10 Awesome Joke Gifts for Boyfriend That Will Make Him LOL + Crazy Pranks to Pull on Him (2019)

10 Awesome Joke Gifts for Boyfriend That Will Make Him LOL + Crazy Pranks to Pull on Him (2019)

Does your man love a good laugh or is he constantly on the look out for silly pranks and fun gag gifts? Best Present Guide brings you a list of some hilarious, fun and bizarre gifts that either make him laugh, or help him pull a prank on someone else. If you've run out of new ideas for Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or just want to give him something fun, look no further!

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How to Choose Funny and Gag Gifts for Your Boyfriend?

Choose Something That Aligns With His Sense of Humour

While choosing a gift for your boyfriend, you might think that anything funny will work. While that is true, but the gift that will work the best is the one that actually fits his definition of funny. Tricky right? Well, not really! You can derive gifting ideas from something that you think he will definitely find funny. You should know his unique sense of humor in order to come up with the best funny gift for your boyfriend. Look out for the type of jokes he cracks or the sort of memes he find funny. This will help a lot. You may think his obsession with fart jokes is disgusting, but if that's what gets the man cracking, you know where to look!

Get Something That Has an Element of Surprise Along With Fun

If you are looking for a gift that is funny then you must also get something that has an element of surprise to it. For example, you can buy a regular-looking chips box which when opened reveals a dummy snake. Something of that sort will be funny as well surprising. Anyone would expect to see chips in a chips box and would be dazzled to see a snake popping out of it. This indeed will make the gift all the more hilarious and it can even be used to pull a prank on someone together after your boyfriend opens it.

Pick a Gift He Can Flaunt in Front of His Pals

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Laughter is supposed to be shared and the gift you choose for your boyfriend should be funny enough so that he can flaunt it in front of his friends. Nobody will say no to a good laugh and when you pick a gift think whether you would like sharing it with your pals. If the answer is yes and definitely go ahead and buy the gift. After all, what is a funny gift if it cannot be flaunted? For example, if you are to choose a tummy fanny pack that he can use to keep his essentials and a couple of beers, then he will be surely excited to show it to his friends to share a good laugh.

10 Hilarious and Funny Joke Gifts for Boyfriend

Hairy Guy Fenny Pack

This awesome yet funny accessory is goals for anyone who believes in being comfortable in their own skin. It is indeed a funny gift to give to your boyfriend. It looks like a hairy belly but in reality this is a pouch which has enough space in it to keep his travel essentials as well as cans of beer. It has an adjustable buckle and fits really well. He can take it outdoors for his day out with friends and even when casually hanging out at the beach or so. Buy this for your boyfriend and make him laugh. You can get this from bigsmall.in for Rs.799.

Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

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This hilarious potty fisher game is going to crack him up. Needless to say, he can play this game while in the loo for passing time and trying his hand on fishing. The game set includes a mat, rod, bowl, fish and a do not disturb sign that he can probably put outside the toilet for letting others know that he is in there doing something really important. This is an awesome funny gift for your boyfriend. He can carry it with himself to any trip or vacation for pastime and fun. Shop this from Amazon for Rs.3,064.

Bag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy)

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This is a unique and funny gift for your boyfriend. The unicorn farts cotton candy is a bag full of cotton candy with descriptions like 'magical', 'mythical' and 'majestic'. You can sneak in this packet inside your boyfriend’s college or office bag and when he opens it he is sure to have a good laugh. You can also keep it somewhere in his bedroom like in his drawer or closet. Buy this mythical and hilarious, and slightly overpriced unicorn cotton candy from Amazon for Rs.2,047. But who can put a price on a good laugh right?

That's Bullshit Button

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Ever wanted to just shout “That’s bullshit!” to someone? Well, why bother saying it when you have got this awesome bullshit button that does the work for you! When you press the button, it lights up and plays funny phrases that you can use to insult people on the spot. You can use this at your work place for cracking people up or in front of your friends when they are being really annoying. It can also be used while throwing a party and exclaiming to others how you feel about their opinions. A little too honest, isn’t it? Gift this to your boyfriend and let him express himself in a fun new way. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.1,957.

Game of Phones

Turn your mobile phone into a scavenger hunt tool with these Game of Phones cards. All you have to do is to gather a few friends with their smartphones and then draw a card. Every player has to take the challenge written on the card and the one who is the fastest wins. For example, the card has prompts like “find the weirdest Google picture for your name” and the like. One who has the highest points wins the game. The cards are made of paper and the set includes 100 cards. Your boyfriend will have a blast of a time playing this with his friends. Shop it from uncommongoods.com for Rs.1,376.

Never Cook Sober Cookbook

If your boyfriend is fond of drinking, he would love this gift! Never cook sober cookbook has 100 awesome recipes for dishes that you can cook using booze as one of the ingredients. It has boozy recipes for appetizers, sides, entrees and desserts. Awesome, right? Your boyfriend will be surprised to receive such a cool and fun gift. Maybe you two can try some of the dishes and buckle up for the hangover! They will be perfect to be taken along on a road trip, an outing, or while visiting your friends. Some of the famous recipes from the book are Tipsy Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos, Mixology Cupcakes, and Bottoms-Up Mudslide Smoothie. You can shop this amazing gift for your boyfriend at Amazon for Rs.930.

