If You’re Looking for an Innovative and Designed Exercise Equipment Which Can Match Natural Movement and Fit to Lifestyle: These 7 Home Gym Sets Help You to Improve Fitness Levels 2020

If You’re Looking for an Innovative and Designed Exercise Equipment Which Can Match Natural Movement and Fit to Lifestyle: These 7 Home Gym Sets Help You to Improve Fitness Levels 2020

We don't care about fitness because of our busy schedule. We work late at night, get up late and go to our office "no time to visit the fitness centre". This is the facts, and we must face it. Cancel your fancy gym membership and snag some of this stuff so you never have to leave your brand new home gym. Here are 10 can't-miss pieces, with picks for just about every type of space.

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Keep Your Body Fit with Home Gym Sets

Are you finding issues to visit the gym? Do you need to travel long to visit the gym? Are you finding reasons for not attending the gym? Stay clear from all such thoughts by having a gym at your home. You can easily set up a gym at home by allocating some space at a corner of your house.

How Home Gym Sets are Beneficial

It Is Easy on Your Pocket

It may seem to be expensive when you have to buy the equipment. However, you are already discounting various other side activities. You are saved from the time you need to visit the gym and the amount of money spent to go there. You can do a simple calculation and find that the money spent on buying the equipment can be easily realised over three years after cancelling your gym membership. It is correct that it could bite your pocket in the short term. However, in the long run, you will be saving lots of money.

Flexible hours

Most of us find it challenging to tackle our daily chores and then our professional life with very little time for the gym. It is among the many reasons for many dropouts. Setting up a gym at your home allows you to work out at any time of the day. You are also saving the daily commute that you would take to visit the gym. If you calculate, you could be saving around thirty to forty-five minutes taken to and from the gym.

No More Excuses

After a few tiresome workout sessions, most of us resort to meaningless excuses to avoid a visit to the gym. The usual reasons that we shoot are that the travel time is too long, or the traffic is a nuisance. Setting up a gym at home will not allow such excuses. You will find it tougher to find reasons to avoid your daily workout routine. It could mean a small hole in your pocket, but it will do a world of psychological good by preventing any excuses coming in the way of your daily workout routine.

No Distractions

At the gym, you can easily be distracted by the workout routines of others. Different people will have different points of view about their workout schedule. Listening to the advice of others may hamper your schedule. Moreover, there could be times when you would be chatting with your newly found friends at the gym without concentrating on your workout.

At your home, there are no such distractions, and you do not have to wait for your turn at any of the equipment. You have all the equipment that you prefer at your disposal.

More Privacy

A traditional gym is not where everybody looks forward to going to, especially the women. Anyone can stare at you when you are in the middle of your workout session. It makes some us feel uncomfortable. Some people could be judging and misleading you about your workout techniques. You could be getting all sorts of advice from others. If you set up a gym at home, you will be assured that you can continue with your workout as per your liking without the disadvantage of other people breathing down your neck.

Better Sanitisation

Research has shown that most gyms are a storehouse of germs. Are you worried that you have to use the same equipment that others hold with their sweaty hands? Are you scared of the germs that you carry once you grasp the equipment that has been used by others? You need not fret any longer. Install a home gym set, and you can use it to the fullest at your own free time.

How to Choose a Home Gym Set

The home gym sets are compact gym equipment, and the user can undertake multiple exercises using the same equipment. Exercising at home has many benefits that we have already discussed. There are a wide variety of products available in the marketplace. So how will select the one that you need? We have collated some points for you.

What are Your Goals

You need to ascertain your goals and accordingly finalise the training module you wish to follow. You may choose the weight equipment. Others may opt for heavier exercises and tone their abs or focus more on their legs, etc. Hence it is essential to finalise the goals that you have. Some of us may be exercising to reduce our weight. Their requirements will be very different from those who wish to tone their muscles.

Space in Your Home

You must take care of some measurements. Ideally, you must select the place where you will put up the equipment. Measure that area and look out for the size of the equipment. There have been cases where people have bought the equipment without measuring the space where they intend to keep it. In most occasions, it became a nightmare having to put up the equipment at some other place in the house. You must know the exact measurements of the equipment and take some additional space to move about around the machine.

Your Preferences

You must also understand your choices before scouting for one. Are you interested in cardio equipment or strength equipment? Cardio is ideal for those with joint pain as several manufacturers provide lower stress equipment ideal for you. If you have some issues anywhere in your body, do consider them when you are selecting the equipment. You must consult a physician and a professional gym instructor before you buy any equipment.

Your Budget

You must always consider the budget when selecting the ideal gym equipment. While you may choose a machine, but you may be astonished by its price. If you have a pre-defined budget, you can select the equipment that is available within that budget. While deciding on the budget, you must also consider your preferences and the space that you have in your home to store the equipment.

Safety of The Equipment

If you are using dumbbells and barbells, do ensure the safety mechanisms are in place. There are a few occasions globally where the manufacturer had to recall items as it did not meet the safety regulations. Do some research about the safety measures that the manufacturer takes to ensure that the products are without any faults.

