10 Exclusive Corporate Gift Sets: These Will Work Wonders When Presented to Clients, Associates, Partners and Executives (2019)

10 Exclusive Corporate Gift Sets: These Will Work Wonders When Presented to Clients, Associates, Partners and Executives (2019)

Gifts go a long way in building the company's brand or name. It sets them aside from competitors and gifts, especially to clients, keeps them coming back. Gifting employees as well as executive partners also makes for better work relations. Discussed are some recommended gifts suitable for clients and employees as well as some gifts with a personal touch.

Corporate Gift Sets for Your Clientele

Client always remembers you whenever they take a glimpse at the branded wall clock or the Parker Pens you gave on a special occasion. These promotional gifts are a token of appreciation for giving their business to you. The traditional act of gift giving strengthens relationships. This gift could be something exclusive or branded with your logo. But why not be a little creative and surprise your clients this time. Note, while gifting, be strict to maintain your company’s corporate rules.

Eco Friendly Stationery Kit

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Going green is an initiative adopted by the modern world to engage in a sustainable environment. To keep up with the newest trends you can gift your clientele the Green tailing’s Eco-friendly Stationery Kit. A perfect stationary kit with every essential you need. The kit contains a plantable hand made seed notepad, with a box of 8 pens, and a jute bag. These elements are 100% recycled biodegradable paper.

The body of these pens is 76% lesser plastic than in normal pens. It is therefore a great gift for your corporate clients. It also shows your company’s inclination towards greener things. The stationary kit is recyclable and can be used later to plant seeds. It is an ideal gift for businesses that care for environment and have an initiative as part of their CSR. The kit can be bought at a modest price range of Rs.385 on Amazon.

Metal Pen & Compass Key Chain Gift Combo

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Jaycoknit Knight’s corporate gift set which includes a dazzling metal pen and a compass keychain is the perfect gift you could think of. The gift set is classy and a daily requirement. The set looks exclusive with great finishing. It is a great corporate gift for your premium clients. The Gift combo is available at Amazon at price of Rs.329.

Cord Wrap - Natural Leather

Source grippdc.com

When your gift is of Handcrafted genuine Italian leather you will definitely grab their attention. Cord Wrap in natural leather is the ideal gift for the corporate. With intricate details as stud closing helps in keeping your wires tidy. They are of perfect dimensions in 7.5 x 3x 1.5cms. The soft leather is a classy and intellectual gift for all your classy and elegant clients. With a wide variety of color options available on Gripp, you do have options for all your clients. The leather pouch is available at Rs.250 per piece.

Personalised Wine Bottle Case

Wine is a favoured spirit for all. What could be a better gift than a personalized wine bottle case for your highest paying clients? It gives a nice sense of personal touch as well a elegant gesture. Wine tends to degrade if not stored properly. So it is significant that your case is of good quality and extremely authentic. The personalized wine bottle case is available at Exciting Lives at a budgeted price of Rs.1,500. The wine case can be customized with a personal message or with anecdotes. An ideal gift for your clientele and can also be given to bosses as a token of respect.

Key Shaped Pen Drives

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Technical advancements have affected our working styles tremendously. Well it has obviously made our lives easier. For instance a pen drive is an absolute need as any other stationary. It helps you in transferring data, or even entertainment at times. It is an essential part of our office desk. Thus it has great importance in the gifting culture. The 32 GB pen drive in a stylish steel color is indeed a great option when it comes to gifting in corporate. The key shapes makes it little different from your general data transfer drives. The key shaped high-speed original pen drive can be availed at Rs.1,299 piece from Amazon. This designer pen drive is sure to get you some great business throughout the year.

Bombay Shaving Kit

Men love their shaving kits more than anything else. In case of branded ones there is nothing better to gift them. Bombay shaving kit presents a stylish kit with all the necessary items for a quick shave. So to impress your boss, or your clientele this is a gift which they will find very useful in their day to day life. This 6 part shaving kit is the boss of the shaving regime. The kit contains a scrub; razor, cream brush and a post-shave balm. This product is 100% quality and helps you get a delightful shave. The package can be availed from Bombay Shaving Comapny at an approximate price range of Rs.3,000.

Corporate Gifts for Employees

There are certain specials days in the year where your employees need a motivational push. Gifts are a way of showing your appreciation to them. It is a token of their hard work being recognized by the company. Especially in case of sales team, the employees work rigorously down the year. They do need a little recognition from their bosses. We have handpicked a few of the gifts which can be used in gifting.

