Make Your Employees Happy by Presenting Meaningful and Useful Corporate Gifts to Them. Here are 10 Incredible Employee Gift Ideas for 2019

Make Your Employees Happy by Presenting Meaningful and Useful Corporate Gifts to Them. Here are 10 Incredible Employee Gift Ideas for 2019

Employees also have wants. Capitalizing on this and giving gifts that they may want is a very good idea. To figure out such a gift, 7 Golden Rules to achieving this have been given below. They will guide you on finding and selecting the perfect gift. In addition, 10 phenomenal employee gifts have been given below, to make the search more easier.

7 Golden Rules of Giving Gifts to Employees

Employees are the biggest asset of a business organization. If the organization has hardworking and satisfied employees, then nothing can stop that organization from becoming successful. So, if you want to take your organization to the new heights of success, then you have to retain your man force. To retain your current employees, you have to make them feel like a part of your organization and being a boss, you have to appreciate your employees' good work from time to time. For this, you can send them gifts on special occasions to make them feel appreciated. When you are planning to buy a gift for your employees, then follow these seven golden rules.

Give a Gift to Everyone

You are a boss, and so, you can buy a gift for your favourite employees. You have to treat all your employees equally. Well, if you want to appreciate some employees for their impeccable job, then you should buy something for all employees. You can lower down the price of the gift, but you should give something to everyone. Because if you buy a gift for selective employees, then other employees will feel bad. They will start to think that you play favouritism with your employees which is not good for the moral of your employees. So, when you are going to buy gifts for your employees, then give a gift to all of your employees at all times.

Provide Comparable Gifts to Everyone.

Generally, when you buy a gift, then you consider the taste of the person before getting the gift. But, when you are buying a gift for your large team, then you can’t consider the taste of your every employee before getting the gift. Moreover, if you buy different gift items for every member of your team, then this will make you look like biased in the eyes of your employees as the price of each product is going to be different. So, to make sure that your gifts are monetary same, you have to buy the same gift item for your whole team.

Gift a Meaningful Thing

This is the number one rule of gift buying that it has to be meaningful. If your gift doesn’t hold any useful essence, then this kind of gift isn’t going to leave any impact on the mind of your employees. If you want your employees to remember your gift always, then gift them something which they can use daily like stationery products, car accessories, etc, You can easily convert an inexpensive gift into a meaningful gift with your creativity and innovative thinking. Just observe your employees for a few days, and then you will automatically get the idea for meaningful gifts.

Personally Handover Gift to Employees

If you want to add more impact to your gift, then you should personally give a gift to your every employee. Don’t drop off a gift on their work desk or ask your office boy to handover gifts. You should personally reach to your every employee and appreciate his or her hard work before giving them a gift. However, don’t force your employees to open the gift in front of you as some employees might feel awkward if they have to open the gift in front of you. So, just personally handover gift with few words of appreciation and that is sufficient to make your employees happy.

Gift Consumable Items

Well, we know that gifting consumable food items to employees is a very common idea. But, sometimes it’s good to play safe. When you have to buy festival gifts for your whole office staff, in that case, buying consumable gift items is a safe idea as you can present them to both your male and female employees plus gourmet gifts can be easily adjusted into any budget range. However, if you want to give something different from consumable gifts to your employees, then you can present gift cards. Such as Amazon pantry, big basket, grofers, etc., with gift cards from these sites your employees can order consumable items as per their requirements.

Charitable Gifts Are a Good Idea

When you are planning to buy a gift for your senior executive employees, then you should present them with a good experience instead of an expensive gift. You can make a donation to your employees' favourite charitable organization on his name as your gift. Doing this good deed will make you and your employees both feel happy and contented. You should make a donation to nonprofit organizations that serve the good cause or making some changes in society with their programs.

Add a Personal Note with the Gifts

Okay, so if you want to make your gift personalized for your employees that’s without showing any favouritism, then you can attach one handwritten personal message with the gift. You can write about all the good work that your employee has done for the company and don’t forget to sign a note to make it authentic. By writing notes, you can appreciate your employees personally that’s without showing any favouritism toward a few employees.

The Gifts Which Your Employees Actually Want

Well, if you are truly confused and don’t understand what type of gift to get for your employees as there are so many good options are available, then don’t worry. As we did some basic research over the web and found ten gift items which you can present to your employees. These gift ideas are created as per the wishes of employees so when you present anything to your employees from this list, then you can truly touch the soul of your employees. So, buy any of the following useful gifts for your employees today.

Give Paid Half Day Off to Your Employees

If you want to give something useful to your employees during the festival season, then you can give them paid half day off as your gift. This way your employees can spend some quality time with their families and can do festival shopping with their family. Your this small gesture of one extra paid half day leave will be very useful for your employees and they will be highly pleased after receiving this gift. You can choose the holiday as one day before the Diwali to give off so that your employees can take advantage of this extra leave.

