Shopping for a T Shirt Gift for Boyfriend? 10 Funny, Cool and Customised T-Shirts You Will Want to Give Him (2018)

Shopping for a T Shirt Gift for Boyfriend? 10 Funny, Cool and Customised T-Shirts You Will Want to Give Him (2018)

Tees are so versatile which is why they also make excellent gifts. No matter what your boyfriend's personal style is, he is bound to wear t-shirts. BP Guide has put together some of the funkiest, coolest and customised t-shirts you can buy online so you are bound to find something here that he will like.

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Tips for Buying the Perfect T-Shirt for Your Guy

Slay it With Quotes

If you want to gift your boyfriend with t-shirts then go for tees that have quotes on them. There are various options to choose from these days. You can buy t-shirts that have humorous quotes on them or even famous sayings. They are minimalistic and catchy at the same time. You can pick t-shirts with quotes from a popular movie or tv series. The quotes could be also motivational or related to sports. If he loves to work out then you can gift him with a t-shirt that has the quotes related to fitness. T-shirts having desi slogans and Bollywood dialogues are also trending. Pick a style, genre or sense of humour that will appeal to him.

Customise the T-Shirt

You can make the t-shirt even more interesting by customising it. You can get a picture printed on the tee. Go for his best picture or you can even put a picture of the two of you. Moreover, you can also add a quote along with the picture. Customising the picture makes it special and you can add a fun element to the t-shirt. You may also go for a t-shirt that has couple quotes written on it. If it is his birthday or your anniversary then you can write your wishes on the t-shirt. Make it look catchy by adding an image of a minion or a comic character. Your boyfriend will be pleased to receive such a cool gift from you.

There are plenty of websites that specialise in personalised merchandise and you can get custom print tees made at, and also on Prices vary according to style of shirt, material and the design.

Choose Graphics Based on His Personality

Looking for inspiration to buy a printed t-shirt for your guy? Look into his personality to choose the best option. For instance, if he is a party lover then you can go for quotes that are related to partying and having a good time. You can also choose designs that have a print related to dancing and the like. If he is into gaming then any t-shirt with gaming related quotes would work. You can choose the best option based on his likes and dislikes and it will resonate with him. He will appreciate it way more than if it were a random t-shirt. Understanding his hobbies will help you buy the best t-shirts.

Top 10 T-Shirt Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Seedha Saadha Ladka Half Sleeve T-Shirt

This printed t-shirt is perfect for any shy and introvert looking guy who is actually not that innocent. Give this to your boyfriend as fun and make him realize that he is not as innocent as he looks. It is a blue round neck t-shirt that has the quote “Sidha Sadha Ladka” written on it. However, the cigarette on the t-shirt makes it very ironical. He will definitely get a good laugh after receiving this gift. It is made of lightweight jersey fabric and has a ribbed knit crew neck. The t-shirt has a regular fit and you can check with the size chart to get a perfect size. Shop this only for Rs.299 from

Punisher Skull (Glow in the Dark)

Give this Punisher Skull glow in the dark t-shirt to your guy. It is an official licensed Punisher t-shirt. It is made of good quality cotton and is pre-shrunk and bio-washed to ensure a good fit even after washing. To maintain the print on the t-shirt, it can be washed in cold water with mild detergent. You can dry it in shade and avoid ironing on the print. This cool t-shirt by Marvel is indeed an amazing gift for all the Marvel geeks. Your guy is going to be surprised and would love this amazing t-shirt. The best part about it is that the skull print glows in the dark and will be the best companion while partying or having a night out. Shop for this from for Rs.499.

Redwolf Men's 99% Chance of Sarcasm - Peanuts Official T-Shirt

Give this sassy 99% Chance of Sarcasm - Peanuts Official t-shirt to your guy. It has a quote that says “Today’s forecast: 99% chance of sarcasm”. It is best for someone who is always sarcastic and wants to own it. Give it to your guy and he will be amazed to see how accurate it is. It is a regular fit t-shirt made of pure cotton. It is heather maroon in color and has a silkscreen print. The style of the t-shirt is round neck with short sleeves. Gift it on his birthday or any special occasion and make him happy. Shop for this awesome t-shirt from for Rs.499.

Engineer Bhagwan Half Sleeve T-Shirt

Do you have a cheeky engineer boyfriend who likes to think he knows everything? Everyone has high expectations from engineers and many do believe that they are the smartest people on the planet, but we all well know how annoying that can be. Well, this tongue in cheek t-shirt will appeal to your boyfriend who is an engineer and add humour to situations when he is being a know-it-all. It is a blue t-shirt with the yellow and white quote printed on it. The classic t-shirt is made of jersey fabric and you can buy it according to the size chart. It is a funny and quirky gifting idea. He can wear it on casual occasions and pair it with denim jeans for a perfect look. Shop this half-sleeved round neck t-shirt from for Rs.449.

