be detached and used as an individual piece. This tabletop gives you a good place for getting your brand name printed on it.

Be Home Memo Notebook Bottle A-5

These days’ water bottles and sippers are being launched in the market with trendy shapes and sizes. You can pick one trendy sipper or a water bottle as New Year gifts for your clients. The notebook shaped water bottle is available at brandedcorporategif.com for Rs.128 per piece. This memo water bottle is fabricated inside with polycarbonate material. It is Bisphenol A (BPA) free and has the 420 ml capacity. This bottle is durable, freezer proof and heat resistant. It is available in an assortment of colours.

Jute Bags

The government has banned plastic to reduce pollution and has strict laws against the use of plastic. This ban has reduced the use of plastic to some extent. The alternate saviours were the jute and cotton bags. These are washable and eco-friendly. You can also join in the plastic ban mission by gifting your client's eco-friendly jute bags as New Year gifts. Jute Bags are available in various sizes and are decorated well to make it look attractive. They have a stronger grip and durability. You can buy a jute bag from brandedcorporategifts.com. This bag is made of jute weave with low-density polyethene backing. It has webbed cotton handles of silver colour. You can get your company logo and name printed one side of the bag. The size of the bag is 370 x 380 x 130 mm, and it is available in natural, blue, red, navy, and black colour. This bag is priced at Rs.322 per piece including brand printing.

Goodwyn Assorted Green Tea, Black Tea and Herbal Tea Bags Gift Box

Unique New Year gifts suggestion would be an assorted box of flavoured tea or coffee. You can put in a few brands and flavour to make hamper. In case, you are busy you can pick the special collection of premium Indian teas. This box contains handpicked favours for a quick mood refreshment and good health. This box includes 20 tea bags, two each of 10 assorted flavours such as classic Assam tea. Darjeeling tea, Masala tea, Lemon tea, Green tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Jasmine Green Tea, Tulsi Green Tea, Chamomile, and Peppermint Tea. These Tea Bags have a shelf life of two years and need to be placed in the cup before pouring the hot water and let it steep for 2-3 minutes. These assorted teas have health befits like Immune System Enhancer, Aids in Weight loss, Reduces Risk of Cardio Vascular Diseases, Soothes the Digestive System, low bold and cholesterol level. This health-conscious and rejuvenating gift is priced at Rs.160 per box.

Hook Pen Drive

In the world where the power of technology has the upper hand over human power, electronic items become a good gifting option but might be expensive as well. You can gift your client a pen drive. Hook-shaped pen drives are available at brandedcorporategifts.com. This pen drive has a unique style and has branding space. This product has a minimum order requirement of 100 pieces and comes with a two years replacement warranty. The 16 GB pen drive is priced at Rs.276 per piece with brand printing. 4, 8, and 32 GB pen drives are also available here.

Wrap It in Style!

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Apart from selecting the right gift, it is equally paramount to wrap and attractively present the gift. Wrap the gift in colourful papers and use decorative ribbons. If you are sending a delicate item like a ceramic mug, ensure that your gift is wrapped in proper packing material. There is no point sending a damaged gift to your client. It might make way for negative publicity of your company. You surely must leave your business card inside the box before wrapping the gift. You can also include a small note for the receiver. This note will give a personal touch to the gift. It could be either a handwritten note or a printed note expressing gratitude and wishing them good luck for New Year. The letter will surely be well received by your client.

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