Loving What Korean Skincare Products are Doing for Your Skin? Then Try Their Makeup as Well! Top Korean Makeup Brands In India (2020)

Loving What Korean Skincare Products are Doing for Your Skin? Then Try Their Makeup as Well! Top Korean Makeup Brands In India (2020)

Korean beauty has become such a rage around the globe that now there would be few people who haven't tried these products. We may not be the first to tell you, but Korean makeup is just as good! This article has all you need to know about Korean beauty products. We have recommended 10 great Korean make up products available online, which you can try out for yourself. Read on to find out more.

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Introduction to Korean Makeup

Korean makeup products are best known for their fun factor and exciting packaging looks. As per Koreans, their skin comes first and thus their makeup products or cosmetics are soft and gentle to apply on skin. These makeup products make us look youthful and glowy. In this article you will know about the top Korean brands and the products offered by them. You will also know how you can buy these products in India very easily through online shopping.

How Did Korean Makeup Brands Get so Popular?

1. Promise of Flawless Skin

South Korean women are blessed with flawless skin and that's what Korean skincare and makeup products promise to provide to other women all over the world. In fact, the latest beauty trend in Korea is known as glass skin, which implies a dewy, moist, and healthy glow that looks as glossy as glass. Who wouldn't want a healthy glow that appears to be translucent, just like glass? And one can achieve that, thanks to the K-beauty brands that are now available everywhere.

2. Natural Ingredients

Korean beauty brands believe in the power of natural ingredients more than the artificial ones. Some of the natural ingredients of Korean makeup products are very uncommon and not usually found anywhere else such as snail skin, pearl, yuzu (a citrus fruit found in the Korean Jeju Island with a rich vitamin C content), cactus, birch, mushroom, and royal honey - a special type of honey that has been aged through a special fermentation process. Due to all the natural ingredients in their products, using the K-beauty products on our face is safe and very effective.

3. Focus on Natural Beauty

The natural beauty is the main focus in South Korea. Instead of heavily caked foundation and bright highlighters, women there opt for makeup products the provide them with a no-makeup look. The primary goal is to bring out your real beauty by enhancing your features and not just hiding your flaws. That is the reason K-beauty products go so light and easy on your skin without providing the caked up feeling you get with other makeup products. If you are a fan of light makeup products, Korean makeup is the best choice for you.

4. Value For Money

Korean makeup products are effective. They really are. Made from mainly natural ingredients, these beauty products are a great value for money as well. In fact, the cost of high-end Korean makeup brands would be similar to an average western makeup brand. And this is one of the main reasons why Korean beauty products have managed to gain so much popularity all over the globe and why the women have been gripped with K-beauty fever.

Top Korean Makeup Brands Products We Love in 2020

Here are top 10 makeup products that you can buy from different websites:

1. Innisfree No Sebum Primer

Innisfree is a South Korean brand with its main focus on eco-friendly green products. Jeju Island, a small island located about an hour's flight away from Seoul, is where Innisfree harvests natural ingredients to be used in its beauty and skincare products. For over two decades, people in South Korea have used and loved Innisfree makeup products but it was just recently when it headed globally by opening its first flagship store in the USA in 2017.

Innisfree No Sebum Primer comes in a small tube and is powered with ingredients like mint ingredients, Jeju natural minerals and Jeju green persimmon extract which help retain your skin's oil balance while diminishing the appearance of pores. The primer works for all skin types and all skin tones which is a blessing as you don't have to search extensively for the shade that matches your skin shade correctly. As primers usually do, Innisfree no sebum primer does a great job of controlling oil ok your skin and providing an even base for makeup application. Buy it for Rs.590 here.

2. Make up Clean Balm by Heimish

Heimish is a Korean brand that is fairly new in the market but has managed to gain quite a popularity in this short time. In fact, Heimish all clean balm has earned wide popularity with every beauty store and Instagram beauty blogger recommending their products. What makes this makeup remover really stand out is that it is a lightweight texture cream that doesn't make your skin too oily but removes makeup effectively from your face without stripping your skin of its natural oil.

