When You Want to Impress, Give Branded Corporate Gifts: Push Your Brand to New Heights with 10 Branded Gifts Plus Tips to Leave a Lasting Impression on the Recipients in 2019

When You Want to Impress, Give Branded Corporate Gifts: Push Your Brand to New Heights with 10 Branded Gifts Plus Tips to Leave a Lasting Impression on the Recipients in 2019

Business promotional items, corporate gifts and speciality products can sometimes provide a higher return on your investment than other traditional marketing efforts. This makes it a win-win for both you and your clients. No matter what you need to get and keep your customers' attention, Bp Guide has the answer. Choose carefully your branded corporate gifts for maximum impact.

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Role of Branded And Gifts And Merchandise in Spreading Your Name

Corporate Gifts and merchandises are some of the most important efforts from your side, that differentiate your brand from thousands of others, they help in giving you an edge over your competitors in the field. Whether you are a newcomer to the scene or an experienced veteran that has learned from previous generations, promoting your brand through gifts is always a necessity, nothing less. It is so popular because of the instant, obvious and big differences it makes in the company's situation. With many little advantages, it has some big ones too.

It Represents the Work Culture of Your Company

Every company should have a culture, a motto, an aim or any kind of set of ideas on which it runs. These things develop the soul of the company, so without such defined work culture, a company is just a group of people completing formalities to earn money. While, with a work culture that takes roots deep in the heart of people connected to your company, everyone has a vision, a goal in their eyes which they have to accomplish which will take your company to new heights.

Such is the importance of work culture, and gifts are the key to establish a work culture where everyone is connected like a family and work for the betterment of each other, from customers to employees, a good work culture will surely make you the preferred brand for them. The employees and customers will develop a liking and loyalty towards your brand which will definitely help you in the long run, great and meaningful gifts develop this work culture where everyone is valuable and contributing something to the company, and is being appreciated for their services.

A Pretty Nifty Way to Attract People to Your Brand

Gaining new customers fast is one of the primary goals for every brand. One proven way to attract new customers is gifting the existing ones with branded gifts which are meaningful and are chosen carefully, such that these gifts become relatable and are actually used by the customers. This way, the gifts will inevitably catch the attention and praise of other people around, and the revelation that your company actually takes the time and effort to think about their customers and then gifts them with such useful and beautiful gifts will definitely draw new customers to your company. They will want to shop from you and test your services at least once, then it's up to you to provide them with the best they can get, do this and gain some life long customers.

Tips to Consider While Choosing Branded Gifts

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Finding the right gifts to brand and distribute is a little tricky because even when the world is a small place, the variety of people it contains is beyond grasp, everyone has different tastes and preferences and you should consider all the important factors before committing to any gift. These are some tips which will surely help you.

Grab the Interest of a Vast Variety of People

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Try to find out such products and services, which can cater to a large variety of people. Select something which is relatable to maximum, if not all, persons. This will greatly reduce the chances of people disliking your gift, which can create adverse effects. Try not to buy something related to the particular ethnic, social or political background instead focus on those things, which are common to all, ranging from the rich and poor, this will ensure that all the recipients are happy at the end of the day and your brand gains a good image.

Prefer the Gifts with a Long Shelf Life

You would surely want your brand to last for many decades, if not centuries, right? To achieve this feat, your decisions, plans and gifts should last longer too. Gift those things which will surely last for a long long time for the people around it to keep noticing it. A gift which lasted just a few months and then disappeared into oblivion is as good as nothing, just a waste of money, time and resources. So try to gift something stable and strong which can bear some harsh conditions and abuses, and still come out as a deserving winner, which represents your brand which has the same capabilities to rise up from the clouds of adverse conditions and barriers.

