Say Goodbye to Your Boss With a Memorable Gift: 15 Farewell Gifts That Any Boss Will Like to Receive (Updated 2021)

Say Goodbye to Your Boss With a Memorable Gift: 15 Farewell Gifts That Any Boss Will Like to Receive (Updated 2021)

Want to send off your boss with a gift but not sure what to give? A farewell gift is a great way to show your boss your appreciation so make sure it is something good. We has put together an interesting list of options you can gift your boss from practical items to personalised ones, find it all here. So read on.

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Time to Say Goodbye to Your Boss? Consider A Farewell Gift

A time comes when your boss has to leave. That could be due to being posted somewhere else or retirement. Regardless of the reason behind his departure, getting him or her a good farewell gift is something you should consider. Be thankful that you have had a great boss. That's because it is not a very common thing.

Best bosses are those who are understanding and appreciate your work and encourage you. And when their time comes to leave the office, it is time to show your appreciation. We have some tips to choose the best gift for your boss but also some of the well-thought gift ideas for your departing boss.

Things To Consider When Giving Your Boss A Farewell Gift

  • A Group Gift is Usually Ideal:
    When it comes to the topic of bosses, many people know that it is a whole different thing. Once people see you treating a boss in a non-professional way, it is easy to assume that you are buying favour. To avoid such speculations, it is advisable to involve everyone else. You should ask your colleagues to contribute so that you can buy a group gift. That way, everyone will stop speculating and understand your intentions. In addition to that, you will not feel the pressure that you could if you were considering an individual gift. If someone else had suggested that, it will be wise for you to join them.

  • If You Choose To Do It Alone, Be Discreet:
    As mentioned earlier, a group gift can save you quite a lot. However, if you feel like you want to go for a personal farewell gift for the boss, it is also good. That is, especially, if you and the boss are friends even outside work. A group gift may not do that friendship justice. Nevertheless, do it discreetly. One way of achieving that is giving them the gift, for example, away from office.

  • Not Advisable To Give A Cash Gift:
    Cash is not an advisable idea, regardless of who the recipient is. Not only is it tacky, it will feel like a gift thought of in the last minute. It will also show that you don't know the interests of your boss. A general gift is still better than money.

Some of The Most Appropriate Ideas When It Comes To Securing A Farewell Gift for Your Boss

Handy Travel Case for Electronics/Cables

This travel bag Seagull Flight Of Fashion 3 Layer Gadget Organizer Case, is great utilitarian gifting idea. You won’t be wrong when you present this gift to your boss who is leaving office. It is not gender-sensitive, and even your boss lady will be all smiles if you present this to her.

The bag‘s interiors offer secure storage space and also prevents scratches. It is capable of storing and protecting small electronics such as mobile devices, documents, power adapters, and even memory cards.

The outer dimension of this travel bag is 27cm x 20cm x 9 cm.and is backed by a one year warranty. It can be found on at Rs. 1,199.

Personalized Desk Sign


What about this Personalized Business Desk Name Plate in Wood?

The Personalized Business Desk Name Plate comes with a raised engraving of the name, in a stylish font. This is an all wood product so looks good on any desk. Your former boss will be glad to see this personal gift. The size of the desk plate is 30cm x 9cm and comes with a stand. This option will cost you Rs. 1,129.00

Insulated Travel Cup


A hot cup of coffee or tea every morning is a life saver for every office worker. Your boss is surely no different. This insulated cup is a wonderful way for your boss to enjoy his coffee or tea pping hot (or cold) for a long time. Elegant looking, this stainless steel thermos travel mug can keep beverages hot for nearly 6 hours and cold for around 12 hours thanks to its double walled vacuum insulation. The capacity of the mug is 470 ml. The mug is easy to use and easy to clean. Check out this option on Amazon for Rs, 1,099.00

Office Desk Organiser

It is that day when you need to bid your boss farewell? Then do it in style with this Desktop Organizer from Amazon. This tree-like design makes sure his or her desktop space is maximised. The organiser is in an elegant black and comes in 3 levels. It makes it easy to keep stationary items, mobile phone and keys in one place. Order it on Amazon for Rs. 799

Fun Stress Reliever Desk Toy


Based on the physics law (Inertia & Newton's Laws), this desk toy is a fun way to relieve stress. Your boss will enjoy playing with it for a few minutes and take a break from his heavy work load. In this desk toy, the principle is that whenever one of the balls collides with the others, the others keep going, which demonstrate Newton's laws. The toy uses materials of the highest quality so it ensures that the least amount of energy is lost which makes the fun last. The toy comes with a polished wooden base which gives it an elegant look. The measurements of the toy is 180mm(18cm) x 150mm(15cm) x 175 mm(17.5cm), and it can be ordered on Amazon for Rs. 1,538.