Gourmet Gummies


So, if you are planning to give something edible to your employees, then ditch the idea of giving sweets or chocolates. Instead, give your employees these wholesome sweetener chewable fruit flavoured candies. These candles are far more healthy, then the artificially flavoured sweets as in them the organic fruit's essence is used. This is a healthy sweet snack on which your employees can munch on. Moreover, if your employees have kids, then you can give them these fruit gummies to them as well. You can order 57 g of fruit gummies pack from for Rs. 145 only.

Note Your Idea Notebooks

To encourage your employees to be more creative and to note down their creative ideas, you should gift them this set of 2 notebooks. Your employees can create notes, design doodles or mark their work schedule on 112 pages of this notebook. Pages of the notebook are of natural shade with the one side blank and another side ruled. It is a perfectly bonded notebook which can be easily carried. You can make this gift personalized by writing a special note on the front page of the notebook for your employees. You can get this simple and meaningful gift from for Rs. 500 pair of two notebooks.

Schedule – Collection


You can help your employees in planning their schedule in the proper way by gifting them this schedule collection combo pack. This combo includes schedule weekly planner and things to do notepad which will duly help your employees by achieving their goals easily. With this gift, you can make your employees more efficient and goal oriented which is going to be good for you in the end. So, kill to birds with this gift, make your employees happy and organized after ordering this gift collection from for Rs. 500.

Patterned Socks

Okay, so to gift something useful to your employees, you can get this pair of 6 unisex ankle socks for them also. These socks are very cute as they are patterned with animal faces. Every sock of this pack has a different animal print on it. Such as pack includes a dog, cat, bear, etc., animal prints socks in different colors. Apart from the cute appearance, these brand new high-quality socks are very comfortable and soft. They have got good moisture absorption, so you can gift this pack to your employees and it's available on for Rs. 1,621.

Rangrage Handcrafted Circular White Wooden Wall Clock

For your employees, you can get this handcrafted beautiful well-designed wall clock as well. This clock is artistically decorated to make the surrounding more aesthetically pleasing. The clock gives a more beautiful view with designer walls. It can be used in homes, offices, restaurant, cafes as well as other places. You can get this beautifully handcrafted wall clock to your employees so that they can always stay ahead of time. You can order this elegant wall clock from for Rs. 999 only.

Cable Twisters

These days work culture has totally changed. Nowadays, the place of notepads and pens have been taken by laptops and tablets. Moreover, the smartphone has become a necessity of the twenty-first century. All these gadgets comes lots of wires and cords, so if you want to give something useful to your employees, then present them cable twisters. Using the soft and flexible cable twisters, your employees can wrap their extra cords and wires in it and keep their desktop clutter-free. You can get this useful gift in numerous vibrant colours from for Rs. 712 per pack.

Personalized Sleek Pens

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, then you can get this metallic body blue color ballpoint pen for your employees. On the body of the pen, you can engrave beautiful thought or mantra in white hue and present it to your loyal employees on some special occasion. This pen can be customized from the, you can choose the font style and add text in the field mentioned on the website. You can preview the product before making the final order as well. To make your employees feel happy and well appreciated, you can customize a ball pen for Rs. 170 only.

Callmate P3 Black 15000 -mAh Li-Ion Power Bank

If you want to always stay connected with your employees, then you should give them a mobile battery power bank. Now, your employee's mobile phone battery will always stay fully charged and you can call them anytime you want. This gift is going to be a lifesaver for you and your employee in crucial situations. You can get the mobile battery in numerous different shades from for Rs. 499 of your whole office staff.

Bluetooth Speaker

Well, it’s also your duty to make sure that your employees always stay motivated. So, to help your employees to release some of their work stress, you can indulge them in music therapy by gifting this portable Bluetooth speaker. Music is the best relaxation therapy, so now whenever your employees will stress or need some inspiration, then they can play some melodious music in this Bluetooth speaker and relax for a few minutes. You can get Bluetooth speakers in multi different colours from for Rs. 299 only to rejuvenate your employees.

Personalise Your Gifts to Show You Care

When you gift something personal and meaningful to your employees, then the mere thought that you have spent some time in selecting the personalized gift for your employee will make them happy. Your employees will be over the moon after knowing that you have observed their likes and dislikes before getting the gift. Now, we know that it is impossible for you to observe your every employees likes or to buy a personalized gift without showing any favoritism But, folks, if you personalize your gifts smartly, then it is possible.

You can print the personalized mugs for your employees with their names and make more personal you can add one quote defining your employees' personality along as well. This way you add a personal touch to your gifts and that’s without spending too much on one gift and making other employees feel bad.

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Impressive Corporate Gifts for Employees

Being a major part of the company, employees partake a significant role in the day-to-day activities of a company. The work they do is complimentary and it is for such a reason, they ought to be acknowledged. A befitting gift for their hard work will do and you need to make sure that they give is congratulatory. This strikes better work relations making the employee feel appreciated and even work harder and improve considerably.