It is Very Crucial to Choose the Right Footwear When You're Out Trekking: Tips on Choosing Trekking Shoes + Best Pair of Trekking Shoes You Can Buy Online for Men and Women (2020)

It is Very Crucial to Choose the Right Footwear When You're Out Trekking: Tips on Choosing Trekking Shoes + Best Pair of Trekking Shoes You Can Buy Online for Men and Women (2020)

You will get a plethora of options in the market when you search for trekking shoes. Still, it's important to know about the various kind of trekking shoes which are meant for different treks before you choose one. This post would be helpful while choosing the right pair of trekking shoes for you, especially if you're a beginner. Read on to find out more.

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Why You Must Go With Trekking Shoes Only for Harsher Treks!

Going by their name, we all understand that trekking shoes are shoes specially designed for trekking and mountaineering activities. These shoes are bit rugged, have a tough sole (with soft cushioning inside), and are slightly above the ankle to reduce the chances of any possible ankle injuries in case you accidentally tweak your leg. Moreover, these shoes are mostly made of abrasion-resistant and water-resistant material like leather or solid canvas, etc. These boots are your best partner during hiking as they are sturdy, long-lasting, and also provide strong grip (thanks to the specially designed sole) during trekking and hiking activities.

Different Types of Trekking Shoes

  • Hiking Shoes – These are bit flexible shoes with rubber soles and have lower ankle cut as compared to conventional trekking shoes. Hiking shoes are lightweight, offer lesser support, and are meant for one day hike or when you are going to trek a place which has well-paved roads and walking is easy on them while carrying a lightweight backpack. These shoes are available in a pocket-friendly price range of Rs. 2500 – 3000 from brands like Wildcraft, Himgear, Woodland and Quechua, etc.

  • Trekking Shoes – These shoes basically cover the entire ankle, thus providing support to heavy weights and difficult to climb terrains. The midrise ankle and water-resistant boots are made from stiff material to withstand the rough conditions and surface. If you are a beginner or occasional trekker who goes on a multiday hike while carrying a somewhat heavy backpack, then you should opt for these shoes. You will get trekking shoes in the range of Rs. 3500 to 6500 from Quechua, Wildcraft, and Himgear and brands like Columbia have bit costlier models with additional features.

  • Mountaineering Boots – These heavy boots are big, high rise ankle, burly, and strong enough to faceoff any terrain or weather. These boots are robust and have an extra layer of insulation to protect your feet from extreme conditions like thick snow layers. Mountaineering boots are meant for long treks and off-trail expeditions while you are carrying heavy backpacks and going on a snow-covered trek. These are expensive commodities and are used by professional mountaineers, but are also available on rent for the first-timers.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing The Right Trekking Boots for Yourself

Trekking boots constitutes of three parts, the upper part (mainly made from leather and synthetic, choose as per your budget and requirement), midsole (responsible for the comfort and stability of your shoe, provides cushioning to your feet) and outer sole (lug patterns on the outer sole define your grip on rocky and uneven terrains, and it should be made of strong, yet light material).

Moreover, try to purchase water-resistant trekking shoes if you have to encounter rivers, streams, etc. during the expedition and ensure that it's breathable as well because you wouldn't like to have stinky feet while relaxing, after a tiring day of trekking.

Before purchasing a trekking shoe, wear a trekking or hiking sock (these are not the regular cotton socks and are specially designed socks to be worn beneath the trekking shoes to prevent you from blisters and provide comfort) and then test the shoe. Walk on a rough area, try walking upstairs, and downstairs if you are not able to locate any other elevated place nearby and feel if the shoe is perfectly gripping your feet.

Best Trekking Boots for Men

We have researched and identified a few trekking shoes, which are the most liked and recommended ones by users. All the shoes are from different brands and have their own unique qualities for different variations of trekking.

Trek100 Men's Mountain Trekking Boots

These trekking shoes are designed with the help of experienced trekkers; hence they provide maximum comfort and solid grip while walking on wet or dry surfaces. The shoes are lightweight, allow excellent foot movement, and the durable and soft PU midsole makes it easy on your feet. The waterproof (tested for 16 km of walking in the water with the middle part of the upper portion immersed in water) and breathable material makes it adaptable to every weather and terrain. The Trek100 Men's Mountain Trekking Boots by FORCLAZ is available for Rs. 5,499 on

Men's Adidas Outdoor AX2 Low Shoes

Adidas never fails to impress with its innovative designs, and they are the pioneer in shoemaking for a reason. This low cut boot is meant for one-day hiking activities, which include trekking on patchy roads, the EVA cushioning in the midsole, and ADIPRENE support makes it comfortable to wear while the TRAXION is meant for supporting your feet in wet areas. The outdoor AX2 low shoes by Adidas has an excellent grip, comes in dark grey, vista grey, solid grey, and black colours and can be ordered for Rs. 7,099 from

Salomon L40245500 Quest 4D 3 Synthetic Hiking Boots

Solomon is an international brand that deals in sportswear, sports accessories, sports equipment, and sports shoes, etc. The synthetic hiking boots have the upper part made of nubuck leather, has a mudguard protective heel cap made of hard rubber along with protective rubber toe cap heel strap. The shoes are waterproof and have a Gore-Tex performance comfort footwear lining material along with 3D mesh textile lining construction, which makes it comfortable to wear. These shoes cover the entire ankle and are fit for trekking, which can last for many days in rocky and rough places. The Salomon L40245500 Quest 4D 3 Synthetic Hiking Boots are available on for Rs. 18,799.

