Are You Looking for a Foundation You Can Use on Daily Basis without Spending Your Entire Salary on It(2020)? Lakme India Boasts of an Entire Range of Foundations to Suit Your Skin Needs and Your Budget!

Are You Looking for a Foundation You Can Use on Daily Basis without Spending Your Entire Salary on It(2020)? Lakme India Boasts of an Entire Range of Foundations to Suit Your Skin Needs and Your Budget!

The right foundation must give you an even finished look, which could not be described as 'cakey', uneven or looking like a mask by any means. Similar to different skin tones, people have different skin textures as well. So, you need to identify the type of foundation that suits your skin and pick one accordingly! Here we have highlighted Lakmé foundations depending on the type of consistency that they offer, making it easier for you to pick one for your desired finish.

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Why Lakme Foundations are a Good Option?

The struggle is real ladies! Finding the right foundation shade for your skin tone and landing on the right brand is a strenuous task indeed. Been through the turmoil since years? Well, then it's time you try out one of India’s most popular and trusted brand in foundations. This cosmetics brand has evolved itself over years since its inception in 1952. The cosmetic products, particularly the foundations are best suited for Indian skin and come in different ranges. But,why exactly are Lakme foundations considered the best among its counterparts? Here are few of the reasons:


Foundations from Lakmé are super affordable, the most expensive being only around Rs. 1,000. Nevertheless, the quality of these foundations is impeccable, thus making it one of the most favourite foundations ever.

Lasts Longer


All Lakmé foundation compositions are designed to give maximum coverage with the smallest of quantities. Hence, these foundations are bound to last longer than other foundations from the same range.

Long Reputation

Lakmé cosmetics is an Indian brand that has been in business since 1952. Famous celebrities, like Kareena Kapoor and Ananya Pandey, have endorsed this brand, thereby instilling more confidence in the Indian users about the quality of the products.

Large Variety of Shades


Search for the perfect shade ends here, as Lakmé foundations comes in a wide variety of shades. Matching your skin tone with a foundation and picking the right one won’t be a herculean task after all, as the options are many.

Safe on the Skin

Lakme foundations are not known to cause any reaction to the skin. So, it is considered safe to use. Moreover, the foundations are enriched with ingredients like Vitamin E and essential oils, thereby rejuvenating, replenishing and nourishing the skin.

Gives Desired Effect

Lakmé foundations are water resistant and light, thereby preventing smudging and a caked effect on the skin. Also, the foundations are easy to apply and gives an evenly toned look. It doesn’t settle on fine lines and gives a natural appearance, as the coverage is neutral on the skin; neither too much nor too less.

Lakme Foundations for You to Choose from

Here are some tips to keep in mind while choosing the foundation type according to the desired finish.

  • Powder foundations and mousse foundations are best suited for people with oily skin. These foundations are designed with unique formulations that address the specific needs of oily skin and can perfectly compliment the oily skin type in coverage.
  • Dry skin problems arise from the lack of moisture in the skin. Lakmé foundations have special hydrating foundations that has a creamy texture and offers the required coverage while locking in the moisture. Liquid creamy foundations are the go-to type of foundation for dry skin.
  • Normal skin with a natural texture needs only minimal uplifting in makeup. Lakme’s mousse foundations are the best for these skin types.

Liquid Foundations from Lakmé

Lakmé Perfecting Liquid Foundation


Here is a liquid foundation from Lakmé that gives superior coverage with a dazzling finish. This foundation spreads evenly on to the face and smoothly glides over the skin to cover up any blemishes, dark circles, spots and patches on the face. The composition of the foundation is water resistant and smudge free, giving long lasting effect on the makeup.

The foundation is enriched with Vitamin E and silicones, hence it rejuvenates, replenishes and nourishes the skin with every application. The foundation does not make the face oily, yet gives it a natural glow and a supple look to the face. This foundation is suitable for all skin types, but is best recommended to be used by dry skin type. You can check out this Lakmé foundation at It is available at Rs. 155 for 27ml bottle.

Lakme Absolute 3D Cover Foundation


Another liquid foundation from Lakmé is the absolute 3D cover foundation, that gives better results than Lakme perfecting liquid foundation. This is a hydrating luminous foundation, that blends perfectly to give a flawless and dewy finish to the skin. This liquid foundation gives 3D coverage from all angles and gives the skin a natural look with a smooth finish. The foundation also doesn’t clog the pores. In fact, it is formulated with a soft-focus complex that minimizes skin imperfections.

Available in 10 different diverse shades, you can easily pick the one that matches your tone perfectly. This foundation is less creamy and perfect for normal to oily skin. People with dry skin might have to moisturize their face well before applying this foundation. The 3D cover foundation gives a matt finish and naturally covers up blemishes and dark spots. Also, the foundation contains SPF 30, making it perfect to be used in the day time.

This Lakmé foundation is available on for a discounted price of Rs. 638.

Lakmé Invisible Finish SPF 8 Foundation

If you are looking for a foundation that offers minimal coverage to give an everyday natural look to your skin, then go for this foundation from Lakme. This ultra-light water-based foundation gives an almost invisible finish hence, the name! Endowed with the extra benefit of SPF8, the foundation shields the skin from harmful rays and prevents skin darkening, making it a perfect choice to be worn in the day time.

