Know All About Gift Boxes with Paper: Top 10 Paper Gift Boxes to Pack Your Gifts in And 3 Ways to Make It Extra Special!

Know All About Gift Boxes with Paper: Top 10 Paper Gift Boxes to Pack Your Gifts in And 3 Ways to Make It Extra Special!

Have loads of gifts that need wrapping but no time? Gift boxes are a boon to get the job done in no time. Paper gift boxes in particular are an elegant and environment-friendly solution to make you gift look classy and well-packed. Get to know more with our comprehensive guide on this new trend. We have 10 fantastic gift boxes suggestions as well as a DIY suggestion if you keen to try your hand at making on yourself!

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Gift Boxes - A Great Way to Make Gift Packing Easier!

Earlier gifts used to be simply wrapped in gift wrapping paper and later they started to be placed in beautiful gift bags. However, now the trend has changed. The current trend is to pack gifts in compact gift boxes. There are a variety of gift boxes available including bold and quirky ones along with classy and elegant gift boxes. The boxes also come in various sizes and designs to suit any and every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries to even festivals and holidays.

Why Should You Choose A Gift Box?

You might be wondering why exactly you should choose a gift box over the traditional and simpler way of packing it in a gift wrapping paper. Well, there are several reasons which make a gift box a more viable option than the others. Listed below are the top 3 reasons why you should choose a gift box to pack your gift in.

Makes The Packing Look Attractive

Putting the gift in a gift box instead of simply wrapping it in a wrapping paper is much more attractive. It gives it a polished look and also adds an element of surprise. The gift box makes the entire package look more beautiful and classy, plus adds an extra appeal to it.

Adds More Value to The Gift

Just think about it, on one hand, you gift something simply in the packaging that it came in or you put it in a beautiful gift box and then give it to someone. Of course, the latter will add much more value to your gift and make it special for the person as well. You can also choose the gift box according to the occasion to add more value to it.

Provides Space to Add Small Things with The Gifts

Choosing to pack your gift in a gift box will also provide you with more space to add some little things along with your gift to make it more special for the person. You can think of small things that will fit into the extra space in the box; making it more valuable and also giving the box a seemingly full and compact look.

Top 10 Best Paper Gift Boxes to Pack Your Gifts in!

If you are wondering how to find the perfect gift box for your gift, then don’t worry anymore because we have curated a list of the top 10 paper gift boxes that you can use to pack your gifts in. The list includes some of the most trending gift boxes on the internet and can be used on several different occasions. The following are the top 10 paper gift boxes.

Dwayne Sweet Bowknot Paper Storage Case


If you are looking for something elegant and sweet then you can consider this set of 10 gift boxes from Amazon India. They are small, compact boxes which are good enough for gifting jewellery items like bracelets, earrings or a little trinket. They come in different pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and more. Each box has a small bow on it made with ribbon to give it a polished look. You can buy this for Rs.409, in which you will get a packet of 10 such boxes.

Magideal Kraft Paper Candy Gift Boxes with Bow Lace Ribbon


For people looking for gift boxes in bulk for parties or wedding favours, this set of 50 gift boxes is the ideal option. Available on Amazon India, you get an amazing deal of 50 gift boxes for just Rs.724. These boxes can mostly be used for gifting candies, chocolates and similar things. It is made of brown earthen paper with white designing done on it. You will also get 50 white ribbons to tie on the box once you have packed the gift in it. They will make for chic and classy return gifts for birthdays and other occasions as well.

Gold Ribbon Favor Boxes


This is a similar deal like the one above but the boxes are different in style and design. The gift boxes from Amazon India are made in white and golden colours with beautiful designing done on the boxes. You will also get golden ribbons to tie on the box once the gift has been put in it. The box size is ideal for small trinkets or chocolates and candies. It also folds into a beautiful shape which is different from the usual square one. For Rs.648 you can get this set of 50 gift boxes and 50 ribbons.

Floral Print Boxes

If you are looking to give chocolates or candies as return gifts or party favours at your next big party, then this box is the ideal choice. Not only does it come with a tray for the goodies, a sleeve and a holder; but, it is also designed beautifully with floral patterns on classic white shaded base. They are made from high-quality material to make it strong and sturdy. It will prevent the contents of the box from becoming damp or moist. You can get this box at a price of Rs.15 per box from Schmancy.

DI GRAZIA Corrugated Card Jewellery Box With Ribbon Bow


Available on Amazon India is this set of 8 jewellery gift boxes which are made out of assorted colours, ranging from pink to orange to yellow and even shades of blue. Each box comes with a bow tied on top of it to give to party-ready look and all boxes also contain a foam pillow puff to protect the gift. This is an ideal option for gifts like necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings. You can also consider this gift box if you are gifting a watch or something similar. It is available for Rs.599 for a set of 8 such boxes.

