A Simple Accessory that Helps You Take Your Home/Office Security to Another Level: Best Security Cameras You Can Buy in India (2020)

A Simple Accessory that Helps You Take Your Home/Office Security to Another Level: Best Security Cameras You Can Buy in India (2020)

Do you leave your home too often? Or looking to upgrade your office's security up a notch? Whatever the reason, a security camera has become more of a necessity than a luxury in today's times. If you have decided to get one for your home or office use, here are some crucial points to keep in mind, with the best security camera options available in India.

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Security Cameras Help You Stay Safe & Protected

The risks of miscreants breaking into your house or store have increased manifold. They may cause damage to your belongings when you are away. Having proof of a break-in will help you in insurance claims. There are of course several other reasons why installing a security camera could be beneficial to you.

Having a security camera can also be a deterrent against crime. Your workers or maids can be tempted to steal any valuable objects but may be deterred with the presence of a security camera. At home, you can monitor the well-being of seniors and kids and at store, you can check up on your employees. Also if you have pets at home, you can keep track of them. In general security cameras are highly useful in monitoring suspicious activities and inform the law enforcement agencies promptly.

There are several security cameras from which you can choose. In this article, we will list out some of the best options available to you.

The Security Camera Buying Guide: Use These 5 Tips to Choose the Right One

  • Camera type: As a buyer, you must first understand the security camera that will be useful to you. There are several available.

    • Based on iris: The iris is the eyehole through which the camera focuses on any object. They can be manual or automatic. In the latter, the camera can cover a wide area as the iris changes its position.

    • Based on size and shape: the cameras can be classified as a board, bullet or a dome camera.

    • Based on the application: They can be network IP cameras which can use internet protocol. The black and white ones are the most common. The special application cameras are usually required for defence and covert operations.

  • The video resolution: The cameras can be differentiated based on the levels of resolution. The high-resolution ones provide clearer images as they have more pixels per inch. It is responsible for the picture quality, and it is essential to understand the resolution level that you require. The requirement will vary on the area of your home or office that will be covered by the camera.

  • The location: The cameras can be indoor or outdoor ones. The indoor ones can work in lower light conditions and are usually black and white ones. They can be of various resolution levels too. The low light cameras are generally placed in areas with low illumination. There can also be infrared lighting cameras that can capture images through the night, due to the infrared LEDs.

  • The angle and distance: If you have a security camera, it must capture a long-distance and every angle in the area where it is placed. There must not be any blind spot. The coverage of a camera is measured in degrees. However, it must be pointed out that the cameras with an all-round view are usually expensive. The camera will also measure up to a distance. Ideally, you must choose a camera that will cover the entire room or space where you wish it could cover.

  • Durability: The security camera may also be placed outside the house. It should be able to withstand the forces of nature. Even if it is located inside your home, it must be durable enough. One of the prime concerns is getting damaged by water, and the cameras must be waterproof.

The Best Security Cameras You Can Get in India

Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

Source amazon.in

Sricam is one of the best brands of security cameras that are available in the country. The products are easy to install and are the ideal ones to be used at home. The camera can be set anywhere in the house, and it can be controlled from anywhere across the globe over your handheld device. A mobile app associated with it can help to control the device remotely.

Another feature is its associated microphone using which you can listen to the ongoing conversation in the area where it is located. The camera can also rotate 355 degrees, which provide it with a larger coverage area. It supports a 128GB microSD card and has a 720p HD quality camera. The camera also has night vision that allows you to see the live camera images even when it is dark. There are 11 IR LEDs and light sensors. You can talk from both sides dues to an advanced intercom facility. The camera also allows HD recording and an email alert feature that can take a picture and send it to three email accounts. It is priced at Rs. 2,299 and is available on Amazon.


  • You can control the camera remotely and access it through your handheld device.
  • It supports motion detection and has night vision too.
  • You can control the device through an app.


  • It does work during a blackout.
  • The sound quality depends on your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

D-Link Wi-Fi Home Camera DCSP6000LH

Source amazon.in

D-Link is one of the renowned brands in electronic items, and its home cameras are also known to make a mark for itself as well. This Wi-Fi-enabled home camera can be controlled using the Alexa enabled device. It also has 24-hour free cloud storage and will help you record everything that is happening in your home.

The camera can see up to five metres, even in the dark, and has advanced motion and sound detectors. The alerts can also be forwarded on the user's smartphone, with clips being recorded on their phones. It is discrete and can be placed anywhere in your home without anyone having any clue of its location. This model from D-Link supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The camera supports 720p HD streaming and has a 120-degree viewing angle. It is priced at Rs. 1,799 and is available on Amazon.


  • It comes with 24-hour cloud storage.
  • The camera can see in the dark.
  • Clips can be recorded on your smartphone.


  • It cannot swivel or rotate.
  • The device has a compact form factor.

ThinkValue T8855 Wi-Fi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV

Source amazon.in

ThinkValue is a reputed CCTV brand and can be installed easily with minimal fuss. It can monitor your house throughout the day, and recording is done only when it detects motion. It has a 2 MP camera and can record 720p HD images. The microphone helps to receive video and audio data for improved monitoring of your home. It also has an infra-red night vision to take care of your belongings.

The camera has a 128 GB SD card, and a rotating motor helps to rotate the camera. As a result, the camera can ensure a 120-degree vertical view along with a 355-degree horizontal view. It has a 720p resolution and ensures that the pictures are of high quality. It has a night vision technology that helps to take videos up to 16 feet away. It is available for Rs. 1,999 and is available on Amazon.


