Can't Figure Out the Best Water Softener for Your Home? A Complete Guide on Water Softeners, Things to Look for and the Best Alternatives in the Market (2020)

Can't Figure Out the Best Water Softener for Your Home? A Complete Guide on Water Softeners, Things to Look for and the Best Alternatives in the Market (2020)

For the entire home use, a water softener will come in handy. They help remove the strong and tough chemicals and minerals in the water, turning hard water soft for easier use. Read through to know more on what a water softener is and how it works. Some of the best water softeners, be it for washing machine or any other bathroom use, have been detailed below. Also detailed are some of the best water softener alternatives in 2020.

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What is a Water Softener and How Does It Work?


Water softeners are the devices used to carry out the process of water softening, meaning, these are the devices used to remove metal cations including calcium and magnesium, etc. By doing this, they help ease up the various daily processes like the washing of clothes and utensils, and bathing, etc.

These do this through various methods like exchanging ions and making them less reactive. They may also add various ingredients like particular amounts of washing soda or lime or adding any chelating agents like citric acid or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. Some water softeners also use reverse osmosis or the method of distillation.

While most of the methods, like the ones above, are chemical, some water softeners also make use of non-chemical methods. Now that you know what a water softener is and the various ways they work, below are some of the most common benefits of these followed by some recommended products.

Benefits of Water Softeners: Why you Should Consider Installing One in your Home

How a water softener could help you, could completely change your life. Not only will it reduce the amount of residue collected in your piping and geyser by great amounts but will also help prevent odor in the water. Also, they are effective in removing substances like chlorine from the water that is highly damaging for your hair.

In addition to all that, water softeners are great if you have damaged skin because of hard water. Moreover, these will prevent bacteria buildup that can cause various diseases and will also remove the scale that boosts the aging process of appliances.

Lastly, water softeners will help reduce your expenses by increases the lifetime of your washing machines and keeping your clothes in proper shape as well. So, now that you know the various benefits of water softeners, if you want it, below is a list of best bathroom water softeners in India followed by one containing water softeners for washing machines.

Best Water Softeners for Bathroom

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter

In case you have decided to get a water softener because of the damage the hard water has caused to your skin and hair, you should give the WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter a try. Not only will this one help reduce hair fall but will also prevent your skin from drying up too much. Other than that, it is effective if you are facing various dermatological conditions and will filter out harmful contents from the water efficiently.

With the four-layer filtering system, this water softener will fight chlorine and other hard water salts. In fact, it is known to be able to remove up to 95% chlorine and the zeolites in it will further improve the conditions of the water. In addition to all that, the package includes a do-it-yourself kit with which it will become easier to install and can be put up on showers and bathroom taps as well as kitchen taps. You can get it from Water Science for only INR 2,295.

KENT Bathroom Water Softener

If you can afford to buy an expensive water softener and really care about your health, you are suggested to give the KENT Bathroom Water Softener a try. This is not only made up of hardy material but is designed so that the water goes through two different processes that are very easy to handle.

The main way that the water softener softens the water is by taking out the magnesium and calcium from it. These two are then replaced by rather better material like sodium and potassium. Also, it can regenerate 1200 ml of water at a particular time and has a length of 380 mm, a width of 220 mm, and a height of 890 mm.

In addition to all that, this particular water softener is very easy to install as well as operate. This is especially the case because of its unique two-valve operation and this will greatly help improve your hair and skin through proper water. You can get it from the official Kent website for INR 13,000.

D’Cal Hard Water Scale Prevention System


This D’Cal Hard Water Scale Prevention System is great to be used in your whole house. Not only will it improve the condition of the showers and taps but also the washing machine and the geyser, etc. Also, it will help prevent internal damage to your sanitary system and also keep it looking better.

All the while, this Revolutionary Hard Water Conditioner is tasteless, odorless, and PH-neutral. For how it softens the water, the machine simply gives ions to the elements like calcium to make them inert and less reactive. In addition to all that, it is good to be used for a household with seven to ten people. Also, it is known to be able to work at the best performance for over a year. You can easily get this amazing plastic water softener from Amazon India for only INR 2,970.

Purifit 10 Stage Advanced Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water Tap Mount Water Filter

For a good-looking as well as a trustable and cheap option, you should definitely try this one. The Purifit 10 Stage Advanced Shower & Tap Filter for Hard Water Tap Mount Water Filter, as the name suggests, has an advanced system that processes the water in ten different ways. As the result, you are able to receive chlorine-free, calcium-free, and magnesium-free water.

The machine is known to effectively react to the materials with each other and other elements in such a way that these are left harmless. Which some are completely removed, others are made water-soluble and these get washed away without damaging your skin or hair. The package contains an installation kit and a guide to make it easy for you. The tap connectors of various sizes are also available there and a two-year limited warranty is also given. You can get it from Flipkart for INR 2,999.