Formulated with Shea butter, coconut fruit extract, citrus herb oil, and white flower extract, it is an all-natural beauty product that takes care of your skin. The cream is also free of parabens and other artificial ingredients making it absolutely safe for your use. Buy it for Rs.1,550 from Beauty Barn.

3. Faceshop Collagen Ampoule Lipstick

Faceshop is a South Korean beauty brand that was launched in 2003. The company makes over 1000 products in skincare, makeup, bath and body range for women as well as men. The makeup products of Faceshop are made from mainly natural ingredients with the aim to 'nourish and revitalize the skin of our valued customers'.

Faceshop's collagen ampoule lipstick is available in different shades and is a lipstick that contains two wonder ingredients highly loved by women, Ampoule and Collagen. The lipstick not only hydrates and volumizes your lips, but it also contains anti-aging ingredients that reduce fine lines making your lips appear young, healthy and plumpy. It is available on Nykaa for Rs.1,690.

4. TonyMoly Luminous Goddess BB Cream

The name TonyMoly implies 'putting style into packaging' and that's what this brand has been continuously doing since its launch in 2006. The focus of TonyMoly is on making beauty and skincare products with natural ingredients that aren't tested on animals. The products come in cute cheeky packaging that looks adorable.

TonyMoly Luminous Goddess Aura BB cream is easy to blend, comes with SPF 37 PA++ protection, made for all skin types. This BB cream provides a matte finish without making your skin look too dry or oily. It has a mild floral scent to it which isn't annoying and the cream blends quite well just with few strokes. With good coverage, this BB cream is definitely a favorite among women lately. Get your tube for Rs.3,147 from Amazon.

5. Nature Republic Long & Skinny Mascara

As the name clearly suggests, Nature Republic is an all-natural ingredients company that claims to use only the best natural ingredients to develop its makeup and skincare products. Launched in 2009 in South Korea, the brand has come a long way since its products are highly in demand globally.

Nature Republic's skinny long and curl mascara will impress you greatly. The mascara is made of ingredients like Calendula officinalis flower extract and gold powder that makes your lashes look longer and thicker, just by applying one stroke. It comes in a slim-sized mascara tube with an applicator that doesn't clump and applies on your eyelashes quickly and effectively. Nature Republic's mascara would be the finest we ever tried and we were floored with how beautiful it made our lashes look. Get it on ninthavenue.com for Rs.3,974.

6. Etude House Play Colour Eye Shadow

Etude House is a Korean makeup brand owned by the company Amore Pacific. Launched in 1985, this beauty brand makes a wide range of makeup and skincare products over a wide price range. Their beauty products are fun, easy to apply, blend easily, go easy on your skin and are quite affordable.

Etude House play colour eye shadow palette comes with 10 different pretty shades. The palette comes in a beautiful attractive box with two easy to use applicators. The eyeshadow is available in both matte and shimmery finishes so you can choose one according to your personal preference. The eyeshadow colours are extremely pretty and you can apply them individually or mix then to create a whole new different colour. Buy it for Rs.1,600 here.

7. Klairs Creamy and Natural Concealer

Klairs is easily one of the most recognised and popular skincare Korean brands in the market currently. It produces a wide range of makeup products, so it is quite easy for you to find one that suits your beauty needs perfectly. Klaires believes in the power of nature and extensively use natural ingredients in its products. It also doesn't test its products on animals, which is indeed a bonus point. The beauty products at free from paraben or similar harsh ingredients, making them suitable for every skin type.

Klairs liquid concealer will easily hide all your imperfections, redness and dark circles while providing a natural look to your face. In just a matter of few seconds, your face will attain the perfect flawless look, and that too without much effort. This concealer is affordably priced and makes your skin look more radiant and moisturised. Available for Rs.1,248 here.