Gifts Bought in Bulk Will Come with Discounts

When selecting branded gifts for customers, employees or even associates, be sure to have a controlled budget and not to go even a penny above and over. The gifting should be a periodic and repeating process, which keeps reminding the people about you, not just a one time formality, so have a fixed budget which should either remain constant with time, or it should increase but never decrease, as the decrease will say out loud that you are on a downhill road from now on. One practical way to control the budget and buy good things at a cheap price is buying them in bulk, whenever it's possible, buy the gifts in a larger amount to enjoy great discounts.

10 Best Branded Gifts That You Can Trust to Win Them Over.

A Shiny Prism Flask with Your Engraved Logo

Source www.5by7.in

This prism flask is great to win the hearts of your customers and employees alike, this beautiful flask is based on a vintage theme of pure copper utensils that were believed to purify everything that was kept on them, this flask is layered with a shiny copper finish and the outer has beautiful patterns made by precise hammering on the steel body, it's a perfect utensil for home and office work, and sports enthusiasts will also love it owing to its spill-proof cap. It is greatly insulated from inside so it can come handy as a Thermos flask too and can maintain temperature for up to 4 hours, the capacity of the flask is 400ml, with a weight of only 0.55kg, it's a breeze to carry it around, you can get your brand logo engraved on it and it is available to buy at bulk and prices keep decreasing as you move up in quantity, keeping in mind the minimum order quantity, you can get this flask at Rs. 400 from 5by7.com which keeps further decreasing.

Branded Xiaomi Mi Power Bank in Bulk

Smartphones, the devices which are an indistinguishable part of our life nowadays, needs only thing to run, battery juice, which keeps draining again and again. Xiaomi MI brings a solution for that problem and manufactures this 20000 mAh powerbank, which will be enough to charge your smartphone 4 to 5 on average, in one full charge. Everybody needs a power bank now days, and you can get your brand name printed on it. It supports single port quick charge 3.0, dual USB output, and has a wide range of compatibility options, the gift is available to be bought in bulk and you can get it for Rs 1,475 per piece. You can get this from Branded Corporate Gifts.

Prime Journal Corporate Diary

A gift that will help people with their financial statements and daily schedule management in an elegant and professional manner, this customizable prime journal is made of great quality soft PU leather and comes with 192 ruled pages, which have a off-white colour and a smooth and uniform finish while the edges are coloured to match with the softbound cover, which you can to choose be either Black or blue. It includes a ribbon marker too and the dimensions are A5 W 5.8 x H 8.3 inch, at the front, you can customise it with your logo/ brand name, which you can directly upload on the site while buying. A beautiful medium to create brand awareness. It comes at a price point of Rs. 380 from Ginger Crush.

A Customisable 4 in 1 Revolving Wooden Table Top

This uniquely designed gift item will surely be loved by the recipient while others will get curious about it, a great 4 in 1 gift to print your brand name on. It will help people in both home and work environment alike in managing their delicate stuff, keeping appliance safe and sound and keeping up with the tight time schedule. This revolving wooden table top comes with a phone holder, pen stand, a card holder and then to top it all, with an elegantly designed small analogue clock and it has a huge printing area for your brand's logo, that too, on three sides. It has an attractive front grill design will surely catches the eye of everyone around, it has a long long shelf life and will make sure to carry your name for decades to come. Gift this unique item selling on businessgifts.in at a price of Rs. 663.

Blackberry Messenger Bag with Company Logo

If you want to gift such an item that people love to carry around and gladly tell their friends about how beautiful and useful it is then your search stops here, this blackberry messenger bag in beautiful leather finish looks mesmerising and eye catchy, and is perfect for anyone to keep with them throughout the whole day and never feel bored, be it the professional office people or normal customers or a full of life college going lad, this comes in the category of 'one size fits all'. Adding to that, you can put your company's logo engraved on the front to make sure everyone knows where it came from, this great Messenger Bag can be bought in bulk at a price of 100 pcs starting at Rs. 2,000.

