Choose from 10 Unique Corporate Gifts Items for Rewarding Employees or to Build Stronger Connections with Business Partners and Clients (2019)

Choose from 10 Unique Corporate Gifts Items for Rewarding Employees or to Build Stronger Connections with Business Partners and Clients (2019)

Unlike selecting personal presents for the people around you, corporate gifting has a whole set of etiquette that have to be adhered to. But that is not to say you cannot get creative or gift unique things. Let us show you how to make corporate gifting a whole lot more interesting, for you and for those who will receive them. We also have a number of suggestions that will leave you spoilt for choice.

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The Art of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is an art not many manage to excel in. Some people tend to over promote their company in their gifts while some do not make an effort in selecting useful gifts. Such useless gifts find a place in the waste paper bin as soon as the wrapper is opened. If you have sidelined a budget for your corporate gifting, then you must ensure that gift brings a smile on the recipient’s face and finds an important place in his or her office.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?

Corporate gifting is quite important for any business house whether small or large. It not only motivates your employees but also spreads a festive atmosphere in the workplace. Corporate gifts can be given to employees, gifts given to business partners or gifts given to important clients. These gifts bring about happiness, cheer, goodwill and gratitude. You can use corporate gifting to promote your company’s identity, motivate your clients and also to send a message of gratitude to your clients. Corporate gifting can be done at the end of an important project, on festivals and on fixed annual company events.

Like any other personal relationship that benefits with gifts and gestures of thoughtfulness, relations at the workplace too need to be worked on. A better rapport with not just employees but also suppliers, customers and business partners translates into a better work environment in the long run, thereby benefiting your firm or practice.

Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Gifting

While selecting corporate gifts, you have to remember certain rules which take your gifting to the next level. There are certain don’ts in corporate gifting which should be kept in mind. Remember not to over promote your company’s ID or logo in the gifts as they will put off the recipient. No one will want to use a gift item carrying a huge logo of your company. Also, do not invest in personal products as everyone has a different taste and choice. Do not give shirts or jackets to your employees as they might have a different choice when it comes to selecting clothes. Try and select gifts on a general level. Chocolates, elegant showpieces, office stationery and office requirements are often the best choice when it comes to corporate gifting.

Make a List of Recipients

You need to plan your corporate gifting budget according to the number of recipients. This helps you pick up an apt gift that fits your budget. You can buy three sets of corporate gifts including one for your employees, one for your business partners and associates and one for your important clients. While making a list of recipients, maintain a diary with the exact number and item for each corporate recipient.

Bifurcating Important Clients

When you are selecting corporate gift items for your clients, you can get a little lavish and generous especially when you are gifting important clients who have helped you in some way or the other in your work. You can take into account their personal interests and your budget.

It is often wise to select a gift personally for each client keeping in mind their interests. For example, you can give a gold plated Buddha painting or artifact to a client you know has interest in Feng Shui. Similarly, you can personally select a platter of chocolates for a client you know loves them. This will help you get closer on a personal level with your clients and spread a warm atmosphere in the workplace.

10 Unique Corporate Gifting Items to Give Your Favourite Clients

Mentioned below are some unique corporate gifting items we have selected for you from various online e-commerce websites in India selling corporate gift items. These gifts are in various ranges and you can select one most suitable for your budget

Silver and Gold Plated Lotus Diya

Priced at Rs.840, this mesmerizing Gold and Silver Plated Lotus Flower Diya is the perfect gift for your employees or clients. The Diya comes with a double layer of gold and silver metal leaves with a gleaming lamp in the middle. The finish and gleam makes this one a stunning artifact for homes or offices. Buy this lovely diya from It comes encased in a blue velvet box which makes it very easy to carry. You can put your company logo sticker on the box.

Company Logo Printed Customised Power Banks

When it comes to gifting useful gifts to corporate, none can beat the importance of a power bank. Everyone these days is constantly complaining of charge being drained from their smartphones and laptops. This power bank is not only useful but can be customized too. This one can be a great promotional gift as you can get your company logo printed on it. The power bank has a capacity of 2000 mAH and is priced at Rs.255. offers an option of customizing your text on the power bank. Gift this one to your employees and corporate and see them smile at your thoughtful gift!

Decision Making Paper Weight

An ideal gift to motivate your employees, this Decision Making Paperweight from will be a thoughtful gesture. It has powerful iron paperweight and roulette merged into one. As you spin the centre, the roulette like paper weight stops on any of the choices imprinted below. The red ball stops at your fate. The prints below are most needed decision choices you can resort to when you are to vexed in your workspace. Although this one does not guarantee complete or even particularly useful decisions, it is a fun item to place on your work desk. This one is priced at Rs.899 and weighs 320 gm.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This triple layered bamboo plant with a vase is an ideal gift for your clients, employees and corporate. Whether someone believes in Feng Shui or not, placing a vibrant green indoor plant in their office cabins or desks will do them no harm. A very appreciated gift, this one comes at Rs.699. Flowers n Petals gives an option of customizing the vase and perhaps you could get your company logo imprinted on the ceramic base. A minimum quantity of 30 pieces is necessary for ordering this item.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Grab this awesome backpack for your corporate gifting needs from Priced at Rs.1099 from the brand Fur Jaden, this bag is waterproof and has a capacity of 15 liters. There is a huge compartment inside that can contain laptops with ease. This bag has plenty of easy to access pockets on the straps and sides to store your essentials. A very useful office essential, this one will be accepted with gratitude.

