Cream Foundations are a Godsend for Anyone with Dry and Dehydrated Skin(2020): 10 Best Foundation Cream to Guarantee the Coverage You Need.

Cream Foundations are a Godsend for Anyone with Dry and Dehydrated Skin(2020): 10 Best Foundation Cream to Guarantee the Coverage You Need.

Foundation Cream forms the base of any makeup. Using a foundation cream makes the makeup more uniform. Let’s just say that foundation lays a base upon which a makeup stands firm and strong. But buying the right foundation is always a difficult task. Fret not! We're bringing you the ultimate guide to find the perfect foundation for your skin tone.

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Foundation and Its Benefits

Makeup is a woman's best friend. There are many different ways of putting makeup according to your like and dislike but all makeup starts with a foundation. When we say foundation it suggests a base, a base for building a structure, it could be a building or your makeup. Earlier people thought that putting on foundation does harm to your skin. It was thought that foundation clogs pores and damages the skin but now foundations are made skin-friendly. They provide a barrier against sun, pollution and free radical damage.

The main thing to look out for before putting the foundation is to find the right one according to your skin. If you have oily skin and you use a heavy, oil-based foundation it will surely clog your pores and cause acne etc.

It is also important to clean your face before going to bed so that your skin gets a chance to breathe freely. Other benefits of using foundations are:

  • Foundation protects your skin from day to day damage. Your skin is exposed to pollution and dirt resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. A foundation helps to avoid it by forming a protective layer on your skin.
  • Sunlight is good for your skin but overexposure can lead to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Foundations come with sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful U.V rays and avoid the chances of you getting skin cancer.
  • Foundations come in different shades and bases to suit different skin types and tones. It is made to compliment your skin.
  • A lot of women suffer from irregular skin tones. A foundation helps you correct that. It leaves your skin smooth and polished and makes it look healthier and attractive.
  • Facial scars look unattractive but a foundation helps to cover it all for you. You can apply a good foundation with a concealer to correct and hide those unwanted scars and make you look out of the world.

How to Choose the Best Foundation for Yourself

Finding the right type of foundation for you is the biggest task. Most of the time women are not able to do that and end up not liking the results. You need to understand the type of skin to pick the right foundation.

Here are some tips that will help you in doing that.

  • The best kind of foundation for oily skin is the oil-free liquid foundation. It has powders that absorb excess oil and give you a matte finish. You can also go for mineral foundations as they also have dry particles which absorb oil from your skin.
  • You should use a hydrating powder foundation for dry skin; you can choose a liquid or a stick foundation. They are cream-based and give an ample amount of moisture to your skin.
  • People with combination skin have oily and dry patches. You can try mixing different formulas and should avoid foundations that are formulated to be emollient or oil-rich.
  • If you have sensitive skin then you should avoid foundations with alcohol and fragrance or mineral oils to avoid acne.

Other things to look out while buying a foundation are:

  • Try to find your undertone. Check to see your complexion, it could be warm (yellow), cool (pink) or neutral undertones. You can look at the veins in your wrist, if they are blue or purple then you are of a cool undertone, veins that are green or olive means you are warm and if you see both the colours then you are neutral.
  • Also, decide on what coverage you want, it could be full, medium, partial or sheer. You can find foundations all different coverage which lets you show off the amount of natural skin you want.
  • After you have determined your tone look for the best colour. Always test your foundation along your jawline in different lights. The right foundation should disappear in your skin. If you have a rich skin tone you should test your foundation on your T-zone that is the area around your forehead, nose and mouth.
  • If you get confused by two different shades you should always go with the lighter option because you can later mix and match it with a bronzer or blush.

10 Best Foundations in India

There are various kinds of foundations in the market but a cream foundation provides better coverage than a liquid foundation or mousses. A cream foundation at times gives a thick look and may make an oily skin make a little more oily. If you have dry skin a cream-based foundation would be best for you. Here are a few foundation creams you can look through and choose the best one you like.

Colorbar BB Creme

Colorbar is a well-known brand when it comes to makeup. If you are looking for a foundation cream to use for daily purposes like going to the office then you can look into the Colorbar BB creme. It is a great foundation cream that gives you smooth skin with almost no makeup effect. This colour bar BB creme is paraben-free and is suitable for all skin types. It also contains apple extract and aloe vera which provides extra nourishment to your skin as well as moisturizes the skin. It also has APF 20 to give you an ample amount of sun protection.

This foundation cream blends in perfectly with your skin and gives you a smooth texture, keeps you ready at all times for any events. You can buy the Colorbar BB creme for Rs. 565 from Amazon.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15

Another wonderful foundation cream is the Bobbi Brown long-wear even finish foundation. The best feature of this foundation is that it comes in a pump bottle and just a pea size product is sufficient to cover your whole face for a long time. It is made to give you heavy coverage without giving you a cakey look. It gives you a natural look as it blends into your skin perfectly. You can easily blend it on to your skin with the help of a brush or a sponge.