Wildcraft Men's Trekking Shoes

Wildcraft is an Indian company founded in 1998 and headquartered in Bengaluru, it deals in outdoor clothing, bags, gears, and shoes. The outer material used in this black trekking shoes for men are mesh with suede PU cover, has a rubber outsole and deep lugs for better grip and traction on any surface. The rubberized PU toe provides excellent protection for the accidental strikes, and the shoe has a high ankle and collar for support, which saves your ankle from twisting and turning on rough terrains. The anti-slip laces ensure that the shoe fits snugly on your feet and makes this an excellent companion on long treks or during off-trail excursions. The Wildcraft Men's Trekking Shoes are available for Rs. 4,295 on

Quechua NH100 MID Men's Hiking Boots - Black

The hiking boots by Quechua is an entry-level hiking boot meant for the beginners and can be used on easy paths and in dry weather conditions. The thermoplastic sole uses cross-contact technology and has 3.5 mm lugs, which makes a good grip on little uneven trails. The heel cushioning system with a 6 mm EVA pad provides the required comfort while trekking, and the hook and strap system along with the ankle cover keeps your feet and ankle safe and well snug in the boot. The Quechua NH100 MID Men's Hiking Boots – Black comes with a 2-year warranty and is available on

Puma Men's Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots

The leather hiking boots by Puma are mid-ankle, have a lace-up closure, and each shoe weighs about 400 gms. The rubber soles have lugs that provide proper grip on the surface and make these shoes a useful partner for one-day treks. Available in Chestnut, Fossil, Lime Stone Grey and Dandelion, Puma Men's Leather Trekking and Hiking Boots are available on for Rs. 2,999.

Campus Men's Hiking & Trekking Shoes

Campus needs no introduction when it comes to sports shoes and is a popular and leading local brand in India. Made from synthetic leather, the shoes have a rubber sole, which provides the required grip, comfort, and flexibility for trekking. The shoes are low ankle and meant for one-day hikes on little rough terrains. The Campus Men's Hiking & Trekking Shoes by Action can be purchased from

Woodland Ntan Hiking Boots

Woodland was founded in the year 1992 in Delhi, India, by its parent company Aero Group, which is a Canadian company. Woodland took the shoe industry by storm when it introduced their handmade leather shoes for outdoor hiking. Since then, it has been purchased more as a fashion commodity than a hiking boot. However, the Woodland Ntan hiking boots not only look super cool but can also crush any terrain under its sturdy rubber soles. Designed for day hikes and small weekend backpacking trips, these boots can be your trustworthy companion in rough terrains. The upper part is made of suede and nubuck with rubberized mu, and 12 eyelet lacing ensures that the shoes are tied firmly on your feet with a firm grip. You can purchase these sturdy boots from for Rs. 3,695.

Best Trekking Boots for Women

Trekking shoes designed explicitly for female trackers are manufactured by famous brands owing to the increasing number of women trekkers. Here are a few such boots which are meant for beginner to expert level women trekkers.

Wildcraft Women's Trekking Shoes

The olive color women trekking shoes by Wildcraft is designed for normal trekking on easy paves and is a perfect companion for one-day trekking. The upper part is made from mesh with lace-up closure, has a rubberized toe for safety, and the EVA outsole provides long-wearing comfort while the 2 mm lugs offer superior traction. The Wildcraft Women's Trekking Shoes comes with a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects and is available for Rs. 3,146 on

Women's Hiking Shoes (Mid Ankle) NH100 - Grey-Blue

The midrise ankle hiking shoes for women by Quechua are perfect for walking or trekking in the forest, coast, dry weather, or rough surface. The heel cushioning has a 6 mm EVA pad, which provides maximum comfort, and the TPR soles provide a firm grip with its 3.5 mm crampons. The synthetic toe bumper protects your foot when you accidentally bump into stones, and the 6 eyelets lacing with support ensure that the shoes are always tied snugly to your feet. These are available for Rs. 1,399 at

Columbia Women's Peakfreak Low Outdry Hiking Shoes

This is basically a hiking shoe and is meant for one-day trekking on well-paved or little rough paths. The midsole and superior cushioning provide long-lasting comfort while the rubber outsole provides a firm grip on any surface. The lace-up designed shoes outer part is made of sturdy synthetic material that can withstand any atmosphere and weather. The waterproof hiking shoes for women by Columbia comes with 180 days warranty and are available for Rs. 4,699 on

Mishmi Takin Kameng – Mid eVent Waterproof Hiking Boots

Mishmi Takin is a homegrown brand that specializes in highly breathable and waterproof hiking gear meant for professional trekkers. The Kameng – Mid eVent Waterproof Hiking Boots model manufactured by them is 100% waterproof and breathable due to its eVent membrane. The use of Vibram Megagrip rubber on the sole enables superior traction even on muddy and wet surfaces, and the stretch heel section provides comfort while descending on the slopes. These shoes are specially designed for long-distance hiking and are suitable for both hot and wet conditions on different terrains. These shoes are both heavyweight literally, at 1,260 gm per pair, and on the pocket too, at Rs. 16,500, available on

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Trekking shoes have a firm grip, and the laces are a bit longer so that they can be tied firmly not to leave any space for accidental twisting of the ankle. Trekking shoes come in different designs, are made of different material, and the one apt for you depend upon the terrain you choose to hike, duration of the trip, weather, rain and snow conditions, etc.