Planning to Go on a Hike? Invest in a Pair of Good Trekking Shoes. Your Guide to the Top 10 Trekking Shoes for Men in India (2020)

Planning to Go on a Hike? Invest in a Pair of Good Trekking Shoes. Your Guide to the Top 10 Trekking Shoes for Men in India (2020)

If you are an outdoor person who loves hiking/trekking then this article is for you. Hiking not only increases your stamina but also encourages you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Hiking is a unique and beautiful experience which brings you closest to Mother Nature. When planning to go for a hike there are many essentials that you need to pack, but perhaps the most important thing you need are good hiking/trekking shoes. This BP Guide will help you decide which of the top trekking shoes available for men is the right one for your next hiking trip.

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Buying Guide for Trekking Shoes

They Must be Water Resistant

Buying the right kind of trekking shoes is no mean task, because looks and comfort aside, they should be able to weather through rough terrain, no matter what. This is why you need a perfect buying guide and some tips before your purchase. One of the foremost things to keep in mind while buying trekking shoes is that they must be resistant to water.

You would not want your shoes to be filled with water and get soggy when you are climbing on higher altitudes, or anywhere else for that matter. Not only can that be highly uncomfortable but water in the shoes can also make you lose your grip by making the insides slippery. Always buy those trekking shoes which have an added layer of resin on the outside.

Compatible with Crampons

Crampons are the traction devices which are attached to your footwear when you are trekking or climbing in snowy and icy areas. You must check that your trekking shoes are compatible with crampons so that you can add or remove them whenever you want. This comes in handy when you are trekking in such areas where snow and ice can be expected. This gives great grip to your shoes and make them non-slippery.


Last, but definitely not the least, the trekking shoes for men or women should be breathable enough. The combination of water resistance and breathable shoes might sound weird to you but it is totally possible and well-made trekking shoes will have both the features. If your shoes aren’t breathable then they are going to stink really badly and make you uncomfortably hot during your trek.

Also, this is going to bring a lot of sweat to your feet which is completely uncomfortable when you are trekking for so long. So, always look out for that mesh lining when buying your trekking shoes. If in doubt, read the manufacturers labels carefully to find out whether the shoes are breathable or not. It is an important feature and will be highlighted, if the labels don't mention that, find another shoe.

Best Trekking Shoes for Men in 2020

Men Blue Geocach Trekking Shoes

For your requirement of mountain trekking shoes, we found the perfect option for you. These are Adidas Blue Solid Geocach 19 Trekking Shoes. These shoes are built with lightweight cushioning and advanced technology of highly durable rubber outsole. This not only give strength to your shoes but also keeps them lightweight enough.

These shoes have a textile inner lining and a synthetic upper lining and the blue and white colour of the shoes definitely makes them look unique and eye-catching. The shoes have a bit of ankle height and great outer sole which gives wonderful grip on rough terrain and heights. You just need to wipe them clean with a dry cloth and you are good to go. These front lace up shoes are definitely a perfect mix of style and technology. You can buy them now on Myntra for Rs. 4,999.00.

Wildcraft Men's Trekking Shoes


If you are someone who wants no fuss involved with their trekking shoes then you should take a look at Wildcraft men’s trekking shoes here. These shoes are available in black and blue colour options and look quite stylish as well.

Talking about them in details, these shoes have a cushioned mid-sole and moulded in-socks for shock absorption. The soles have no heels so these shoes are simple in structure. The best thing about these shoes is their slip-on feature. It is not so often that you find trekking shoes with slip-on pattern. This saves a lot of time for yourself and you won’t even have to tie the shoe laces over and over again. These shoes are durable and have a breathable fabric which keeps you comfortable throughout the trek. You can buy them on Wildcraft for Rs. 2,995.00.

Red Chief Men's Leather Trekking Shoes


Red Chief shoes are popular for being super durable and rugged, and these trekking shoes are no exception too. These are men’s leather trekking and hiking shoes which may look quite casual in appeal but are super useful when it comes to everyday trekking adventures.

They have a front lace-up design and these babies are perfect for off-duty outings. The leather makes for the upper and inner linings of the shoes and TPR and PU sole provides great stability on uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, these shoes aren’t breathable but they are definitely quite sturdy and somewhat water resistant too. The lower sole of the shoes has a heel and grooves which provide a comfortable experience of wearing them even for long durations. You can totally rely on these shoes on all sorts of mountain terrains and you can buy them now on Amazon for Rs. 3,145.00.

Desert Trekking Shoes

If you are looking for men's trekking shoes which are perfect for desert trekking then these ones here are the best choice you can make. These are Forclaz Desert 500 Trekking Boots. Available in brown colour, these ones have a front lace-up design and boot style which ensures that no grain of sand can enter your boots at all. Not only do they protect you from sand but they are also quite breathable and hence you are not going to feel sweaty and soggy in your feet.

They are made with cotton canvas and hence they are quite lightweight. This feature also improves the durability of these boots. You will totally love the modern design and amazing looks of these boots and you should totally invest into these ones. Buy them now on Decathlon for Rs. 2,499.00.

Leather Steel Toe Trekking Shoes

Next ones on this list are the Eego Italy hiking and trekking boots. If you need some added layer of safety and stability in your steps, they you should definitely opt for these trekking boots instead of regular trekking shoes. These boots are made of genuine leather and are available in black colour. They have a front lace-up closure and they are made of a rubber sole material. They look quite sporty and stylish in appeal and we are quite sure that you are so going to love them.