Office Diary

You can never go wrong with an office diary for corporate gifting. One of the most essential items on the desks of your employees or clients, an office diary is highly useful for making important notes, jotting down important targets and points to remember. This dateless wire diary comes with a pen. It is priced at Rs.299 and available at The sturdy brown casing ensures that your diary and notes are safe and secure. Often diaries with dates cannot be used for making notes as one gets confused with the dates. This dateless one can be used as per your requirement.

Digital Clock

Gift your colleagues, employees and corporate this beautiful and elegant digital timepiece so that they can keep track of the time. An elegant design, this one can be placed on your office desk without taking too much space. This digital clock has a mirror finish and it displays time in bold white numbers against a black backdrop. The clock not only has a bright LED digital display of time but also has an alarm clock which makes it very useful for your side tables, office desks and bedside tables. Grab this one for Rs.495 from This one works with a USB cable or 3 AAA batteries which makes it very easy to carry also. It also has a snooze function and an adjustable alarm volume button.

Pen Customised with Company Logo

Thinking of gifting a pen to your employees. How about an office pen customized with your company logo? This is a classic and with good reason - people always need pens at the workplace and one cannot have too many. And with a pen carrying your name or logo, it is a subtle daily reminder about your firm. has amazing options of office pens which can be engraved with your name, company name or logo. Featuring a black and silver finish, this pen is great for an office pen as it exudes elegance and class.

Hot Tiffin for Office Lunch

Ever heard your employees complaining of eating cold tiffin in office during lunch hours? If you cannot gift them hot food everyday then why not gift them this unique hot tiffin which keeps food hot with its charging cable? Priced at Rs 550, this Lunch Box from Electron comes with a 3 box tiffin which is quite ideal for carrying Indian meals. Get this one from The boxes feature leakproof lids and are crafted from food-grade plastic. The tiffin has an auto cut-off feature when the food becomes hot. Gift this amazing lunch box to your employees to ensure they enjoy a piping hot meal every day!

Sticky Notes

Did you ever have to grope for a piece of paper to jot down something important? Be it in home or office, we are always running short of paper to make important notes. If you are thinking of gifting a useful gift item for your corporate gifting this year and have a small budget, then these sticky notes are just perfect. Buy these from at Rs.175 for a set of 5 note pads. These pads are available in assorted neon colors and a sticky base on the tip. This adhesive is repositionable and removable and ideal for sticking on vertical and tiled surfaces. Keep this pad on your office desk always to have something handy to make important notes which you can refer to later.

3 Tips to Make your Corporate Gifts More Meaningful

While you select any of the gifts mentioned above, remember there are certain important tips which will help you make your gifts more meaningful for both the giver and the recipient.

Ensure That You Add Your Company's Logo

A company logo can be customized in various forms and sizes. But if it a corporate gift, a company logo has to be there without a second opinion. Coffee mugs and office pens can have your company’s logo printed on them. If you plan to give office bags, ensure that the logo is very small. If you plan to gift an indoor plant, ensure that you have your company’s logo printed on the vase. The client, employee or partner feels proud to display such gifts on their office desks as it showcases their relationship with your company.

Gift Something Useful

An important part about gifting is that you need to gift something very useful. Many people consider corporate gifting as an unavoidable task and also take advantage of the fact that none would ever reproach them for their useless gifts. But if you do put in some effort and come up with gifts which will be useful to the other person, then it automatically raises their respect and admiration for you. If you give useful gifts to your employees, it sparks a sense of loyalty and gratitude for you.

Add a Small Note of Thanks

A very unique gesture and often missed in most corporate gifts is a small note of thanks. This note of thanks can get better still if you take out the time and effort to write each one personally but in case you cannot do so, ensure that the words for the note of thanks are written by you. You can include a small note of how you are grateful for their work in your journey together so far. The recipient reading your ‘note of thanks’ immediately connects better to you and appreciates your gift better. It is easy to select a gift online and have it delivered but it is your own personal ‘note of thanks’ that makes your gift all the more special!

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Pay attention to detail

The packaging and how the gift is delivered to the recipient is akin to making a first impression and even if you have a spectacular gift, do not think the rest is dispensable. If your present is small, find a creative way to deliver it, whether handing it in person with a small box of chocolate, or leaving it on their desk with a handwritten note. It's unlikely you will be wrapping the gifts individually yourself, but inspect them before they are sent out to ensure they have been prepared well.