10 Unique Gifts for Boyfriend that Accentuate His Lifestyle, Captivate Him and Bring Him Closer to You

10 Unique Gifts for Boyfriend that Accentuate His Lifestyle, Captivate Him and Bring Him Closer to You

Gifts are a way to show the love you have for your boyfriend and also a way to reflect how much you understand him. Instead of the regular watch or mug, how about you gift something unique to your boyfriend, whether for his birthday or any festival? Find here cool gifting ideas for your boyfriend that will surprise him and make the gift memorable!

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How to Gifts for Boyfriend that are Unique and Creative

Choosing the Perfect Gift Depends on What You Want to Communicate

Almost all of us scramble around looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones thinking of their preferences, their requirements, budget constraints & quality etc.. The questions are endless and options always seem few! The process of gift giving is more than just an exchange of a tangible object, it is more a way of expressing one’s feelings for another. When you buy a gift for your boyfriend, you’re actually telling him how you feel about him. Whether you’d like to go in for a romantic present or a gift that’s unique and creative, just think of what you wish to convey through it, and it will become easier for you to select the appropriate one.

Look for Unusual Products and Gifts

When you are in a relationship, love is the ‘top most’ factor in conveying anything to your beloved. When you add a touch of ‘unique’ to it, you get a chance to combine something unusual and new to a normal gift, making it an experience in itself, the memory of which would be treasured by your boyfriend for a long time. When looking for unique – search for things that are distinctive and unusual, which are enjoyable or even hilarious! For instance, you’d go for an edible iPhone or indoor fireworks. If your creative gift doubles up as a utility tool, it’s even better!

There's No Dearth of Ideas if You Know Your Boyfriend Well!

Boyfriends can be hard to shop for, what with your desire to express your love, get him something whacky, yet meeting your budget in mind! If you are aware of his quirks, his nature, interests, then it becomes easier for you to work on the next step of understanding your reason of presenting him something. That means you need to spend some quality time with your man, and instead of wondering whether he is listening to you, how about get him to open up and talk about things that matter to him!

From sports accessories to novelty gifts, personalized keepsakes to romantic buys, the unique quotient can be applied to anything and everything. If he’s a tech freak, and always on his phone or tab or always busy with work and on his laptop, then you’d buy him a ‘stop technology addiction’ kit in 21 days, which would not only tell him how much you miss spending time with him, but that he can detox from this gadgets in some really cool ways with ease!

10 Gifts for Boyfriend, Unique, Just Like Him

Luxury, Funky Socks Set

Source www.amazon.in

The Moja Club Socks are bold and bright adding a unique touch to any outfit, be it dressy or casual. With their excellent quality, bold patterns and quirky designs these socks are made to last. Born out of luxury combed cotton, the socks are super soft and lightweight, easy on the feet enabling them to breathe and stay cool even after a stressful day! The thin elastic edge around the opening of the socks helps them lay flat against the feet and prevents the socks from sliding down. The socks can fit a varied range of foot sizes comfortably, usually between 7-12 (UK size for men). The set comes with three pairs of socks in a designer gift box. This funky sock set can be got from amazon.in and is priced at Rs. 897.

Weirdest Sporting Events Book

Some of the world’s most popular sports are known to be the Derby, World Cup or the Olympics, yet there’s a whole different world of sporting activities and competitions where players and participants risk their lives, limbs and sacrifice their self-respect for meagre recognition or rewards in some jarring sports events. The weirdest sporting events book lists 100 of the world’s crazy and unusual sporting competitions with details and a historic background.

It includes the twisted game of buzkashi in Afghanistan in which horseback riders drag the headless body of a dead goat to their opponent’s goal or brings your attention to the perilous game of Japanese wrestlers battering one another with fluorescent light glass tubes). It has some really unnerving, unique and whacky sports listed making it an informative yet different read. Source it from flipkart and it is priced at Rs.291.

Mini USB Fridge

On a hot summer day, a cool frothy beer is heavenly! To have it chilled and close to him even better. A smart mini drinks cooler, the mini USB fridge is powered by a USB port, ideal for keeping his beer awesomely chilled as he works. With a 4 foot cable, the fridge’s cold plate chills a drink to the perfect temperature, it has an LED light inside the fridge and a retro style design. The fridge can hold a standard 330ml can which takes approx. 5mins to cool down to 8 degree centigrade. The USB port is compatible with PC and Mac platforms. In the package you will find a black USB fridge, 1 USB cable and an instructions booklet, all priced at Rs. 2,899 and can be purchased from desertcart.in.

Whiteboard Notebook

Source www.amazon.in

This Whiteboard Notebook is a portable eco-friendly non-permanent but reusable whiteboard that would be perfect for your workaholic boyfriend if he’s always on his work mode, he can take notes or create presentations on the go with this handy tool. Get this Whiteboard Notebook from amazon.in. The notebook is 8.5 inches x 11.75 inches in dimension and serves as a blank canvas for all his brainstorming sessions, writing notes or doodling. There are 60 perforated pages which can be torn easily and reused, it also has a correctable dry-erase pen that dries up within 10 seconds, erases errors like that of a pencil and does not smudge. The torn pages can be torn and printed to the Magic Notebook pages using a laser printer. The whiteboard notebook is priced at Rs.5,525.

Car Escape Emergency Tool

Source www.amazon.in

Resqme is a unique device created with security features for its users by being handy in case of a situation where they are trapped inside a vehicle in case of an accident, a fire or any other unforeseen condition. In a dangerous situation, every second counts! With its ‘ready escape’ mode, the tool can be sourced form Amazon India and it comes with a concealed stainless steel razor blade that can slice through a stuck seat belt and a stainless steel spike that can be used to break the side windows.