This lightweight Lakmé foundation gives you picture perfect skin, mostly if you have naturally even skin texture. This foundation comes with a spatula applicator, that makes application hassle free and most convenient. The glass bottle may however be seemingly difficult to carry and handle. The invisible foundation is water resistant, easy to apply and dries out fast.

This Lakmé foundation is available on for Rs. 260.

Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation

This Lakmé foundation is the perfect solution for a one step makeup base. The foundation has a built-in primer, that glides perfectly onto the skin, to give an even tone and texture. The foundation is so versatile that it gives you medium to high coverage owing to its buildable consistency. The Lakmé foundation reviews for this product proves its popularity and reach. The foundation has SPF 20 and a long wear formula, thus giving you a flawless and natural look all throughout the day. This Lakmé perfect cover foundation is available in 16 different shades that suits all Indian skin tones. So, picking the right one for you won’t be difficult. Since, the foundation gives a matt finish, this foundation is the right choice for oily skin type in particular.

Available at for Rs. 427.

Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45

Infused with the legendary Moroccan argan oil, this Lakmé foundation provides superior nourishment for the skin throughout the day. The rich, non-greasy formulation, is lightweight and is designed to nourish and revitalizes the skin without imparting the heaviness of a foundation. Moreover, it contains SPF 45, which provides for the broad-spectrum protection of UVA and UVB rays, making it perfect as a day crème. The foundation gives a luminous finish, causing dull and dry skin to glow! Since infused with argan oil, this foundation is the perfect pick for people with dry skin.

Available on for Rs. 750.

Mousse Foundations from Lakmé

Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation


So, what makes mousse foundations different from cream liquid foundations, you may ask? While creamy liquid foundations give a velvety look with heavy coverage, mousse foundations glide smoothly to give a matt finish and a natural look. This Lakmé foundation is perfect for people with decent skin, having only minor flaws and issues, as the foundation will even out the skin tone, but will not cover dark spots and blemishes.

Moreover, the foundation is really easy to use with low maintenance, that even beginners can use this without error. This mousse foundation is perfect to give the no makeup look, and leaves the skin looking fresh and beautiful for long. The Lakmé foundation price is not expensive and is very affordable. It is available on for Rs. 411.

Lakme Face Magic Souffle

This light weight, water-based foundation is perfect for people with oily skin and gives an even skin tone and radiant freshness. The Lakmé magic souffle is enriched with the goodness of cucumber extracts hence, soothes and moisturizes the skin naturally. The magic foundation helps in concealing spots and blemishes, dark circles and patchy skin. Hence, giving spot free radiance with no heavy foundation look. Being infused with SPF, the foundation is perfect for daily everyday use and imparts freshness for a long time.

Available on for Rs. 165 (30ml bottle).

Stick Foundation from Lakme

Kareena Kapoor Khan Absolute Face Contour Stick Foundation

This luxurious stick foundation takes after the iconic actress, which speaks volumes for the playful and glamorous nature of the foundation itself. The creamy formula offers build-able coverage, that is flattering in all lights. The easily blend-able formula glides on to the skin effortlessly, to give an even base for the rest of your makeup. Available in six different shades, you can find the one that suits your tone to give the natural, second skin like appearance.

The luminous foundation covers dark patches and blemishes to give a flawless complexion. The feather light breathable formula doesn’t weigh down the skin and feels super comfortable to be worn all day. You can start applying it in the hollow parts of the cheek, jawline, hairline, sides of the nose, and slowly blend it in to the other parts of the face.

Available on for Rs. 1,105.

Powder Foundation From Lakme

Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation Compact

If you are looking for a foundation that lends a fresh radiant look throughout the day, while keeping the oils in check, then this powder foundation could be for you. This powder foundation gives an even coverage and is build-able by nature. This Lakmé foundation effortlessly conceals fine lines and spreads evenly over the skin. With a built-in primer incorporated into the formulation, this powder foundation is perfect as a makeup base for women with oily skin. The long-lasting matte finish imparts a fresh non greasy appearance. The foundation is very easy to apply. Simply take some compact on the powder puff. Shake off the excess and wipe it in long even strokes form inside towards out of the face. This Lakmé foundation is available in 6 different shades.

Available on for Rs.489.

How to Choose the Right Foundation

Let’s get into the basics now. The task of picking the right foundation for yourself is much difficult, indeed. Lakmé foundations comes in different shades and formulas. Keep these handy tips in mind to combat the foundation problem:

  • Understand your skin type:
    Your skin type may range from oily to dry and sensitive. Make sure to understand the nature and texture of your skin first.

  • Identify your undertone: Warm and cool undertones are determined by checking if you have greenish or purple/bluish veins, respectively. If it is a combination of the two, then you have a neutral undertone.

  • Find your shade: The right foundation shade is the one that doesn’t change the natural tone of your skin. It should make the skin look smoother and even, without a mask like appearance. Safest spot to test the foundation shade is on the neck or jawline and not on your hand.

  • Choose the perfect finish: Be it creamy liquid foundation or a matte-finish powder foundation, the foundation type and finish are determined by the specific needs of your skin.
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Discontinue Product If It Does Not Suit Your Skin!

Despite being extremely affordable, Lakme vouches for the material used in its products. This is one of the reasons for its popularity in India. Still, it is possible that a product or its consistency does not suit your particular skin and might cause allergic reactions, like acne or eczema. If you have any of these issues already, consult a specialist before switching your foundation. Do not switch all at once. Try using the product once and twice to monitor its effect carefully before using it on a daily basis!