HEMITO 10-Stage Advanced High Output Shower and Tap Filter

Despite the fact that this is the cheapest water softeners for bathrooms on the list, it surely is able to compete with the others. This particular one is made by the trusted brand of Hemito and includes a 10-stage softening process, which ensures water of the best quality. It will help remove substances like heavy metals, such as lead, nickel, mercury, and chromium, and chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, and limits the growth of scale, fungi, algae, and mold.

Also, the package contains all pieces of equipment needed to install and function the softener. In addition to that, the HEMITO 10-Stage Advanced High Output Shower And Tap Filter will help remove odour from the water and also help maintain the hair in good health while also controlling hair fall. Other than all that, the package also contains an extra replaceable shower filtration cartridge and will only cost you five Indian Rupees per day. You can easily get it from Flipkart for INR 1,750.

Best Water Softeners for Washing Machine

Caresmith SIFT + Shower Tap Filter

This Caresmith SIFT + Shower Tap Filter is a great option if you want your washing machine water softener to be engineered particularly for Indian water. Even though it is suitable for the bathroom as well, it is better if used for washing machines. Also, the life of the cartridge is about nine months and this water softener can soften 25,000 liters at a given time.

Also, its cartridge is replaceable and it can fit a range of taps. In addition to all that, this comes with a 2-year warranty and is also very easy to install. Even though its main purpose is to remove substances like chlorine, it is also effective in removing odor and works great on cold as well as warm water. Moreover, the water softener has an advanced 10-layer water softening system and does not cost much as well but can be wasting water sometimes. You can get it from the official website, Care Smith for only INR 3,150.

ECO CRYSTAL Merit Nylon Water Softener for Washing Machine (Aqua)


For people who want a hygienic water softener choice that is extremely cost-effective, give this ECO CRYSTAL Merit Nylon Water Softener For Washing Machine (Aqua) a try. Not only does it help convert the calcium crystals to find crystals in order to protect your clothes but also helps prevent scale-formation. Also, it helps save detergents to an extent by forming more foam.

In addition to all that, this particular water softener is extremely hygienic and will also help save a bit of electricity. Moreover, it has been known to create such soft water that it removes even the smallest parts of the detergent from the clothes. This one also fits a great range of washing machine pipes.

Lastly, this product is made particularly for washing machines and cannot work on any type of taps or showers. This great product is available on Amazon for a price of about INR 1,850.

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

If you can afford to buy an expensive water softener for your washing machine, we suggest that you give this one a try. Not only will it help you to keep your machine in good shape by preventing the scale but will also help keep your clothes in good shape. The KENT Washing Machine Water Softener is known to have a compact design and is very easy to install.

Also, it has a four-step regeneration process that will not only help remove bacteria and fungi but also has a separate chamber for all those hazardous salts. Because of this, it will help save a lot of your detergent, and, instead of damaging the clothes, the water that comes out of this will help improve the texture and bring back their luster.

Moreover, it has a non-electric ion-exchange process and also has been tailor-made for washing machines, meaning it works best on washing machines and doesn't fit taps or showers. You can get it from the official website, Kent for only INR 7,000.

Alternatives for Water Softener

Reverse Osmosis Home System, Capacity: 7.1-14 liters

Even though the reverse osmosis machine can get ineffective if there is a problem in the water, it is amazing if that is not a problem for you. These can get rid of about 99% of the hazardous solids present in the water and you can even drink the water once it has passed through this machine without fretting.

Also, it will help remove bacteria and damaging fungus, helping reduce your expenses greatly as you won't have to buy bottled water or a separate filter. In addition to all that, this can help improve the smell as well as the taste of the water while also not using a lot of electricity.

Lastly, these machines do are very easy to put up, as well as maintain, and do not require too much maintenance. You can get an amazing reverse osmosis setup from India Mart for the price of only INR 15,000 per unit.

Electromagnetic Water Conditioner

As you might already know, electromagnetic water conditioners are often considered to be even better than water softeners. These are known to be very effective in improving the pipework while also preventing their deterioration and leakage. Also, they help reduce power consumption and improve the work of domestic appliances like boilers as well as dishwashers.

In addition to all that, this helps improve the work of cooling equipment like refrigerators and helps with heat exchangers like heating plants and standalone boilers. These are especially better because they do not add any chemicals from the water or even remove any of the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

So, now if you have decided to buy an electromagnetic water conditioner instead, you can try this one. It is blue and 220 volt of electricity. Also, it does not require any tank and is fully automatic. You can easily buy it from Sai Aqua Fresh for INR 18,000.

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Soften Water Using The Best Water Softeners In The Market

Hard water not only damages the pipes, but also the equipment hard water is used on. Clothes washed using hard water could also get damaged and to curb the issue, a water softener is recommended. Discussed are some of the best water softeners is the market for washing machines and all bathroom use. Some great alternatives for water softeners with added advantages such as helping remove bacteria and damaging fungus have been given above. Read through to find one that really interests you.