Best 13 Gym Bags for Every Budget! Look Stylish As You Work on Your Gym Gains with All the Gadgets and Gear You’ll Need in 2022

Best 13 Gym Bags for Every Budget! Look Stylish As You Work on Your Gym Gains with All the Gadgets and Gear You’ll Need in 2022

Finding the best gym bags for the gym is easy—there are tons of them—but picking the right one for you? That’s a little more difficult because we all have different needs and tastes. Here, we’ve rounded up gym bags for the gym from top brands as well as smaller companies. No matter where you’re headed or how much gear you’re hauling, these picks will serve you well.

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Types of Gym Bags

Shoulder Gym Bag


The most common and preferred type of bag is the shoulder gym bag, particularly if the gym is within your office building. Thanks to the top handle, not only are they easy to carry but also somewhat formal. Additionally, shoulder bags have a lot of compartments and space. Men's and women's options are also available and often provide a separate sleeve for a laptop and other such essentials.

Duffle Gym Bag


Though it has fewer compartments, this type is most portable. The cylindrical shape, with exterior pockets, allows you to place some essentials out there for easy access. Duffle bags can also fit in lockers and small spaces easily and can withstand lots of weight. As well as that, they're often the most durable, water-proof, and scratch-resistant.

Tote Gym Bag

Designed especially for women's use, tote bags allow you to carry a lot more stuff. You can not only include gym essentials but beauty products and makeup essentials. Tote bags are often lighter, more fashionable, and provide multipurpose use. Furthermore, things like foldable mats can be easily carried in these, and tote bags often include secret compartments for most necessary things.

Backpack Gym Bag

A backpack can easily be worn on the shoulder or carried in the hand by the holder. In addition, these are the most trendy, durable, and formal types, with a lot of different styles and colour options. For use in the office gym, for instance, you can get an all-black bag. These also have the most compartments and nearly all fitness brands make these, so these come in the largest variety too.

13 Amazing gym bags for Fitness Freaks: Pick Up One of These Today!

High-End Branded Gym Bags

1- Under Armour Black Gym Bag


Under Armour truly leads the fitness world, and this gym bag is no exception. The bag features UA Storm technology that repels water and makes it highly durable for all weather conditions. It has an adjustable shoulder strap which is padded with foam for extreme comfort, and the HeatGear enhances it further. The bag is made up of abrasion and scratch-resistant material and has a tough bottom and side panels that will make it last longer.

Moreover, the D-shaped central compartment is very spacious that can accommodate your laundry, shoes, and other accessories. Whereas, the two small pockets and a mesh pouch allow you to keep your gadgets, phone charger, water bottle, etc. The front zipper pocket can be used to put in wet clothes or shower essentials. This versatile bag has a width of 24.8 inches and a length of 11.8 inches with a height of 12.9 inches. It is available in various colours and can be bought from Amazon for Rs.17,985.

2- American Tourister


Not only is American Tourister an affordable brand, but an exquisite one. This particular bag has an attractive cricket theme print on it with premium twill fabric that will never let you down. The outer material is durable polyester, and the bag sure is fashionable. The gym bag also comes with a one-year warranty and is extremely voluminous with the main compartment, one front pocket, and two side pockets. The two grab handles, plus the shoulder strap, make it easy to carry, and it has a capacity of up to 310 grams. You can get your hands on it now on Amazon for Rs.1,948.

3- Under Armour Adult Gym Backpack

Be it a gym bag, gym clothing, or gym equipment, Under Armour excels in all. And, while this product does cost a lot, it is a remarkable option. For one, the large front pockets allow room for extra storage the front valuables pocket can also be adjusted according to your needs. Additionally, it has a Custom UA sternum clip D-Ring for additional attachment points and has been imported from the US, ensuring quality. Finally, with dimensions of 19 inches in width to 15 inches in height and two inches in length, it can carry 25 litres of volume. The bag is available now at Desert Cart for Rs.4,589.

