Foundation Brushes are the Tools to Create Greatness(2020):10 Best Foundation Brushes that Will up Your Makeup Game in Just a Few Swipes.

Foundation Brushes are the Tools to Create Greatness(2020):10 Best Foundation Brushes that Will up Your Makeup Game in Just a Few Swipes.

There’s the struggle of having to choose between a billion different types of foundations that line the shelves of our favourite beauty stores, and then there’s the struggle of having to choose a foundation brush to go with it. We get it — with so many different foundation brushes on the market, how are you supposed to choose just one, let alone the right one? To help point you in the right direction and make life a little easier, we are here with this article.

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Why You Need to Arm Yourself with a Good Foundation Brush

Foundation brush is what makes the makeup you apply look perfect. We won't say that you can't survive without foundation brush but yes your makeup won't have that lively look without it. Foundation brush is essential for evenly distributing the foundation you would be applying to your face before wearing any makeup. Without the foundation brush, you would not be able to spread the foundation cream. This foundation brush has various uses, not just to apply the foundation cream, but also for applying other makeup.

Top 10 Foundation Brushes for Makeup:

Here are top 10 foundation brushes for makeup that would help you apply foundation in a better way:

#1 Too Faced Mr. Perfect Foundation Brush

Makeup brushes are the basic necessity for applying any kind of makeup. Be it a foundation, compact, blush or any other makeup product. The other products are applied later, but the foundation goes on the skin first (unless a primer is being used) and is called a base without which any makeup seems incomplete. Application of foundation with sponge or fingers may leave spots over your face consuming more time in doing the makeup. With the effective and proper use of foundation brush, you can seamlessly apply the base giving your skin an even, airbrushed finish.

Too Faced Mr. Perfect Foundation Brush at a reasonable price of Rs.3,300 at Nykaa, is like an angel for those who might have some imperfections on their faces like pimples, dark circles or any other marks. This magical brush picks up a proper amount of liquid, powder or cream type foundation and offers you an even look. This is an angled brush that blends the foundation evenly on your skin leaving no spots and covering any kind of marks on your face to give you a glamorous look. The product might seem a bit costly but compared to its benefits, it is worth buying!

#2 Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush

Foundation is like your second skin and it must feel natural instead of sitting heavy on your face. Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush is the one solution that can give you extra comfort with your second skin. The brush is designed with ideal shape and density to provide you with an extra flawless finish and an airbrushed effect. Most professional makeup artists rely on Colorbar products for perfection as well as affordability. The brush is designed in such a way that it picks up the right amount of liquid, powder or creamy foundation and blend it evenly under your eyes, cheeks, chin and other areas on your face. This is the most hygienic foundation brush compared to others in this range.

Moreover, this Colorbar Picture Perfect Foundation Brush comes at the only price of Rs.380 at It is manufactured with extra soft and non-porous fibres to offer you an added comfort during the makeup. While using, you can apply the foundation with small dots over your cheeks, temples, nose and under the eyes and blend it smoothly without pressure using an outward motion.

#3 Gorgio Professional premium 24 Piece Cosmetic Make-up Brush

Whether you are using liquids, or dry, powdered products, getting the right foundation brush is an important task for you. It should seamlessly blend the product you want to apply and it should make you look different from the crowd. To get a flawless finish is as challenging as finding the right foundation brush online. We recommend you buy Gorgio Professional premium 24 Piece Cosmetic Make-up Brush Set (GMB09) at a reasonable price of Rs.974 at Purplle where you will get various other makeup accessories that you will absolutely fall in love with.

This foundation brush contains synthetic fiber and is made using the highest grade materials, an important feature for something you will use on your face. All types of skin can benefit from this foundation brush. Brush it with your fingers, and you will feel the incredible softness of its touch - it is these fine bristles that allow your makeup to meld into the skin, giving it a natural finish.

#4 Smashbox Full Coverage Foundation Brush


You can apply powder to your face with the help of your hands, but the nooks and crannies of your face will not be covered effectively. You will need a brush to run the bristles into crevices around your nose and other areas that cannot be given a touch-up with your fingertips. Foundation brushes are made specifically for this purpose and will do the job with ease and quiet perfectly. You can buy Smashbox Full Coverage Foundation Brush at a price of Rs.3,450 at Nykaa.

Though the price is high, the brush will give you good results. This angular foundation brush has the ability to cover your face completely. It helps your foundation cream to melt into your skin without any hassle. The brush applies the maximum of foundation on your skin without absorbing any extra of it. This foundation brush is free of any animal-testing, in case you love animals and are careful about only using products that aren't tested on them. It can apply a huge amount of foundation cream at once. Magical, isn't it?

#5 Luxury Champagne Gold Makeup Brushes


Most women look for makeup brushes that come in a set of 6, 12, or 24 brushes as these help in the application of a wide variety of makeup. Different products require different sizes of brushes, and you may want to try techniques that call for more than a basic brush set. For those of you who haven't tried these brushes, you will be amazed at the different uses they have. For eye makeup, you would not require a thick brush, and different brushes will encourage you to attempt a range of looks.

For cheeks, you will require a thick brush to spread the product over a wider area. If you are looking for a complete makeup brush set then you can buy Luxury Champagne Gold Makeup Brushes Set - 24 pcs at a price of Rs.999 at Trendia. These makeup brushes come with a leather travel bag so that you can carry them wherever you like with ease. The length of a brush is approximately 7.9 inches. The material used to make these brushes is fibre batt. It has all the brushes you need to apply an overall makeup to your face. Each brush is nicely packed in a plastic bag so that it has its own separate case and is extremely soft to touch, well worth the money you will spend on them.