Harry Potter: Mischief Managed

Give this official Harry Potter graphic t-shirt to your boyfriend on his birthday or any special occasion. It is indeed the best gift for all Harry Potter fans. With the famous quote in the staple yellow color in front along with a “Mischief Managed” quote at the back, this t-shirt is simply awesome. It is made with pure cotton and is bio-washed as well as pre-shrunk. The t-shirt should be held with care and should not be ironed at. It is a round neck t-shirt with short sleeves and can be worn at semi-formal events. Buy it from for Rs.499.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S: They Don't Know

F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans would go gaga over this gift! It quotes the famous quote from the series FRIENDS. It is taken from the episode titled “The one where everybody finds out”. If your boyfriend has seen the series then he will absolutely love this t-shirt. It is made of pure cotton and should be washed with care to keep the print intact. It is a licensed FRIENDS t-shirt that can be worn for a casual outing or even at work on weekends. Give this cool t-shirt to your guy by buying it from for Rs.499.

Trust the Vibes Half Sleeve T-Shirt

This black t-shirt has a white quote that reads “Trust the vibes”. It has a simple yet attractive look and can be paired with denim jeans or shorts. You can gift this to your guy on any occasion and the quote will resonate with almost everyone. It is available in four different colors and you can choose the size of the t-shirt by referring to the size chart. The t-shirt is very lightweight and is made of jersey fabric. It has a round neck and short sleeves. The pitch black color with white quote looks great. You can shop for this t-shirt from for Rs.449.

Deadpool: Pretty Good

If your guy is a Marvel geek then he will love this t-shirt! It has Deadpool on the tee with a quote that goes “pretty good at bad decisions”. It is an official licensed Deadpool t-shirt and is made of cotton. One can use mild detergent and wash it with care to preserve the design. Do not bleach or tumble dry as doing so can affect the print. The t-shirt is preshrunk and bio wash and is very comfortable to wear. The t-shirt reminds one of the physical prowess of Deadpool and his amazing healing powers. He is too talkative a little crazy. Fans would absolutely love this git. Shop it from for Rs.499.

Redwolf Men's Laziness is My Superpower T-Shirt

This cool t-shirt will resonate with anyone. Laziness is indeed a superpower and who doesn’t possess it, right? This tee is ideal to be flaunted on days when one simply does not feel like doing anything. It is perfect to lounge around. The design of the tee is screen printed and it is made with cotton. The style of the t-shirt is round neck, short sleeves along with standard fit. Give this comfy and funky t-shirt to your boyfriend. It can be paired with casual shorts or jeans for a perfect look. It can be bought from for Rs.599.

Wish You Were Beer Tee

Who does not want a chilled beer after a long day? Or maybe just because! If this sounds like your boyfriend then he will certainly love this t-shirt. It is a blue color t-shirt with a quote that goes “Wish you were beer”. It is made of cotton and is very comfortable to wear. It should be kept with care so as to preserve the graphic design. You can gift this to your guy who loves beer on his birthday and on any other special occasion. He would thank you for being the coolest girlfriend. Shop it from for Rs.499.

How to Ensure You Get T-Shirts that Suit Your Guy

Go for Graphic T-Shirts Based on Comics that He Prefers

If you are keen on gifting a graphic tee to your guy then you can gift him a comic based t-shirt. Find out what type of comics he likes. For instance, if he is a Marvel fan then you can give him the tees related to it. For instance, you can go for an Avengers t-shirt or a plain t-shirt that has Marvel written on it. He will appreciate your effort of gifting him something that is related to his interests. You can go for a Daredevil, Spiderman, or Captain America print. Any quote or graphic design related to it will be best suited.

Choose Glow in the Dark T-Shirts

If you want to add an element of surprise to the graphic t-shirt then go for a glow in the dark tee. There are various online stores where you can buy this type of t-shirts. Go for something that has a print or a quote that looks normal by the daytime and glows in the dark! These type of tees will be perfect for hanging out with friends during the nights. They can also be worn to the pubs and your guy will like this type of cool t-shirt. It will be even better if you could buy a t-shirt that glows in the dark and is also somehow related to his interests.

Choose a T-Shirt Based on His Favorite TV Series

Is there a series that he just cannot stop talking about? Well, you know what to do! Get him a t-shirt that relates to this series that he is obsessed with. For instance, if he is a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you can gift him a t-shirt that has a yellow umbrella on it. Any tee that has a reference from his favorite series will blow his mind! He will be thrilled to get a gift like this that too from his girlfriend. Find out what series he likes and then get a t-shirt that either has a famous quote from that series or a relevant graphic.

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Get something he will wear

Wearability is a top priority when buying clothing for anyone so buy something your boyfriend will want to wear, not a t shirt that makes him cringe in public. Keep his dressing sensibilities in mind; just because he likes certain things doesn't mean he wants to roam around wearing his heart on his sleeve. As for personalised t-shirts, unless it's a one time wear for a special day, you may want to think very carefully about the choice of image or photograph and not have a t-shirt printed with a corny picture of the two of you that makes him reach for a sweatshirt on a blistering hot day.