Sweaty Hands or Moving on to Much Heavier Weights? Gym Gloves Can Help Make Your Workout Smoother: 10 Gym Glove Sets Carefully Chosen to Suit Your Sport & Gym Needs (2020)

Sweaty Hands or Moving on to Much Heavier Weights? Gym Gloves Can Help Make Your Workout Smoother: 10 Gym Glove Sets Carefully Chosen to Suit Your Sport & Gym Needs (2020)

In our work-oriented lifestyle, the need for taking out the time to exercise is extremely important. For whatever time we take out to exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle, it cannot be denied that the right equipment is ideal for the best results. Professional trainers have always emphasised that the right equipment is essential for workouts or strength training. Similarly, the right gloves for your training are necessary for the required output and gains. We've curated down the top 10 gym gloves sets you can buy online.

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Gym Gloves Are a Must for Safe & Comfortable Workouts

For anyone working out or weight lifting, the question arises as to why gym gloves are necessary. The answers, endorsed by regular gym-goers and weight lifters, are to increase your grip while lifting. They also help to ensure comfort by safeguarding that no or fewer callouses arise on hands. The sweating and overall weak grip sometimes can result in accidents; however, the use of gloves ensures that slippage due to sweating is reduced and friction between the equipment and glove offers safety against any mishap.

The blisters and wounds on hands can be troublesome, and their necessary avoidance can be attributed to the use of gym gloves. It is also believed that many weight lifters start using gym gloves once they reach their limit and cannot lift the extra dead weight. The use of gym gloves coupled at the time with a weight belt then increases their lifting capacity, and they cross the threshold. Furthermore, gym gloves bear all the pressure of the workout otherwise bourn by bare hands. Also, they offer wrist protection by wrapping them tightly around the wrists and preventing severe wrist injuries. The chance of wrist inflammation has been known to be significantly reduced when wrist bands are worn or, in this case, the wrist protection offered by the gloves.

Different Types of Gym Gloves to Choose From

Professionals have always stressed the importance of gym gloves, and their use while working out has been recommended. Gym gloves are provided by various brands for all genders, catering colour variations to sizes, machine washing, natural drying to ease of putting on and taking off.

Depending on the workouts, different types of gym gloves are available, ranging from padded to simple, stretchable, wire mesh to abrasion and sweat-resistant materials, wrist supports, thumb support, etc. Some of the gym gloves also offer added enhancements for hooking the grips. Specific gym gloves have extended middle finger for better comfort.

Gym gloves also include cushioned or gelled support for palms and knuckles. Gym gloves are available with both wrists' supports and without support, depending on the ease of the user. The selection of these gym gloves is more accessible depending upon the budget and requirements of the user.

Top 10 Gym Gloves Set Available in India

Adrenex Foam Padded Gloves with Wrist Support

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Padded gym gloves are a requirement of the majority of gym-goers. Adrenex Foam Padded Gloves with Wrist Support are just the right gloves for you within a controlled budget. These are available in black and blue colours, with sizes ranging from small, medium, and large, for both right and left hands. These gloves, made up of microfibres and polyester, weighing 20.5 g are available for both men and women aiming for fitness. The tear design for adequate airflow, abrasion-resistant material, easy to remove finger loops, and perfect wrist support make the product ideal for all kinds of fitness-related activities, including cycling, weight lifting, etc. The product is available on Flipkart for Rs. 279.

Burnlab Basic Gym & Fitness Gloves

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Burnlab Basic Gym & Fitness Gloves made of EVA foam for comfort and sweat-wicking material, weighing 0.03 g, are ideal for daily use. Designed for better grips with full palm padding while exercising, these gloves offer easy removal by use of flaps for gripping. Textured surface has been carefully incorporated while designing to reduce gripping problems during workouts or lifting weights. Wrist extension flap for grip makes it easier to wear the gloves. Available in grey colour, with sizes from small to extra-large, these are ideal for both men and women. Burnlab Basic Gym and Fitness Gloves, available on Flipkart, are a perfect addition to gym gear at a reasonable price of Rs. 499.

Kobo Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support

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Simple yet useful, these Kobo Lifting Gloves with wrist support offer the best qualities in gym gloves at an affordable price range. Available in black colour, and four sizes, Kobo lifting gloves are made up of lycra at the back for better and comfortable fitting. These gloves have padded front palm, have hook and loop closure. The material used in Kobo Lifting Gloves offers traction support, whereby reducing the abrasion between the hand and the equipment surface. The extended wrist support ensures a smooth transition to fitness and gym routines. The Kobo lifting gloves are available on Amazon, in the price range of Rs. 391 to Rs. 503, depending on the size required.

DreamPalace India Gym Fitness Gloves

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Dream Palace India Gym Fitness Gloves, made up of leather, are an ideal addition in gym gear for males and females of all ages. Weighing 65 g, Black Leather Dream Palace Gloves are perfect for fitness enthusiasts on a budget. These gloves with extended wrist and palm support offer enhanced grips. Leather or suede materials are known to provide increased traction during workouts. The Dream Palace India Gym Fitness gloves are made up of leather that provides durability along with improved hold on to the equipment. Foam padding further increases the usefulness of the gloves. With both right and left hands glove, these free sized gloves are available on Flipkart for an economical price for Rs. 180.

