Stand Out from the Rest By Giving a Personalised Gift to Your Boss: 10 Great Gifts for Boss and Tips on How to Not Look Like a Suck Up (2019)

Stand Out from the Rest By Giving a Personalised Gift to Your Boss: 10 Great Gifts for Boss and Tips on How to Not Look Like a Suck Up (2019)

Do you also come here looking for a great gift for your boss, then believe us we will not let you go empty-handed from here. In the below given paragraph we will tell you about some of the gift options which are extremely beautiful and also very cheap. Read the full article to know more.

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Why Personalized Gifts?

Many people wonder if a personalized gift is better than somethiing from a gift shop. Receiving a gift makes you happy but a personalized gift gives you a delight beyond par. Taking time to get it personalized shows your effort. You can get anything and everything personalized these days but it does need you to put some thought. All it takes is the effort to understand what the person needs and get it customized accordingly. But choosing the right gift takes time and it can be very confusing too. You need to keep many things in mind while buying one. It becomes even harder when it is your boss who needs to be gifted something.

Your boss is someone who acts as a mentor and support in your job. And of course, he may well have your corporate future in his hands. So a gift can be a pretty good way to show your appreiciationn of him, especially since bosses often don't get the due appreciation. A small token of appreciation can be of extreme delight to them. When you give them something that speaks to them personally, it becomes more than a gift or a gesture of appreciation. It builds up or either shows a personal bonding.

Thanks to technology! Even a small gift can be turned into a personalized masterpiece these days. Picking up something stopping at a shop nearby was the norm in the past but now customized gifting has completely changed the art of gift-giving.

Some Useful Tips on Choosing a Great Gift

Gifting your boss can be very confusing and customizing can add up be a cause for further distress. Personalized gifting doesn't need to be so complicated. A little focus and direction can help you. Suppose your boss has his papers flying all over, you can just buy him a paperweight which can be personalized. It's both helpful and, right?

We understand that when you work in a company, you hardly get to know your boss personally but putting in the extra effort never goes to waste. Maybe He/she travels a lot for meetings with his/her car then gift your boss a car phone holder. In these simple ways, you can deliberate and pick simple gifts for your boss. Yes! It can be as simple as that.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Be professional and classy.
  • Know your boss – the receiver.
  • Add personal touch with a note expressing your sentiments
  • Buy a quality gift but don't make it too extravagant
  • Consider what the boss likes outside of work.
  • Watch out for anything that could be deemed off-color or send the wrong message.

Consider Group Gift First

Before going all out and buying a gift on your own, have a word with your colleagues. They might want to join in the gifting gesture as well. This won't just cut the costs for you but also prove to be a great networking and team-building activity. And this will also ensure that a better quality gift can be bought for the boss. And no unnecessary drama over giving gifts some up. To sum it all up- Group Gifts> Solo Gifts. Also, make sure that everyone contributes equally to the gift and it is bought only after common consensus.

Something According to His/Her Hobby

While choosing a gift for your boss, one option is to take into account his/her sensibilities and hobbies. Hobbies being the keyword here. Ask around, try to figure out what your boss does on weekends, what his/her hobbies are and then gift something that aids him/her to realize his/her hobbies in a much more wholesome manner. Remember: Your boss is a multifaceted human being too. Your boss probably has a wilder side that you don't know about. Let this gift be your way of letting your boss know that you recognize the fact that your boss is not just your boss but also an individual with preferences, interests and desires.

Budget Friendly

You don't want to be spending too much money on the gift you'll be giving your boss. It mustn't be a sub-standard gift but it certainly need not be a very costly gift either. It is important for you to understand that your boss unlike most other people, might not take fancy of his/her junior gifting him/her something that is very costly. Your boss will appreciate the gesture of you gifting something but will also be impressed if you consider the cost involved and take the best Quality and Price decision. After all, those are the qualities that your boss wants you to apply at the job too. 'Stick to your budget, don't budge it.'

Here's a List of Corporate Gift Ideas Perfect For Your Boss



The retro vibe is making a comeback and seems to be in vogue. People fancy them as a status symbol. While it's classy looks attracts people, its functionality comes handy during travel. So gifting a retro-journal would be both useful and charming. It is basically a notebook with a classic cover which can be customized according to your needs. The price range starts from Rs.1000. You can buy this from Etsy.

