14 of the Coolest Nerdy Boyfriend Gifts of 2019 and Tips to Rock His World

14 of the Coolest Nerdy Boyfriend Gifts of 2019 and Tips to Rock His World

So you have a super smart, intelligent and nerdy boyfriend. He tends to drift off into his own little world every now and then but he sure is a treasure, especially since he seems to have a solution to just about most things. But that makes it equally difficult to wow him with a gift. Fellow nerd or clueless about what's going on in his head, our list of nerdy boyfriend birthday gift ideas are sure to impress. Read on to find out more.

Is Your Boyfriend a Geek or a Nerd? 3 Ways to Spot the Difference

Differentiating between a nerd and a geek can be quite a task as most people perceive the two to be same. However, it is not true, nerds and geeks are different from each other and here are three ways from which you can tell the difference.

  • Style of Communication
    Nerds love to use terminologies that are not commonly used and the vocabulary is quite good. They use fancy and complicated words whereas geeks put things very plainly and simply while communicating. Moreover, geeks take interest in the details of your daily life and relate it to the novel that they read or movie they watched whereas, nerds are seemingly uninterested in the day to day activities. They are more concerned about the bigger picture like the future of science and technology and important things like that.

  • Their Interests
    While both geeks and nerds are passionate about their area of interest, their interests vary. A nerd will typically take interest in things like programming, chess and things that require intellectual abilities. On the other hand, geeks enjoy movies, techno music and anything entertaining and fun.

  • Social Skills
    Another differentiating factor can be social skills. A geek is usually very social and they are very loud about their passion. If they are into some kind of game they might even end up explaining its history and everything to you. Whereas, nerds are really introverted in nature and do not speak unless they are asked about a certain topic. They might know everything about the subject but prefer to stay low key.

What are Nerdy Boys Generally Into?

Nerdy boys are really passionate about their area of interest and are very introverted too. Figure out what kind of nerd is your boyfriend. Most nerds will be very passionate about any one or more of the following:

  • Books: Nerds have been associated with books for the longest time. If your boyfriend can’t stop talking about a particular book and its author and the story etc, then he is probably a book nerd.

  • Technology: Does your boyfriend love gadgets and owns or talks about gadgets that you have probably never even heard of? If your answer is yes, then your guy falls under the category of techie nerd.

  • Science: If your boyfriend talks about the future of earth, the space, and scientific experiments even in casual conversations, then it is quite clear that he is a science nerd. He probably has subscribed to the famous science magazines and suggests you to do the same.

  • History: Another thing that your nerdy boyfriend can be passionate about is history. History of a place, a thing or just history in general. You will be surprised as to how much he knows about a particular place. Thus, we have our history nerd!

There's Nothing as Rewarding as Giving a Nerdy Boy a Gift He Loves: Here's How to Do It

Order the Gift Well in Advance

Yes, a tiny detail that most people get wrong. If you cannot rely on the delivery guy then maybe ask one of your mutual friends to do the favor, but the gift should be delivered on time. After all the hard work you should not end up making a fool out of yourself. So, be very careful and place your order well in advance.

Surprise Your Nerdy Boyfriend With a Thoughtful Gift

Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend, who happens to be a nerd, is not a cake walk. While you might have made some wild guesses about what might appeal to his nerdy psyche, you want to make sure that what you buy actually impresses him! The trick to finding a perfect gift for your guy is simple - be thoughtful. Think before buying the gift and ensure that what you are gifting will actually turn out to be useful.

Share His Interests!

Use his gift to show him how much you share in his interests. Since nerds are so passionate and excitable about the things they are interested in, being able to share that enthusiasm with his girl will please him like nothing else. Have a book, series, movie, game or theory that you both are into? Get couple's gifts based on it to show off your shared interests. While many boys will shy away from wearing matching Captain America or Harry Potter tees with his girlfriend, at least in public, nerdy boys will revel in it. Their deep involvement in anything they like is such an endearing feature of nerds that you'll be proud to show him off.

14 Nerdy Boyfriend Gift Ideas That Will Send Him to the Moon

So here’s the catch. You have already checked his online shopping cart only to find out nothing special. What you need is something out of the box that will actually please him. Don’t worry, we bring you just that. Here is a list of the top nerdy boyfriend gift ideas that will make him go wow!

Bluetooth Smart Ring

A ring that is smart. What more can he ask for? Gift your boyfriend a smart ring like Jakcom Titanium Rings NFC Smart Ring that enables him to run functions on his smartphone. This is both a tech-savvy yet romantic gift. It has features like app lock, online file sharing, sharing a business card and internet links and many such features. Your nerdy boyfriend will love flaunting this in front of his friends and colleagues.The Bluetooth ring is available for Rs.800 and can be bought from flipkart.com.