8. Innisfree My To Go Cushion Foundation

The next product on our list is again from everyone's favorite Korean brand, Innisfree. It is quite impressive how much popularity and fame this Korean brand has managed to attain globally in such a short span of time. People rave about Innisfree's beauty products and vouch for their effectiveness, claiming this is the beauty holy grail women have been waiting for their entire lives.

A cushion compact was introduced by K-beauty brands and it is a compact which comes with a sponge that has been soaked in tinted foundation. The Innisfree my to go cushion foundation comes loaded with natural ingredients that your skin will absolutely love.

This cushion foundation can also be carried around easily, thanks to its small and compact packaging. This compact cushion foundation is easy to blend and provides your skin with the right coverage and appropriate level of moisture. It is available in different skin shades so you can choose one which matches your skin tone the best. The SPF 35 PA++ protection you get is just a cherry on top.
Buy it on Nykaa for Rs.1,950.

9. Mamonde Natural Edge Brush Eyeliner

Mamonde is a South Korean beauty brand that was launched in 1991 by Amore Pacific. The brand's name has a French origin which translates to 'My World'. With over 27 years of experience in the makeup industry, Mamonde believes in the power of nature and how it can be used to transform the beauty of a woman significantly. Its beauty products are inspired by flowers, and let's be honest, who doesn't like flowers?

Each skincare line of Mamonde has one flower ingredient that is the main hero which nourishes and benefits our skin in different ways. Mamonde natural edge brush liner has everything you are looking in from an eyeliner. It applies easily, doesn't smudge, and provides you with the most gorgeously detailed eyes. It comes with a soft applicator brush that gives the best coverage and makes applying eyeliner a very easy task. This liner can stay on your eyes without smudging for 8 to 12 hours easily and looks quite stunning. Get it on shelc.in for only Rs.870.

10. Missha Italprism Satin Highlighter

Missha is a popular Korean brand that makes high-quality skincare and makeup products at an affordable price range. Launched in 2009, Missha is known for making great quality duplicate products of high-end brands. The makeup products are available for women as well as men and are a great alternative option for people who can't really afford the expensive brands.

Missha Satin highlighter gets its inspiration from the colours and lights of Italy. It has a silky and smooth texture which is easy to apply and blend. The radiance this highlighter provides is really impressive. The highlighter gives a dewy appearance to your face making and doesn't cake or clump in any way. The shimmer it provides is subtle and not too over-the-top and that is honestly the best part about this beautiful satin highlighter. Beauty Barn has this in stock at Rs.1,450.

Tips on Choosing the Right Korean Brand

  • Online Reviews:
    Let's be honest. Korean brands are a new entrant into the makeup market, which makes choosing one brand for your use a difficult task. Especially, since we don't know much about these brands and their products, it is important that you read other customers' reviews online before buying any brand's makeup product. The online reviews left by the customers help you understand whether the product is worth your money, time and effort.

  • Price:
    The Korean makeup brand product price should be within your budget. You don't want to buy a product that is too expensive for you. You can in fact easily find high-quality Korean makeup products that will do wonders for your skin and enhance your beauty effectively, by doing a bit of research. If you are in love with a Korean product that is a bit overpriced, you can check it on different websites to find whether they are offering any discount on the makeup product.

  • Ingredients Used:
    While Korean makeup brands mostly use natural ingredients, some of the natural ingredients used might not be suitable for your skin. Hence, it is advised to check the entire ingredients list of the makeup product you're purchasing to ensure you are not allergic to the same. This will help in assuring that the product you choose is effective on your skin and provides the best result.
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K-Beauty is the talk of every town nowadays. With a lot of online stores offering beauty products by Korean brands, we now have a lot of amazing options to choose from. A lot of us have always wondered how the Koreans look so young and have naturally flawless skin all the time. This is our chance to try our own hands at these products and find out for ourselves!