Your Customers are Some of the Most Valuable People for Your Business. Forge Better Relations and Make Them Feel Appreciated with 10 Amazing Gifts for Customers in 2019

Your Customers are Some of the Most Valuable People for Your Business. Forge Better Relations and Make Them Feel Appreciated with 10 Amazing Gifts for Customers in 2019

It's the first quarter of the new year, and your customers who have been with you throughout last year are still very much in partnership with you. So, why not show some appreciation by giving them an awesome, well-deserved gift. We specially cooked up some amazing gift ideas for you to consider. Come with us and we'll unveil them one after the other.

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Why Give Gifts To Your Customers

Gifts Keep You in Your Client's Mind

You might be wondering why gift your clients? As it is, there is so much to take care of, why add on another task in your list. However, if you take that little extra effort and give a thoughtful gift to your client, you will surely enjoy the several benefits.

Business is a lot about being on your customers’ mind. With the immense competition, you cannot afford to go out of focus, and gifts are a great way to be on your clients’ mind. Ensure to purchase useful gifts, so that every time he uses it, he will remember you. Moreover, if you can customise it with your company’s logo or your value statement, it will surely add on to your brand recall!

It Signifies Your Business Association

Gifts are a great way to express to your client how much you value them and the business association with them. Throughout the year, your clients play a crucial role in generating the desired revenue for your business, so why not take out some time for them and thank them in the most appropriate way?
If you are a producer of goods, you can think of augmenting it and gift the same to your clients. However, it is also going to be great if you can buy something which is in sync with your business, your service or will be directly benefiting the client in his daily office life.

Gifts Make Your Customers Feel Great

Everyone likes to be valued, especially customers, if you can make him feel appreciated, it can result in a positive impact on your business. It doesn’t take much effort on your part; besides the regular business activities, you need to be sensitive towards his requirements. Once in a while if you go that extra mile and gift him with a unique, yet useful item, he is sure to feel happy and cherished knowing that you value your customers.

While we don’t expect anything in return after gifting, it undoubtedly makes the other party happy and strengthens the bond between two people, and business associates are no exception.

Top 10 Gifts for Customers in 2019


We want to go a step ahead and say send gifts not only to your clients but also to your prospective clients. Building a good relationship with your prospects is as crucial as maintaining your current clients.
Let us help you with some of the best online gift options, which are both unique and affordable.

Uber Gift Cards

Gift cards are the most convenient and professional gift items for your clients. A gift card extends the freedom to choose to the recipient. He can use it at his convenience to get whatever he wants. You can order online and get it delivered to the recipients' email id directly. Check out and place your order for the Uber E- Gift card available at just Rs. 1000 from

Splendid Succulents - Gift Pack

A Succulent plant can be an ideal gift for a client. It adds beauty and livens up space. A plant is often symbolic of growth, so when you gift a Succulent plant to a client, it signifies good wishes and prosperity. They are also gender neutral and can be given to customers of any gender. Plus, as a bonus, it is an environment-friendly gesture.

Succulents are easy to maintain plants; they need some sunlight and water for healthy growth. Pruning & fertilizing it at times to keeps it flourishing. So just order this pack of one succulent in a gorgeous looking ceramic pot at an incredible price of Rs. 295 only from Be assured your client is going to remember you with a smile every time he lays his eyes on it.

AmazonBasics Classic Notebook


The Amazon basic classic notebook is also an excellent way of acknowledging a client. The 240 pager notebook is lightweight and ideal for musings, notes, sketches and much more. It is cardboard bound and made of acid-free paper which makes it resistant to any damage from air or light. And guess what, it comes with a page marker, expandable pocket-sized 5 by 8.25 inches and elastic closure to hold things in place. It comes in a size of 130mm x 210mm with the Inner pages of 130mm x 208mm. So do not pause to think, simply order it from at just Rs. 299.

My Gift Booth Nylon Red Travel Organiser

If you want to gift something classy, yet useful and practical, then opt for the Mybooth travel organizer. This handy item comes in a bright red colour and contains multiple pouches to store all your travel knick-knacks. Since it is made of nylon, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. No other gift can be perfect for your client if she has to travel a lot. It is convenient to carry, very useful during the trips, and she will surely thank you every time she goes on an official trip with it. Grab it from at just Rs. 961.

Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Black)


Gift your client a Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i, and he will thank you every time his mobile battery is about to go out. The power bank comes with a 10000mAH lithium-polymer battery with dual USB Output, Two- way Quick Charge and is compatible with 5V/2A, 9V/ 2A and 12V/1.5A charging. The Mi Power Bank 2 has been intelligently designed to adjust the power output up to 18W ensuring that it delivers fast and efficiently charges all the devices connected to it. It is made of Aluminium Alloy and CNC Edge while the Lithium Polymer Battery makes it one of the most durable power bank. Guess what, it is compatible with both Android as well as iPhones and has a warranty period of 6 months. So take your pick at just Rs. 899 from

Unisex Black Performance Striped Water Bottle

A black stripped water bottle from the brand of Adidas can also be a great gift item for clients. It is made of 100% polyethene. Thus, making it BPA free and safe to wash. The three months warranty is an added advantage. This sipper has a unisex look so order it for any of your clients at just Rs.599 from

Custom Tee

The customized black polo neck t-shirt can be your ideal gift solution for clients. The T-shirt is made of pure cotton, and the customization allows you to print any design on it. It is 5.8 * 8.3 inches. So you can get a photo, quote or company logo digitally printed on the t-shirt, thus giving it a personal touch for the client. A personalized t-shirt will definitely win over any client, especially when you can order it to a perfect fit. So do not wait and click to order it at just Rs. 349 only.

Boat Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Carbon Black)


The Rockerz 400 Bluetooth headphone manufactured by Boat can be a wonderful gift for anyone and especially your client. The wireless headphones are compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Device, Window Devices, other Bluetooth Supported Devices, and comes with a warranty of one year. It includes Headphones, Manual, Audio Cable, Charging Cable and microphones. The device package includes 1 A batteries and is not at all heavy, weighing just 109g. The lithium-ion batteries come with a power of 250 milliamp hours. So every time your client warms up to the HD sound he is going to thank you for this. Order it an unbelievable price of Rs. 1499 only from

Custom Keychain

A personalized key chain can be a delightful gift to our clients. It is a daily use item, making him remember you whenever he uses his keys. The chain is grey coloured with a white and grey patch where you can imprint anything from photos to logos to services you offer. It is also a useful branding tool, and since it is light and soft, it can fit in easily into your pockets or organizers or wallets. You can place your orders online at as low as Rs. 199 from

Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi


Last but not least is the Kindle E-reader; it can be that last stop in a long list of unique gifts for your clients. The thin, lightweight, one hand enabled reading makes it a delight for anyone. It can be availed in black or white in colour. It is also easy on the eye, touch screen display reads like real paper. Kindle uses actual ink to create the impact a book can create thus, making them less damaging for the eyes. There is no glare like tablets or handphones, and the single battery charge can last for weeks instead of just hours. Your client can also choose from the latest releases, bestsellers, and even language. It contains reading materials in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. What else can be a better gift for your client? You can now book it at Rs. 5999 from

How To Pick A Great Gift for Your Customers

Buying a gift for your family members is a hard task, but choosing the perfect gift for a client, can be even tougher. You might not know them as well as you know your family, and moreover, you cannot go over the board as it will generate an incorrect impression about your company and you. So, you not only have to buy the perfect useful item, but it should also be subtle. Each gift has a purpose, so let us help you further to make the right choice. While we have already provided you with some of the best gift options for your client, let us help you to choose the best one for your client. Some tips that can help you to take a wise decision are:

• Choose something you can put your Logo on
• Gift them with useful things
• Give them a discount on your services

Read on to find out more on these.

Choose Something You Can Put Your Logo On

The online retailers nowadays have options for personalizing gifts, so you can take that option. Order something on which you can encrypt your logo, as this will serve two purposes at one go. You will enlighten your customer and also promote your business. So, every time the client uses your gift, he and the others will be reminded about your brand; and he will also be happy because you have gifted him something valuable and useful.

Gift Them With Useful Things

Nobody likes useless things cluttering their home or office space, especially when they did not buy it, and certainly not if it has the branding of a company that isn't considered fashionable or cool. Your gift will eventually make it's way to the waste paper basket if it doesn't serve a good purpose, so if you want it to stick around and remind them of your firm, make it a useful present. Think of all the small, useful and practical things available, one a person isn't likely to buy but will most certainly use if they have one.

Give Them A Discount on Your Services

Nothing can beat this age-old technique, of elating your customers with your current service offerings. So, the next time, you plan to gift something to your client (or clients), just try to think if you can provide your service at a discounted rate. In this way, you will not only increase your sales and generate more revenue but will also be able to make your clients happy.

Find out the service that the client prefers the most or something that he has never used before. Both can do wonders; while one will ensure that you know your clients' preferences, the other will help him to be introduced to the service he has never used before.

Gift Tickets to Shows or Concerts

When you gift tickets for shows and concerts, it might not have any relation to your service, but it will help your client to spend some quality time with his loved ones. It will encourage him to think about you beyond his office hours, and you will also be able to make a mark in the minds of his family members. He will know that you value his personal life and can think beyond your business too.

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Awesome material and immaterial gifts

There it is, so many subtle ideas you can choose from. The material gifts are all great, no doubt, but gifts such as giving them a discount on your services is really awesome. It's a gesture that would definitely be appreciated, no question. A ticket to a show is also a subtle gift to consider. Now, we believe you are well equipped with the knowledge of what to gift or do to expressly send a message to your clients of your appreciation of their business.