Wireless Speakers

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your boyfriend with wireless Bluetooth speakers to make life way easier. These compact and quality wireless Bluetooth speakers can be easily carried everywhere. He can enjoy his favorite music while working on that important project or work assignment. Gifting wireless Bluetooth speakers could be one of the best nerdy boyfriend valentines gifts and are suitable for even birthdays. It never goes out of style and he would love this fun gift.

Give him Anker SoundCore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It has 15 hours of playtime, a 66 foot Bluetooth range, a noise cancelling microphone, a robust bass and surprisingly powerful sound for a speaker this size. This speaker is available for Rs.2,649 and you can buy it from amazon.in.

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Source www.amazon.in

So he loves waffles and is a techie. Wouldn’t it be perfect to gift him The Keyboard Waffle Iron? Of course! The keyboard-shaped waffle maker is perfect for your nerdy boyfriend. It has an easy to clean design made of aluminum and the product is durable and strong. With curved handles that are heat resistant, you can either bake the waffles yourself or let your beau make his favorite waffles. This gift gives a unique waffle making experience and proves to be an ultimate gift. You can buy this cool gift for Rs.8,562 at amazon.in.

Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

This awesome MOXO X-1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Floating Levitating Maglev Speakerer has a floating speaker orb that spins above a magnetic base. It can be easily paired with any smartphone or tablet. An amalgam of science and technology, isn’t it cool? You nerdy boyfriend will thank you for giving him such a wonderful gift. Moreover, the orb can be individually used as a speaker without even using the magnet base. Cool looks aside, it produces a very good quality sound. These speakers are available for Rs.7,000 at amazon.in.

LCD Writing Tablet

Source www.amazon.in

You can gift your nerdy boyfriend with Swiss Military LCD Writing Pad Dig2. This would enable him to pen down his ideas without using his pen. Pun unintended. The lightweight and portable writing tablet can be easily carried to corporate meeting, training sessions and can also be used for personal work. It has a one-touch clear button and is super energy saving. What's more? The gift is totally eco-friendly! Your boyfriend will be truly taken aback by this super useful gift. Buy this for Rs.1,379 at amazon.in.

Camera Lens Mug

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your darling with Super Classic Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug with Lid. While he prepares for his day, he can sip in his favorite cappuccino or latte out of a full-fledged camera lens! It is easy to be carried around and comes with a protective lid that covers it. He can just carry it with himself to work or even to the gym and it has a capacity to hold 350 ml of liquid. Bestow this gift upon him and see him smile! You can buy the camera lens mug for Rs.210 at amazon.in.

Graphic Tees with Nerdy Prints

Source www.teez.in

Another one of the nerdy boyfriend birthday gift ideas is a graphic tee with a nerdy print. You can gift your guy with the t-shirt having nerdy prints like that of a math equation, a chemistry formula or other science related stuff. These tees can be worn to casual outings or on Fridays to work, get-togethers, and events of that sort. Make sure that you buy the right size though and order it in advance then gift wrap it. The cost of tees like this May The Source Be With You! Linux/Starwars Men's T-shirt start from Rs.399 and you can buy them at teez.in.

NASA Bomber Jacket

Source www.amazon.in

This awesome Alpha Industries Men's L-2b NASA Bomber Flight Jacket will surely have him drooling. He will think to himself: Isn’t she an angel? Not kidding! If he is anything close to a nerd or a geek then he would go head over heels for this cool gift of yours. The NASA bomber jacket is water repellent and is made of nylon. He will go wide eyed at the sight of it like a 10-year-old and would flaunt it among his pals. What’s the wait? Order it already. Get this unique gift for Rs.9,500 at amazon.in.

Mobile Wireless Pocket Projector

Source www.amazon.in

The HITSAN Generic Unic P1 Plus Wifi Wireless Pocket Dlp Mini Projector enables you to share your images and ideas on the big screen. It is portable and very convenient to use. You can gift it your beau and he can simply use it for all his important presentations at work. It is very lightweight and fits into the pocket. The mini projector projects on all sorts of surfaces and it sources power from its connected device so you do not have to charge it as well. Buy this for Rs.8,999 at amazon.in.