Travel Folio

Being a boss isn't just cool; it comes with a lot of responsibility. Especially travelling! You will never know when she/he has to travel. She/He'll spend most of her/his time traveling. So gifting a travel folio is smart and sexy. A travel folio generally has a divider inside to store cards and boarding passes, and even hide cash in the back for extra peace of mind. It can be customized according to your needs, more importantly your boss' needs. The price range starts from Rs.600/-. You can buy this from

Desk Trinkets Valet Tray

Arranging a messy desk is a never-ending process. Especially when you are in a hurry. Why arrange a table? Just gift your boss this tray and help him find his important things with ease. This tray can be customized with a logo or his name engraved on this. It can be folded through edges and can be used with ease. This gift is not just useful but also extremely attractive (get it?). The price range starts from Rs.1000/-. You can buy this from Flipkart.

Notebook & Device Case

If you observe most of the great leaders be it your boss or a CEO, they carry notebooks. Having a customized one helps. Gifting them a customized notebook which even has a device case is awesome. This comes very handy and is very helpful. This is basically a notebook which is made with a device case as a cover. The price range starts from Rs.1000/-. You can buy this from Amazon.

Art or Motivational Quotes


You can observe almost every great leaders room has some art or motivational quotes hanging around to keep their mental capacity at its optimum. Sometimes these quotes define their personality too. So many people holding the title of the 'boss' are interested in this stuff. And also this mostly attracts a boss who is an art lover or who reads a lot. Even though motivational quotes interests every boss. Choosing something that they relate to and something that excites them makes for a perfect gift. These are available online on many websites like Amazon, Flipkart. Art can be bought directly from local shops as well. This Art can be bought from for just Rs.713.

Laptop Folio Case


Having a personalized laptop case is not only helpful but stylish too. It is especially useful for someone who has to carry it on a daily basis. Having a personalized one with necessary pockets is awesome. It is easy to carry all the necessary things in one laptop folio. It's an ideal corporate gift for affluent executives who are constantly on the go. Laptops are the most important thing in corporate sector so keeping it safe is equally important. You never want to have any damage on it. This case will not only prevent it from getting dirty but also ensures it safety from any possible damage. Price range starts from Rs.900/-. You can buy this from Amazon.

The Herringbone Messenger

A customized bag is a perfect gift for travelers. Being a boss means you are an accidental traveler. A comfortable bag adds up to a peaceful journey. This herringbone bag is just what you are looking for especially if your Boss is a woman. It's a comfy bag and is customized to answer all your needs. It is generally a compact shoulder bag with adjustable straps and is zipped plus has zipped internal security pocket. To add to it, it's luxurious and stylish too. The price range starts from Rs.2500/-. You can buy this from

Zen Garden


Work can be stressful for everyone. Especially for your boss, he has to deal with many things. Get your boss something that helps him/her relax a bit. It can be a highly stressful job and a stress-busting zen garden would make for a great gift for your boss. It contains sand, rocks, candleholder, and rake. It creates a serenely scenic escape from everyday stress. Especially when you don't have time to take a break to relax. The price range starts from Rs.2500/-. You can buy this from Etsy.

The Weekender Duffle


Generally, your Boss has to do deal with way more than anyone else in the organization. From answering more emails to attending impromptu meetings around the globe, they manage it all. To ease their travel woes, gifting a classic yet modern bag that is spacious and savvy for a boss on the move. Easing their traveling is nothing but making them comfortable. It has space for everything you need to pack. He can use it to keep his important files and documents safe while traveling. It will ensure proper safety to his belongings and that's all he wants. The price range starts from Rs.1800/-. You can buy this from



These are very under-rated but planners make for wonderful gifts. Planning is the half the battle won and a planner as a gift is the full battle won. Game,set,match. There are a couple of different sizes, templates, layouts and qualities available. Make sure you choose a right one and get it customized according to your needs. Your boss is someone who has a lot going on throughout his day and could use a litle help with the clearing of the clutter that is his schedule. Ensure that you keep in mind your boss' tastes and preferences before you buy a planner. Planners make for great gifts and can easily be customized. Their price range starts from Rs.300/- and they are totally worth the spend. You can buy this from

Give a Gift That Matters, or Makes a Difference

Hope we helped you solve all your gifting hassles or at least to get a rough idea about what to gift. Remember the value of gift isn’t based on price; it depends on the satisfaction level of the receiver. A perfect gift may develop your bonding or atleast brings up smile on his face. Their satisfaction can be a reward to all the efforts you have put to buy it. But remember the receiver should never feel that the gift is out of sheer obligation. Especially your boss, who will probably be tired of having received such gifts. So make sure your gift makes a difference from others. This will lead to a better rapport and eventually a better work place environment. Carry a warm smile with the gift and it will melt your boss' heart. Be honest, candid and genuine; your boss will be overwhelmed. A happy boss leads to a happy work-life. Make your boss happy, and your boss will do the same for you. Best of luck! Happy Gifting!

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