Make Way for a Smart Kitchen in 2019 with These Top 10 Trending Food Gadgets for Kitchens

Make Way for a Smart Kitchen in 2019 with These Top 10 Trending Food Gadgets for Kitchens


Technology has made our lives simpler and easier. With gadgets to satisfy each of our needs, its high time we upgraded our kitchens. Give your kitchen a trendy feel with these best food gadgets. Don't forget the traditional techniques for a seamless amalgamation of new and old.

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Technology Paving Way for Smarter Kitchens

Technology and Evolution of the Kitchen


Living in the twenty-first century, we cannot possibly imagine a life without the significant advancements in technology, which have taken place over the last two decades, making our lives and everyday tasks much more convenient and fulfilling. It isn’t quite a surprise that now these high-tech ideas are changing the face of our kitchens, enhancing our cooking experience to whole new exciting levels.

Although it had all started with the arrival of traditional fridges, microwave ovens, refrigerators, gas stoves, and other tools, even these conventional gadgets have evolved so much over the years, incorporating new tech services such as internal Wi-Fi, voice recognition, assistance and so on. Hence, it is time for our kitchen to upgrade to a ‘smart kitchen’ in all true senses.

The Importance of Traditional Cooking Techniques

The need of the hour in today’s every day hustle and bustle with no time in hand and plenty of tech-savvy options, is a smart kitchen that can help us save a lot of time and manpower, and even help us achieve levels of precision and perfect results that were earlier not in our reach. Although all of the pros come with a cost, with a literal price here, it definitely is a worthwhile investment to make.

Moreover, another thing we might end up forgetting over a few years down the line while adapting to a newer, smarter kitchen is the value of the age-old techniques used in cooking which have their own essence to them that no technology can provide to your food. So, while we step into the future of a high-tech kitchen and cooking experience, we must also not forget our traditions and techniques that our past generations have been following.

So, if you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse or a house warming gift for family or a friend, here’s a list of items you can consider to give one’s kitchen a smarter, technologically advanced edge over others.

Top Food Gadgets for Gifting

Hand Blender


Price: Rs. 1,788
Buy on: Amazon

Ask your grandmothers about how they used to put in hours whisking, making butter out of milk cream using manually operated machines, most millennials might not have seen, while today your mothers do so in much lesser time using a mixer or blender. Technology does perform wonders indeed, improving lives of people manifolds, helping them save precious time and manpower. The best part of it is, with the constant curiosity of extraordinary minds around the world, the evolution and advancements in tech and services never stop!

Owing to that same evolution, today we have hand blenders in our kitchens. They are lighter and hence, much handier to use than the mixer-grinders our mother used earlier. You can mix cream, soup, curries using this simple-to-use hand blender with such precision in no time, material that was usually left with clumps when done traditionally.

Amazonbasics Microwave


Price: Rs. 5,299
Buy on: Ubuy

Imagine you could talk to your microwave and tell it to stop or preheat without having to click buttons but just by commanding over voice sitting on a sofa? Amazonbasics microwaves bring you a range of such microwaves collaborating with Alexa! Not only that, you can ask for news or music and not to forget, with probably its most impeccable feature of all, it can be connected to your Wi-Fi Network expanding its range to several metres. Amazonbasics Microwave without a doubt is a must have for a smart kitchen, helping you relax and letting Alexa do all the work!

Nutribullet Smart Blender


Price: Rs. 12,999
Buy on: Amazon

Your must-have a counter-top blender for the smart kitchen you desire. With a sensor fitted inside to measure the number of ingredients added, and even adding up their nutritional values for your diet with its in-built app, that also provides a list of recipes and other features, blenders’ technology has come a long way indeed.

The much convenient size of the machine makes it very handy to use and lets it take minimal space in our kitchen cabinet compared to our traditional blenders that needed much work to even carry up to the kitchen counter, let alone use them further. Thanks to a very powerfully operable and efficient motor, you can make out that much-needed juice out of your favourite fruits in no time this season.

Icemaker Machine


Price: Rs. 18,499
Buy on: Amazon

If you have a large family of kids consuming ice with every glass of water and finishing it up without filling up those ice trays and putting them back in the refrigerators, here’s an investment you ought to make with ice-maker machine at home, that works way faster and efficiently, and produce considerably more ice in much lesser time than your freezer.

With its small size yet intense action, and a self-cleaning mode, it is a must-have smart tech for your kitchen in all ways, owing to its low maintenance and high delivery. Not just that, you can even choose the size of the ice made out of the machine and best of all, it is portable, so you don’t have to go back and forth for a refill, leaving the party in the backyard.

WiFi Instant Pot


Price: Rs. 15,539
Buy on: Amazon

In the age of fast internet and Wi-Fi available at every corner in your house and practically wherever you go, it was in fact time to introduce Wi-Fi to your food tech. So here we bring you Wi-Fi instant pot, taking your smart cooking experience to another high-tech level, which is easy and convenient to use even for someone who is not quite tech savvy.

Scoring top marks in unique features, sleek and simple design and better-than-best performances, a Wi-Fi instant pot is a must-have for our counter-top cooking gadgets. Using its Wi-Fi supported technology, one can receive notifications even if you are in the next room, and monitor when your food gets ready. The multi cooker supports steam cooking, pressure cooking, and many more cooking modes for all kinds of dishes you wish to prepare. Introducing new age tech facilities to your food services undoubtedly is a step forward and make ways for many more revolutionary tech advances in the food business for the future.