Laser Keyboard

Source www.amazon.in

This Laser Keyboard, Portable Pocket Size QWERTY Virtual Keyboard is a perfect gift for anyone who is tech savvy but still likes the feel of typing stuff out. Gift your nerdy boyfriend this virtual keyboard so he can type in those codes or work on that presentation without even having to buy an actual keyboard. This device is compatible with both Android as well as iPhone. You can buy it online and select the gift wrap option to pack it the way you want to present it. Get this online for Rs.5,999 at amazon.in.

An Activity Tracker

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A water-resistant activity tracker with amazing battery life makes for a great gift for your guy. Get him Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker in black; with features like advanced sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, this gift will show him how much you really care for him and his well being. Moreover, the cool features are sure to impress him. As mentioned above, anything thoughtful will definitely be appreciated by your nerdy boyfriend. Code cracked! Buy it for Rs.1,790 at amazon.in.

Book Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

GrabClassy Mini Folding Book Lamp India - Single Light - Black, the name describes it quite literally. It’s a lamp shaped like a book that is foldable. You can open it and it will be illuminated. This book, which is actually a lamp, can be carried around and you can simply open it when you wish to use the lamp. It is one of the best nerdy boyfriend gift ideas. He can take this in his briefcase or backpack and the book lamp will come in handy whenever he wants to read his favorite book in some in solitude. Buy it for Rs.1,134 at amazon.in.

Solar Power Bank

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your beau with a solar powered power bank. Probeatz Reliable Solar 20000 mAh Solar LED Power Bank is compatible with all types of mobile phones and other devices. It has dual USB output ports and free USB Fan. He can charge his phone or other gadgets like tablets, ebook readers anytime and anywhere by simply plugging it in the socket. Easy to carry, this gift will save him a lot while traveling for work or client meetings. Buy it for Rs.1,400 at amazon.in.

Useless Box

Source www.amazon.in

Well, this box is not in the slightest how it sounds. The Orange Kat Useless Box - Full Kit will strike a chord with your nerdy boyfriend’s heart! This box has all the necessary things for building your own machine. Gift it to your boyfriend so he can build almost anything out of it using his witty ideas. Your nerdy partner can spend hours and hours trying out new stuff. Thank us later!

The kit includes a laser cut box for the machine, internal mechanisms, a link to an instruction manual to build your own Useless Machine. What he will need separately is some glue, basic tools like screwdriver and pliers, and two AA batteries that are not included. Buy it for Rs.4,253 at amazon.in.

How to Make a Nerdy Boy Feel Super Special

With the options above you have a wide array of gifts to choose from for your boyfriend on his birthday. But is that all? Certainly not. Apart from giving him a gift-wrapped item, you also need to do something more to make him absolutely happy. Here’s how you can add that extra touch that will make the difference.

Write Him a Personal Note

Once you are done deciding upon a gift, add a personalised note to it. Maybe pen down how much you love him and how much he means to you. Express your love and scribble down everything that you want to say to him on his special day. Forget about how it might sound, just write it down genuinely. He will certainly be moved from this sweet gesture of yours and your the note will be like icing on the cake.

Take Him to a Book Reading Event

Figure out what kind of books your boyfriend likes the most. Find out the genre that he likes and then take him to a book reading event. Maybe do some research on his favorite author and it would be great if you could take him to any of the author’s promotional events. This offbeat idea will help you make his day all the more special and memorable. He would realize how much effort you have put in to make him happy. If not that you can get him a copy signed by his favorite author with a message from the author. He will forever be grateful to you for this. You can check for events here.

Get Him a Personalised Cake of His Favourite Character or Theme

Do not just give him an ordinary cake, instead, make it special and customised. Maybe print his favorite quote on the cake or gift him a circuit-themed cake. Add a nerdy touch to the cake and see him swoon with wonder. After all, you got to show him that you really get him! You can buy a customised cake for him from fnp.com

Understand What He Likes and Then Act Upon It

Lastly, while carefully organising the party and the secret surprise, ensure that you take into consideration the type of person that he is. If he is an extrovert who loves being around people then invite friends as well as acquaintances to the bash. But, if he is anything of an introvert or is shy (the probability of which is high as he is a nerd), then only invite his close friends and family if you want to. Introverts have a really small yet meaningful circle of friends and they prefer having only them around instead of inviting anyone and everyone they know. So plan it out and have a blast!

From our editorial team

Research is Key

Even if you're a bit nerdy yourself, you're going to need to do a lot of research about the things that are currently keeping him hooked. Being as smart as they are, they have a wide range of interests, some preoccupying them at the moment, others simmering in the background, and yet more somewhere on the periphery waiting to be examined and dived into when time permits. Pay attention to what he does, watches or shops for to get clues. Or talk to him. He will be more than happy to share his passions with his girlfriend.