Paper Pep Packaging Collection Plain Tin Boxes Light Blue


If you are looking for something sturdier than the usual paper gift boxes then this piece from Amazon India might be just the thing. This one is made from a combination if paper and tin and you have the option to choose from shades of blue, pink and more. Each box comes with a beautiful artificial flower on top of the lid. The boxes are ideal for eatable items like cupcakes, dry fruits, chocolates or candies. You can get a set of 6 such boxes for just 550 INR.

Creates & Designs Hand-Crafted Gift Box with Ribbon


If you are looking for just one gift box for that special someone then this could be it. Priced on the higher end, you can get one such gift box from Amazon India for Rs.330; however, it is worth it. Designed and completely handcrafted, the box is made out of shades of blue. The lid comes with a design of silver and blue in a glittery shade and the bottom is made of pastel blue shade. The box is large enough to fit several small things at once as well. This beautiful box could be just the thing you are looking for.

Silver Bejewelled Gift Box

If you looking for a bulk buy for any event or festive occasion then this silvergift box is available on Indiamart for just Rs. 150 per piece. These boxes feature a gleaming plain silver cover with a bow that features a bejewelled embellishment. This box is ideal for gifting small to medium sized things like home decor items, soap sets or similar things. They also have different colour and sizing options available on their website, in case, this doesn’t suit your needs.

Brown Shabby Square Gift Boxes


Again if you are looking for gift boxes in bulk, especially, for a party where you want to give out the same type of boxes then this option could be the one you are looking for. The boxes are designed in shades of brown. The box itself is made out of brown coloured paper and has a dark brown colour ribbon on top of it which can be tied up. The top of the box also has beautifully cut wavy designing done to give it a more polished look. You can get a set of 50 such boxes for just Rs.465 from Amazon India.

Papertrail Kraft Party/Wedding Favour Box with Handles, Print and Ribbon


This is a set of 10 rustic party favour boxes with a pretty lace print on all sides and a white satin ribbon that threads through the handles to close it. The boxes are ideal for packing eatables like cupcakes or chocolates. You can get this for Rs.300 from Amazon India.

Make The Box Special - Add A Little Something

The gift and the gift box are special in their own right but you can also add some little things to make it a more exciting experience for the person who is going to get the gift after all. You can add little things that will neither take much effort nor be too expensive but will surely brighten their day. If you want to add a little something in the gift box along with the main gift then here are some of the best ideas that we could find.

Greeting Card

You can add a greeting card according to the occasion. For example, a small birthday greeting card could be a nice addition to the gift box if you are giving it to a friend or a colleague at work. You can also choose the greeting card to match the style of the box.

Handwritten Letter

One of the things that always make an everlasting impact on someone is a handwritten letter and you can add one to the gift box. This is especially a nice idea if you are giving the box to someone close to you, a loved one. It will show them the effort and thought you put in.


There is nothing that can bring more childlike joy to anyone other than chocolates and candies. Also, they will not take too much space in the box and you can always add a handful of the recipient’s favourite sweets to the box. If not sure of their taste then just add some assorted chocolate pieces.

Make One Yourself - It's Simple!

You can also try making a gift box yourself; it is simple and cost-effective. All you need is card stock papers (of whatever colour you like), a pencil and a ruler. Here’s how you can make the box.

If you would like a more detailed step by step method then you can check out thesprucecrafts.

  • Step 1 - Mark Centre And Make Folds
    Take a paper and draw two lines diagonally from corner to corner. Mark the centre of the square. Now turn by turn, fold each corner of the paper to the centre. Next, fold the first corner to the line that the first fold made on the opposite side. Repeat this for all corners. You should be able to see a series of squares made by the previous folds. Lastly, fold each corner to meet the nearest fold line.
  • Step 2 - Make The Cuts And Next Folds
    Make cuts on any two corners stopping right before the crease towards the centre. Then, fold the two corners without cuts into the centre.​​ Fold the same edges up as shown to form two of the sides of the box. Fold the cut ends in at either end of the box.
  • Step 3 - Make The Final Fold
    Fold the two remaining pieces into the middle of the box. Your lid is now complete. You can similarly make another box for the base; however, remember to keep it slightly smaller so that the lid can easily fit over it.
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Gift boxes are a great alternative to gift bags and wrapping paper - they not only lets you off the hook of having wrapping your gift, but also offers you a unique opportunity to personalize it. You can pick out the style of paper box keeping in mind the personality of the person you are gifting. If they are the artistic kind, then look for whimsical or colourful prints. If their style is sophisticated, look for boxes with classy designs. All it takes is some time and thought!