Do You Spend a Lot of Time Cleaning Your Home(2020)? Top 10 Eureka Forbes  Vacuum Cleaner in India That You Will Love to Use Anywhere in Your Home to Clean the Dust!

Do You Spend a Lot of Time Cleaning Your Home(2020)? Top 10 Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner in India That You Will Love to Use Anywhere in Your Home to Clean the Dust!

Whenever you think of cleaning your house, you might pick up a broom & mop to sweep all the dust and garbage out of the house. We always need good equipment that can clean everything. The solution is a fine Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner. We bring you a carefully drafted list of the best vacuum cleaners in India with prices to help you purchase one best suited to your needs.

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One of India's Top Trusted Brand in Home Appliances: Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes, a name we have known and trusted for the past four decades in the water purifiers and vacuum cleaners segment was founded in 1982 and this company is now manufacturing an impressive range of air purifiers and security solutions as well. As a part of the prestigious Shapoorji Pallonji group, Eureka Forbes has the vision to provide a healthy, happy, pollution-free, and safe life to Indians and they truly live up to their tagline of ‘Friends for Life’. With a network expanding over 450 cities and towns, more than 18000 dealers, and over 20 million happy customers, Eureka Forbes has truly set a benchmark in the industry. They also run various community projects and their call center named ‘EuroAble’ is India’s first call center which is run and managed by physically challenged people, and employs more than 100 people with special needs.

Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaners: Explore Their Range

A wide range of Vacuum Cleaners is made available by Eureka Forbes considering the requirements and usage for varied purposes. They have vacuum cleaners meant for outdoors, indoors, and even for cars that can clean wet, dry, and soft surfaces. Moreover, they have also categorized their vacuum cleaners for deep cleaning and light cleaning, and all the models can be checked on their official website Eureka Forbes has two different series of vacuum cleaners, namely Euroclean and Forbes, and in this guide, we have selected ten models from these two categories.

Euroclean Range of Vacuum Cleaners: 5 Top Models to Check Out

Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac Vacuum Cleaner


True to its name, the Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight, compact, and easy to store vacuum cleaner. This bagless vacuum cleaner has efficient suction power which is meant for soft cleaning. The accessories provided along with the machine give you no bend freedom while cleaning and the dust tank has the capacity of 0.8 litres so you can easily clean your entire house in one go. The maroon vacuum cleaner generates less than 72 dB, runs on 240 volts, has a power of 500 watts and suction power is 1324 mm of WC. The dimensions of Litevac are 150 mm x 210 mm x 390 mm and the accessories include a floor cum carpet brush, extension tube, square nozzle, and crevice nozzle. A perfect vacuum cleaner for dusting, sweeping, and swabbing, the Euroclean Litevac Vacuum Cleaner weighs 1.80 kg and can be ordered from for Rs. 2,150.

Euroclean WD X2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Euroclean WD X2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be used outdoors and inside the house as well. This strong vacuum cleaner runs on a power of 1300 W, suction power is 2300 mm / wc (22500 Pascals) W, blower efficiency is 1400 liter and minute, and can run for 30 minutes at a stretch. You can easily drag it across the different parts of your house with the help of the inbuilt wheels and the 5-meter long retractable cord. The noise level is well within 82 decibels, and the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a blower having an efficiency of 30 liters/sec. The 3 stage HEPA type filter can easily clean carpet, wooden flooring, tiles, curtains, sofa, mattresses, beds, and sofa, etc. The dynamic dial power control allows you to adjust the suction and blower power at the 3 different modes while the intelligent dust bag indicator warns you when the dust bag is full.

The smart LED indicator displays the power status and various cleaning modes, and the auto-clean switch can automatically clean the filter at the touch of a button, thus increasing the lifespan of the HEPA filter. The dust capacity of the bag is 8 litres; dimensions of the machine are 330 mm x 355 mm x 490 mm and you also get 13 accessories like a floor brush, corner cleaner, hose pipe, car wash adapter, floor brush, spray jar, and computer cleaner, etc. The vacuum cleaner weighs 6.7 kg, comes with a 5-meter long cable, and you can order Euroclean WD X2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Rs. 14,000 from (1-year manufacturer warranty included)

Euroclean Bravo Vacuum Cleaner

A compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner, the bravo model comes with an attached hose which can be stretched thus giving you the convenience to easily clean even the hard to reach places. The strong suction and blower power with a four-stage cleaning process is powered by an 800 W motor which can clean even the most intractable dust at the push of a button. The advanced HEPA filtration traps even the minutest dust particles with 99.99% efficiency, and the no-frills bagless dust container with a capacity of 2.5 litres can be cleaned easily and require minimal maintenance. The dimensions of the machine are 390 mm x 230 mm x 235 mm, weighs 3.5 kg, runs on 230 V AC and the blower is competent of 17.3 liters/sec. The blue and silver colour Euroclean Bravo Vacuum Cleaner looks stylish, can be stored easily and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You can order this vacuum cleaner from for Rs. 4,790.

Euroclean Mop N Vac Vacuum Cleaner

The latest innovation in cleaning, Euroclean Mop N Vac Vacuum Cleaner is the newest addition to the Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner family. With their S3 care which represents Sweep, Spray, and Swab, this device makes your cleaning swifter and easier than ever before.