We liked the fact that despite having a thick material and outer lining, they have left some room for the mesh lining on the top. This definitely makes the shoes breathable and water resistant at the same time. These perfect leather trekking boots can be bought on Flipkart for Rs. 899.00.

Woodland Textured Low Top Lace Up Shoes


If you loved the Red Chief trekking shoes mentioned earlier then you are definitely going to love these Woodland trekking shoes too. These two are quite similar in appeal but of course they are manufactured using different technologies and design concepts. These Woodland shoes have a textured low top design with a front lace-up closure. They are available in green and brown colours and look both quite rugged and masculine.

These shoes are made of leather material and have a rubber sole on the bottom. You can also find some grooves at the bottom with the heel to ensure you have stability and proper support while trekking. Of course, they aren’t that lightweight but you can thank the manufacturers for making them breathable with those mesh detailings here and there. These shoes are available for purchase on Ajio for Rs. 4,395.00.

Reebok Camo Trek Camouflage Trekking Shoes

We found the best trekking shoes under Rs. 3,000.00 price range, which are these Reebok Camo Trek Camouflage Trekking Shoes. Available in camouflage print and black mesh lining on top, these shoes are perfect for you if you want to trek in style. You can surely feel easy and comfortable all day long while you are wearing these shoes. The upper lining is made out of high quality polyester mesh which provides style and flexibility at the same time.

The sole is made of rubber which helps in movement and proper stability too. The rugged ridges on the sole ensure that you put your best feet forward without the chances of slipping. These shoes are quite good when you want something breathable enough. So, grab them now on Tata Cliq for Rs. 2,499.00.

Blinder Black Trekking Boots

One of the best boots for you for trekking and hiking are these Blinder black boots. Available in jet black colour, these shoes are made of leather and have a normal design. Somehow these ones are perfect for old school trekkers who want their shoes to be simple yet comfortable. These boots have a front lace-up closure till the top so that you can adjust the tightness on your own. As the boots ride up till your ankle and more, you are going to feel quite wrapped up because of the leather.

Gladly the leather protects you from water, mud and other dirt but breathability issues surely strike here. With a rubber sole and a soft inner lining, these shoes are great in performance but may slightly lack in comfort because of leather that can make you feel sweaty inside. You can still grab them on Snapdeal for Rs. 1,209.00.

Lowa Men's Zephyr Trekking Shoes

Your trekking shoes should always be lightweight and durable enough and these Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid Trekking Shoes are the perfect combination of these two factors. They are made up of split leather and Cordura in the upper lining and then they have injected PU mid-sole which are finally put together in a Monowrap frame. This entire framing ensures that you have long lasting shoes no matter where you go and how you use them.

These shoes are totally breathable and water resistant too. The cross-sole on the bottom ensures that you get a great grip while trekking in them. You are also going to love the bluish tone of these shoes which makes them look quite trendy. You can order them online on for Rs. 10,990.00.

Columbia Trekking Shoes

And finally we have Columbia trekking shoes which you totally need in your closet. Well, the main reason of listing them is actually because of their great looks and trendy design. They are super lightweight and look quite stylish. It won’t be wrong if you will double them up as gym shoes also. You can definitely use them for running, hiking and trekking so you get multi-functional and multi-purpose shoes here.

They have a front lace-up design and mesh lining on top to provide complete breathability. Moreover, you also get abrasion on the outsole which gives better grip and total comfort while walking. The purple and black combination of these shoes is really attractive and you can buy them now on Jabong for Rs. 6,999.00.

How to Take Care of Your Trekking Shoes?

If you are an avid trekker and hiker then you should totally know how to take care of your trekking shoes to make them last longer. Even the best quality trekking shoes for men are going to deteriorate rapidly if they aren’t properly taken care of. This is why you need some pro tips to make sure you are not spending too much on buying new trekking shoes every now and then.

Keep Them Clean

This is something which is quite obvious. You are supposed to keep your shoes clean to make sure the next trekking experience is as good as the previous one. Don't forget to remove the dirt and mud from your shoes and scrub it well with the help of a toothbrush. If your shoes are very dirty then you can just throw them in the washing machine and they will be clean in one cycle. Don’t forget to clean your shoes after every trek.

Storage Matters Too

Apparently, this is not just about the cleaning but also about the storage of the shoes too. You are recommended to store your shoes in a cool and dry area and of course you are supposed to do that after you have cleaned them thoroughly. Make sure they are completely dry before storing them otherwise they can smell bad or fungus can also develop on them in the storage.

Make Sure to Remove Their Odour

The trekking shoes that men wear can be really smelly because of sweat, mud and other dirt. So, it is important that you remove this odour completely before your next trekking experience. For this, sprinkle some baking soda on the soles and allow them to air out a bit. You can do that after every hike as the soda truly absorbs the bad odour.

Timely Conditioning

And the final tip for taking care of your trekking shoes is to provide proper conditioning to them. Even if your shoes are of the best quality and have water resisting properties, without conditioning they can lose their quality. Using waterproofing treatment can come in handy for your shoes especially when you are a regular trekker.

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Invest in the Right Trekking Shoes

If you are a regular hiker then it is imperative that you invest a little amount of your time in exploring and then buying the right trekking shoes for yourself. This will go a long way in keeping you comfortable on your long treks and outdoor adventures. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in deciding which trekking shoes will be the best for you. Stay connected with us for more such engaging information.