4- Puma Gym Duffel Bag

With an amazing rating, this is a considerable gym bag option too. With a pleasant orange and black mix, this gym bag has a nice look to it and will surely go well with any of your gym clothes. Alongside, it is very sturdy, which is particularly thanks to the polyester outer material. The dual zipper and strap closures also boast ease of use, while the strap and handle make it extremely portable. Finally, it has a capacity of 24 liters and can be bought from Flipkart for just Rs.1,547.

5- Nike Synthetic Tote Gym Bag

Thanks to their expertise, Nike is among the most influential and popular fitness brands there are. So, get this tote gym bag and boast your knowledge and urge for fitness. For one, with dimensions of 40.5 cm to 40.5 cm to 15 cm, it has a lot of space to fit all your gym essentials without any worries. The polyester material also ensures durability, while the black colour gives a classy look. Finally, it has a zipper closure and a one-month manufacturer warranty. Desert Cart is offering this bag now at Rs.3,119.

6- Nike Women's Gym Bag

Textured well, rock your gym look with this Nike Women's Gym Bag. Available in several different colour options, you have a choice between classic black, exquisite amethyst, and fashionable pink. Also, it is big enough to fit all your gear plus inner as well as outer zippered pockets to help keep you organized. Made up of 100% cotton, it is soft to the touch and has been imported from the US. The single size fits most people well, and the handles and strap make it considerably easy to carry. This particular gym bag can be bought at Desert Cart for Rs.7,059.

Gym Bags on Your Budget!

7- AUXTER Shoulder Bag


Moving on to budget-friendly options, you will not want to miss a chance on this first one. For one, the brown colour looks fabulous, and it has a separate 20cm X 35cm shoe compartment. The brown premium leather heavy quilt is also durable and it features a double-sided, adjustable handle. It has a large double-zip closure compartment, plus a shoe compartment, and a side external organizer pocket for ID, sanitizer, fitness band, earphones, etc. The product also comes with a one-year warranty and has been tested extensively. Get it now from Amazon for Rs.439.

8- Top Gator Classic

TopGater is an affordable brand with amazing products. This particular bag has an astonishing capacity of 35 liters, plus a padded shoulder strap to ease the carrying. It additionally has a zipper closure, a padded handle, a small carry handle, and a shoulder handle. The bag is also relatively lightweight but strong and features several compartments to carry various things. For instance, there is a shoe compartment, an inner pocket for mobile or key chains, a transparent pocket for clothes, and an outer mesh pocket for your water bottle. The TopGator classic can be bought now from Flipkart for Rs.499.

9- Nivia Deflate Round


Available in six different colours, this one is another choice to ponder over. For one, Nivia strives to make high-quality products available at low prices, which is precisely what this bag boasts. Not only is the bag expandable and collapsible, but features two straps for easy carrying. Additionally, it is spacious and features two outer slip-zip pockets. The center zipper opening also allows access to the main compartment, and the detachable adjustable shoulder strap makes it light and convenient. It is available at Amazon for just Rs.397.

10- Divulge Storm Drawstring


The cheapest option on the list, this is an amazing option if you want a sling gym bag. For one, it is available in 15 different colour options! It is also built so you can easily store your essentials like a ball, water bottle, and a pair of shoes within seconds. This ease is thanks to the drawstring while the solid pattern gives it a neat look. You can also use it in everyday life to carry things and the water-resistant PU-coated polyester makes it highly durable. It is available now on Amazon for just Rs.199.

11- Puma Polyester Duffle Bag

In case you want a premium Puma bag but at a discounted affordable price, this is the bag for you. Not only is the polyester material extremely hardy but the gym bag is also suitable for a day trip, or as a travel bag. Additionally, it is suitable for both men and women and is a trendy gift choice. With a single, large compartment, you can even fit your small gym equipment into the bag, and the Lapis Blue colour is totally mind-boggling. You can get it now from Total SF for Rs.999.