Funny Table Top

This is no ordinary table top! It reads “Have you hugged an idiot today? Me neither, come here!” You know how sometime you just want to mess with others and tease them. This table top will help you do exactly that. Gift it to your boyfriend so that he can keep it on his work desk and tease his friends. Anyone who reads it will surely have a good laugh. It is blue in color and can be used at home or at work. Be a cool girlfriend and support your boyfriend’s sarcasm. Buy this from giftcart.com for Rs.374.

Whoopee Cushion Prank Bag

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This whoopee cushion bag is an awesome prank toy that you can gift to your boyfriend. You just have to blow it up and keep it on a chair or someplace where your boyfriend will sit. It produces weird and funny noises when sat upon. This would embarrass him for sure and makes for a great fun gift. He can then use it to play the same prank on unsuspecting friends. It is green in color and made of rubber. Giggle away with your guy and give this prank toy to him on his birthday. Maybe you both can play a prank on others also. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.497.

Zakir Khan: Chacha Vidhayak T-Shirt

This black and yellow t-shirt has a famous quote printed on it (chacha vidhayak hai hamare) by none other than comedian Zakir Khan. It is quite an epic quote that is one of his most hilarious and famous punch lines. Reading the quote itself will make anyone laugh. The t-shirt is pre-shrunk and is made of pure cotton. It can be easily machine washed and ironing on the print should be avoided. It should be dried on a flat surface to avoid changes in measurement. Gift this cool joke gift to your boyfriend on his birthday. Buy it from thesouledstore.com for Rs.500.

Potato Chip Can Jump Fake Snake Joke Prank

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This potato chip can has anything but chips in it. It looks like any regular chips can and when you gift it to your guy even he would wonder why on earth are you gifting him this ordinary chips can. However, he will surprised and shocked to see a fake snake popping out of it once opened. Prank your beau on his birthday with this hilarious potato chips snake joke prank. He can use it again for fooling his friends and playing pranks. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.1,292.

Bonus: Awesome Prank Ideas for Your Guy

Smash His Gadget Prank

We all know how much do men love their gadgets and to mess with your guy in the evilest way possible you can play this prank on him. All you have to do is to find a cheap replica of his phone’s screen guard and smash it! Then carefully take his phone and place this smashed screen guard on it. Maybe tape it such that it is not visible. Then keep the phone back to its place and gear up for some laughter.

When he finds out that his phone is smashed he will be infuriated and you can watch him getting all worked up! You can even record his reaction for posterity. You can also pull the same prank on his iPod. Maybe buy a replica of his iPod that is cheap and looks exactly his iPod then smash it up for real! Replace his original iPod with this fake and smashed iPod and watch him fret and fume. Tell him that you accidentally broke it and are utterly sorry and see his reaction.

The Sticky Hand Wash Prank

This one would require you to buy a bottle of glue and some bright food color, maybe red. Just mix the two and fill his hand wash dispenser with this mixture. When he heads to the basin to wash his hands he will be bewildered to see it get all sticky and gross. You can also replace his face wash with this mixture and when he uses it make sure that you have your mobile camera ready to capture the moment! He will be definitely mad at you for doing this but it's worth the fun! Play this prank on your guy and make him enraged.

The Lather Up Prank

This prank would really piss him off! Take a plastic wrap and use it to cover all of your boyfriend’s bath and grooming products so that he cannot use any of them. Cover the body wash, moisturizer, soap, toothpaste, shampoo and almost every other product that he has at his place. Plan it such that finds this out early in the morning just when he is about to head to work so that it really gets on his nerves. You can also plan it right before he has to go to a party or an outing and he will be really irritated to not being able to use even the toothbrush. He might not even talk to you for like a few days in a row for doing this. But hey! Pranks are pranks!

Scare the Heck Out of Him Prank

For this prank you need the scariest ghost or Halloween mask. Simply wear it before your boyfriend is likely to wake up and lie next to him with your face facing him. When he opens his eyes he will be scared as hell and will probably jump out of the bed. You can also get a plastic snake or spider that looks quite real and place it near you while pretending to be asleep. When he wakes up with this view, he will surely be scared! You can take this to another level by putting some ketchup or red-colored liquid that resembles blood on your forehead to scare him like anything. However, later on you can make him some coffee and apologise for the same. Will he forgive you? We don’t know, are you willing to give it a try?

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Know how far to take it

The characters in your favourite sitcom may swap gag gifts and play pranks on each other all the time, but will your boyfriend appreciate it? Pranking is a big part of American culture and it's fun to listen in on radio pranks, but Indians in general do not like a fast one being pulled on them, and especially not by their girlfriend or wife. So, know how far to take a joke or a prank. A gag gift may be funny for a change, but if you're giving your boyfriend one for something like his birthday, also have a another gift ready on the side.