Sous Vide Machine


Price: Rs. 9,290
Buy on: Amazon

If you haven’t been introduced to sous vide technique of cooking, it is definitely time to learn about it. With countless options for sous vide machines available, this new age tech offers cooking experiences of exceptional levels of convenience, helping you avoid overcooking your food. All you need to do is pour water into it and heat to the desired temperature and then add your food with the help of a plastic bag. As soon as the food gets cooked and reaches the temperature the same as that of the cooking water, you can now take the food out. It has science behind its working, and you can’t deny its levels of efficiency.

Air Fryer


Price: Rs. 7,150
Buy on: Amazon

Are you a sucker for fried food but cannot take the idea of the oiliness it brings to your plate and palate? Here, air fryers come to our rescue and are a must-have in our kitchens if you wish to switch to a healthier life from today. Cooking using these new technologies of air fryers don’t require the usage of so much of oil and instead uses hot air that circulates through the machine, giving the same fried texture to your food- delicious, which is crispy on the outside yet oil-less on the inside.

Moreover, now we get incorporated various temperature and time control settings in the machine that pushes the convenience levels offered to further levels and all that with an adjustable food basket, as per your choice of ingredients and quantity being used.

Wireless Kitchen Thermometer


Price: Rs. 2,455
Buy on: Amazon

Trying to perfect the rare medium piece of chicken for dinner but cannot keep control of the right temperature? If you struggle with grilling often, this is another worthwhile investment for your cooking skills. Wireless grill thermometers help you monitor the gradual temperature changes with your food and let you know when the desired and pre-set values reach so you don’t end up overcooking or under-cooking your food. With several options available in the market, you can pick up the most suitable for you, as per your size requirement and best value. We bring you this Grill Thermometer which serves all purposes well.

Chef's Torch


Price: Rs. 402
Buy on: Amazon

Picking out a gift for your to-be gourmet home chef friend, a cooking torch can be a great one owing to the new advance cooking experiences it offers, helping one showcase their cooking skills. Using new anti-flare technology, thus making it much more comfortable and safer to use than even your regular gas saves, chef torches enable one reach high temperatures in no time giving your food a more authentic texture and tastefulness. So, to give one's baking skills an advanced experience, a cooking torch is undeniably a perfect go-to gift.

Coffee Mixer Cup


Price: Rs. 359
Buy on: Amazon

A must-have for all instant coffee lovers out there who spend more time whisking than actually enjoying that cup of coffee. A coffee mixer cup, as the name suggests, has an in-built automated mixer that enables to put your coffee in and let technology take over and do all the whisking and mixing. Available in different sizes with varied advances in the technology used, the basic idea and purpose remains the same, but incorporates more features such as temperature and time monitoring and control settings, strength control settings, etc. you can choose your coffee mug size and numbers, your brew type, and whatnot, all contributing to a fine coffee experience.

WonderChef Smart Peeler


Price: Rs. 289
Buy on: Flipkart

Using a range of smart peelers available for purchase in the market and online, one can choose from based on their preferences for size and types of ingredients to be peeled or grated, smart peelers bring the smartness of choices to your traditional peelers. You can now peel all sorts of varieties of fruits and vegetables without creating a mess at the end, and with guaranteed precision and neatness.

The peels which get collected in the attached containers that can be directly disposed of without you having to deal with any unnecessary mess. An easy to handle and quick choice for peeling, these smart peelers save you a lot of time and provide an enhanced cooking experience which is free of untidiness.

Smart Oven

Price: Rs. 27,313
Buy on: Ubuy

If time is what you are fighting against, and you cannot wait for extra 10 minutes of preheating your oven to get your meal ready, then we bring to you, incorporated with its smart heating technology, the Smart Oven, that takes no more than two seconds to heat up to 500 Fahrenheit, requiring no preheating. It works ‘smartly’ and automatically does all the math for how much cooking time for respective ingredient would be needed, and notify you accordingly when your food is ready!

Moreover, it presents to you a list of exciting recipes through an in-built app, along with a camera that you can use to watch your meal cook itself! This smart counter-top oven although comes with a high price-tag, but is definitely an investment for a hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of every day where we often consider skipping meals than having to wait around while it cooks. Don’t mistake it for its small and convenient size though, because it is much more efficient than your traditional ovens and can cook a medium size turkey with no struggle and in record time!

Bonus: A Smart Kitchen Remodelling Guide

If you are planning to remodel into a smarter kitchen, then these are a few things to consider to make a more convenient and smooth transition.

Planning a Budget

Adding up new technologies to your counter-top will, in fact, cost you. You should make a list of all the items with their respective urgency and needs, then accordingly decide on which gadgets to invest on.

Making Space

Whether it is through completely renovating or adding to your already set kitchen, you will require proper space for a lot of these gadgets. So, either plan on to replace the existing ones, or make arrangements for creating new space.

Research Well

Before you make a purchase on a gadget, make sure to do the proper research beforehand based on all your requirements, and then choose the right brand and type of gadget for yourself. This also includes comparing features and prices among the numerous choices available in the market today.

Don’t Forget the Necessary Traditional Tools

While evolving to a tech-savvy smarter kitchen, don’t overlook the value of some of the conventional means and the kind of essence, they are capable of providing. So, don’t throw out that pester and mortar or old toaster as yet and maybe make arrangements of making room for them and even use them time and again.

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Switch to a Smart Kitchen with These Best Gadgets in 2019

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