The smart touch controls allow you to switch between cleaning modes, be it a hard floor or soft surface like a carpet, you can conveniently clean them all. Be it marble, wooden flooring, or hard tiles, they can all be uncontaminated with the help of this multi-surface floor cleaner which is equipped with the patented BOLT FC motorized dual-action roller brush. Twin tank technology ensures that you’re always cleaning with your fresh solution (water + cleaning agent like phenyl, etc) as it keeps the solution and dirty water in separate tanks, and doesn’t reuse the dirty water while cleaning. The Mop N Vac model dust tank capacity is 620 ml, the solution tank capacity is 820 ml, and it runs on 560 W power, and 220/240 AC current. The Euroclean Mop N Vac Vacuum Cleaner is available for Rs. 21,990 at

Euroclean Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner

If you face challenges during cleaning due to the length of cable or have to do the additional task of adding an extension cord which is painstaking and may suppress your will to clean the house, then the Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent device to cater to your home cleaning needs. The Duramax battery gives you an uninterrupted run time of an impressive 95 minutes which means you can clean your entire house in a single full charge. The detachable pod provides a cord-free and hassle-free cleaning experience for daily cleaning and you can also clean your car and hard to reach places of your house with this hand-held vacuum pod.

Other prominent features of Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner are – Zero Bend Mode which gives the flexibility and convenience to easily clean the hard to reach areas without bending; Day time Clean Lights (LED lights) to reveal the hidden dust underneath furniture, and closets, etc; BOLT FC motorized Dual-Action roller brush to clean carpets, wooden floor and marbles; EdgecleanTM technology which avert suction to the edge of the machine, so that no nook or corner of your room is left unclean. Moreover, swivel steering, soft-touch handle grip, park and charge, and smart touch control are few more smart features of this vacuum cleaner. The Kordfree Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and can be ordered from for Rs. 18,990.

Forbes Range of Vacuum Cleaners

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Dry Vacuum Cleaner : 4 Top Models to Consider

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner on a budget, then the Trendy Zip Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be an excellent option. The red and black colour dry vacuum cleaner looks appealing and the 1000 W suction power can clean all the dust and dirt from your home. The 2-meter retractable cord and the wheel support make it easy to use for everyday cleaning purposes. The runtime is 15 minutes which is sufficient to give a quick swoosh to your house.

The portable vacuum cleaner comes with accessories which include a crevice nozzle, a multi-purpose brush, and a floor-cum-carpet brush to clean every part of your house comprising of the difficult to reach areas like window grills and under the bed. The other smart features are – dust bag full indicator, onboard accessory storage, and thermal overload cut-out. This lightweight machine weighs just 2.5 kg and is listed on for Rs. 2,950.

Eureka Forbes Multiclean Vacuum Cleaner

A fan of handheld vacuum cleaners and want to purchase an economic device? Then you should consider this Multiclean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner by Eureka Forbes for cleaning your house. This device has a 0.5-litre tank and is a bagless vacuum cleaner that comes with a 5-meter cord and can be easily converted as per your requirement. The vacuum cleaner runs on 450 W power, the suction power is 1631 mm, and it has washable filters. The 23 cm cleaning path can easily clean carpets and hard floors while sofa and upholstery can also be cleaned with this handheld vacuum cleaner. Equipped with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the Eureka Forbes Multiclean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is available for Rs. 3,999 on

Eureka Forbes Motovac Car Vacuum Cleaner


Specially designed for cleaning the interiors of a car, Motovac Car Vacuum Cleaner is a handy, compact, and powerful vacuum cleaner which can suck the dust and dirt from the interiors and upholstery of your car. The 18 W+ suction capacity cleans and deposit the dust in the 0.5-litre capacity inbuilt tank. The ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner comes with a 6-meter power cord and accessories like a crevice nozzle and brushes for easy accessibility and proper cleaning of your car interiors. The Motovac Car Vacuum Cleaner has dimensions 43.3 cm x 11.5 cm x 12.2 cm, weighs just 1 ½ kg, and you also get a zipper bag and user manual. You can order this brilliant machine from for Rs. 2,799 (includes 1-year warranty)

Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX Vacuum Cleaner


Another vacuum cleaner which can be used for both wet and dry cleaning and ideal for big homes as well as offices, the Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX Vacuum Cleaner runs on 1150 watts and is powerful enough to clean strong surfaces like marble and tiles, etc. You can also clean carpets and soft surfaces with the help of the accessories provided along with. It has two tanks that can accumulate 10 litres of dust and 8 litres of water waste respectively, and the long cable provides a cleaning radius of 8 meters. The four swivel wheels make it easy to move, and the 800 W blower function can remove the hidden dust from the corners. The machine weighs 7.8 kg, comes with a 12 months warranty, and can be purchased from for Rs. 8,599.

Eureka Forbes Clean Sweep Vertical Vacuum Cleaner for Steam Mopping and Floor Cleaning

This unique vacuum cleaner has a steam mopping feature that can easily clean the everyday mess from the floors. It comes with dual vacuum filters that trap the dust and throws back clean air into the room. The smart steam control automatically adjusts according to different surfaces and the inbuilt filter cleans the tap water and protects the cleaner. The 1600 W power output and 7.6-meter long cable make it an efficient and easy to use a machine which is listed on for Rs. 14,999.

Tips to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

To choose the right vacuum cleaner, you must pick a model considering your needs. The main factors include the type (dry or wet and dry, with a bag or bagless, outdoor cleaning or both indoor as well as outdoor cleaning, etc), the right size (canister, handheld or cord-free depending on the area of your house), power and capacity (again depending on the area you want to clean), accessories and attachments (to clean the hard to reach areas, underneath the bed, kitchen sink and upholstery, etc), length of the wire, features and the sustainability of the product.

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Safety Tips

The brushes and rollers can turn very fast, so it makes sense always to be careful here. Read the manual carefully. Keep the vacuum cleaner away from children. Maintain your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. It is something that, once you get used to it, will only take you a few extra minutes if you perform it regularly.