Easy to Install

Is the equipment easy to install? Can you do it yourself? These are also some of the queries that you must bear in mind when you are choosing a home gym set. The equipment must be able to be dismantled, and the assembly must be easy. It should not take hours to assemble the components. Most gym sets will not fit into the doorway of a typical house. Hence, you must consider the ease of installation. Also, look for service offerings and whether assembly and movement across the house are free.

Few of The Best Home Gym Sets

Cosco CTM-510 Multi-Functional Treadmill

Source www.amazon.in

In case staying fit has taken a backseat, this manual treadmill will ensure you come back it every day. There are opportunities for other exercises too. Apart from the walker, there are options for hip and leg exercises also. You will be able to use this gym set to do tasks for your legs, arms, lower body and the upper body.

This multi-functional gym set has a jogger, twister, push up bar along with a stepper. The treadmill has a three-level adjustable incline along with a roller deck. This model from Cosco is the ideal gym set to start your workout routine from home.

Gym enthusiasts can get it at Rs. 20,700 and it is available on Amazon and Cosco.

BODYLEAN Series 7 Smith Machine

If you are looking for an all-in-one gym equipment for deadlifts and squats, this is the one that can help you. The machine is counterbalanced and has an orthopaedic seat along with peds which provide more comfort. The device comes with a 7-degree free weight barbell workout module for upper and lower body exercises. The machine also comes with a fixed bar along with vertical support.

The gym set is safe, and there is an inbuilt attach bar along with a hook to stop it on the vertical support. The bar which you will use to exercise is connected to a straight vertical support bar. It improves the security level for you.

The company provides a manual using which you can do the installation yourself. Third-party services can also be used.

The cost of the entire assembly is around Rs. 1,21,500 it available on Amazon and Gymexperts.

HASHTAG FITNESS Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg

An ideal multi-purpose gym set, it comes with numerous components. You can undertake multiple exercises, flat bench press, incline, leg extension, dips, pushups, decline, leg curl, etc. This 8-in-one set allows you to have a full-body workout session. It is a sturdy gym set.

You will get a multitude of equipment, including a curl bar, a straight bar along with two iron dumbbell rods with bolts. The package also includes a pair of leather gloves and a skipping rope. There are four spring locks also. The seats are comfortable, and the equipment is known for its stability and safety.

The price of this combo is Rs. 6,299 and is available on Amazon and the Hashtag Fitness website.

Magic Home Gym Super Bench

It is another gym set that allows multiple workout sessions. The equipment comes with a bench press, shoulder press, a leg curl and an abs board. The attachments also include a preacher curl and leg raise components. The accessories can be removed and taken to another place and assembled again.

The bench has thick padding, which improves the comfort levels. The gym has a 40 mm tubular frame. The double bearing pulleys and the 6mm steel cable can withstand up to 80 kgs. The equipment comes with a manual and has all the tools required for assembly.

The equipment has an original price of Rs. 8,500 and is available on Amazon and Snapdeal.

Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym

Source www.amazon.in

This equipment allows you to do a full-body workout easily. It is ideal for toning exercises and keeping yourself fit. The gym set is sturdy and is made from 2.5 inches of rounded heavy-duty steel tube. It also comes with a flexible seating arrangement coupled with soft cushioning. The compact design also uses up lesser space than other gym sets.

The equipment provides multiple exercise options; viz. leg extension, low pull, rowing, chest extension, peck-deck, high pull, etc. There is a manual detailing the steps to be taken to assemble the equipment at home. There is also an installation video uploaded on YouTube to help you.

The equipment is priced at Rs. 13,199 and is available on Paisawapas and Amazon.

Viva Fitness KH-316 Deluxe Home Gym

Source www.amazon.in

It is one of the most premier fitness equipment brands in the country and comes with a unique bench press. The multi-gym will help with the various workout options that come with it. The elegantly designed home gym comes with a powder-coated finish. It has a steel tubular frame which makes it sturdy and durable.

There are 200-pound plates that allow you to do the exercises you like. The upholstery has a foam padding making it comfortable for you doing the exercise regimen. You can do multiple workout routines, viz. chest press, bench press, seated rowing, tricep extension, bicep curl, etc.

The equipment is rated at a premium and is available for Rs. 53,125 on Sports4change and Amazon.

Kobo MHG-1002 Steel Multi Home Gym

Source www.amazon.in

If you miss your gym, it is the one that you can choose. There is a heavy-duty steel tube which lends the durability to the equipment. It is also very compact and will not occupy too much space. A single weight stack gym set, it comes with large foam leg rolls and quickly operable weights. There is also an adjustable seat along with pulley locks.

It is ideal for workout enthusiasts and allows you to do numerous exercises, viz. high pull, low pull, chest extension, peck-deck, rowing, and leg extension. It is easy to assemble and comes with a manual.

It is reasonably priced at Rs. 16,499 and is available on Amazon and Kobo Sports.

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In Conclusion!

With these 7 equipment’s, you can do so many things - powerlifting, Olympic lifting, HIIT workouts, CrossFit workouts and many more. Pick some equipment’s that best fits to your space. Home gym is the best option rather a commercial gym during the spread of the pandemic, COVID- 19, everybody is requested to stay at home for their security against the contagious virus. Also govt shutdowns the public gyms, public transports and social gathering. It is a great time to do the workout at home for your health and fitness.