Luxury RFID Credit Card Holder


Each one of us carries dozens of cards - debit cards, credit cards, ID cards and so much more. Having it all organised in one place is very helpful when you are looking for it. Gift your boss a high-quality designer card holder that looks sleek and is durable. Not only, that make sure to pick a holder that offers RFID protection, which esures that no card information is stolen by scammers. We have chosen this chic tan coloured card holder from Hidesign available on the brand' site for Rs. 1595.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Why not gift your departing boss this Essential Oil Diffuser? This is a new version is excellent for producing more mist. When used with 100% pure essential oils it creates a pleasant atmosphere with its efficient diffusion. It has seven changing lamps to choose from. It also features night, programmable on and off cycles as well as an auto shut–off. The moment water runs out, the diffuser shuts off; thus, protecting the device. This is now available on for order. It sells at Rs.1,799.00 on the site.

Luggage Locater

Most bosses are forgetful with so much to do, its natural. Therefore gift them this locator that is excellent at tracking their luggage. The aircraft complaint Trackdot from Trakdot comes with 30 days unlimited tracking possibilities. Also, it is powered by size AA batteries which last for up to a whopping 240 hours. It also has a battery level to show you when your power is being depleted as well as a life indicator.

It is simple to use. He or she only need to insert the batteries, then switch on the device and finally activate it on and they are good to go. This luggage tracker is capable of working even inside closed buildings where their GPS tracker signals can’t reach.

It is enabled for GPRS, GSM, and Bluetooth so they can find their luggage without hassle. If you are wondering where you can find this luggage locator, don’t worry as you with only Rs.2,449 at

Personalised Document/Laptop Sleeve

Your boss surely walks around the whole day, going from meeting to meeting or travelling between office or even cities. Give him this personalised sleeve that he can use to carry his laptop or any documents. Sleekly designed, this case has been made of vegan leather and comes with a whole range of pockets and compartments that can hold a variety of items. You can personalise the sleeve with your boss' name or initials and also add a charm. The sleeve is available in tan and brown colour leather. Choose the one that suits your boss' style best. Available on for Rs. 1,250

Scratch Map Deluxe

Pick this option if your boss is a travel freak or travels a lot for his work. This Scratch off Map World Poster Deluxe Editionis a great gift that can help your boss track his travels around the world in a fun way. .Manufactured using handpicked, finest quality materials like the thick premium card and an easy to peel off foil, this also looks great as wall art.

This map can be purchased online on Amazon for Rs 699.

Smart Travel Wallet

With full schedules, most bosses move around a lot, whether travelling out or just going to different meetings etc. This Travel Wallet, is a handy accessory. They will find it convenient to have a folder that not only contain a notebook but also help charge their phone while on the go!

This wallet has been designed to be multifunctional. You can keep all documents together, have a notebook on hand and charge your phone with the inbuilt power back up(10,000mAh lithium battery) that can connect any device. There are four LEDs to light up to display the charge status. There is also a neatly placed power button on the wallet to operate the powerbank.

Made with elegant style, using high quality PU material, this wallet will look great for your boss to flaunt. It measures 22.5cm x 18 cm x 2.5 cm, which makes it is easily portable and easily fit most laptop bags or even purses.

This useful gadget is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,799.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a cool addition to his office desk or even his home office. Offering dozens of useful features, a smart speaker may be exactly something that your boss may like to get as a gift. The Echo speaker comes with an LED display that shows helpful info like time and outdoor temperature or timers. It can play music, control devices and carry out on-demand voice search. This latest version is available on Amazon for Rs. 5,499.

Desktop Shredder

This Aurora Desktop Style Crosscut Paper Shredder is available with a basket for keeping the shredded document for emptying.

It measures 4.5 inches throat width. The shredders basket also comes with a handle. It has a capacity of up to 40 sheets meaning your boss will use it time and again without having the basket filled. This desktop document shredder exteriors measures nine by seven by 10 inches and can be shopped on at a discounted price of $25, from $32. This means that you buy it in Indian Rupees for just 1798.00 and save a whopping Rs. 504.88.

Amazing Boss Print

Thinking of putting a smile on your bosses face as they leave office? There could be no way to achieve this other than downloading this Amazing Boss Print and gifting them right during the farewell party. Currently, this boss print is available for download at Etsy. You can effortlessly print it and frame it yourself.

Upon downloading it, you will get one digital art print that measures 8 by 10 inches in size. It is of a high-resolution 300dpi and comes in JPEG format. All you have to do is purchase the print from the e-commerce store, then download it directly from the site. Save it in your computer or device and then print and frame it. Order it for $4.95 which translates to 356.00 Rs only.

Alternatively, A Coffee Mug!


If a poster does not make sense, then surely a coffee mug will fit the bill! Featuring a message that expresses your appreciation of your boss, this mug is a great option if you want to give something low key yet expressive. This ceramic mug has a capacity of 330ml and measures 8cm x 9.5cm.. Check it out on Amazon for Rs. 305

Bonus: Buy Him A Ticket To A Game

There is no better way of celebrating your departing boss than to book them a ticket to a game so you can enjoy one last evening of fun. There are many websites in India where you can book a ticket for a game. For instance, there is these,,, and much more.

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Keep Away From Personal Gifts

Gifting your boss can be tricky because the relationship is professional and not personal. That's why you must be careful to buy something that shows you appreciate him but without venturing into personal territory. Things like books are perfect because they allow you to show your appreciation without making things uncomfortable.