Black Leather Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Choosing gifts for your peers can be tough. It creates even more pressure when it is your own team. A black leather wallet is one of the perfect corporate gifts these days. With an inspirational quote in the front of the wallet it is just a perfect gift for a team member. The ya ya café‘s inspirational black leather wallet is exclusive and the black leather definitely gets appreciated. Used by every man this is perfect gift for you male employees. The new age wallet uses the process of engraving for better visual appearance. Not only is it classy but also the wallet can be purchased from Amazon at a modest price range of Rs.985. In case of 2 winners you can buy the different shades of black one being voguish and other president.

Coffee Sippers

What is the first thing you do when you reach the office? Everybody does have their own course of action but a majority of people pour down their coffees before even sitting down at their tables. We cannot guarantee for everybody for sure, but there is a whole lot of caffeine junkies who love to start their day with coffee. To a generation of coffee lovers what better than a coffees sipper. Loved by many, it is a perfect gifting solution for your corporate needs. Available at Gift Well India at a very affordable price range of Rs.150 per piece, this gift can be presented to the entire office if you want. With great insulation in plastic and steel outlook it is a very popular choice in office gifting.

Wireless Boat Headphones

Special times require special gifts. For instance your team achieved the target of the month and you need to recognize their time and hard work. Boat Rockerz Super extra bass Bluetooth with mic should just be the right gifting item. This Bluetooth has a over the head design which gives it a cooler look. With a jack of 3.5 mm and Bluetooth support this is the best gift for the millennial generation. Stunning design, lightweight and with cushioned ear cups they are comfortable. Additional features of the product include high definition sound, and passive noise cancellation property to avoid background noise for excellent listening experience. Also the super control features give an extra edge to the technical features. The stunning package can be availed from Flipkart at Rs.1,199.

LCD Screen Digital Calendar

Next week is your boss’s birthday. You want to gift them something special. An LED screen calendar is the new age gift perfectly suited for your boss’s desk. This is a multipurpose screen calendar with important details such as weather forecast, digital clock and a thermometer. This can be used in versatile places. like in the car’s dash or the stationary desk. Some of the other features of this digital calendar include LED lights for night vision, and a modern contemporary clock with alarm options. It also shows you the humidity and temperature timing. Running on AA batteries the clock even has a power saving mode.

This is indeed a classy piece of product completely in sync with the corporate gifting culture. Available at Bang Good at price of Rs.750 this should be definitely on your next shopping gift. With an alarm clock option which can be set for every 2 minutes, it is the perfect technical hefty gift with a humidity range of 20-99% and Temperature time evolving per 60 secs.

Reebok Aviators

After watching Bollywood actors in their macho avatars we all dreamed of doing that look one day. You can help your special team mates with a classy collection of aviators on their special day. It is important for a leader to help their mates realize their importance being felt in the organization. With Reebok golden aviators you will surely make your employees love you more. Some of its salient features include UV protection, classic design, and soft rubber template support.

The colour of the aviator gives a special outlook to the whole design. Multi colour lens and golden frame add to the whole design of the aviators. The material is poly carbonate so you don't even have to worry about breaking it with a simple fall. Available at Rediff at a modest range of Rs.299 per piece, this aviator is a perfect gift for a special thanks or a significant occasion.

Corporate Gifts with a Personal Touch

Gifts are always cherished by the receiver. But how do you make it even more special. Personalizing or customizing the gift for someone makes it every more special. Through a customized gift you speak of your bond with the gift receiver. The personalized touch can be acquired through a variety of ways like adding a personal message, mentioning the person’ name on the gift or even a special quote dedicated by you. Photographs also make a very good impression when it comes to customized gifts using a personal perspective. We have picked out a few options for you to choose from:

Personalised Card Holders

A personalized car holder is an excellent choice. It is corporate and elegant at the same time. Print Venue gives you some of the most classic designs in this section. You can customize them according to your needs like a name or a company logo. Also, they are much budgeted so you can make a bundle of them and distribute along with your favourite employees and customers. Available at a price of Rs.299 per piece they are affordable and classy.

Customized Diaries

Source www.5by7.in

Customized diaries, they are classy and very popular among the corporate society of ours. Everyone needs a diary for their everyday chores and appointments. Why not customize and use it as a gifting method. Popular among the corporate giants these diaries come with all your basic essentials like a pen, notebook and sticky notes. They can be availed from 5by7 at a price of Rs.150 per unit. Affordable and essential they make a great gifting solution

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