Still, Finding Foundation to be a Painstaking Fail? Here are 5 Ways to Apply Foundation Flawlessly and 3 Routines for Different Skin Types!

Still, Finding Foundation to be a Painstaking Fail? Here are 5 Ways to Apply Foundation Flawlessly and 3 Routines for Different Skin Types!

A good foundation and expert application are important for a flawless base. While tricky at best, it is achievable via good technique. Let us help you discover a good foundation routine for your skin type. Our experts have put forward 5 different foundation routines and necessary tools. Choose a foundation routine that is to your liking and apply like a pro.

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Importance of Foundation in Makeup

Using a base in makeup is very essential. Foundation in makeup is the base; It is a liquid or a powder makeup applied on your face to make your skin look even and corrects complexion and flaws. You can also find a foundation with a good quality moisturizer, sunscreen, and astringent as well which is great in protecting your skin.

It is a big hassle to keep touching up your makeup while enjoying a party. A perfect foundation helps your makeup stay perfect for a long time without the need to correcting it again and again. The professionals usually recommend powder foundation because it is taken to be healthier and coats your skin evenly without working too hard on it. If you are a beginner in using a foundation then liquid foundation can take some time for you to learn to apply it perfectly. Choosing your foundation simply depends on your personal preference and how much you practice.

Don'ts of Applying Foundation

If you are here to learn to apply foundation correctly then you need to learn the basics and it starts with the things you should not do while applying foundation on your skin. Here are a few things you can go through before reading on.

  • If you don't pick the right foundation shade for yourself then it would never look perfect. You may end up looking too orange or totally grey due to the wrong shade. The best way to find the perfect shade in foundations is to check it in natural daylight. Apply it from the top of your cheek to your jawline to see if it’s the best one according to the tone of your skin. Let it stay on your skin for a while as some of the foundations oxidize and change colour after a while.

  • Never apply too much foundation on your skin. It should only be applied where it is needed the most. The purpose of the foundation is to create an even skin tone, therefore, concentrate on the areas with redness, pigmentation or blemishes and then blend it in your skin. Start in the centre and work outwards. Remember to buff it into your skin to get a smooth texture.

  • Never apply your foundation on freshly cleaned skin as it will not give you the perfect effect. Wait a little while after cleaning your skin and then apply it.

  • If you have dark spots then don't try to hide them with the help of a foundation instead use a concealer. The orange-yellow undertone works well on most of the Indian skin tones. Brick Red colour looks great on whitish skin and covers pigmentation marks perfectly.

  • Don't use your foundation without proper sun protection. It prevents your skin from getting oily.

  • If you want to avoid breakouts avoid retouching your face with compact powder over and over again. Use blotting paper if you have oily skin.

How to Apply Foundation Perfectly

Applying Foundation With Fingers

You can easily apply foundation with your fingers. This method is used by most of the women. Applying foundation with fingers gives you a light, sheer coverage and you are able to easily blend it into your skin. You need to remember to use a very little amount of foundation, start by putting dots all over your face and gently blend it on to your face.

  • Hygiene is important therefore wash your hands and face first.

  • Take a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand.

  • Make dots around your cheeks, forehead and nose with the help of your finger.

  • Now rub both of your hands together to make it a little warm.

  • Blend your foundation on your skin from the centre and move outwards with the pads of your fingers.

  • Continue till you see the foundation fade away.

  • Wash your hands now and dry them completely.

  • Now, press your palms on your face and roll them to blot off the extra makeup from your face. This will prevent your face from looking cakey.

  • You can use a powder at the end to give it a finish.

Applying Foundation with a Stippling Brush

If you are new then the term stippling brush may not be familiar to you. Stippling in makeup is actually an art; it’s like painting your face with a liquid or cream foundation. It gives a flawless finish to your face and hides the imperfections wonderfully.

A stippling brush has two sets of bristles and a blunt edge. You pick up the product and apply it on your skin with the white synthetic fibers and the black natural fibers at the base of the brush helps in pushing the product into your skin.

  • Choose a foundation of your choice. Take a small amount of it and put it at the back of the hand.

  • Dab the stippling brush in the product using the white bristles.

  • Apply it on your face by making small dots.

  • Now, use the black bristles and swirl the brush in a circular motion to blend it perfectly on the skin.

You can check out this Real Techniques Stippling Brush available for Rs. 2,199 on Nykaa if you like. It has plush synthetic bristles which are hand-cut. You can store it easily as it does not take too much space, it stands on itself. It is a great stippling brush to start with.

Applying Foundation with a Sponge

Another great way of putting foundation on your skin is through a sponge. A beauty blender or a sponge is shaped like an egg and it blends the product in your face evenly especially on areas like your hairline and under the eyes. Avoid dragging the blender on your skin rather bounce it on the skin until it is perfectly buffed.

  • Start with wetting your sponge. Professionals recommend squishing your sponge underwater around eight times and then wring it well.

  • Dip the sponge or if you are using a beauty blender then dip the rounded side in the foundation.

  • Gently press and roll it on your skin.

  • Dab and bounce it on your skin and let the foundation melt into your face.

  • Once you are done clean the sponge nicely and store it in a dry place.

You can buy a beauty blender for Rs. 50 from Flipkart.

Applying Foundation with a Flat Brush

You can also use a flat brush to apply foundation on your skin. Here is how you can do it and get a perfect finish.

  • Take your foundation and put a small amount of it on the back of your hand. Using your hand warms up the foundation a bit and it glides easily on your face.