  • The camera has a motion detection alarm and can record videos on sensing movement.
  • It can be rotated using the mobile app, and the IR imaging provides additional clarity.
  • The camera has a two-way communication option.


  • The memory is inadequate for whole day recording.
  • When the power fails, the position of the camera is reset.

Qubo Smart Home Security Camera

Source amazon.in

This camera from Qubo can be operated with an Alexa speaker. The camera has a 1080p resolution and supports 10x zoom capability and detects motion and send an alert to your smartphone. It has advanced AI capabilities that notify you on detection a person. A baby is crying alert and notifies the user on its occurrence. It has cloud storage based on AES 128 encryption mechanism.

It creates smart zones in critical areas, and you receive only those alerts that need your attention. The camera can also detect people who are wearing a mask, a crucial requirement in the days of COVID-19. It has a 110-degree ultra-wide-angle lens and helps in live remote monitoring. You can also have a two-way conversation with echo cancellation. It is weather-proof and has several mounting options. It is priced at Rs. 3,289 and is available on Amazon.


  • It is among the few ones with AI capability.
  • Sharp face recognition feature.


  • No battery backup.
  • It has a TFT touchscreen display that is scratch-prone.
  • The finish isn't excellent.

YI Home Camera 1080p

Source flipkart.com

Yi is another renowned security camera brand that has 1080p HD recording capabilities. It can record throughout the day and supports full HD recording. The camera can also detect if your baby is crying and send a notification. It supports two-way audio that is critical when break-ins occur. It also has a full nightvision that allows you to see the room in the dark too. The camera can work with Amazon Alexa and any Alexa-based screen device.

The camera has next-gen features, including a high-quality video and audio detection feature. There is an advanced motion detection algorithm and customised timeframes for activity alerts. It allows two-way audio and you can be in touch with your family without being at home. It is available for Rs. 2,999 and is available on Fipkart. The camera also comes with a 30 day trial on a few Cloud plans.


  • It allows two-way audio as an added security feature.
  • It can alert you on sound detection and can detect the difference in the movement of animals and humans.


  • There can be connection delays at time.
  • The video isn’t very clear and is choppy.

Blurams Home Pro Security Camera

Source amazon.in

This security camera from Blurams supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too. As a result, you can monitor your home with a dedicated app. The camera has a 131-degree wide-angle lens along with 1080p recording. It also supports two-way communication and night vision capabilities. It has an elegant design and can be tilted or rotated on its stem. The camera has a 1080p lens with a 131-degree field view.

It has six infrared LEDs to provide night vision up to 7 metres. The camera supports continuous recording along with facial recognition. It has a cloud service too, and you can create and share videos by subscribing to the cloud service. The user can access four-camera at a time on the app or the website. Activity zones can be created by enabling only those portions you wish to monitor. It is priced at Rs. 3,518 and is priced on Amazon.


  • Supports AI and facial detection along with night vision capabilities.
  • You can easily change the focus of the camera by rotating or tilting it.
  • Access multiple cameras through the app.


  • You need to subscribe to some of the AI features.
  • Turns off when there is a power cut.

Conbre MultipleXR2 V380 Pro

Source amazon.in

The Conbre camera can be rotated horizontally or vertically using your smartphone. It supports both and night vision, with a 16 feet vision at night. It also allows the user to communicate with people at home through two-way communication. The product can seamlessly connect with your smartphone or Wi-Fi setup. It can be set up quickly and can be done through the mobile application. It supports night vision along with an inbuilt IR lens. The camera is priced at Rs. 1,310 on Amazon.


  • You can cover a wider area by controlling the camera through your smartphone.
  • It allows night vision up to 16 feet for better monitoring.
  • It comes relatively cheap for its features.


  • It can only work on 4G speeds.
  • The camera is not AI compatible.

Finicky World V380

Source amazon.in

The Finicky security camera ensures remote viewing and monitors the house. The videos can be viewed live on your iOS or Android smartphones. It has an inbuilt rotary motor that can be controlled from anywhere. The videos can be recorded on an SD card and have provisions for them. The cards can be supported up to 64 GB.

The user can choose between continuous recording or only recording movements. It has an excellent motion detection capability along with an IR HD vision camera that captures high-quality HD images. It is available for Rs. 1,499 on Amazon.


  • It has an inbuilt rotating motor to scan the entire room as per the needs of the user.
  • An IR night vision helps in better monitoring.
  • It comes relatively cheap.


  • It does not have much memory.

ProElite POD04 PTZ

Source paytmmall.com

This security camera provides high image resolution, while the camera can be rotated to any angle from anywhere globally. The camera supports night vision and can see up to 16 metres, even in darkness. It can record videos throughout the day. The setup is easy using a mobile device and can be done within a short time. The 128 GB SD card can be used for audio and video playback.

The camera has HD quality images and offers a 260-degree horizontal pan along with a 60-degree tilt. It has built-in IR LEDs with good night vision. It is available for Rs. 6,119 on PayTM Mall.


  • It supports night vision up to 16 metres.
  • Provides high-quality images across a wider area.
  • Setting up the camera is easy.


  • It is quite expensive for the features it provides.
  • It does not provide a cloud space for storing the videos.
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Do Check for Warranty & After-Sales Service Before Buying the Security Camera!

Whenever you're buying electronic cameras, such as security camera, you must check for how many years the company provides a warranty for the product and which components of the device are covered in the warranty; if it isn't mentioned along with the product, you can confirm it by giving their customer care a quick call, which would also help you assess their after-sales service if they satisfactorily provide an answer to your query.