12- Killer Activerge Polyester Gym Bag

With 35 liters of capacity, this is among the largest gym bag options in the article. To be precise, its dimensions are 10.75 inches to 19 inches to 10.75, making it an immensely large bag. As well as that, it is made up of PU Coated polyester fabric which is not only lightweight but also durable and water-resistant. Also, the unisex gym bag has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring quality and durability. Finally, the stylish youth design is as good as it gets. This killer bag is now available at India Free Stuff for a mere Rs.371.

13- 5 O'Clock Sports Combo


Want an all-in-one affordable package? Check this option out. Not only does it include a fitness gym bag, but also a pair of gloves and a 500ml shaker bottle. The shaker bottle is anti-slip and leak-proof, thus allowing you to consume your protein mixes easily and keep you hydrated at all times. The gloves also provide wrist support while the gym bag is super lightweight, collapsible, durable, and fashionable. Finally, the black material looks pleasant and the zipper closure is long-lasting. Get it now from Amazon for Rs.749.

Bonus Tip: Workout Essentials to Carry in Your Gym Bag

Now that you have your bag, it's time to get packing! I would suggest that you make sure to include the following essentials and then worry about any add-ons you want to put in.

  • Sneakers While you can make do with all other things, if you try to work out with sneakers, you are sure to get blisters or rip off the skin. Along with the sneakers, add in a couple of extra pairs of socks and towels.
  • Headphones Be it workouts, or spin classes, the gym is no fun without a pair of good headphones and a selected list of songs. You may also add in some extra cleaning towels to make sure they don't get wet!
  • Waterbottle You are sure to get dehydrated during the workout, and if you don't drink enough water, it can develop into a huge problem.
  • GYM Clothes Even if not after every workout, you'll want to shower right after some, either because of time constraints or sweat. So, make sure you have an extra pair of clothes, though you can instead put these in your permanent gym locker too.
  • Shower Essentials Talking about taking a shower, you'll probably not want to use the same soap everyone else does. So, make sure you have shampoo, soap, body wash, face wash, and conditioner to get you squeaky clean in no time. Drop in a dry shampoo for times you don't have the energy to take a shower too!
  • Snack Unless there's a cafeteria in the gym, take some snacks with you to fulfill your mid-workout cravings. These can include walnuts, protein bars, and fruits, but not something unhealthy. After all, you don't want to waste your effort by eating something oily or sugar-filled.
  • Fitness Tracker Finally, a reliable fitness tracker is mandatory, particularly if you have set a target and want to check your progress regularly.

How to Clean Your Gym Bag

Unlike what you might think, it is crucial to wash your gym bag regularly. In case you have a duffel, tote, or shoulder bag, follow the steps below. For a backpack, you can simply machine wash it with a light detergent. Begin by placing your gym bag in a dry bathtub. Make sure that it does not have any water inside whatsoever. Now, in a bucket, mix 1/4 ounce of light detergent and some cool water.

Fill up the bucket till the level required. Next, dip a brush into the bucket and clean the outside of the gym bag, especially the straps. Use the showerhead to rinse off the dirt and smell but don't get the bad too wet! Once drying off the outside for an hour, clean the inside compartments and vacuum out all the dirt. You may even use a lint roller. After all the debris is gone, wipe down the insides with antibacterial sanitizer wipes and apply a stain remover if needed. Finally, turn the bag inside out and air dry it for a couple of hours before using it again! That is it!

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Be Sure to Check the Material

Just as the styles of gym bags are different, so are the materials they use to make them. Polyester, nylon and leather are the most commonly used fabrics that are recognized as high quality and durable. Polyester is water-resistant and easy to clean, making it an easy choice for most athletes. Nylon, on the other hand, is not water-resistant, but it is extremely lightweight and reasonably priced. Leather is the most expensive option, along with a premium look and durable construction.