  • Dap your brush into the foundation and apply it on your face with by dabbing it on the skin in quick motions.

  • Start at the bridge on the nose and go down to the center towards your nose tip.

  • Now, move it along each cheekbone, do it from your ears towards the side of your nose each side.

  • Do the same on the chin from the outer side to the center.

  • Continue the same on your upper lip and under your lip but don't take an extra foundation.

  • If you don't use a concealer then you can take some foundation on the edge of your flat brush and dab it along the undereye from the outside to your nose. The best way to do it is to bring your elbow up so that your hand is above the bristles and stipple it.

  • Now, dab the top of the brush again into the foundation and dab it on the lower outside of your forehead and move towards the hairline.

  • Take some more foundation and apply it by stippling at the side areas of the face i.e. between your eyes and ears then move towards under your jaws, don't forget to cover your neck as well for an even tone.

  • If you want you can use blush, highlighter, contour etc now and gently roll your flat brush on your skin again for a perfect blend.

If you don't have a flat brush you can check out this foundation brush for Rs. 695 from The Body Shop.

Applying Foundation With a Powder Brush

When using a foundation with high coverage then the best way to apply is to use a powder brush. Simply dot the product on your face especially on the areas that need coverage and use a powder brush to blend it in.

A powder brush is a thick and full-fibre bush made either with synthetic or natural fibres and is great when used for applying the foundation for a perfect finish.

  • Take our brush and dip it in the foundation.

  • Apply it on your face using a circular motion and even strokes on the skin. It is best to start in the center and work towards the outside of the face.

You can buy this Maybelline New York Master Powder Brush for Rs. 438 from Flipkart if you like to start with.

How to Apply Foundation on Different Skin Types

Applying Foundation on Oily Skin

Applying foundation on oily skin can be tricky but it’s not impossible. People with oily skin produce extra sebum which makes their skin look shiny. If you want to prevent that shiny look on your face you should go for a water-based formula, powder or matte finish foundations. Another thing to remember is not to use your fingers on oily skin for applying foundations. You can use a foundation brush to do so. You can simply use a blotting paper to blot away the excess oil from your face during a party instead of touching it with a powder.

A good foundation for oily skin is the Maybelline New York Fit me Matte Poreless powder. It is long-lasting, lightweight foundation powder which gives your skin space to breath and provides a smooth finish. You can buy it for Rs. 359 from Amazon India.

Applying Foundation on Dry Skin

You have to be extra careful when applying foundation to dry skin. Here is the best way to do it.

  • You will need to get rid on any dead and dry skin from your face so start with a scrub.

  • If you have dry skin you already know the importance of moisture, therefore, dab in a good moisturizer on your skin.

  • Avoid using fingers for applying foundation instead use a brush or a blender.

  • Choose a liquid formula because the powder foundation can make your skin look patchy.

If you are looking for a good foundation for dry skin then we recommend the Hd liquid foundation from PAC. It is a great foundation which gives your skin a natural look. It comes in 16 shades so you can easily find the best one for you. Buy it for Rs. 875 from Boddess.

Applying Foundation on Acne Prone Skin

We all love to wear makeup but women with acne-prone skin often compromise because either they don't know which foundation to use or how to use it. Don't fret because here are some tips through which you can enjoy a perfect finish on your skin even with acne-prone skin.

  • Start with cleaning your face properly. Applying foundation on a dirty skin will make your pores clogged and will flare up the acne.

  • Make sure to clean your brush or a sponge well before applying your foundation or even your fingers if you wish to use them. You can use a gentle antibacterial to clean your beauty tools and keep them fresh.

  • Don't use tinted moisturizers, BB or CC creams or other foundations with skincare benefits. Acne-prone skin needs a lot of care and it can't handle double-duty products. You may end up breaking out with these, therefore, go for foundation hybrids; use an oil-free foundation for the best effect.

  • Don't use a primer either even if it is oil-free. Primers are undoubtedly great for keeping your foundation for a long time but they are bad for acne-prone skin. It goes inside your skin and will make you break out and you don't want that, do you?

  • It is best if you avoid using a beauty blender for applying foundation; go for a dome-shaped brush with synthetic bristles. A beauty blender locks in a lot of foundation and clogs your pores. A brush helps you in applying a thin coat of foundation on your skin. Use circular motions to apply foundation, do not press it on to your skin rather gently brush it. If you have a beauty blender then use it by tapping it on your skin. Make sure to wet your beauty blender or sponge before using it.

  • If you are using a serum, moisturizer, acne treatment or SPF then wait for it to dry off completely before applying your foundation. If you use them together you will end up clogging your pores again.

  • If you have open wounds on your face don't apply foundation on it even it is a small zit. Simply apply foundation on the rest of the face avoiding that spot. Keep your hands off your face at all times.

A good foundation for acne-prone skin is the Skin Clearing Oil-Free Liquid Foundation from Neutrogena. It has salicylic acid acne medicine in it to soothe your skin. It also provides natural and breathable coverage to your skin. You can buy it for Rs. 1,819 from Desert Cart.

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Expert Tips for a Flawless Base.

A pre-foundation routine aka prep is as important as the foundation routine itself. Exfoliation and moisturization is the key for a smooth base. As long as you don't remove the dead skin your foundation doesn't glide smoothly and give you a flawless appearance. Liquid foundations are the best for any skin type. They are buildable and easy for a natural look. If you are going for full coverage, make sure you build it and not pack in all at once. For a natural glow, apply a thin layer of facial oil underneath your foundation. And don't forget your neck and ears!