#6 Sephora Collection Pro Stippling Brush

Your face suffers from many issues round the clock. One thing you cannot save yourself from nowadays is pollution. And, to get over it, you need a go-to friend in the form of creams, powders and liquids and of course brushes to apply these. You can buy the Sephora Collection Pro Stippling Brush 44 at a price of Rs.3,710 at Sephora.

This may also seem like an expensive buy but reviews of the brush are good and you can consider it an investment in your makeup kit. You can use this brush to apply powder, liquid or cream foundations on your face. It is made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Its sleek wooden handle gives you enough grip to hold it right and apply a foundation cream to your skin. You can have the desired look you wished for in no time! The white portion takes in your foundation cream and the black portion helps you apply the bristles uniformly on every portion of your face.

#7 Foundation Brush by the Body Shop

While a big, chunky brush gives overall good coverage and lets you blend the product over the cheeks, chin, forehead and neck quickly and easily, it doesn't always get into those corners, does it? A smaller, sleeker brush like this The Body Shop Foundation brush can help you blend foundation into a smaller area with a lot more ease. The flat, tapered brush can be used in addition to your bigger foundation brush, or on its own. Use it in the harder to reach areas like around the nose and inner corners of your eyes. Its tapered end can help you get a far more even coverage.

This super-soft foundation brush can be used with any powder, liquid or cream foundations to get you the perfect look for a wedding or a party you have to attend. You will end up having a seamless look on your face. You can buy this brush at a reasonable price of Rs.695 from the Brand's Website.

#8 Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

For some women, heavy makeup is everything. They may have skin concerns like breakouts, discolouration and fine lines, or simply adore the fully made-up look. We get it, the scrubbed clean look isn't for everyone and well-applied makeup can actually help you achieve that perfect, dewy look. This premium product is for the ladies who take pride in looking their best no matter what the occasion.

And when it comes to applying foundation, the ideal brush can be circular, flat, conical, or have a dense feel, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you haven't yet tried the flat brush, we suggest the Sigma Beauty F80 Flat Kabuki Brush. It has a flat top head with dense fibres to take in more of your product at once. It provides a flawless finish to any cream or liquid foundation you want to apply to your face. It is made up of high-quality synthetic fibres. The bristles do not absorb your product, all it does is deliver it to your face and spread it evenly. Party lovers can now wear the makeup easily and anytime without any discomfort with this brush. Buy it at a competitive price of Rs.2,036 from Strawberry Net.

#9 Makeup for Ever 106 Foundation Brush

Cosmetics is one of those things that women simply cannot have enough of. It doesn't matter what kind of complexion they have, a fair-skinned girl may want to apply foundation to hide her stubborn acne, a dusky girl may want to apply foundation so that her skin tone looks even and fabulous, and those with pigmentation issues or fine lines also benefit from this beauty elixir. Foundation is one such thing that directly boosts a woman's confidence. For a successful and hassle-free application of foundation on your face, you can buy Makeup for Ever 106 Foundation Brush at a price of Rs.3,575 at Sephora.

This foundation brush comes in one size and one colour only. It has a medium flat and rounded surfaced top head, that can help you apply foundation cream or liquid or powder evenly to your whole face. It can be used with any type of foundation cream or liquid or powder you like. Remember to keep your makeup brushes clean so your skin remains healthy and glowing instead of being infected by an unhygienic brush.

#10 Preyansh Foundation Blend Blush Brush with Sponge


We aren't exactly sure how prevalent was the use of cosmetics in the days of yore, although women did use ingenious ways to beautify their appearance. In today's age, to have a skin without foundation is something nobody can imagine. In the world of cosmetics, the use of a foundation brush is the same as the use of paintbrush in the world of art. Without the presence of a foundation brush your makeup kit remains incomplete. If you aren't looking to spend a lot and want a good but basic brush, try the Preyansh Foundation Blend Blush Brush with Sponge; it is available at a reasonable price of Rs.199 on Amazon.

The bristles are so dense that they hold on to more of the product at one go so you need not have to keep adding the foundation, you just have to apply it once or twice. Foundation cream or liquid or powder gets evenly distributes over your skin with the use of a brush. It is light in weight so you can easily carry it in your makeup bag. It is ultra-soft to the touch that makes application easy and doesn't irritate even sensitive skin.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Foundation Brush

Most lifestyle websites and social networking sites are flooded with makeup tips these days. But only when you apply the product, you know it's true uses and disadvantages. Makeup artists share their tales with newbies of their makeup stories, but you need to become a makeup artist yourself to understand what your skin needs. The whole makeup you want to wear at a party or a get-together depends on the right kind of foundation brush. Like a painting will go haywire if you don't have the right numbered brush, the same way, you need the right kind of foundation brush to evenly distribute on your skin tone.

Here are the three kinds of foundation brushes:

  • Spongy foundation brush: If you want to have a natural finish on your skin, you need a spongy foundation brush to help you achieve that. It facilitates in applying foundation in a stippling motion. It also helps to cover any skin discolouration.

  • Powdered foundation brush: To cover your acne, this is the foundation brush you should turn to. It will gently apply foundation over the acne and not let anyone know it even existed there in the first place!

  • Flat foundation brush: This brush is going to enter the corners of the eyes and bends at the nose with absolute ease. For a total coverage, go for a flat foundation brush.
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A huge post-cleaning mistake is to let your brushes dry vertically, by sticking them back in the container while they're still wet. That moisture can seep into the handle of the brush, damaging it and preventing the brush from ever drying completely. Instead, dry brushes by laying them ontop of a towel and letting them air dry horizontally.