The Bobbi Brown foundation comes with SPF 15 to protect you from the sun. It also does not cling to your dry patches of fine lines and make you look unnatural. It also covers tanned lines and acne marks on your skin flawlessly. The foundation stays on your skin for about 6 to 7 hours and it is very easy to carry as it comes in a pump bottle that does not leak while travelling. You can buy this foundation for Rs. 299 from

Glamyou Maliao Sheer Shimmer Cream Foundation

If you are looking for a great foundation with a little extra definition in it you can check out the Glamyou Maliao Sheer Shimmer Cream Foundation. This foundation is perfect for all skin types and gives your skin a dewy finish with just the right amount of shimmer to make you look chick and elegant. It comes beautifully packed in a pump bottle. You can buy this foundation for Rs. 349 from

Swiss Beauty Skin Care CC Cream Foundation

Another great foundation cream is the Swiss Beauty CC cream. It is a great foundation for people with dry skin as it helps in moisturizing your skin and keeps it looking smooth and healthy with an even tone. The foundation has a soft creamy texture that blends perfectly in your skin. It is a three in one CC cream with protects, repairs and gives a natural finish to your skin. If you are looking for instant correction of uneven skin tone then you can buy this foundation cream for Rs. 299 from Nykaa.

Simply apply it on a clean face just like you would apply a moisturizing cream. You can apply a thicker layer if you want a higher coverage.

Oriflame Sweden Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Foundation

Oriflame is another wonderful brand in the market that manufactures excellent makeup products and skincare products. The Very Me Peach Foundation is one of its best products. It is recommended for a wheatish skin tone and gives a great matte finish to your face. This foundation has a peachy natural glow. It is a soft gel-like cream that blends in smoothly to your skin. It hydrates and smoothens your skin and makes it glow the instant you apply it on your face. Just apply small dots on your face and neck and blend it smoothly and you are ready to party. Buy this Oriflame foundation for Rs. 205 from Flipkart.

Bharat & Dorris Cream Foundation

Are you ready to experiment with different foundations? Look into buying cream foundations and one of the good ones in the market is the Bharat & Dorris Cream Foundation. It is an extra creamy and smooth foundation that melts into your skin and becomes one. It leaves a soft shine and gives your skin a velvety look. The Bharat & Dorris foundation gives you full coverage. It can be used daily without worrying about looking too flashy. You can easily buy this foundation cream for Rs. 500 from Naykaa.

Etude House Face Blur

Another great foundation cream is the Etude House Face Blur. It is an extra lightweight cream that gives you a multi filtering effect and leaves it shining and refined. It is a great foundation cream that reduces the pores of the skin and gives you a brighter complexion. The Etude House Face Blur is made with baby pixel powder which is fine particles that make your skin looks smooth and soft. It also hides any imperfections and scars or marks on the skin and makes your skin look flawless. It comes with SPF 15.

You can buy this foundation cream for Rs. 3,600 from Nykaa.

Sensai Cream Foundation

The Sensai Cream foundation can be one of the best makeup you can buy. It is a wonderful foundation with extra velvety texture, it is as soft as silk and makes your skin looks like silk too. You can easily use this foundation cream daily without worrying about skin damage. The foundation comes with a hydrating formula to give you the nourishment your skin needs. The best feature of the Sensai Cream foundation is that it is a non-comedogenic product that does not clog your skin. The foundation is a bit expensive but is worth each penny. You will love the way it looks and feels on your skin. Go ahead and buy it for Rs. 5,240 from

Inglot Ysm Cream Foundation - 45

Since you are already researching cream foundations you can check out the Inglot Ysm Cream foundation. It is a great lightweight and long-lasting cream foundation. It works wonder on your pigmented skin and gives you a perfect matte finish. It is one of the best foundation creams for people with dry skin. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. People with different types of skin can use it without hesitation including people with sensitive skin. You can buy it for Rs. 1,700 from Nykaa.

Estee LauderDouble Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup with SPF 10

Estee Lauder does not need too much of an introduction. It has made a mark in the industry as it manufactures some of the best beauty products. The Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup is one of the best in the market currently. You won't find too many women complaining about this foundation as they all tend to fall in love with it right after the first application. It comes with a 24-hour long-wear formula that stays on your face through the summer heat and humidity. It is a lightweight foundation that blends into your skin and makes it look perfect. It also comes with SPF 10 to protect you from harmful UV rays. You will be amazed to see the results of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place foundation. It can be bought for Rs. 1,800 from

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Always Be Gentle with Your Skin

The process of taking off your makeup should be gentle and should never leave your skin dehydrated or irritated. Using your fingers, swipe a small amount of oil across your lids, eyebrows, and lips, and then lightly massage it all over your face. This will soften your skin and loosen the makeup, so you don't have to rub your skin like crazy. Go over the same spots again, being careful not to scrub back and forth.