Classy USB Flash Drives with Printed Logo

The world around us is filled with data, a lot and lot of data and people need something handy to store all their files, memories, photographs. This is where a meaningful gift like this comes, again, this is the 'one size fits all'. Everyone has some need of a USB flash drive and people welcome it with open arms, a good quality USB drive when equipped with a great design, it forms a perfect gift like this. These attractive USB flash drives are customisable with your brand's logo on it, that will have dimensions of 40mm * 10mm, the storage capacity is 8 GB which is enough for most of the people, this USB drive is sold by Vista Print and the price per piece is Rs. 625.

A Branded Wallet from Kara

A gift that becomes the friend of the man carrying it and adds to his style statement, comes pretty handy to manage everything from coins to cards to the grocery list, you guessed it- a wallet. This classy wallet comes in black leather finish and precise sewing that is not overdone and touches a perfect balance between usability and style, a dragon in engraved on the front side that is sure to boost and fill up the recipient with confidence and pride, then the 'cherry on the top' become your brand name which is engraved on a little silver plate added on the wallet, adding a nice touch of chrome to the mean black theme, this is a great gift which you can give to a variety of people because who doesn't love wallets? This item is sold at Rs. 499 at Print Venue.

Customised Rotating Pen Desk Stand

A very unique and handy desk tool with never seen before design, that is what this gift is. This gift is a combination of a beautiful pen and uniquely designed pen stand that is carved in a shape of a shining silver star, the star is actually the base of the gift made up of wood and then it is covered by a silver metal plate on the top to spice up the looks. Adding to the usefulness of the gift, a little fun factor is added and the stand is actually rotatable, catering to the demands of everyone's inner child. The product size is Product 115 x 115 x 47 mm which is perfect to be placed into any desk and it will seamlessly merge in, your company name will be printed by screen printing on the pen, And you can upload that on-site directly. This is ready to be ordered in bulk starting at Rs. 319 per piece by Print Land.

Journey PU Passport Holder

A beautiful travel companion for the people who love travel around the world, this will ensure the safety of their passport from any foreign damage and will make their experience an enjoyable one. This personalised passport holder has a very classy design and comes in two colours, red and blue, fitting into everyone's tastes. The material used for the cover is PU leather and your brand can be printed on the front side below the already existing beautiful pattern. It's very lightweight and easy to carry, so no hassles there. You can also choose to buy it with or without the box which makes a little price difference, the size of the holder is 9.5 x13.6 cms when it is folded, so it easily fits in pockets. With all personalising options, this sells for Rs. 499 on Ginger Crush.

Customisable Toni Mouse Pad

Source www.5by7.in

To end the list, here is a mouse pad that will attract people to sit and work on their computers, given how beautiful the leather finished product looks! It is made with a high-quality non-slip base and smooth durable top which not only looks astonishingly great but has an excellent point and click precision. The smooth surface makes gliding mouse over an enjoyable experience, it is very easy to clean too and for an added extra touch, it comes with a slot to be used as a pencil holder too, which just stamps down that it is a complete package of looks and usability. You can customise is by engraving your brand name on it and it's very easy as you just have to upload the name on site, it'll be done. It is very lightweight weighing just 0.2 kg and has length * breadth as 18*15 cms. Available in bulk, the per unit price is Rs. 285 which decreases as the quantity builds up. It's available on 5by7.in.

Bonus Tip

Take Special Care of the Presentation

For the beautiful gift you have chosen, be sure to prepare an equally beautiful packaging and presentation which provides the perfect buildup for the gift. It will enhance the gift and will have an even more profound effect on the recipient, for sure!

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Taylor Your Gifts to the Individual

For added excitement, put a gift sample bag together. Throw in various items of value for their enjoyment. You wouldn’t give a branded cap to a CEO. Make them feel valued with brand name pen set. The status of a person position should determine the quality of the gift. Reward employee loyalty or recognise their work performance to show appreciation. Create a win-win situation, increase your brand awareness, and impress the socks off the gifted.