DOMYOS Weight Training Glove

Source decathlon.in

DOMYOS Weight Training Gloves offer better grips on light to moderate weights, carefully designed to enhance grip and support. These lightweight gloves are available in blue. Careful designing includes double thickness at palm to increase protection and cushioning of the area. The pull tab system has been designed at a finger for easy removal of the gloves after workout sessions. Grippy material has been introduced at the palm area for improved grip. DOMYOS Weight Training Gloves offer durability and ease of use, and are the choice of many trainers. These are available in sizes from extra small to extra-large on decathlon.in for Rs. 499.

JMO27 Heavy Leather Padding Gloves

Source shopclues.com

JMO27 Heavy Leather Padding Gloves appropriate for exercise, general workouts, weights, power pull, etc. are ideal for protection and blistering and callouses. Padded palms are a source of comfort while performing physical exercises. Moreover, the mesh design is suitable for air passage and reduces sweating. These are available in black, and as they are free sized, the wrist protection can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user for optimal use, correct hold, and the degree of tightness of gloves required to maintain a snug and comfortable tightness of the gloves around the hands. These gloves are ideal for weight lifting, exercises, power raises, bodybuilding, and general exercise. The JMO27 Heavy Leather Padding Gloves are available on Shopclues for Rs. 270.

Star X extra soft Neoprene Lycra Gym Gloves

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Star X extra soft Neoprene Lycra Gym Gloves available in black, are another great addition to your existing gym gear. Made up of Neoprene, Lycra, these padded gloves are any exercise lover's dream. Mesh material at fingers for improved air passages, weighing 300 g and extended wrist supports are provided for men, for both hands. Affordable and classy, these gloves offering half finger cover, have an aesthetically pleasing red piping draped over the exterior side. These free sized gloves are sure to provide extra comfort and strength while working out. These are available for Rs. 235 on Flipkart.

Vellora Sports Adder Wrist Support Gym Gloves

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While investing in gym gloves, if durability, as well as affordability, is under consideration, then Vellora Sports Adder Wrist Support Gym Gloves are what you are looking for. These gloves have made it to our list because of being economical as well as offering a complete range of qualities. These 100 g black gloves are made up of leather and are padded at the palm areas and also include mesh design at the back for air circulation.

These offer adjustable wrist support for better grip and protection against wrist injuries. The adjustable wrist support, secured by velcro, offers easy usage for men and women both. Providing the best qualities on the most economical prices, these free sized Vellora Sports Adder Wrist Support Gym Gloves can be bought on Flipkart for Rs. 150.

Alaska AN Series Gym & Fitness Gloves

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If you’re tired of plain old black gloves, then Alaska AN series Gym & Fitness Gloves are what you are looking for. Available in green, blue, black, and red colours, these gloves are precisely what are required for weight lifting and workouts. The Alaska AN series Gym & Fitness Gloves are made up of leather with extra padding on palms to prevent callouses and bruises. The wired mesh design eases in air circulation and prevents sweating of the hands.

These are perfect for girls and boys, men, and women for weight lifting and general exercising, thereby offering strength and support and preventing any accidents. These 100 g, free sized gloves are available on Flipkart for Rs. 160 only.

Vocado Cool Sunburn Protecter For Riders and Gym

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Vocado Cool Sunburn Protecter is a dream selection for any outdoor exercising buff. These gloves, available in black, are carefully designed to protect the user against sunburns. Made up of cotton, weighing 80 grams, it is perfect for men and women, engaging in outdoor activities such as cycling, fishing, mountaineering, golfing, running and playing badminton, etc. These cotton gloves offer the best fit to the body with an enhanced grip.

The Vocado Cool Sunburn Protector For Riders and Gym are stretchable and with breathable technology for adequate air circulation. These are anti-hooking and does not cause hinderance while performing outdoor activities such as mountaineering and hiking. They are free sized and can be bought on Flipkart for Rs. 99.

The Right Gloves will Definitely Help You Enhance Your Workout Techniques!

While looking for the gym gloves, certain key features need to be considered, including gloves’ fitting. The fit should be such to allow smooth movement of fingers. Cushioning and support offered by gym gloves are proven factors that help out during the workout. Another essential feature is traction offered to avoid slip and provide a no-slip-grip. The selection of gloves is no doubt a tricky process, however once bought, they demand care for lasting a long time. Gym gloves ought to be adequately dried from inside after use. Periodically wash them to remove deposited dried up salts and minerals from the inner side. Keep them dry when they are not in use and also avoiding their placement in direct sunlight. It is mostly recommended that gym gloves must be washed without bleach, using regular washing powder. Once bought, with proper care, gym gloves can last a long time.

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Importance of Daily Exercising with the Right Equipment

In our daily routines and lifestyle, it is an absolute necessity to invest our time in exercising. The daily workout, coupled with the best equipment, can bring about changes in our physique and health in way less time than we imagine. The right gear, including fitness apparel and accessories such as gym gloves, weight belts, compression socks, etc. coupled with carefully drafted workout routines, can be a source of good health in an otherwise hushed lifestyle where health suffers the most. Therefore, it is suggested to invest in the right equipment while exercising or working out as it is, in most cases, a one-time investment that gives results for a long time. We hope we've pumped you enough to get ready to achieve your fitness goals with the best gym gloves!