Resqme resets automatically and can be used repeatedly, its blade is long lasting and can be used to cut jammed seat belts multiple times. The tool can be attached to the key chain easily and requires no special installation. It is priced at Rs.899 and is available in a variety of colors.

Minimalist Wallet

Source www.urby.in

If your boyfriend prefers style, comfort and utility together, then he’d love this minimalist wallet, from urby.in which is a durable and simple choice over the usual bulky wallet. With its slim, lightweight design, ‘Walter’ card holder comes with an ID window, 2 card slots in the front, a pocket in the center for currency or papers and a slot at the back. The highlight is the 24K gold plated money clip top. Made of top quality leather, the holder doubles up as a front pocket wallet. It has a poly satin interior with a fancy double tone with curved edges and is encased in a drawstring canvas bag. Its dimensions are 10.3 cm by 7.4 cm and the wallet is priced at Rs. 995. You can also personalize it with your boyfriend’s initials, his name or even a short message in your choice of foil color, at an additional price of Rs. 150.

Foot Massage Roller

Source www.amazon.in

After a hard day at work, treat your man to a relaxing foot massage with this compact, easy to handle foot massage roller that he can use anywhere to soothe his sore feet, ease heel pain and refresh his soles. The roller encourages blood circulation as well. The unique shape of the roller contours to the foot arch and the raised texture provides a shiatsu type massage. It also maintains the varied temperatures for 25 minutes of use. It is ideal for feet of all sizes and portable made of high quality material and has a sturdy built. It can also be used for health conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Reflexology, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, & Myofascial Release. The foot massage roller can be got from amazon.in and is priced at Rs. 2,421.

Sports Sunglasses

Designed mostly for outdoor activities, driving, cycling or trekking, the lens in these sports sunglasses from PayUMoney are made of unbreakable and shatterproof PC material which is long lasting and apt for an extended use. With its high tenacity frame that prevents distortion, the glasses come with double injected temples and are ergonomically designed for a three dimensional snug and curved fit. The curved lens prevent disturbing light from the side and protects from all kinds of foreign bodies. It also has anti-skid nose pads that are comfortable. The glasses come with a sports sunglass frame, 5 shatterproof lens (with the main lens polarized against damaging sun’s rays and 4 lens colored differently for different weather conditions), a heat protection box, an elastic sports belt, a lens pouch and a cleaning cloth in addition to a movement head harness. It is priced at Rs. 2,999.

Rope Hammock

Source hangit.co.in

Gift him a hammock for cool comfort and for a rustic edge to his space décor. Now he can enjoy the summer feel throughout the year in the comfort of his living room, his balcony or backyard with this handcrafted rope hammock with the finest material. Made of 100% 48'' cotton rope , 7mm thick, the hammock is 55''X 82'' in dimensions and has hardwood spread bars in a glossy finish. Cozily comfortable and relaxation quotient of the highest standard is a guaranteed benefit of this hammock and it can easily seat 2 adults, with the capacity to hold 450lbs. It can be mounted between 2 trees, poles or on the stand. The rope hammock can be purchased from Hangit.co.in and is priced at Rs. 2,699. The hammock pack includes 13 links chain on both sides for hanging and a set of screw hooks. The stand is available at additional charge.

Portable Shoe Shine Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your boyfriend a portable shoe shine kit that he can carry with him all the time conveniently! It will allow him to have his shoes look sharp and sparkling clean no matter where he’s been. A thoughtfully put together kit, the Connectwide Shoe cleaner kit that can be got from amazon.in, includes everything he’d need to keep his leather shoes clean, all items are crafted with careful consideration to their functionality, durability and utility factor. A perfect gift for every man the kit comes in PU leather compact case (24 x 7.5 cm), 2 premium shoe polish in black and neutral shades, a shoe brush (12.5 x 4.1 x 3 cm), a handle brush, a shine cloth, two shoe cream polish in black and neutral shades, a metal shoe horn and 2 pieces of shoe sponge (10.5 x 3.8 cm) – all pre packed in a lovely wrapping box. The kit is priced at Rs.1,169.

Keep it Simple Yet Outstanding

No matter what the occasion is, a gift of love is always welcome and you do not have to necessarily express your feelings on special days. There are so many different ways to tell him how much he means to you, whether it’s writing short notes every now then and sliding it in his closet, clothes, car, or his personal space or making him a collage of all your special moments together that will remind him of you, options are endless. You don’t have to burn your pocket in proving his preciousness in your life, your thoughtfulness, the effort, and affection will be your driving forces in making him feel special.

Be a keen observer, make note of his hobbies, his style, his personality traits and then think of things that can accentuate his lifestyle or perhaps look for activities that can enhance his inherent skills of learning and using it practically, like getting him an assortments of physical or mental activities that he could participate in, to pick up new experiences or register for workshops and enhance his talents both in his personal and professional space. Different thoughts, different gestures would be your key to making his simple life stand out beautifully. Not to mention, you’ll be his most favorite person!

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Unique Gift Ideas for Boyfriend in 2018

Thinking of his preference or requirements? Or is it the budget or quality? All these are reasonable conundrums one might run into trying to select the perfect gift. A key element to keep in mind when selecting a gift is that it displays love. This is the top most attribute and follow this up with a gift of a sui generis nature. Moreover, find a gift that goes along with his interests and nature. Generally speaking, outlined are the best gift ideas and the top 10 most unique gifts to give to your boyfriend.